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  1. Brie,

    My problem is that I live out in the country & not really close to many people. My pastor’s wife is big on hospitality. Just about every holiday she gets people from church who are single, alone for the day, new to area & has them over for a meal & conversation. They started this a few years ago after buying a house. You never know who all will show up. Sometimes people show up later & join in the conversation. I love the fact that you had cheese, crackers & water. Hospitality isn’t about the meal so much as it is about being with people. Making sure no one stays alone for holidays.

    In college I had a neighbor who looked after me. My first night they brought me a plate of food & dessert. They would invite me over for meals & even include me on meals out. I was blessed to know them.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I love that you have memories of hospitality even from college! And what a lovely lady your pastor’s wife must be! Bringing the lonely and alone to our table is such a heart of mine. I feel like it is exactly what Jesus did while He was here on earth! Thank you for reading.

  2. I love this, Bri! (Can I be your neighbor?)

    I think serving out of our own unique gifting also means not getting hung up on by the things that stress us out. When my boys were little I really wanted to host playdates, but the idea of having to make grown-up food for moms and get my own kids to sit still and eat like civilized tiny humans stressed me out! So I scratched my visions of lunch and started inviting friends over for popsicles in the backyard. Hot coffee and a bag of trail mix were like gold to tired mamas, and really, we all just wanted a life-together friend to get through the day with.

    • How amazing would it be to be neighbors?! Yes!

      I love that you did not let stress keep you from bringing people together but that you found what works for you. And honestly, hot coffee and trail mix sounds like perfection! So grateful for you!