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Kinsey is a follower of Jesus, a wife, and a mom. She is passionate about prayer, family, and advocating for orphans.

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  1. Kinsey,
    Beautiful post!! It’s this very aspect – the notion of not having a mother or father to care about you, along with God’s nudging, that urged me to start a Christian School in the Middle East for orphans and desperately impoverished children who don’t have a mother’s arms to enfold them. Even if some of the children do have a parent, their poverty level is so extreme that they must fend for themselves on the streets, doing what they have to – even the unthinkable – in order to eat and survive. It is the transformation in their eyes from utter hopelessness and despair to peace and even extreme joy when they know they are loved and cared about by their teachers and especially that they are loved by their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. They know they are no mistake, no one’s burden, but a child of the King. This, makes my heart beat faster.

    Not everyone can start a school as a safe haven from terror and being alone in this world, but we can be a mother or loving friend to someone who has lost theirs. If we are fortunate enough to still have a mother we can love on her or at the very least honor her as God would call us to do. For all those who are motherless either by death, neglect, torn relationships, God calls us to love orphans, widows, and those who have no one to love them. I pray that my heart would be alert and open to who might be needing His love poured out through me. What a great example you showed and a great call to action…
    Bev xx
    ps. I hope this is okay with (in)courage, but if you would like to learn more about sharing Christ’s love with orphans, visit out website at:

    • Bev,
      Thinking of you today, and pray all goes well.
      Praying for the little children, and for everyone at the school, for their safety, and well being in order for them to strive.

      Have a blessed day,


    • I love this so much, Bev! I so love hearing how others are stepping into the call of James 1:27. Beautiful! Thank you for pouring out–the Father sees!

  2. I’m really impressed that your young friend used the word “sad” to describe herself — it’s such a clean and responsive emotion, and if we let ourselves feel it, we can steer clear of the deep ugly of bitterness and resentment. Mother’s Day is such a complicated holiday for so many reasons. May God give us grace to allow our hearts to feel the sadness and then to find our comfort in His love.

  3. Dearest Miss Kinsey,

    Thank you so much for sharing such a touching post… my heart goes out to this young woman. Especially where you wrote, “Her eyes stared unblinking at the table while she fidgeted with her tea cup. “Because I want what I can’t have.”
    “What is it you want?” I dug a little deeper.
    “My mom,” she said. And nothing more.”
    I can truly relate to that; I am 20 years old… my mom went home to Jesus when I was young. I know what its like to have people come in and try to fill that gap only to get “bored” and leave. Although, I knew my mom was gone from the the Earth when I was upset (even as I got older) I would just say and think about how much “I wanted my mom.” GOD truly hears us… almost a year ago now the good LORD blessed me beyond measure with a wonderful woman I am so grateful to call “Mama” and a family that challenges me to seek the LORD, that encourages me and loves me. But, ultimately my comfort and contentment come from the LORD. I want to encourage her to not give up hope; GOD always has a plan. I pray that she knows that and is comforted… and I pray that you have a blessed day Miss Kinsey, thank you again!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

    • Summer Rae,

      I’m sorry for your loss but I’m so glad the Lord blessed you with someone special in your life. And please always let your absolutely sweet nature shine.

      Have a blessed day,


      • Thank you so much for your vulnerability in sharing, Summer Rae. My heart is with you today, and I’m so grateful you found someone who can be a “mama” to you. YES! God always has a plan. Bless you!

    • Summer Rae, I always look forward to reading your (in)courage responses. You are truly blessed to have your “mama” in your life. I’m 50 years older than you and have been remembering all the wonderful “mamas” in my life (there have been many!) who have loved me, prayed for me, and guided me to help me become the woman God intends me to be. I am still learning!

      Kinsey, thank you for truly listening to this young girl. May we all reach out to the aching souls around us no matter what their age, with love and a compassionate heart. Now that would be a really great Mother’s Day!

      Blessings to you all this Mother’s Day whether you are a biomom or have that precious mother’s heart.
      ~Kay Lake

  4. Hi Kinsey,
    I so very much appreciated your series of 40 weeks of praying for the orphans. My two youngest kids whom we have adopted are our grandchildren. I just had a talk with the older of our two this past week. He’s grieving not being able to live with my daughter, his birth mom. There are no good words to describe his sadness. He doesn’t understand the “why” of adult issues. While he’s not motherless, he’s still feeling abandoned by his bio mom. This hurts him and my mother heart for him to feel for him such rejection. While God does fill in these places, he’s not there yet. So we pray for him, for God to fill his heart and for him to feel our love.

    • Joanne,
      What a blessing you are to be there for those children. I pray that their hearts will be lightened.

      Have a blessed day,


      • I’m so blessed in hearing that the 40 Weeks of Prayer were a source of encouragement to you. We aren’t done praying, even though the 40 weeks have concluded! I will pray for your son today, and for you. Grace, grace to you as you pursue his heart and walk this journey of healing with him.

  5. Hard read considering what my family and I are going through right now. Thank you for sharing though.

    • DKS,
      Praying for your family, whatever the circumstance may be, I pray that you will feel comforted by the Lord.


  6. I am missing my Mama. She went to be with the Lord on Feb. 5, 2013, one week before her 92nd birthday. We were very close. I was a surprise baby as Mama and Daddy thought they were finished having children. 🙂 The doctors told my parents that we three would have a very special relationship and we did. Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama in Heaven.

    • Melissa,
      I’m sorry for your loss, and pray that the Lord fills you with those happy, comforting memories.
      Have a blessed day,


  7. Kinsey,
    I wanted to thank you for your kindness, and graciousness.While we do heal by God’s Grace, there is still that void. Thank-you, and bless all of you who have reached out to the Motherless, your generosity means more than you know.

    Blessings to you all,


  8. This is my first Mother’s Day without my Mom. I have had they lump in the throat a lot lately while out shopping, seeing all the Mother’s Day signs and seeing the happy commercials on tv, etc. But I have the years of memories with my Mom, unlike the girl you wrote about so I am thankful for this! I can’t imagine growing up without one 🙁

  9. Mine told me this morning, that all she wanted to do is be with me. Because of other obligations, she had cancelled a lunch date. I will make time for just that. Her prayers for me were life savers and she’s still out there serving the Lord. I pray for those missing their mothers anytime and especially now, Mother’s Day in heaven must be something, Lord give them a wonderful memory or someone special to hold onto as you pour in the oil of joy for mourning. Happy Mother’s Day in Heaven and on Earth.

  10. My Dad died when I was 13. Even tho’ I had my Mom she couldn’t show love. So I was lost and floundering for many years. Recently my sister asked who I would like to see in heaven, my quick response was, “Dad.” Surprised she asked why? I think I hadn’t had the opportunity to become a women with him. After 50 years I still need him. Since I have Jesus in my life I am coping and He is the father to the fatherless.

  11. Thank you for this post. My husband and I are foster parents so these points are so good to keep in mind for that aspect. Also, this is my first mother’s day as a biological mom, my son is 6th months old. My mom passed away from cancer this summer while I was pregnant. I miss her so much, especially this time of year, especially as I have been learning how to be a mom without her here. I love what someone said about imagining Mother’s Day in Heaven. I will definitely be thinking of that.

  12. That was one of the most touching articles I have ever read. It brought tears to my eyes. What beautiful words of encouragement to someone hurting.
    I lost my Mom 11 years ago. She was a strong, Christian lady that I loved and admired and am so grateful to God that He let ME be her daughter. I miss her so much. I have a 30 year old son who is a wonderful gift and I enjoy Mother’s day because of him, but, I envy the people who still have their Moms. What I would give to be able to bring my Mom a bouquet of violets (her favorite flower) and enjoy another cup of tea with her one more time….
    Thank you Kinsey, for an article filled with such compassion.

  13. Kinsey,

    Heart felt post! Sad to hear all that little girl wanted was a mama. Such maturity in her though. How she was able to see herself as kind, sad & confident-not angry or upset.

    We can speak love into everyone’s hearts – young & old alike. They all need God’s love shown to them. For me it will be the older women at church. I will give them hugs, smile and shower them with God’s love!

    Blessings 🙂

    • I read this, and I am not a woman, however, I know the need for a mother’s love. I know it’s important, and I’m here to say that mothers are able to provide that sort of comfort and love that they are designed to give. Thanks for this.