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Sarah is a wife of 17 years, mother of three, and a full-time freelance writer and artist. She loves writing in the morning, reading in the afternoon, and enjoying time with family and friends in the evening. Sarah helps women find peace in God’s Word through her books and blog.

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  1. Sarah,
    So wonderful to be reading your writing here this morning! I think Jesus wants to bring every one of us to the point wherein we realize that Christmas is truly just about Him – the Prince of Peace. Like you, I have tried to “make” Christmas – not only “make” it, but make it perfectly. I’ve tried to erase hurts and heal broken places, but it’s all been me striving. Like you, I have felt Him call to me, “Bev, make this (Christmas) just about me.” I guess you could say that’s my motto, “Christmas is ‘Just Jesus'”. What a relief to finally let go (even with that, He had to pry my controlling fingers off). I may not experience a “Norman Rockwell” Christmas, but as long as I have Him….that’s all that really matters! Beautiful!
    May you have a blessed and joyous season of peace in Him,
    Love you,
    Bev xo

  2. I’m so grateful to read your words of faith. I needed the reminder of the only perfect gift, the gift of light and peace- Jesus.
    Wishing you and your readers a Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year.

  3. Such beautiful truth in this post. Thank you for sharing. The peace Jesus gives us overcomes any peace substitute the world offers. Merry Christmas, friend.

  4. Thank you! We are celebrating Christmas this morning….all of our children (5 adults, 5 spouses, 13 grandchildren)….and I have been a wreck! I appreciate that the kids are willing to spend some time together, limited though it may be. Some are believers, some are not. My husband of 44 years and I have spent a painful year, dealing with the many crises in our kids lives (broken marriages, job changes, returns to college,differing political views, and so on, and on, and on….) and our own impending retirements.
    I, too, spend too much time at the “top of the stairs” crying…..worrying about what is to come, what MIGHT happen….how the day will go….and then I chastise myself for not truly trusting God…..sigh…..

    But Philippians 4 has gotten me through many a worrisome day…..Thanks for reminder that the soliloquy ends with “peace”….

    • Thank you Sarah for redirecting our hearts and minds back to the One who is the main thing. With emphasis on our surrender to keep Him just that the main thing not only on holidays but every day. Let Jesus Christ be the center of our daily lives so that His peace will be constant, for He is our Peace.

    • Lee, I’m thankful you shared your heart here today. A prayer for you now:

      Prince of Peace, I pray you will cover Lee’s family celebration with your perfect peace today.
      Empower her to be your ambassador of peace to her husband, children, and grandchildren.
      Remind her that you hold her close and collect her tears in your bottle, because she is precious to you.
      I pray that Lee will know your peace, love, and joy today and through the trials ahead.
      In Jesus’ name, Amen.

      • Thank you for your kindness…..Yesterday went well. My kids were on their best behavior….My children all seem to enjoy their siblings and actually like them….spouses not so much, but they at least were civil….It was with great joy that we watched our grandchildren play and race around, oblivious to any tensions…..My husband and I felt the Lord’s presence with us. and I was remarkably calm!

        May the Lord continue to bless your ministry! God has richly used “(in)courage” in my life!

  5. Sarah,
    This was beautifully written. Thank-you so much.
    Peace, joy, and hope to all this Season

  6. Thank you Sarah for redirecting our hearts and minds back to the One who is the main thing. With emphasis on our desire to keep Him the main thing not only on holidays but every day. Let Jesus Christ be the center of our daily lives so that His peace will be constant, for He is our Peace.

  7. This was wonderful and exactly what I needed to hear. Everything is not wrapped, baked or decorated, but my family can still have a peaceful Christmas by focusing on the true meaning. Thank you so much and Merry Christmas!

    • Martha, I’m glad that the words God gave me were a blessing to you. I’m right where you are–nothing wrapped yet, and cookies need to be baked today. But I’m experiencing extra doses of God’s peace by singing praises and thanking him in prayer. Merry Christmas to you as well!

  8. Sarah, I can relate in so many ways. Christmas has always been like a family background reality check and a painful reminder for me too.
    I definitely need to make a point to invite the Prince of Peace into my chaos. I’ve known Jesus since I was a child, but I have never thought about it like this.
    Thank you for sharing your heart! Merry Christmas friend!

    • Dear Summer–I love how honestly you share struggles on your blog. You always retain a sense of humor, and you have the joy of Jesus shining through you! Merry Christmas to you today, friend.

    • These little letters on this site are such a blessing! It truly reminds me that wherever we are, whatever we are going through, their are believers there to come along side for God to use in our lives, at exactly the right moment, with exactly the right words. I’ll pray for your family, as Sarah has prayed for mine…

  9. Sarah, thank you for this reminder. It is so good to remember that His peace is ours when we turn to Him in everything, even Christmas craziness. I am learning this lesson again this year and find myself marveling at how simple His peace and joy can be when we get out of the way and let Him lead. Thank you for reminding me that I don’t have to be the glue. Jesus is the glue holding everything, including me, together. Have a wonderful, peaceful Christmas! Heather

    • Hello Heather! God’s “glue” is way stickier and more powerful than mine could ever be. I’m so very thankful Jesus holds all things together (Colossians 1:17). Blessings to you this Christmas!

  10. Hi Sarah, This is such a beautiful post. Yes, we still have peace with Jesus – no matter what else is going on. And thank you for your book, Christmas Peace, which has kept me on track this year. God is using you and your ministry!

    • Thank you, Alyson. I appreciate your dedication to keep God’s Word at the forefront of our minds through your lovely artwork. Christmas blessings to you, friend!

  11. Oh, Sarah, these words are all gift — 100% grace — for the hearts of all of us who long to put behind us memories of broken Christmases past.
    Blessings to you as you continue to rest in Him for this celebration!

  12. Hi Sarah,

    LOVE this post! I, too, have struggled with having PERFECT Christmas gifts, PERFECT decorations, PERFECT brunch and dinner. Ugh, it wears me out, but Jesus lovingly beckons me back to Him and His birth. He is so WONDERFUL!

    Thank you for your words, Sarah. I pray that you and your family have a blessed and Merry Christmas! <


    • Hello Lara! Perfection has been my enemy for a long time. I’m honored to serve on the Grit N Grace Girls ministry team, which is all about pursuing grace instead of perfection. Praying God’s peace for you today!

  13. Thank you. Very good words given to you from an Amazing God. I appreciate you taking the time to share with us.

  14. Good morning, Sarah! What a wonderful reminder this post is that we need to stop striving and allow the Prince of Peace to do only what He can do (a wonderful work) in our family at Christmas. Well written! I’m holding onto your words this Christmas season. Merry Christmas!

  15. Sarah! What a beautiful post. And, so, so timely, as my husband and I are about to run to one more store for the stocking-stuffers we haven’t managed to get yet, and the holiday meals we haven’t managed to plan yet. — His peace. Yes. Thank you, friend. — So lovely to see your words here today. ♥ Merry Christmas. xoxo

  16. Thank you for your vulnerability Sarah. I’ve had some hard Christmases past, as well.
    Different experience, but hard nonetheless.
    I so appreciate your honesty.
    For many, Christmas is filled with family, gifts, laughter and joy.
    But for the rest, it can be a time of deepest longing, loneliness, heartache and pain.
    I love that Jesus refers to Himself as our Prince of Peace! Indeed we could all use a little more peace in our lives.
    I’m glad you were able to share your story here. It was a blessing to read. Merry Christmas Sarah!

  17. Dear Sarah, wonderful timely post for this time of the year. I love that we can experience peace in ciaous because of the Prince of Peace. Love your retreat roommate Diana

  18. Sarah, This is so heartfelt and beautifully written and I am quite sure you (and I) are not the only ones who have felt this way. Thank you Jesus for your grace, mercy and peace!!

    • Hi Nancy–Yes, I am sure many are experiencing similar heartache this Christmas. I’m praying that God leads them to read this post, so they understand they are not alone. Blessings to you!

  19. It is definitely all about Jesus! But, oh, how quickly we tend to forget- especially in stores, in traffic and/or with family. Thank you for sharing; we are not alone in each and every movement of this season and the next. May we all be reminded that He never leaves us or forsakes us… Not now, not ever.
    Merry Christmas!

    • Hello Bridget! I know–I got somewhat impatient in extra traffic last night. My children rebuked me–ouch! But, I refocused on the Prince of Peace today. Thankful too for his constant, loving presence. Merry Christmas!

  20. What a wonderful post. We have all had those moments. That is why He came to be the Prince of Peace and when we wake up to the realization that He is the best gift we ever received, we can rest in His love at Christmas and year round.

  21. Tears. Although my history with Christmas has been much different than yours, I have struggled for years with perfectionism and the desire to make everyone else perfectly happy.

    That’s not my job. My job is to rest in the perfect peace of the Christ child this weekend, no matter what doesn’t go as planned.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Our stories are the same as far as perfectionism goes, Lynn. I spent five years in therapy to let go of it. Praying that you will know the all-sufficient grace only the Prince of Peace provides. Christmas blessings to you!

  22. Sarah,

    Why is we women strive to make the “perfect” Christmas? We think we must have a great meal-if only for two. Plus do all the activities, gift shopping, etc. All we really need is Jesus! We need to remember this is His birthday & nothing else. No big hoopla need be made. Just sing Happy Birthday Jesus & revel in a Savior come to rescue us from our sins. He will provide peace, healing & love.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Hi Beth, We women put a lot of pressure on ourselves, don’t we? I agree–a peaceful Christmas is possible with whatever we have to offer. Merry Christmas to you!

  23. What a gift. God is so faithful and Jesus is all there is. Thank you my marria g is challenged and my gift is prayer in His peace. Peace to you and your family

  24. Sarah, I was directed to your honest assessment that you had finally recognized that you had done it all but it still was not enough. And more importantly, you knew that you were not the answer to the “perfect Christmas” or to the “perfect life”. That is where I find myself, too, again as in so many other Christmases. But you have shared some very important help for me. I have been trying for so long to accept the peace that you described but for some reason, I give it back pretty quickly. Today will be different. I need that peace so badly and it will be necessary not to give it back. Thank you. May you experience a Peaceful Christmas for you and yours.

    • Hi Susan! I need constant reminders to return to the Prince of Peace. For a long time, I’ve struggled with perfectionism and anxiety, and I only find lasting peace in his presence and promises. I understand how you struggle with giving it back. Today will be different for me–I’m choosing his peace to carry me through Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. Blessings to you!

  25. Thank you, Sarah, for this message. Struggling today and being reminded that He is the Prince of Peace was what my heart and mind needed. Thank you!!!

  26. Sarah, Thank you for the meaningful words today. As I read that this Jesus ‘ day, I said “Yes.”
    I know that, but I let my own expectations get in the way. Forgive me Lord. Your words, Sarah
    clicked, and rearranged my perspective.
    I sprained my ankle quite severely a week ago, and have had to be off my feet most of the week.
    I have been frustrated not being able to do all the “Christmas activities and parties” that I had planned to do.
    My blessed husband has been helping me so much. Now, I can turn over three controls to Jesus. I can celebrate
    birth with my whole being.
    Have a beautiful Christmas with Jesus.

  27. Ah yes, sitting on the staircase, spent, exhausted, broken.

    You’ve captured our need for redemption, friend. How we need the Saviour …

    Advent blessings to you, Sarah, right in the midst of all that swirls.

    • Hello Linda–It’s the day after Christmas now, and I still need Jesus! Thankful for the peace he gave me this Christmas, and for the peace he promises to give me today and always. Blessings to you!

  28. It’s early on Christmas morning, my kids are asleep, and my husband is snoring… so timely I read your article just now! Our struggles are different, but the answer is the same. Sarah, just…thank you.

  29. Well done Sarah. You echo the sentiments of many of us at Christmas – a time of busyness and worldly demands at we attempt to make it the ‘perfect,’ storybook holiday. Thank you for reminding us that Jesus is here to give us that which we need the most, peace in our hearts (in Him).

    • Hi Debbie…I’m just now getting back to the comments on here. Thank you for your comment, and blessings to you this week! I agree, the Prince of Peace will be reigning over the new year as well as Christmas!

  30. Dear Sarah, thank you for your candor in sharing your desperate longing for peace. I think perhaps when we don’t have it, then we are able to grasp that peace is the bedrock of living out our faith.

    • Hello Alice! Thanks for your comment on here. Yes, I am so glad Jesus is our Rock of Salvation, and our Prince of Peace too. Blessings to you, at the end of 2017 and in the new year as well!

  31. This is a beautiful post, Sarah! It is such a relief to let go and realise that it doesn’t all depend on us. Hope you and your family had a lovely Christmas!