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  1. Due to a separation in my marriage before my daughter was 1, her relationship with dad is slow developing. The complications that ensued and the things he pursued in those early bonding years caused them to miss out on that daddy-daughter bonding that I recall fondly from my childhood. This post has me wanting to be even more intentional about describing God to my daughter as the Dad who is perfect and always comes through.

  2. Thank you for this precious word of encouragement. Never give up hope in the One who gave up everything so that He might live in your ❤

  3. “Our babies are watching us, learning from us, imitating us. Are we setting an example for them of embracing God wholly, knowing that without Him we truly have nothing?” I’ve become so much more aware of this this year and I am learning how important it is. They copy everything!

  4. I’m so glad to find this website for Christians. And I’m not sure if this is the right place to ask a question but I can definitely use some encouragement. So here goes. I was wondering if anyone knows of an online support group or any other resource for Christian women married to someone with Asperger syndrome. My husband and I have read several books on the subject since my grandson was diagnosed as being on the autism spectrum with Aspergers a few years ago. In the process, I began to realize why there has never been emotional intimacy in my 33 year marriage. My husband and I think that he has a mild form of Aspergers also. He has not been diagnosed with it however he thinks that many of the symptoms apply to him.

    It hasn’t been an unmitigatedly bad experience for either of us all these years because we have two wonderful daughters and our careers. However, now that I’m retired the situation is becoming harder to deal with alone. Sometimes I really need to discuss dealing with Asperger syndrome in a marriage with someone in the same situation and how other women in the same situation cope. So I would really appreciate this type of help and support. Thank you so much for the opportunity the express this here and I’m open to any advice