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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,
    I echo your thought, that with so much worldly hate and fear, we need a revelation of the divine. We need a solar eclipse that just might reveal God’s awesomeness to those who are not yet believers. When you come to know a wonderful Creator God, you see Him everywhere. I love to watch the variety of birds that gather and flit about my feeder…no two the same. When I water my flowers, I marvel at the variety of colors, shapes, designs, and variation….again no two the same. When I take a walk in the fall and see the golden yellow and flaming orange leaves against the backdrop of a Carolina blue sky, I am amazed and fall at His feet in wonder. Praying that many will not just see an eclipse today, but will see God. Wonderful post, Robin!
    Bev xx

  2. Yes, and there’s something about watching a thing disappear that makes me appreciate its presence all the more. This huge celestial event points to the glorious design of the universe — how the moon could EVER line up in the path of the sun so that we could see the small envelope the large is just incredible to me.

  3. A wonder-full post, Robin, giving us a fresh way of looking at today’s natural phenomenon for what it is: a supernatural gift from a God who loves His creation!

  4. Robin – thank you for this reminder today. I totally agree with you. I am so thankful for this event to take my mind of the very heaviness of life right now. I will be viewing the eclipse with my homemade pin-hole viewer as I live near the path of totality (98%).

    • Ohhhh…you’re SO close! I found one calculator that said I’d need to drive 99 miles to get to the path of totality. I think I’m around 90-95% where I am :).

  5. Truly beautiful Robin thank-you, I absorbed every word……I for one never tire of seeing all the beauty created by God…
    Blessings to all,


  6. Robin,

    This country & world needs a revival. We need to get back to our Judo Christian roots. Only a Supernatural God could create such beauty as mountains, oceans & a wonder filled outer space where everything hangs in place. Praying people will see this phenomenon as a gift from Almighty God & will turn their hearts back to Him. I, too, fall in awe of how God can work miracles in people’s lives-cure cancer, heal mental illness, etc. Also how He shows his glorious colors in fall.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Wouldn’t it be amazing to meet someone who was moved to a profession of faith as their response to the eclipse? OH, I wish I could meet that person (or people!).

    • Kathy,

      Yes….I’m fighting the urge to hop in the car and drive 99 miles north :). I think I’d get stuck in traffic long before I arrived (and miss it because I was driving!).

  7. So true , Robin !
    Our country definitely needs this and I live admiring and enjoying the beauty of nature that God made for us .

    In a world that is so full of hate currently , I hope and pray this beautiful miracle that God is sending helps many of the haters change and live one another .
    Prayers for our country , peace , love, and hugs to all my sisters reading !

  8. Hi Robin, thanks for this fresh perspective on the eclipse. I’ve been intentional this summer to experience a “summer of wonder” and this is a fabulous thought and experience to top it off!

      • Thank you. I went to a “wonder workshop” with Brad Montegue (creator of the kid president videos) in Denver and I also wrote a blog for our church on how wonder helps me see God. (Flatirons Community Church in CO) flatirons.blogspot.com – June 28th. Blessings on you as you use your gifts to inspire a meaningful relationship with God and insights on how to experience Him every day!

  9. Hi Robin,
    Though I had a very busy shift as a nurse here in Rochester, NY and completely missed going outside to see this wonder, I feel secure for today knowing that He is in control of it all!
    What an awesome God we serve. Thank you Robin for the beautiful message.

  10. We drove our 3 kiddos to Makanda, IL, from Houston and saw totality for almost 3 minutes. I fell to my knees in awestruck wonder when darkness fell and the ‘ring of fire’ blazed – I just praised and thanked Him.

  11. We live in Vancouver, WA and drove down towards Salem, OR, POT spot. Had a great time, there were about 25 people parked where we were, all so very nice. It was awesome for sure. As a believer, you can’t help but think about Christ’s return. Was just amazing, saw the diamond ring. Praising the Lord for such gifts, and looking forward to being with our Creator.

  12. Oh, how wonderful a diamond ring. I’m in Jackson, Ga. My room went dark for a while I watched some coverage on the computer. I too, was worried about eyesight without cause. I don’t remember doing anything in 1979.

  13. Hey Robin check out the song by Kid Rock from his Born Free album called “for the first time in a long time”! Fits with your thoughts from today about the Eclipse

  14. This is two days late, but we live in Idaho Falls, POT, and experienced the total solar eclipse. What a wonder and to see the circle of diamonds. The temp dropped about 16 degrees and the horizon was absolutely beautiful as the darkness came and then….. “sunrise!” God is in control. Praise Him!!!