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Shannan Martin is the author of Falling Free: Rescued From the Life I Always Wanted, wife of a jail chaplain, and mom to four kiddos. She's a big believer in community and salsa, and blogs at

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  1. Thank you, Shannan, for beautiful words that put the sovereignty of God on display — no such thing as “Plan B” in His all-encompassing knowledge of our days.

    • Thank you so much Shannan, to bravely share your heart. Oh, you are spot on- if all the Mother’s who live had a moment to connect with others no to “whine” but to rejoice and cheer each other on through the most difficult times. I understand the joy of witnessing an adopted child. We adopted a Siberian Princess in 1999. She is now in her teenage years- and all of culture continues to remind her she doesn’t have a home. And YET, God called her to ours. What my husband and I didn’t know at the time, was we needed her as much as we thought she needed us. She has been the gift of healing To me in my unresolved issues of my own adoption. She has been a source of adventure, and unconditional love.
      I celebrate you, Dear Shannan, and your obedience to God’s call. To embrace every nation, tribe and tongue the way Jesus did. Oh, you are absolutely amazing.
      Happy Happy Mother’s Day!!
      In God’s Love and mine,
      Deborah Boyle

    • I thank God for you… Shannon, thank you for putting adoption in words so well described that i would fumble to look for… God is sooo good… I don’t know why but i have a aunt who never married but she is a motherly figure for a lot of us in and outside the family… Thank you Lord for those motherly figures in our lives. From childhood, to youth to adulthood Thank you Lord so much. … Thanks for sharing and being there for us Shannon. God bless you in which i know He has… Have a spectacular MOTHERS DAY!! 🙂 <3

  2. Your family story is one of inspiration and of a deep love which exudes from your written words. I am a mother to three children whom I love dearly and am so grateful to God for bringing into my life. Wishing you a joyful Mother’s Day this Sunday, thank you for sharing your story xx

  3. Thank you for sharing your beautiful life story. It touched me on many levels. My life is nothing like I envisioned and it is so very painful but I must believe that the LORD God omnipotent reigns and this is all within His plan. All things will work together for good for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

  4. Shannan,
    Since i’m on heavy duty pain meds and anti nausea medicine, I won’t attempt to string together anything coherent. I think you’re a wonderful mother and true love is not necessarily carried in the womb, it’s carried in the heart. You carry it beautifully. Loved this post and Happy Mother’s Day.
    Bev xx

    • Praying for you Bev as you recover. Bev, you are also a wonderful mother. God chose you for you children, and the struggles you’ve pushed through makes you uniquely able to hear another mother’s heart and the sorrow and anguish she feels for her children whose hearts are far away. It’s this same mother heart of yours who loves the children of Pakistan and aches for them, and then rejoices when they are served well. A mother’s heart does bear much sorrow, but because of the sorrow, when the joy and celebrating comes, it is so much sweeter. It’s this same mother’s love who keeps hoping, pushing through in prayer, and action when prompted for the breakthrough. Blessings over you Bev, ((Hugs)), Joanne

      • Thanks Joanne,
        You always know how to bless my heart. You always have a way of hitting the nail on the head. Yes, there have been struggles in mothering my two and I do wonder sometimes, “Why me, Lord? Why did you pick me?” I do feel the pain of others so deeply and can relate to others who struggle with strained relationships. Just like you have mentored me in your struggles, I can pass on what I’ve learned, and am still learning in my world. I do keep hoping, but am learning to “stay in my lane”…try not to fix things and leave their hearts up to God’s handling. I keep lifting them in prayer and laying them on God’s altar. Sure it hurts….but in a way it puts me in touch with how Christ felt betrayed and I get a small glimpse of His suffering. Just a little tired of the hard lessons….but then again, who isn’t? Love you sweet friend and miss you. Love your Mother’s heart toward me and what a blessing you have been and continue to be in my life!!
        Bev xo

    • Hi Bev

      Praying that you will feel better soon. Your words have lifted my spirit “love is not necessarily carried in the womb, it’s carried in the heart”. Praise God for giving you an instructed tongue to speak that word of healing to the weary. May your healing quickly appear, and the glory of the Lord surround you always!!

  5. Beautiful. Thank you for sharing…motherhood comes in so many shapes and sizes. The quality and quantity of our love is what defines a mother not the manner in which we acquired those we love.

  6. Beautiful share. It definitely puts things into perspective as small obstacles can overwhelme the daily blessing of family. Thank you, not only are you a great mother, but amazing writer as well.

  7. This is so precious. Mothers aren’t born when a baby arrives, motherhood is born in the heart and grows as we give of ourselves. You are doing that so well. Happy Mother’s Day!

  8. I am thankful to be a Mother. My Mother has gone on to Heaven and I miss her so much. I am thankful for the women in my life who are like Mother’s to me and my family. One of my dear friends signs all correspondence “from Mother Barbara” to “Daughter Melissa”. What true blessing to know such a sweet person!

  9. Absolutely LOVE this post. Will tweet it and I send it to my daughter, who’s dealing with infertility.

    Blessings, Shannan and thanks for sharing your heart with us.

  10. This so touched my heart. You expressed my feelings in such a perfect way. It is heart breaking to never experience giving birth to your child. A part of you feels utterly broken and useless but God always has other plans. I praise him for bringing my husband and stepson into my life. I have had Trevor since he was 14 months old and I love him with everything that is in me. Thank you for you openness and willingness to share your story with such insight. Be blessed this Mother’s Day.

  11. A friend sent me this today and how heartwarming of a writing it is for my weary heart. I adopted a child who is really hard work and recently has been diagnosed with low IQ and probably FAE. Alongside him I have his foster brother who came home to us after 5 years of living in an institution. Both hard work in their own way but they together have made me a mother. Too tired to write more but your writing hit my heart just where it needed to. Thank you so much

    • May He give you all the strength and courage you will need. And always blessings

    • “Too tired to write more.” Oh, I have known this feeling!
      So grateful God wrapped all of you up together.
      Praying for a moment of peace for you this weekend. Maybe even a nap.

  12. So beautiful Shannon! Thank you and may God bless you and your beautiful family. Happy Mother’s Day ❤️

  13. So true, thank you for sharing. I lost a son during birth on his due date and then two more babies at sixteen and ten weeks. I felt like such a failure as a woman and mother. God is the giver of life though and He uses us to nurture in many different ways. Much love to you this Mother’s Day

    • Hi Sharon

      So sorry for your losses. I cannot even imagine the pain that you experienced. I lost my baby at 10 weeks and I was devastated, was broken for a long time, still feel sad sometimes. You echoed the feelings I have had for a long time and still do at times “I felt like such a failure as a woman and a mother”. Despite the feeling I have to try to believe that I am still valuable to God. It is a struggle sometimes though. Be encouraged my sister, may God give you and every sister who needs it, His beauty for our ashes. Blessings and much love

      • Thank you so much for your kind words Nisa. I’m so sorry for your loss and I’m thankful that we can gain strength and comfort through sharing our hearts. xoxo

  14. Shannon,

    I’m a mother of five adoptive children, grandmother of 11. Before we adopted our children the Lord reassured me that all children start in His heart. It doesn’t matter which womb they go through to arrive in our homes. It was a tough journey, parenting five Russian orphans, but they are doing quite well as adults and parents themselves. God’s grace and redemption is all over it. It’s a divine privilege to have a front row seat.

  15. Everybody – I really cannot single out any one of you, all of your comments are – warm, courageous, uplifting yet humbling –
    God bless, and give you all a wonderful Mother’s Day – which is every single day in your mothering.

  16. As a mother of three, I have always looked at women who adopt, foster or give birth to children with disabilities as being ‘chosen’. I admire you and your strength

  17. Thank you for reminding us how wonderfully wé have been equipped To bring life around us. I feel so blessed today. Thank you

  18. Love the way you spotlighted various scenarios where mothering takes place. You even included the hope that we mother each other well. Amen, Shannan! We need one another to shoulder the challenges, the hurts, and the unanswerable questions. We need each other’s encouragement, affirmation, and wisdom. Mothering is hard; the caring support of family and friends makes a huge difference.

  19. Shannan,

    I adore what Bev said “love is carried in the heart.” Everyone has love to give another. I have never been a mama, but have loved others deeply. I wear my heart on my sleeve. Mothering comes in all shapes and sizes. Thank you for sharing your story of adoption. Too often women think they must “have” their own children. There are many many children out there in foster care that would dearly love a mama’s touch/love. God defines family as husband, wife and children-natural or adopted.

    Blessings 🙂