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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Many strong holds of stubbornness and pride and hurt or offense in my husbands life. John and Alex need freedom. They need to have strenght to repent of sin. Also motivation to finsh up our taxes and work on our home. To also have the Holy spirit speak to them personally

    • Father, I pray for Beverly today – especially praying for her husband that he will find his peace in You… praying for John and Alex that they too will experience the freedom of a relationship with you… be close to Beverly and minister to her troubled heart… may their taxes be finished in time… in Jesus name…

    • Josephine,
      You are definitely not alone….we are ALL broken in one way or another. Praying for God to bring beauty from your ashes and for you to know His unfathomable love for you.

    • Father, I pray for Josephine – that she will sense your presence right now in this moment, and in all the moments ahead… help her to rest in Your assurance that You can take our brokenness and make us whole… be close to her… in Jesus name…

  2. Thank you that we can ask for prayer today!
    Please pray my husband and I would have the truth, wisdom and grace that we need for speaking with our son-in-law this week. He and our daughter are following extremely unbiblical destructive baby/child rearing practices that will result in much long-term damage to these precious little helpless ones. And they are in the process of cutting us off from these precious Grandbabies. And my daughter is very sick. We need our Loving LORD to intervene and work on behalf of all and in all the details and situations; that HE would take away these dark, evil philosophies and bring them to repentance and truth; that HE would be glorified. Thank you so much for praying,

    • GM,
      The world is filled with dark, evil philosophies that our grown children are buying into. I pray earnestly that Jesus would loosen the stronghold that the enemy has over your daughter and son-in-law. I pray that God’s Truth be revealed to them in a dynamic way that they would see the way that is right and true and raise your precious grandchildren in those ways. I pray that they would not choose to separate their children from you and the source of light and truth that you are to them. Lord, we claim your promise that you are ABLE and that nothing is impossible for you. I lift up GM and her heart for her daughter’s family and her love for you. Comfort her and give her hope for the future. Lord, hear our prayer….
      Love and blessings,

      • Dear Bev,
        Thank you so much for your reply and prayers you earnestly pray for my requests. What a wonderful comfort and encouragement! I am praying for you and your daughter as well.
        May the LORD richly bless you and answer your requests as well!
        Love you!

    • GM,

      The world is very dark these days. People all doing what is right in their eyes and not following the words of Jesus. Praying for wisdom and discernment to talk with your daughter and son-in-law about raining their children. May He give you the words to say to them with loving kindness. Prayers that their hearts be open and the devil will release his stronghold on them. May they see the truth in your words.


    • GM, thank you for coming here today. I am praying now that Jesus would fill you and your husband with loving honesty, wisdom, and grace as you move forward with your conversation with your son-in-law. I pray Jesus would infuse your family with peace in this difficult time.

    • Father, You are the creator of families and so I pray that you will take this family – GM and her husband, children and grandchildren – and surround them with your presence. May she and her husband have the right words to share, may they be guided by Your power… may these precious grandbabies grow up in a God-filled home – may GM’s daughter be healed… thank you Father… in Jesus name…

  3. Aliza,
    Beautifully said….would you please pray for my daughter who is buying into the world’s motto of “That’s just how I am.” May she see that God loves her and I love her, but He still wants to mold her character (mold all of our characters) to be more like His Son, Jesus. Please pray for our strained relationship….for healing.
    Thanks and blessings,
    Bev xx

    • Bev,

      I’m always praying for you and your family. May God give her a heart change. I pray God will give you the words to say to her and that she would be wiling to listen. May He bring about healing of this and other relationships.


    • Bev, I always look forward to your comments here because you are a constant source of encouragement for me. I am praying now for healing and restoration for you and your daughter — and that Jesus would be so abundantly clear to her, that she would experience him and the fulfillment of his endless love.

    • Father, May Bev’s daughter know the love of God in a real and precious way – may the relationship between Bev and her daughter be healed and whole – that they might enjoy sweet fellowship together and with You… Thank You, Father… in Jesus name…

  4. Although I don’t always see it it experience it, I know that prayers of others hold me together in so much of my life. My family is in so much need of repair, along with my house and garage which are so much more than we can handle. Please pray with me that my children repent and turn to God and that my marriage will also be healed. Thank you so much.

    • Mary, I am praying now for your family — that Jesus would heal your marriage, that he would give you peace and restoration in your family, that he would provide the repairs for your house and your garage. Thank you for coming here today.

    • Father, Be close to Mary and her family – heal their brokenness – may they find true joy and peace and wholeness that only You can give… and may they be able to care for the repairs needed in their house and garage… thank You Father, that You are all-powerful… in Jesus name…

  5. Please pray for me to hold on until I graduate from community college in May. For my youngest son to graduate from college in August. Please pray for a new blessing on the way for my oldest son and his wife and that they will not be stressed and will enjoy the journey. Please pray for a better relationship with a different son that we will see in May. Also, for me to secure employment after graduation to allow us to meet all of our responsibilities. Please pray for my husband’s health and for him to find the good and positive in everyday.

    I ask this in Jesus name,

    • Lynette, I am praying now for your schooling and for your entire family — that your relationships would be restored, and that your husband would be healed. Thank you for coming here today!

    • Father, I pray for Lynette and her family today… be close to Lynette – give her the strength and wisdom as she completes her college, and help her to find just the right job. I pray for each of the members of her family – for healing for her husband, for strength for her son finishing school, for healing of the relationship with her other son… help her son and his wife and the blessing in their life – may they rest in You and Your leading… thank You, Father… in Jesus name…

  6. Thank you so much for allowing me to request prayer today.
    I’m asking prayer for my sons, all three of them; that they’ll stay close to God.
    At this stage of their lives they believe they’re losing out on the life the world offers, because they’re in church
    Also my husband and I are faced with some extremely trying times at our workplaces.
    I need to allow God to do the solving, and to realise He doesn’t need me to.
    We need a home for our family but don’t know where the deposit is coming from.

    • Juliette, I pray that God would provide you a home for your family, and that your sons would stay intimately involved with Jesus, that they would begin to understand the depth of love he has for them. Thank you!

    • Father, Be close to Juliette – help her to feel Your presence today, and comfort her with the knowledge that You know each of her burdens, and You have promised to care for her as Your child. May her sons realize that the things the world offer will quickly fade away, and that a relationship with You is an unending blessing. Meet the financial needs of this family – help them to find a home… Thank You, Father… in Jesus name…

  7. Thank You for asking. I have been in prayer since Tuesday. I had two thousand dollars stolen by fraud. I was told I won $500,000 and I believed it because an Officer from the Federal Trade Commission was contacting me since “American Sweepstakes” had tried but failed. The “Officer” said her name was Rachel Bishop and she was very convincing. The scam got 2 thousand dollars from me. It included my money for my homeowners tax, $672.55 which is due on the 10th of April. Beside that they got all the money I had in the bank for the rest of the month for my food and other expenses. So, I had to put everything I spent after this happened on a my charge card. They also got 1,000 in cash that I had to take out of the bank with my credit card as cash back (I really thought, as they had convinced me to, I was getting more money back and would be able to repay all this right away. Had I not been convinced I never would have done it. Now I need 2,000 to pay back what I was defrauded of by these merciless crooks. I also spent money I would not have spent, about another thousand dollars because I was on a high about having won so much money, after not having any extra money to spend for such a long time. I was starting to get a hold of myself so I could function normally when I found out the truth, there was no money that I had won. Approximately 300 dollars was spent at the Christian Store that was going out of business. It was toward the beginning of the sale so the products were just marked down by 10% but at that time I was able to spend that much, so I thought, because I would have enough money to pay the charges off that I was putting on my bill.

    • Florence, I’m so sorry about what happened. I’m praying right now that God will give you wisdom and discernment and provision in this time of need. Thank you for sharing.

    • Many PRAYERS! It’s so hard to live so tight and then think your getting a break only to be made tighter yet! Hang in!

    • Dear,dear Florence,
      I also have been scammed by a company posing as Microsoft. They say they are refunding your purchase price of some product or another but charge PayPal, in your name saying it’s a refund. So far PayPal was charged $1350 and several other charges were denied because they exceeded the limits on my card. They did return the $100 itune gift card they purchased in my name! Internet fraud is rampant! These people literally steal all your information off the net and use it against you. Praying you get something back from the scammers. Hope it doesn’t repeat itself like mine keeps doing. Love and prayers to you. Blessings!

    • Father, Be especially close to Florence today, as she hurts so deeply by the fraud that has been done to her… Father, meet her financial needs in a special way – keep her from worry, and help her to rest in You… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  8. I would appreciate prayer for several reasons. I have several medical “problems” that lots of people have, but I’m tired of them and I’m tired of taking 18 pills a day! (a few are vitamins). I’m tired of always thinking people are upset with me; I’m tired of getting my feelings hurt. I want those chains broken! I know Jesus loves me and I am His! Please pray with me that with the guidance of Jesus; I can get off these medications and all these things that have me chained will be broken, in the Name of Jesus. One more thing, my youngest, Andrew is in the Army. His birthday will be on Easter this year. Would ya’ll please cover him in prayer with us? Right now he is overseas, but is suppose to come back to his base – hopefully by May; then he is coming home for a MONTH!!!! 🙂 🙂

    • Gail, i am joining you in your prayer for freedom from the things that you feel are keeping you in bondage. Continue to keep your eyes fixed on Jesus.

    • Father, Be close to Gail right now, in this moment – help her to know Your peace and Your rest… help her to find the right medical help to care for these medical issues, and heal her Father… she is so right in seeing these burdens as chains, as Satan would like nothing better than to keep us in bondage, but You are the God of freedom, so help Gail to trust Your strength to break free. Be with her son – thank You that he is willing to serve our country to protect our freedoms – protect him and bring him home safely… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  9. In a little over 2 weeks my husband will be returning to our home after completing a 90 day rehab program for his drug addiction. I want to believe that he is healed from this disease but our history makes that extremely difficult many days. Please pray that he will remain determined to continue living life substance free, for strength for me as his partner in this recovery journey, and for restoration of trust for our children. They have been deeply impacted by the chaos that has accompanied their father’s addictions. Thank you!

    • Praying for you and your husband Kristi. I’m also praying that you may find a support group such as “Celebrate Recovery” at a church near you. It is a wonderful, family based program. The whole family goes to the meetings. Please look into it, I feel that it would be a big help.

      • Thank you! I will check in our area to see if this can be a resource for us. Blessings to you!

    • Dear Kristi,

      Jesus sees your suffering and your husband’s brokenness and wants to heal ypu and your family. Please trust in His guidance once your husband returns home. Please do the things you were unable to do before to foster growth and healing amongest all of you. My heart is with you as you undergo this journey. I’ve lived it and survived. The biggest gift you can give yourself and those you love is to live in the moment and appreciate all the beauty around you, even if it is just a cloud in the sky. Much love, Your Guardian Angel

      • Thank you! It is people like you who have gone before me, and survived, that give me hope for our future. Blessings to you!

    • Jesus, we pray for Kristi and her family. We ask that they would see Your healing and restoration in their home and their lives. Keep them constantly looking at You as their Strength, their Hope and their Peace. Amen.

    • Many PRAYERS! Its so hard to need to be the strong parent n spouse! I pray for complete healing!

    • Father, Be close to Kristi today – wrap her in Your loving arms and hold her close… give her peace as her husband returns home… Father, I pray that he has broken free of his addictions, and that he is trusting You to keep him from returning to destructive behaviors… Father, be close to this family – may they be knit together again by Your love and Your power… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  10. That God would move me out of my present circumstances and place me in a home of my own. I live with my mom and her boyfriend and it’s so emotionally unhealthy for me. I’ve cried so many tears this past year and I pray that my time of trial will end and that God would move me. There is no answer to my prayer for her boyfriend to leave so I feel I must. Thank you for praying.

    • Kim, i do pray that God will be Your constant Guide…leading you and opening doors that only He can open for you. I pray that you will stay very close to Jesus and will know His presence right there with you.

    • Father, Be with Kim today – help her to sense Your presence and Your peace in her life… Father, if she needs to move, then I pray that You will guide the circumstances and bring her the right home… Father, I would pray for this family relationship to be healed and committed to You… be close to Kim and help her to feel Your love… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  11. Oh, This is Florence again, I forgot to say that I put this story on the GoFundMe website if someone would like to help and wants to know how they can do it and they don’t know me so they could help another way, it can be done through GoFundMe which I didn’t even know existed before this happened.

  12. For strength to be honest and overcome the depression and anxiety issues I am suffering thru. For the ability to turn this over to God and the patience to let Him help and heal me.

    • Sue –
      You have my prayers that God will bring you comfort and life your spirits. Do not be afraid to be open with your struggles. He gives us humans to guide and aid us during our journey here. If you find you need someone to talk to, then I am certain there are resources in your community.

      With Prayers,

    • Sue, I pray that God will bring people into your life that you can be honest with, and can walk with you on this journey. I pray that you will hold tight to God and His constant, unchanging love for you.

    • Father, Be close to Sue – surround her with Your love and Your presence… help her to find peace from her depression… help her to find a good doctor to help her to deal with any medical issues, and help her to know You as the Great Physician and healer of our souls… may Sue rest in Your peace… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  13. Maybe I can get some sleep soon. Could you also pray that I would be able to get some sleep now? I called another prayer line to pray regarding these things that are happening in my life, other than trying to get some sleep. I may have included sleep in my last prayer request.

    • Oh Father, I pray that Florence will be filled with Your peace as she goes through this very difficult time… Thank You Father, for promising to meet our needs… in Jesus’ name…

  14. I feel as if I am wading through my broken moment (consequences of some choices that I have made). I know that God will show me the way to turn this around if I only listen to him. Please pray that I hear God’s voice and see his wisdom moving forward.

    • Agreeing The Father will guide you. His sheep will know his voice and will follow.

    • Father, Be close to Elizabeth as she draws near to You to guide her through this difficult time… may she feel Your forgiveness, Your love and Your closeness… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jesus, I lift Elizabeth up to You. I pray that You will speak clearly to her. I pray that her heart will be quieted to hear Your voice. I pray that You will give her the wisdom she so needs in her situation. Thank You for Your promise that You give us wisdom when we ask. Draw her close to You. Amen.

  15. Oh how I needed this today! After 30 years of working for a company my job is being eliminated in May. I am the sole parent & provider of two 13 year old boys. I’m praying and doing my best to trust that God has the right job for me. I must have something fairly soon after my end date because of insurance. It’s so hard for me to not worry.

    • Agreeing with you in prayer, knowing that GOD will provide for our every need out of His Riches and Glory through Messiah Yeshua. (Christ Jesus) amen.

    • Father, Be especially close to Kathryn in this moment, and in the days ahead. Guide her steps as she seeks a new job, and as she cares for the needs of her family. Bring the right people into her life to come along side her to help. Help her to feel Your presence. Father, help her to rest assured that You know the plans You have for her – to prosper her and to give her peace – help her to calm her anxieties with these promises from Your Word… Thank You, Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Kathryn, I am sorry to hear about the loss of your job. I am praying that You will find strength, hope and confidence in God’s promise that He will never leave you or forsake you, and that you are engraved on the palm of His hands. I pray that He will open doors of provision for you.

  16. Please pray for me to have joy and strength. I feel like the enemy has really been attacking me lately, and I’m very discouraged, and I have doupts flooding my mind.

    • Father, Be with Mary Margaret – help her to know and believe that the joy of the Lord is our strength… it’s hard Father, when we feel discouraged, but help her to sense Your presence and trust in Your promises to guide her steps. Give her peace in her heart and soul Father, may she rest in You… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Jesus, I pray that You would fill Marymargaret with Your joy. I pray that she would be filled with Your peace and an acute awareness of Your presence. Protect her from the enemy and flood her heart with Your light. Amen.

  17. My 29-year-old niece died suddenly this past Thursday. Please pray for my brother, sister-in-law, and their children, and my mom, as they deal with and process this tragedy. The funeral is today at 4 PM EDT, if you can pray then.

    • Oh Father, be near to Brandee and to her brother and his family and her parents… help them to feel Your presence – hold them close in Your arms. Help them as they grieve this tragedy – help them to rest in the assurance that You know even the number of our tears, and You know the depth of our hurt. As today comes to an end and the funeral is over, calm their hurting hearts. Help them all to be gentle to themselves and allow themselves the time to grieve. Father, You are all-knowing, and so we trust – even when we don’t understand – may this family trust You… Thank You, Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Brandee, how very, very sorry I am to hear of the loss of your niece. I am praying right now for the comfort, peace and strength that only Jesus can bring to cover your family. May the Lord be with you all.

    • Father, You have promised to be our Provider, and so I pray that you will be near to Lovely at this time of financial distress, and meet her needs. Bring the right people and the right circumstances into her life to help her and guide her in the days to come. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Lovely, I am praying that Jehovah-Jireh, your Provider, will do above and beyond what you could ever ask or imagine, in your circumstances. I am praying that God will meet all of your financial needs. Keep trusting in His power to do it.

  18. Good morning. I’m the quiet type, and don’t comment much, but I’ve read all of the prayer requests here and prayed for each and every one. Our God is good. Our God is faithful. He is Jehovah-Jireh, our provider. He hears our prayers and He will answer them. This is so hard to believe during the difficult seasons in our lives. I’m so glad we have communities such as this, to pray for and uplift and encourage each other. Those things are so important, and many of us don’t get that in our day to day lives. Thank you to the (in)courage community!

    I have a request also. I’ve asked prayer before for my marriage. My husband and I are separated, and I’m constantly waiting for him to come home. I may be facing major surgery soon, which I’m not worried about at all, but I am alone. I have no family to drive me to and from the hospital, no one to help me when I get home, and I will be off work for a while with no income. I know people face this all the time, but I have no idea how they handle it. What upsets me the most is that I shouldn’t have this problem. I’m married, and my husband isn’t here for me like he should be. Please lift us up in prayer. Father God can do amazing things, and I’m waiting on my turn. Thank you!

    • Dear Susan,

      I pray the almighty God we serve will send helpers your way in this time of need. He is Jehova Jireh our provider, may he provide for you especially as you have to be off work to have this surgery. I pray your surgery goes well and may this diffcult time be a demonstration of Gods absolute faithfullness to you in Jesus name. Amen.

    • Susan,
      I’ve been through separation, reconciliation, second separation and divorce (both separations were initiated by my husband). I know the road you are walking. Praying that others will come forward to fill in the gap and be Jesus unto you in this your time of need. Also praying that you will know, deep in your heart, that though others who you thought would never desert you and have, there is still One who will never leave nor forsake you and He will give you the strength each day to put one foot in front of the other and make it through. I don’t know what the future holds for you and your husband but I know who holds YOUR future and He can be trusted. Praying for your surgery to be successful and smooth recovery.
      Blessings sweet sister,
      Bev xo

    • Father, Be with Susan in this moment – help her to feel Your presence in a very special way – wrap her in Your arms of love and protection. Father, I pray for healing for this marriage… Satan would be pleased to destroy this covenant, but I pray that You will be victorious. Father, be with Susan as she goes through this surgery… bring the right people into her life to help her and support her… Father, I would pray that her husband will be drawn back to her to support her. And Father, may the surgery go well and may she be healed. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Father, I lift up Susan before You. You are the God for whom nothing is impossible. I ask that You would turn the heart of her husband to You and to her. I ask that You would surround her with many people who can support her during this time of surgery and recovery. Thank You that you promise to never leave us…I pray that today she will physically feel Your arms encompassing her and holding her close. Amen.

    • Susan,
      I wonder if you would be willing to share your general geographic area. Perhaps there would be readers here close enough to you to help with your needs after your surgery.
      If not, praying that God will provide for and sustain you in the coming days. Blessings!

  19. These past few years have been health issues for me with an ankle injury that makes it hard for me to get around, 4 moves in 3 years, loss of friendships with one that was decades long, family members that don’t get along on both sides of my marriage, and dealing daily with my teenage son who is HF Autistic. So much of me feels broken and alone right now. I just struggle to see how God is working in all of this. I try to do for others but I don’t feel like I make a difference. I feel so much like I am being punished and I will never be good enough. I appreciate the prayers.

    • Father, Be with Monica in this moment – help her to feel Your love – help her to know that You made her and Your will keep her in Your perfect peace. Father, help her to give these many burdens to You, and to leave them with You. And I know that is easier to write that it is for us to do, so I pray You will strengthen Monica to be able to trust in You. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

      • Leanne..how true it is. I speak the very words that I need to apply in my own life-often. Leaving them with HIM is key. Each hour it seems I have to hand it back. I pray that I can completely surrender as He would want me to. God bless you!!!

        • Monica,
          I know that tendency to feel like we are doing something wrong or is displeasing to the Lord. But, the Lord doesn’t work in that fashion. The enemy would like to you to be discouraged as much as possible. God loves you. Lean hard on Him and trust that all that you are going through has a purpose. Lord, surround Monica with love and new or renewed friendships with those who will support her and build her up in a way that will bring her closer to you. Encourage her Lord. In Jesus name…Amen.

    • Monica, I am so sorry for the amount of loss and struggle you have had to deal with over a long period of time. I do pray that God will come to you at this very moment and fill you with His strength, His peace and His hope. I pray that He will fill You with His love – so that you can know in the depths of your being how precious and valued you are to Him.

  20. Please pray for my unbelieving son. Pray that the enemy would not prevail in his life. He just joined a club last night that could bring a lot of trouble into his life. He openly admits to being drawn to that lifestyle. He is 30 yrs old. I am terrorized by his choices and fear for his safety. Thank you.

    • Lord Jesus, I lift up MJane’s son before You. I pray that You will deliver him from the hands of the enemy. Open his eyes to the schemes of the enemy, and to the consequences his choices could have. Protect him I pray Lord. Surround him with Your strong arms of strength I pray. Give Your peace to MJane and may she know that You are with her and watching over her son. Amen.

      • Thank you so much for your prayer. I am always moved that someone would pray in behalf of me or my family. God bless you Aliza.

    • Father, Be with MJane tonight, give her peace and wrap her in Your presence, even as her very heart and soul is so anxious about her son. Father, snatch her son’s heart back from the influence of Satan, and protect him from Satan’s continued attempts to destroy him. Father, give him the strength to walk away from this decision, and walk with You. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  21. Thank you for this posting. I have had moments like you describe and I can say like you that God is faithful and shows his love all the time.

    • Father, Be with Rebekah, keep her faith strong, and help her to always know Your peace and Your power in her life. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  22. Please send God your prayers for my 2 year old grandson and his parents. His doctor fears that he may be autistic. I can see where this would be an overwhelming challenge for their struggling family. May Gods mercy be evident in the eventual diagnosis with hope that our fears would be unfounded.

    • Jesus, we lift up Lynn’s precious grandson to You. I pray that You would give the doctors wisdom as they diagnose him. I pray that You would give his parents Your supernatural peace about their son. I pray that You will deliver them from the fear of the unknown and help them to place their trust and confidence in You – in Your love for them and Your ability to walk with them through whatever they face. Amen.

    • Father, Be with Lynn’s grandson tonight, and be close to his parents and to Lynn. Help them all to experience Your peace… Father, this is a child that You created, and You can care for Him – help this family to trust You for wisdom and guidance – bring the right medical professionals into their life to carefully make this diagnosis. Father, Thank You for being all-powerful, and ever-present. In Jesus’ name…

  23. I am with an atheist and I haven’t felt close to Jesus in two years. I am wondering if I should break up with my boyfriend and go online to find a believer.

    • Angela,

      Praying the devil will release his strongholds on you. Asking God for discernment as to what actions you should take. God says “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Just pray about your situation. Find a quiet place alone and just sit there listening to God. He will send His answers soon.


    • Angela, I am praying that You will, above everything else, seek after God. I am praying that You will once again experience the closeness that Jesus longs to have with you. As you seek after God, He will show You the way.

    • Father, Be with Angela – help her to trust You and to feel Your presence in her life – help her to be open to the Holy Spirit’s leading in her life. Father, for this man who claims to be an atheist – please show yourself in a powerful way to this man – may he turn to You, believe in You, and claim You as His Lord and Savior. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  24. Prays for my marriage please. My husband left me 11 1/2 months ago, and doesn’t want to reconcile. I want to save my marriage. Prays for my children they are 5 and 3, and this had been extremely difficult for them. I need God’s intervention. Thank you.

    • Chanda,

      I pray for your marriage. I pray that God will melt your husbands heart and reconcile him with his family. I also pray for God to strengthen you as you wait on him to bring beauty to your ashes in Jesus name Amen.

    • Lord Jesus, we lift up Chanda before You, and ask that You will surround her with Your presence. Jesus, I pray that You would do the miraculous and restore this marriage. I pray that You would be with her children and give to them Your peace. I pray that Chanda would know how profound and unlimited Your love is for her and for her children. Do what only You can do in their lives I pray, Amen.

    • Father, Be close to Chanda – help her to feel Your presence and Your love. Father, I pray for the healing of this marriage. Be close to the children, give them peace. Father, thank You… in Jesus’ name…

  25. I know God has a plan but at this moment I feel so broken-hearted. My former husband has married the woman he was having an affair with.
    My son and her don’t get along. Neither one are Christian or try to have any morals around my son.
    I know I’m better off but the human in me is full of sadness, jealousy and rejection. (All things Satan . )

    • Deborah,

      Prayers for you and your son. May God bring healing to your hearts. God has never rejected you. He loves you unconditionally!! You are a wonderfully, beautiful child of God. Never forget your worth!!! Don’t be sad, or jealous. God certainly has plans for you. Better than you could imaging. Prayers for your son to be able to deal with this also.


    • Lord Jesus, I pray for Deborah. I pray for the hurt that she has had to experience. I pray that You would take that hurt and bear it for her. I pray that You would strengthen her with Your strength. I pray that You would give her wisdom as she parents her son through a really hard time. May the grace of God cover her words and may the love of God flow through her life. I pray that You would hold her close and speak Your words of love over her heart. Amen.

    • Father, Be with Deborah in a very special way – surround her with Your love – may she know that You call her precious. Father, as she grieves this painful time in her life, help her to lean on You to move forward… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  26. In need of prayer today. My husband 35 years old has a chronic back issue and is on the verge of getting fired. I’ve stayed at home with our 2 kids ages 3 and 5. I haven’t worked in 6 years. We do not have a home of our own we live with my uncle and our church is 40 minutes away. I guess I feel so much unstability and uncertainty. I’m on the verge of hopelessness. I’m not sure what to do.

    • Andrea,

      Prayers for miracle healing of your husband’s back problem. May God provide wisdom and discernment as to the next steps to take. Jesus provide a better job for this husband and allow the wife to stay home with their children. Provide peace and calm to their weary hearts. Lord if she needs to work even part-time please provide a way. Shower them with grace and loving kindness. Teach them to trust and obey you in ALL Things!!

      Blessings 🙂

      • Beth,
        Thank you for praying. Thanking God for precious people like you who love Him and His people. God bless you.

    • Krisette,
      Thank you for reaching out and praying for me and my family. Brought tears to my eyes and hope to my heart. God bless you.

    • Andrea, I am praying that you will find hope today, and strength to keep going. I am praying that God will intervene in your circumstances…that He will bring healing to your husbands back, that He will provide for every single thing that your family needs. I pray that He will show You His power and His love for you. Be encouraged today. He has not forgotten you.

    • Father, I join in prayer with Andrea… bring her peace – help her to feel Your presence surrounding her and loving her. Father, I pray for healing for her husband’s back so that he can be whole and support his family. Father, although they are far away from their church, I pray that you will bring the right people into their lives to support and encourage them. May they feel Your power in a very real way today… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  27. It is often easy to read and hear people say that God uses terrible situations in our lives to make us better or to “sharpen” us. It is easy to rattle off the normal cliches that are supposed to lift people up or make them feel better.
    On the other hand, it is difficult when you family is living in the middle of a nightmare adoption gone bad. You thought you were following God’s call with all your heart. The decision has instead torn our family apart. Damaged the relationships we had with our biological kids. Caused separation of the adopted children. With no end in site.
    Indeed, it is a situation of losing hope in God and His “faithfulness” to carry us through. The real picture looks like He has chosen to forget us and has chosen to allow us to be sifted of which we are not up for.
    So, if you happen to think about a family in TN that is really struggling with real issues, and you feel like God will hear your prayers, please pray for us. Please pray for my wife of 26 years. I love her with all my heart.

    • DKS,
      I am deeply sorry for what you all are going through, and I can not claim to know what it feels like. I will pray that God will heal, and comfort you, and your family, and that you will see the light at the end of this dark tunnel.

      Blessings to you all,


    • DKS,

      I know with all my heart and soul that God hears our prayers and will answer them in His timing. He can bring about a miracle in your wife and the whole family! So sorry that this has torn the family apart. May God bring healing and comfort to your weary souls.

      P.S. I live in Upper E. TN near VA & NC borders in Elizabethton.

      Blessings 🙂

    • I am praying! As my adopted child is a teen now, I pray for God keeping from evil, for our family to be able to be a strong unit. It sounds like a nightmare! I pray God will bring healing all around for your entire family! Cling to God!

    • DKS, I am sorry for the painful things you and your family have had to go through. Please, please know that your family has not been forgotten or overlooked by God. He is there. He is there in the pain. He is there in the darkness. He is there in the hurt. I pray that You will sense His presence. I pray that God will bring great comfort to you and to your wife.

    • Father, Thank You that the real picture is not that You have chosen to forget us, even when we are going through very, very difficult and painful days. Father, this family has committed to caring for one of Your precious children in addition to the children they have given birth to, and I pray Father, for peace as they question Your love for them. May they be assured and reassured that Your love is everlasting, and You are there, with them, at every step on this journey. Father, Thank You for Your love… be with DKS and his wife and family – may they rest in You. In Jesus’ name…

  28. Hi. Please pray for my brother who has brain cancer and my mom who had a stroke and has a blood clot in her brain. Its been such a trying time for my family, but we know Who is always in control. Thank you and God Bless! <3

    • Jamie,

      I will pray for all of you to be comforted, and be given the strength to deal with this.

      Blessings to you all,


    • Jamie, I am sorry to hear of the illness of both your brother and your mom. What a difficult time for all of you. How I pray that God will touch them both with His healing, with His restoration. I pray that in the dark days, they will know the grace of God every moment. I pray that He will sustain them and be their strength. Keep looking to Jesus. He is with you all.

    • Father, Be with Jamie’s brother – heal him, Father, please… and give him peace along this very difficult journey. Be with Jamie’s mom – I pray for healing for her as well, and peace for her to rest in You, and feel her Your love. Especially be close to Jamie – help her to feel Your peace, wrap her in Your tender arms of love. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  29. Pray for my baby girl who had brain surgery 8 weeks ago. Pray for peace for my family as we wait to see if surgery was successful and as we face the unknowns of her future health and well-being.

    We trust that God is in control. We continue to ask for healing of her body and mind and the grace and peace to walk through it with her.

    • Sara,
      I’m praying hard long with you.

      blessings to your little girl, you, and your family,


    • Jesus, I pray for Sarah and her precious, precious baby girl. I pray in the Name of Jesus for Your complete healing and restoration over her. I pray that this surgery will have been a complete success and that the family will hear wonderful news. I pray for Your covering over this baby, and for Your continued healing as she recovers. Thank you for being their strength and their peace as they walk this road. I commit this family to You. Amen.

    • Father, Be with this little baby girl – heal her precious body and restore her to wholeness and good health. Father be with Sarah and her family as they walk this journey – may they know the peace that only You can provide – may they rest in You, our Great Physician… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  30. Thank you for inviting us to bring our prayer requests. I have a major decision to make that’s just so difficult. I’ve been helping a friend through a tough elder abuse situation and now through an illness. My friend has made a request for further help that would benefit him but I don’t want to do it. We both know the Lord, I am able to meet his particular need, I’ve been advised by another friend who also knows the Lord to meet the other’s need. I’ve prayed about it but a reassuring answer isn’t coming. I just don’t want to do it. Am I too tired? Do I need to spend more time in the Word? Probably ‘yes’ and ‘yes’. Please pray for wisdom and peace to know and do God’s will. That’s my desire. Thank you and God bless you. . M M

    • Mary,

      I’m so sorry your friend has been put through this. It’s sounds as though you’ve truly been a blessing. Maybe there is another way, without you taking the full load. When you are worn out it can be hard. I pray that you will be restored and you will find the answer you are looking for.

      Have a blessed day,

    • Jesus, thank You that Your Word says that whenever we lack wisdom, we can ask You and You will pour it out generously. So, I am asking along with Mary, for You to fill her with Your wisdom and discernment, and the ability to be able to tell the difference between what is right and what is almost right. Give her Your wisdom liberally, Lord. Thank You for hearing and answering our prayer, Amen.

    • Father, Thank You for Mary, and for the way that she has reached out to support and care for her friend. Help her to rest in You, to wait on You as she considers whether to continue to offer help. May she know Your Holy Spirit’s wisdom in a clear way. Be with her friend who has had a difficult journey to walk – may this friend know Your peace, and may Your will be clearly shown and done. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  31. Aliza,
    This was an enlightening post, thank-you for sharing, not only your sorrow( which I am sorry for you), but that with God eventually the beauty will follow. I do believe this to be true.

    Have a blessed day,

  32. Hey Aliza, You are right God can take these bad things and show us better. We all have things we remember like where we were on 9/11, very good memories and sttriking bad one, I can still hear some of the unkind words spoken to me as I believed God for my own health. But He is good and the seed has to fall into the ground and die and bring forth fruit, He was talking about Himself and we were crucified with Him so we should not be bogged down with hurts and heartaches and trouble if we are to reach soul…..I simply ask that you thank the Lord for His goodness on my family and that they give Him the glory. ….and I offer prayers for the sick, hold on to Isaiah 53 and the name above all names, I speak peace to ill bodies and send His healing words, so just love Him and receive. I plead the blood over your children for protection, you will not miss out on good things ever with Jesus as a friend closer than a brother. Give Him praise this Sunday, He is worthy and He made us worthy with His righteousness.

    • Father, Thank You for Rebecca – for the gift of encouragement that You have given her, for Your leading in her daily life. May she continued to be used by You to care for others that come her way… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  33. Aliza,

    I sit here reading these requests. I get a sense that the devil is hard at work trying to tear us apart more than ever. Praying for God to heal each person, bring about miracles, and shower you all with grace, love and kindness.

    Prayers for my family as my dad passed away 2 weeks ago. He was elderly and was having more health issues. It is still hard when you live far away.

    Prayers for a friend whose husband has dementia. She still works and has help caring for him. I know first hand that this dementia will only get worse.

    Praying for all here to really know & trust God in ALL situations. May we all believe and be ready in a moment’s notice. Praying all will worship God only and understand what He did on the Cross! May we all get he true meaning of Easter –Christ Has RISEN FROM THE DEAD!! He is alive and willing hear our prayers!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, thank you for your prayers for others. Praying that God will meet the needs of those you are praying for. May God fill you with His strength today as you grieve the loss of your Dad. Praying for His comfort over you.

    • Father, Thank You for Beth’s commitment to You and to Your love. Be with her as she grieves the death of her dad… give her peace at this sad time, surround her with good memories to help with her healing. Be with her as she supports her friend – give her the right words to share and may she be a blessing to her and to others around her – a reflection of Your love. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  34. My family could really use prayer.

    Our taxes are late and we are now considered delinquent. We had no heat all winter which means we have no air conditioner for the upcoming hot months.

    I’m caring for my mom, my sister, and her two children (both under 2) on my below poverty level salary.

    Some days we have very little food.

    I’ve tried to see God at work in all of this. I’ve asked Him to show me what He wants me to see. Nothing changes and I feel more defeated every day.

    Thank you.

    • Jesus, I lift Jennifer before You. Thank You for Your promise to meet all of our needs. I pray that You would help this family. I pray that You would provide for them all that they need. Provide finances, provide food, provide work that has a larger salary. Be near to them and reveal Your presence to them I pray, in Jesus’ Name, amen.

    • Father, Be with Jennifer and her family in a very real and tangible way. Bring people into the path of this family to give them the help they need. Provide for their needs. And give them peace and strength that only You can give… You are the God of miracles, Father – work a miracle in the life of this family. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  35. Thank you all for sharing your needs. I prayed for each of you as I read your requests. All I know is that God is faithful to meet our needs above that which we can ask or think. I’m claiming this promise for all of you today. Also for my need of healing family divisions. Love to you all

    • Thank you, Mary Kay, for your prayers for each request. I am praying that God will heal the divisions in your family and will pour out His Spirit of restoration on you. I pray that His peace will fill your family and that you will see complete unity between all family members. God be with you.

    • Father, Be with Mary Kay – heal the divisions that threaten this family, bind them together with Your love. Be close to Mary Kay – help her to feel Your peace… Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  36. I am praying for each need as I read it. Hang in each one!
    I could use prayer for my marriage. Spiritual healing for my husband. Awareness and reconciliation of his traumatic childhood. ! That he would sense God’s love in his life. That my adopted son would be healed from his pre-adoptive trauma. My daughter from her chronic illness and myself also. That I be All God wants me to be to train my children for His glory. That God would provide finances to save our house. That God would restore health to keep after the housework and child training. And the trusting to rest in His will for my life and the lives of my children and husband. Prayers for the deep grief of losing loved ones.
    Praise thanks and adoration for the miracles God works in the midst of the storm if we but look and trust.
    Thank you for this community of sharing and prayer!

    • Dear Aliza, Kathy, LeAnne, and ME,
      I was actually surprised when I checked and saw that I had 5 comments from 4 wonderful spirit filled ladies, sisters, friends.
      Thank you so much for caring enough to respond by prayer and encouragement. You are being a blessing not only to me but to the body of Christ.
      Have a blessed week.
      I want to share the first scripture that came to my mind after reading your words:

      Isaiah 40:29
      He gives power to the weak, And to those who have no might He increases strength.

      Great and Mighty is He.

    • Jesus, I lift ME and her family before You. You know exactly what each of them is in need of. I pray that You would meet their needs. I pray that You would heal their bodies and their hearts. I pray that You would provide the finances they need for their home. Jesus, there is nothing that is too hard for You so I ask You to intervene for this family and do what only You can do. Thank You for Your power. I lay them in Your loving hands. Amen.

    • Father, Be close to ME – help her to feel Your presence and Your love as she faces so many life problems. Help her to know Your strength, help her to rely on You – our Provider. Meet the needs of this family in a very special way so that they can clearly see Your power at work in their lives. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  37. Please pray to God that He will provide jobs to my nephew Ben and his wife Osi and myself. Thank-you!

    • Jesus, I ask that You would please provide for Ben, for Osi and for Cheryl. Thank You that You have promised to meet all of our needs. I stand on Your word for them and trust You to work on their behalf. Give them favour with people and place them at the right place, with the right people, at the right time. Thank you for Your love for them. Amen.

    • Father, It seems like a simple request – to provide jobs – but it’s only simple when we can completely trust in You. I pray for Cheryl and her family – meet these needs for employment – may they sense Your leading and may they always be assured of Your presence in their lives. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  38. Praying that God intervenes with a miracle as my husband has filed for divorce & is living under deception – for healing for our family, my children, & that God would be mightily glorified in the process!

    • Oh Jesus, please draw Mae so close to Your heart. Please be her comfort and her strength and her help. Please remind her that she is completely loved by You and is engraved on the palm of Your hand. I pray that You would supernaturally intervene in her marriage, and bring restoration. I know that You can breathe new love where love has died. I pray that You would restore this family and allow Your Name to be exalted through it. I pray this in Your Name, amen.

    • Father, Be close to Mae – surround her with Your love and presence – wrap her closely in Your arms of love. Father, heal this marriage – help her husband to turn away from his desire to break the covenant of his marriage vows… may this family be reunited, and may they be joined with You at the center of their lives. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  39. Correct identification and best treatment for continual diarrhea and breathing problems nearing several months. Least amount of harm necessary to me. Family Doctor let go of upset over other doctor involved.

    • Lord Jesus, please bring healing to Jill. Restore her body and her breathing to full health. Help her to find a doctor who can help her and give her wise advice. Thank You for Your love for her. Amen.

    • Father, Be close to Jill – bring healing to her body – help her to know You as our Great Physician. Father, may she know Your peace, may she be able to rest in You and trust You in her choices of treatment and physicians. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  40. Please pray for a reconciliation with my grandsons. They are 12 and 5. Their dad is a bully to them and I approached him to have a conversation with him, with encouragement from my daughter’s pastor. Because of that , I am not allowed to see my grandsons. I haven’t seen them in five months. He is also a bully to my daughter. She is a believer, he is not. It’s a long story, but my other daughter and her sons haven’t been to their home in eight years , because of him.
    Thank you so much for your prayers .

    • Father, Be especially close to Pam – wrap her in Your arms of love – help her to know Your peace. Father, these are very difficult family situations – I pray that You will intervene and bring healing to this family. May those who know You reflect Your love to those who don’t know You, and may this family be reunited as a family belonging to God. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

    • Pam, I am praying for your situation. I pray that God will intervene and will allow reconciliation to take place between you and your grandsons. I pray that your son in law would have a personal encounter with Jesus that completely transforms his life. I pray that your daughter will find her strength, her help and her confidence in God. May God give you all that you need for this situation, Pam.

  41. Jesus, I pray for Krisette. Thank You for her love and passion for You. Thank You for Your power to heal and restore, to provide and protect, to deliver and redeem. I pray that You will do all of this and more on her behalf. May she clearly hear You as You speak to her and I pray that she will know Your voice and follow Your leading. Grant her the desires of her heart, I pray. Amen.

  42. Father, Thank You for calling Krisette to serve You and to be a witness to bring others to You. Give her strength, Father – heal her body, and make her physically strong for the task You have called her to do. Father, be close to her, give her a renewed sense of the work You have called her to do. Bring others alongside her to join her in this journey of faith. Thank You Father… in Jesus’ name…

  43. Please pray for salvation for my mother, daughter & her fiancee. Please pray physical healing for me, as I am unable to work a “normal” job outside the home. I have started an online coaching/consulting business to coach family caregivers and support those walking through grief & loss. But I only have 1 client which doesn’t pay my bills — so please pray provision for me and that the Lord will bless the work of my hands. I’ve worked very hard to set up this business and my website — now I pray the Lord will bless it.

    • Father, Be close to Kathy – surround her with Your love and Your peace. Bring healing to her and encouragement on days when she is not feeling well. Father, as she trusts that You have led her in this new business endeavor, I pray that You will bless her by providing for her needs. Thank You for her desire to reach out and help others. In Jesus’ name…

    • Jesus, I pray for Kathy. I pray for Your favor over this business. Please bring clients to Kathy and give her the wisdom she needs to support them and guide them. Please heal her body and fill her with Your strength. Be her help. Be her hope. Thank You for doing more than she could ask for or imagine. Amen.

  44. Please pray for my sister in law and her family as they struggle through her medical issues, infertility, and financial difficulties.

  45. Please pray for God to place lifelong Christian friends in my life. I’ve wanted to be part of a Christian community for so long and every time I get close to a friend they end up moving away. I feel like I live in an area where there aren’t many people my age who are Christians. It can feel lonely and defeating.

  46. Please pray for Michelle, as she is battling stage 3 cancer. Please pray for Kathy as she is on dialysis awaiting a kidney. If you could also pray for my brother John’s salvation as well. Lastly, please pray that God’s will and purpose for my life will be fulfilled. I’m very broken right now. Thank you and God Bless you.

  47. I am asking for prayer mainly for my husband is two areas and secondarily for me as we travel this journey together. First, healing and wisdom as he sees a Neurosurgeon on Tuesday for a large herniated disk and degenerative disk disease in his back. We are hopeful that there are options available other than surgery which would require time off from work and extreme financial hardship. Secondly, we are just beginning to get back on our feet after a company he had worked for for 37 years decided they were going eliminate some senior positions. Employment has been almost nonexistent and he has finally gotten a position but an entry level position where more than half of his much lower pay goes to cover medical benefits for the two of us. We know and honestly believe that money is not everything but realistically you can’t pay the bills without sufficient income. We know our God is bigger than both of these challenges and we desire nothing more than to be right in the center of God’s will. Many people have told us that God would not allow a great, well-liked job to be taken away unless He had something better in mind. We are prayerfully seeking that “better” position but after 7 years we are questioning whether a better opportunity will ever be presented.
    We often find ourselves somewhere between our faith and fighting fear. Prayer is the only way we have begun to recover from a devastating, life changing job loss but we still have a long way to go to feel whole again.

  48. Please pray for me as I battle my third round of postpartum depression and grieving not being able to make breastfeeding work for a third child. I’m feeling like a complete and utter failure. Please pray that the Lord reveals to me what all the suffering is for when this should be such a joyous time. And lord I pray that your will for Nancy’s life be revealed to her in your perfect all knowing way and that her brother accept you as His lord and savior.

    • Lord I pray for Kim and the battle she is facing. Lord I pray that You will show her love and that she will know that she is not a failure. Lord please show her grace and that she will be able to see the joy You bring her through her children.

      In Jesus name Amen.

  49. To have the strength and courage to leave a relationship. Even if I feel guilty or I am afraid that he won’t be able to make it on his own. That God will work in me to show me the way to handle this delicately and right. And the wisdom to know that it is the best thing to do.

  50. What exactly does that mean, “give our pain to God?” How do we literally do that?
    I have been a Christian a long time and I love and try to follow Jesus wholeheartedly. I know he transforms our situations and often brings beautiful things out of tragedy.
    But I am struggling to understand what it means and how to give my pain to God. I would love to know more about what you meant by that.

    • Valerie, I’m not certain what kind of pain you are talking about. When we talk about giving our pain to God, we are talking about anguished pain in our hearts from circumstances that are beyond our control. Physical pain is harder to give to God. When I miscarried my 2nd child, my heart was filled with so much anguish and pain that without God’s help there’s no way I would have made it through it. He is the one who sustained me and brought me through the darkness. My relationship with Him changed so much during that time. Please know that He is there and that He cares for you. One thing I have learned to do is take a deep, deep breath and imagine that I am breathing ​in all of Father’s love for me, like a big hug enveloping me. I let His love for me wash over my hurting heart, and as I exhale slowly, I let go of some of the pain. I concentrate on Bible verses about His love, and those verses that promise He will always be with me. I talk with Father in my heart as His loving presence gradually replaces the pain. Memorize verses and know your Bible because He will use them to calm your Spirit and take away your pain. Hope this helps!
      Father, be with Valerie, help her to feel Your loving presence beside her, help her to release her pain to You. Flood her heart with Your extravagant love, overflowing with Your mercy and grace. Remind her that You willingly gave Your Son for her, and that Jesus willingly gave up His life for her…That’s the only type of love that can take pain away.

  51. My husband was layed off from his job almost 4 months ago. He had an interview last week, he’s supposed to hear from it no later than the end of this week. There are a couple of other job possibilities too. Please pray he hears great news soon, this has been a hard season but we know God has got it and we are trusting Him.

  52. That my digestive illness that I know partly continues due to stress and a cleaning out of past hurts will improve as I work on those past hurts and current stresses That I trust God and know that there can be a healing. I’ve started meditating and this time it’s been everyday for 2 weeks. It IS helping. Mentally it is helping. I do believe there is no true healing without God and meditation and prayer. So please pray for faith and physical healing. It’s been several years now and my body is really having enough. Thank you.

  53. I know a young couple whose 16 month old daughter was found unresponsive by her mother in the middle of the night 12 weeks ago. They await the results of an autopsy with both anticipation and dread (in case there was something they could have done) The hurt and pain this mom and dad is feeling is undeniably shattering. It is very hard to offer words of comfort, other than “I’m so sorry”, at this time. Please pray for Ryan and Stephanie.

  54. Aliza, thank you for the encouraging words which makes some of us feel not so alone in going through brokenness.
    I pray for every single petition that has been posted, and ask that Lord shine His face upon each and give comfort, give strength, give clarity, wisdom, deliver from chains of enemy, bring conviction to those who don’t know Him, and touch their hearts for them to believe in Him and confess Him as their Lord and Savior. I pray for strength for Ryan and Stephanie, for comfort and for them to experience peace and forgiveness during their grieving process. That the Lord abundantly fills their heart with all the love He has for them through His children-brothers and sisters in Christ. I ask this in the name of His only Son, Jesus Christ and thank Him for He knows best and will do according to His will.

  55. I saw the place where it said we could name our prayer requests. My first thought was, “right now, I have no requests, just gratitude. Up until 3 months ago, after a fall down the stairs, I became disabled in nearly every way. I banged my head on the wooden floor & broke my shoulder. I became unable to manage the stair without help. So, we moved to a condo, where eveything is on one level. That was about a year ago. My body was functioning less & less. I thought I’d be an invalid forever. Alot has happened, during that time as a result of many prayers. Now,I am walking without my walker, dressing myself, getting out of bed by myself, have a good memory again & so on. I could write a book, of all God has done for me, & all of those He has brought into my life. In my life, “He has made everything beautiful, in His time.” To those who prayed for me, THANK YOU! And, to God, THANK YOU DEAR FATHER!.

  56. First, thank you for asking! This last year my husband proved to me he cannot handle credit cards responsibly. He obtained a card with a $6,ooo limit. He had it maxed out in 6 months. The minimum required payments are very high. Then a gas card with $1,500 limit and he maxed it out in the same amount of time. Then he recieved a check in the mail for $3,500 from a loan company. He signed and deposited it to help pay his credit cards balances down. Then he maxed them out again. We are in a load of debt right now and the only income we have is our social security payments. We barely have enough to make all the payments and have only $150 left for food. I have received the gift of faith from the Lord. I do believe God has a plan for us. My health has declined until my weight is 85 lbs. down from 110 lbs. We need more money for food, and less stress on us. We are at a crossroads trying to decide if we should go for credit counseling or bankruptcy court. I just do not know what to do. Please ask God for relief so I can get my healthy weight back and deal with the stress. My gift of faith carries me through almost anything. But this situation is very trying. Thank you so much!

  57. it might take long but it’s never going to to be forever.i have been a mother of an addict for a couple of years now, which wasn’t funny.it caused a lot of loss to me and my mind not been settled.we got him rehabilitated twice, but all to no avail.fortunately i came across this testimony of a woman online who also battled with a similar issue with her sister until she got prayed for by diviner moses. i also contacted him for prayers regarding my son. he did prayed for him and now my son is free from addiction in less than 4 days of prayer. i oblige anyone with similar problem or any one, as the case maybe. to contact him via email;greatfulhands@gmail.com

  58. My best friend and me we have been praying for more than 15 years for godly husbands and a family. We are believing that God will show up and be faithful. But this is really hard right now. We are over 30 and the pain is getting bigger. Our strongest prayer is that God’s will be done. Please join in praying for a miracle.

  59. Please pray for healing of my heart and mind. God has revealed many things to me about my mother and stepfather over the last few years. I’ve finally come to the decision to no longer have a relationship with them because they were and are mentally abusive and manipulative. I’m protecting my children and my heart, but it’s extremely difficult to realize the cruelty I grew up with. I’m relearning who God is and who I am in Him.

  60. I made a personal loan to our choir director at church. I was told never loan money to him cause he would never pay me back. He was losing his home with many other difficulties in his life. I made him sign a promissory note for repayment. He gave me 12 checks made out to me which was to take each month to be paid back. the first month I received payment. This month he has found away for me not to receive payment on the rest the checks. I really need prayer for this situation to turn around otherwise he has stole a amount money I truly need. I am so sorry I ever loaned the money. I need help