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Greer is a lover of authentic words and strong coffee. She writes so that her honest stories of real life might bring sisters to wholeness and freedom. Her home is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains where she lives with her gallant, school-teaching husband.

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  1. Greer, this is so lovely, and such a poignant farewell to beautiful summer. Every year I have to remind myself that God has a purpose in every literal season of the year — and in the various seasons of my life. Thanks for this encouragement to pay attention to the beauty and to the holy purposes of god in everything that comes.

  2. Greer, a beautiful post. We are the opposite in our order of seasons we are saying goodbye to winter which we can still feel it’s presence even though we are in spring and not long now until summer, the clocks go forward tonight! Thanks for the reminder that God is here with us through every season with us all the time x

  3. So beautiful. Thank you! As I have grown older, I appreciate the turning of the seasons with a deeper understanding! You always give us such wonderful incite and lovely food for contemplation. I love how the seasons reflect how our lives unfold in a way young, middle age , to maturity, then the winter of our lives, it is very appropriate!
    Pray that we will all be as graceful in our aging as the seasons!
    Love and blessings to all,

  4. Greer,
    Loved this….I feel like I missed summer this year. I spent two months on my behind recuperating from surgery because I was not allowed to put weight on my foot. In a way I feel robbed of summer, but Fall is rounding the bend and the crispness in the air invigorates me out of my summer lull. I love the flaming trees against the backdrop of gorgeous NC pines. I think God paints some of His best paintings in the Fall. Since moving to the South, winter doesn’t get to me as much, but I do like hot chocolate on a snowy day (down here 5 snowflakes makes schools shut down lol). Though weeping may endure for the night, joy comes in the morning. So thankful for a God who never leaves us stuck in any season. He is faithful to walk us THROUGH into the rebirth of Spring. Your post came at a perfect time for me as I face some unknowns. Your post reminds me that God’s got the seasons and He’s surely got me. Thank you!
    Bev xx

    • Oh Bev, I’m so sorry your surgery robbed you of the normal summery activities. I feel a little like I missed summer too, and suddenly we’re already in fall. But you are right, the crispness is invigorating! I’m so glad this post was helpful for you – thank you so much for your encouragement!

  5. So beautiful. Thank you! As I have grown older, I appreciate the turning of the seasons with a deeper understanding! You always give us such wonderful incite and lovely food for contemplation. I love how the seasons reflect how our lives unfold in a way young, middle age , to maturity, then the winter of our lives, it is very appropriate!
    Pray that we will all be as graceful in our aging as the seasons!
    Love and blessings to all,

  6. Well spoken! I also prefer the warm summer months to the cold dark winter. Even though our winters have been mild the last couple of years, I detest going and coming in the dark on the days I work because I work 12 hour shifts. It is difficult to stay positive when you never see sunshine. Similarly, our spiritual lives suffer when we don’t keep our eyes on the Son and look for his light! I am thankful for that light which helps me navigate the seasons of my life.

    • Oh I know this feeling exactly – it feels so unfair to have to work past the sunset. Such a good reminder to keep seeking the true source of light as we go into these dark months. Thanks for your thoughts, Shauna!

  7. Greer this was beautiful, thank-you so much for your words.
    Have a blessed day all & Happy Fall,


  8. Beautifully written! It gave me nostalgic chills! I love summer, fall, and spring, and the nature they carry. Now I need to apply that love to harsh Midwest winters!

  9. Greer,

    Your beautiful post spoke volumes to me. I too, love the summer season and wish it could last forever. The dark, cold days of winter often depress me but just as God created the different seasons of the earth, we also experience the up and down seasons in our lives. Today is my daughter’s birthday. She went to heaven 18 months ago. While I celebrate her for the season she was given to live on this planet, I also feel the cold, emptiness of winter. My emotions run deep however I know without a doubt she is in the arms of Jesus and that gives me peace! She is celebrating a different kind of “birth” day in heaven and that’s a summer season that will never end!

    It never fails how much I am blessed by this forum and the beautiful posts written here! Thank you and God bless you, Greer.


    • Thank you, Cindy. I am so sorry you have to face this life without your daughter. I cannot imagine your loss. I pray the light of God’s face shines brightly on you as you walk through the darkness of this season.

  10. Bless you for these words.
    In the Autumn of my life I am not looking forward to the winter that will follow but I am aware that after that season there will indeed be a new life for me and mine.
    I have recently had a heart attack which brought realisation to me afresh but I know I am in the hands of God and must learn to trust in His care.

    • I am sorry to hear of your heart attack, Brenda. I’m sure it is hard to rest and be present in the season you’re in – but you are absolutely right: we are in God’s hands, no matter our season or stage of life.

  11. What a beautiful description of the seasons of the earth and our lives! I can relate to your desire for more warmth, more light, more time outside in warmer weather. When I was a child, I remember that I liked summer and winter equally. Perhaps it’s because I embraced the cold and snow with the same tenacity as the summer heat.

    I’m learning to embrace the God of the seasons, whether in nature or in my soul. It’s not always easy, especially when the dark, hard times seem long and tiresome, but I’m so thankful he is with us and has ordained each day of my life before I was even more.

    Thanks for this gentle reminder.

  12. Oh yes, I would love to live in a summer-filled world, too. But as fall turns into winter, I know spring won’t be too far behind with the green leaves popping out on the trees and the beauty of springtime flowers. And then our summer will come back to greet us again!

  13. Greer, I loved your post! I am a lover of Autumn, but I understand the favorite season issue from that point of view. I am in a long season of perseverance, so it feels like I have been stuck here in winter forEVER. I know that the Lord brought me here for His purpose, so I also know that He is beside me, guiding me along. This too shall pass is such a truthful expression, I know that my season will turn all in God’s perfect timing. Thank you so much for your beautiful reminder. God Bless you!

  14. Greer,
    Thanks for this lovely post. My family and I are in a grieving season. My younger sister passed away on the 16th of September after a 2 year battle with cancer. This September we also remember the passing of our mum 17 years ago. September to Remember as they say, but I thank God it is a season. It shall pass and the dark days will be over.
    Thanks to the inCourage community for praying along with us. God answered our prayers in His own remarkable way. She is beyond all pain and sorrow now. She is in a different season now.
    Susannah x x

    • Susannah, I am deeply sorry for the sorrow you are walking through. I cannot imagine the pain of losing a sister, or the ache as each year after your mother’s death passes by. May you find light in this season.

  15. Greer,
    This post is the first one of yours that I have read. Wonderfully and beautifully stated; of course, you have awesome source material as our Heavenly Father like to give good gifts to us and to give them in abundance! My daughter Christina shared your post with me and I am so glad she did. God once again has blessed me and given me another good gift. May He continue to bless you and may you continue to bless others.

    • Thank you, Doug! I’m so glad Christina passed this on to you, I’m glad to have you here! Yes, I do have awesome source materials – God’s grace is lavish and abundant! Thank you for your kindness!

  16. Greer,

    I don’t much care for summer. I lived in Florida for 20 years and have had my full of it. I love living in Upper E. TN in the Smoky Mountains. I love Spring but mostly Fall with its vibrant colors, new flavors & great smells. Everyone has seasons in life-college days, career, marriage, family. God does know what we need and when we need it. My favorite verse is Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you and not to harm you. To give you a hope and a future.” I’m thankful for each season of my life. That is what help me grow & mature in my walk.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, I’m sure 20 years of endless summertime is enough! It is a testament to the goodness of seasons, everything is right in its time – our souls aren’t meant to stay in one season forever! I come back to Jeremiah 29:11 often, thank you for the reminder of our God’s good plans for each of our lives.