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Keirsten writes to connect her head and heart, seeking the places where hands can follow. Because when a mom’s love straddles heaven and earth, the act of holding onto hope and reclaiming joy happens in the spaces where stories meet, set to the steady beats of God’s grace.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Keirsten,
    What a beautiful post and tribute to your sweet friend. It just reminds me even more that nothing is certain in THIS world, but God. Everything on this earth will rust, turn to dust, die away, but God gives us the certainty of His presence. Through Him, we can have a glimpse of eternity in this world and we have the promise of such a better life to come. What a beautiful testimony your friend left you with that we all need to have a homesickness for our eternal home so that when we are called, we go to it with humble gladness. Perhaps that’s why for the person going Home, it is well with their soul, but for those of us who are left behind, it’s the worldly grief we have to deal with. Grief…one more thing we will never have to deal with when we, too, are Home. Drying my tears….thank you for sharing…sharing in your loss.
    Bev xx

  2. Beautiful! I pray that I can bless those around me if a serious health issue is part of God’s plan for me. Thank you for sharing!

  3. What a beautiful piece. I lost both of my grandparents this winter. They had been married for 75 years and passed within 5 weeks of one another, having their mental faculties right up to the end. And both of them were harbors of peace. You could feel God’s love radiate off of them, and everyone loved to be in their presence, though many didn’t fully appreciate the reason why. I know they are with the Lord now, and that gives me tremendous peace, even as I am missing them terribly. Thank you for for this story. Seldom do I find a fellow writer whose worlds are like a balm for my soul.


  4. That was so beautiful. Death can be piercing & glorious at the same time…
    This hit heavy on my heart as I have an ailing Mother who can no longer communicate & a Dad who refuses to leave her side of 64 years together. He repeats to anyone who is near that he took his vows before the Lord & his intent is to keep them until “death do us part”.
    Thank you for your gracious introduction to what’s forthcoming even though I am kicking & screaming within.
    I pray for His peace to fill my soul. I know Him, but I needed a grounding & reminder of His magnificence & constance. Praise be to God our King, the Beginning & the End.

  5. Awesome grace–beautiful story! Thank you for writing it so eloquently. Have a blessed day!

  6. Wow , what a beautiful tribute to your great friend . Although loss is tough , the love and memories are why the tears flow . Your friend had such a great peace and attitude about going HOME . What a blessing you both were for each other . I hope if anyone I know finds themselves dealing with an illness , I can be a strong blessing to them as well . Great reminder although my tears were flowing , may God bless you .

  7. I want my homegoing to be a time of rejoicing not mourning. God’s faithfulness and mercy have been new each day throughout my almost 88 years. I have 2 mottos -“The future is a bright as the promises of God” and “Only one life ’twill soon be past. Only what’s done for Christ will last”. Jesus will walk with me ALL the way home!

  8. What a beautiful post. Brought tears to my eyes. I want to be like that friend of yours. So full of love, life, peace, kindness. I held my dad as he passed away in the hospital and it was so peaceful. I had opened his window and a gentle breeze flowed in and then my dad was gone to a better place. He knew where he was going and that helped all of us to know that we would see him again one day in heaven. God is so, so good . When out time here ends, look what we have awaiting us.

  9. Oh Keirsten, this was wonderful.
    Its been almost 3 years now that I lost my mentor of 35 years. She sounds so much like your friend. Altho she passed over into eternal life at 83. So many times I have wished I could talk to her and yet everytime I am reminded of what a gift the LORD gave me in my friendship with June. Our entire family misses her. She was Gramma June to my kids. Life isn’t the same when we lose someone we love so dearly, but oh won’t heaven be glorious? With the Holy Trinity and our loved ones forever!! Thanks for this article.

  10. Keirsten,
    Your friend sounds like a blessing, and a gift. Thank-you for so beautifully sharing your gift of her with us.
    Have a blessed day all,


  11. Keirsten
    Thanks for such an amazing post today. Just what I needed as my heart feels so heavy that I can’t put how I feel into words.
    I pray for the peace of God which passes all understanding to fill every heart and mind and that we may know the joy that He alone gives through trying and difficult seasons.


  12. Keirsten
    The words that flow from you are truly a gift!! You are amazing in everything you do!! You are Gods gift to so many!!
    Thank you for sharing your heart with the world!!
    Love you deeply!!

  13. Thank you so much Keirsten! You made me think of my mother who died 3 years ago at the age of 97. Her mind was still strong and the very last week of her earthly life, she prayed for her hospice aide and waited for her to arrive at the house before she went joyfully to our Lord. Because of the Lord and my mother’s example I was later able to reassure my loved ones when I almost died during my 4 hospital emergencies. If I died it was all joy as I have reservations in Heaven, if I lived, God still had use for me here. I am still here, I am a miracle, and I am a witness!

    Blessings to all my sisters at a distance, ~ Kay Lake

  14. Kiersten,

    I agree with your friend. Don’t lament her loss to much-celebrate the life she lived Be happy she is with Jesus and no longer down here suffering. This year I lost my dad. Mom has been dead since 2009. Each loss didn’t really affect me that much. I realized their suffering down here was over & they could rejoice with Jesus. I don’t fear death I welcome it. No more suffering, pain-all joy & peace. I will be with Jesus.

    Blessings 🙂

  15. Oh how I love this! I’m only 57 & healthy but I feel that very same peace & yearning. Even with a 1 year old granddaughter & another on the way, if God called me I’d run joyfully into His embrace!

  16. Keirsten,
    Lovely! I can tell she made a lasting impact on you. I am lucky enough to have a couple older and wise women in my life and I couldn’t be more grateful for them. They are treasures for sure!


  17. this touched my heart today…I’ve known women in my life like this and now they are gone. What a blessed life she lead with certain surety of where she was going. Thank you for sharing this heartfelt expression of life and love