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Cheri is a writer and speaker, wife, adoptive mom of five, and grandma of eleven. Equipped by over twenty years with her own children, and hundreds of hours with other nonbiological moms, she leads wounded and weary women in discovering God's heart for them and for their children.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Like the nation of Israel we read about in Scripture, our reforms and revivals tend to be short-lived, ending when the crisis abates. May we live our way into an awareness of the holiness of God and our own daily need so that we do a better job of embodying our belief in God’s faithful love.
    Blessings to you, Cheri — your ministry to mums and their kids (in your bio) sounds so wonderful!

  2. Cheri,
    Yes, this has been a very unnerving several days. First waiting, watching, worrying about what Irma would do to my mom and cousins in Florida, and then revisiting 9/11 by watching documentaries on that day. It really sunk in that I/we need to seek shelter beneath His wings. The Psalms in His Word were my comfort. I tried to allow love speak over my heart instead of fear because, as you pointed out, perfect love drives out fear. As Michele pointed out, our revivals are often short lived. All the more reason for God’s followers to really take hold of the power over fear that we have. We have Jesus and He can overcome anything. Great post!
    Bev xx

    • Thank you, Bev. I trust your family is all okay now. I have dear friends in both the Houston area and in FL. I prayed like crazy during those days. I’m so glad for the Psalms. How could any of us survive without them? But, as you said, in life or death, disease of disaster, Jesus overcomes.

      Blessings to you and your loved ones,

  3. Thank-you for sharing your experience of 9/11 and the reminder of the truth of God’s faithfulness. We too were on vacation on the day of the attack, and had a similar experience with the shock and reactions of people throughout the day. We also were prevented from hiking a mountain trail (that was in a state park), because it was closed, and had to shelter our then young sons (not quite 3 and 5 yrs. old), while trying to find out enough to be informed.

    Thank God for people who reach out and sacrifice to help, and may we trust God in our circumstances and be those who reach out to others in need as well.

    • K Ann, it’s fun to hear of your own story, so similar to ours. It was a rather vulnerable experience for me. I so wished I was home with my church. I longed to mourn as a Christian community. At the same time, it was an honor to watch how the country reacted.

      How I’d liked to have preached in the face of America to humble ourselves before God. But, alas, that wasn’t going to happen. Instead, I’m learning to humble myself. Even when the hurricanes, fires, and earthquakes are far removed from me, it’s a great soul-search to determine what I need to do to help.

      Thank you for sharing with me/us.

      Blessings to you and your now grown-up young men,

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I love how you remind us that even in the midst of tumultuous times God is faithful. This rings true in my life for sure!

  5. Silently keening, perhaps all women do that at times, like Mary. We do need to realize who the real terrorist is and who keeps us safe, individuals can spark a revival. If terrorist can case so much fear destruction and damage, how much more can Jesus do?

  6. Cherie,

    The reforms & revivals of our country are very short lived. We’ve had turbulent years with our nation being divided. It is sad that it takes tragedies like Harvey & Irma to bring the best out of us. It in times like these that God’s love is shown. I pray that our country gets the revival it so desperately needs. We need to come back to the one true God of love. I will pray fervently for this & try my best to show His love to all!

    Blessings 🙂