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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Robin,
    I love the quote about how some of us will send waves crashing and others tiny ripples, but none of us will leave the surface unchanged. There’s hope for all of us. I’ve been mulling over what my “word” will be for 2018. I’ve tried on a few and am waiting for the right one to fit. I’ve been thinking and pondering about the direction I’d like my blog to take in the upcoming year and asking God what HE would have me do first and foremost. I love the idea of tapping into the creative. I started my blog 5 years ago when I dared to tap into my creative self once again. Perhaps this year, I need to pray about going even deeper and what that would look like. Step outside my comfort zone and not only fly out of the nest, but soar. Thanks for urging this little birdie onward in my creative quest that mirrors the image of my Creator.
    Blessings to you sweet sister,
    Bev xx

    • Bev, I can’t wait to see where you head, sister. Your words here at incourage always encourage, and “five” seems like a lovely place to launch in a new directions. Praying over you and your decisions as I type these words, eager to see the Lord blaze in your life. xo

  2. Robin, As always I love hearing God’s truth through your precious heart. This has been a big part of our family’s journey for awhile now. My husband and I have been trying to live this and share this truth for a few years now. God led us to a new home and property 7 years ago. As my husband gives his testimony of God’s provision and goodness in our lives, he explains how we have joined God in his creation by using the property to plant fruit trees and later add greenhouses for vegetable growing. We now have a fresh produce business called Creation Celebration and have shared with our guests (customers) on many occasions our desire to encourage all to find creativity in their own lives. My husband’ creativity shows in all that grows here and his faith in believing God for all our provision. We’ve displayed art work of many forms in our little store to share the gifts and talents of our community. We’ve planted flowers that my daughter uses to make bouquets that we sometimes share and also sell. I think I’m still trying to figure out what creativity looks like on me. Hoping I can finally be content in what God has placed in me instead of trying to live out someone else’s creativity. The challenge for many is seeing creativity outside the box of limiting it to only those who are artsy. Oh what a beautiful world it could be if we all settled in to the unique creativity God has placed in each of us. What a blessing to read your words today! (Sorry for such a long response)

    • Melanie,

      Don’t you dare apologize for your beautiful thoughts here! Banish that worry!! I loved hearing about your husband, your business, and how you’re using all of this for God’s glory! What a wonderful movement within your own family :). I’m praying for you to have the eyes to see what already exists within you–God already knows, and he’s so eager for you to embrace these things and give them outward :). I think you hit it in saying we limit the scope of what we view as “creative.” Let’s bust through walls and broaden our thinking, all to the glory of God!! <3

  3. “For the glory of God, let’s make something beautiful.” ♥ Yes, let’s do. — Love that, Robin. — Happy (creative) New Year! 🙂

  4. This is a wonderful way to go into 2018. Creativity looks different on everyone, and I see God’s gifts in all those around me. I’ve lived inside the box of what it means to be creative for too long. I am praying for divine direction in the new year so that I can define my creative self and begin making my own ripples in the water!

    • Darlene,

      Your comment excites me; doesn’t a first step typically begin in our mind and heart before we move? You’re halfway there–praying for God to do what only he can! Please let us know what that looks like as you discover it.

  5. So encouraged by your thoughts, Robin, and inspired to lean into the creative nature God has built into this sandwich-making mum (and grandmother in training!).
    New Year’s blessings to you!

    • Michele,

      Even SANDWICHES can be art! Seriously–google that and I bet you find something deliciously amazing!! 🙂 And you’re a G-I-T? That makes me grin.

  6. In recent years, God’s drawn me closer to Him and begun to show me His purpose in the gifts He’s given me. But self-doubt and distractions have kept me from being more consistent – and persistent – in my pursuit of them. Thank you so much for your wonderful insight and the encouragement it’s given me. I’m praying for more obedience to His calling in the new year.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! I love this. Let’s be creative! Happy New Year! Blessings and love to you! ❤️

  8. Oh Robin, what a timely and much needed post! I have often felt so incapable of ANY creativity! In fact, I have “joked” with my husband that God “forgot” to give me any when He made me (shame on me!)! Also, I tend to “compare” myself to others who have so many talents and gifts. However, reading your words today has reminded me that creativity doesn’t have to be those “huge waves”! After I read your post, I realized there are many things I love to do (gardening, writing, creating skin care products for myself…although I’ve never felt they were good enough to share…and recently I’ve had a desire to learn how to play the piano. I end up dismissing that idea thinking I’m too old (is 63 too old?) and I don’t read music. Yet we have a piano and my sweet husband has offered to teach me. He desires to use his musical talents for God in some way after he retires next year. So what’s stopping me?? Plain old insecurity! I want so much to create and exercise/share the gifts God has given me no matter how small and insignificant they may seem to me. You have inspired me to get started and challenge myself in the new year ahead! Thank you so much and God bless you!

    • Cindy,

      I AM CHEERING YOU ON!!! NO! You are not “too old”–perish that thought! You have an enemy who has been screaming at you for way too long. I can tell in your writing that you are incredibly gifted. NOW is the time to step into these things which bring you joy, not only to keep them for yourself, but also with others! CAN YOU HEAR ME GETTING IN YOUR FACE? 🙂 Oh, my, sister. Your 2018 is going to be busy. No, it doesn’t have to be in a big, splashy way, but in a gentle, sincere, humble offering kind of a way. GO…AND DO! Please, and thank you :).

  9. Hi Robin, L’Abri discusses creativity as coming straight from God because He is a creative God and we are created in His image and likeness. I love how you’ve written this along the same vein, but with your won special twist. I’ve been reading (in)courage, but often when I’ve come to comment, I have wanted to say something, but nothing would come from my fingers, my heart or my mind, so I’ve been silent, pondering, and soaking in. It’s been a very hard year, and time for creativity has been out of the window for a long time…….much longer than this year. I’ve been inspired, and then it goes away when life gets very hard. God nudged me to start a support group for 5 niches of families because we all share the same challenges and issues at the very heart, and I love doing this, and I see God work, and the families are saying how necessary this group is for them, and I love my boys, and because of our history with our grown kids and our soon to be 7 and 8 y/o boys, this has been the catalyst for God nudging to start the group. But, because of the challenges, I need an outlet for self care that is creative and pours in, and not just out. I was getting a gift certificate for my son from a lovely, small, local art supply store, and discovered they are offering more classes, and classes for beginners. Years ago, I used to draw, paint, used pastels, and I wrote poetry. Because it’s been so MANY years since I have delved into any of these mediums, I feel like a beginner again. I spoke with my husband and he is on board to have me take classes and use this as an outlet for creating what is begging to come out. I recall such peace and feelings of accomplishment when I created in this way. I don’t feel called to write poetry, but to pick up the pencils and the paint again. Thank you for following your nudge to encourage us to create and to make and hold space for our own reflections of creativity reflecting our Creator. Blessings, Joanne

    • Joanne,

      Life can and will crowd out important things for those demanding urgent things. But don’t both need attention? There’s this part of all of us that comes alive when we’re exercising that part–whether for ourselves or others (but I tend to think our gifting might always bless the right person). Anyway, it sounds like your heart is being drawn by our Father, who loves and knows you best. Again–whatever you do doesn’t have to be big and public, but all art, created in joy and love, can be meaningful :). Maybe even as an offering to God; I doubt he’d want it all to himself, either :).

  10. OH, yes! How I love these words and this sentiment! We are creative because God is creative! I am constantly reminding women who gather around my messy desk of this. Too often we are afraid of our creativity, certain the results might reflect something less than beautiful. But beauty always rests in the eye of the beholder and that is the thought we do well to remember in our walks with God. He thinks we are beautiful because He created us. Blessings!

    • Liz, your comment made me think of this: what if we always had on blinders with the art we create (regardless of what medium our art takes)? Meaning, we couldn’t even see anyone else’s of the same ilk? Would we find more delight in our handiwork if we couldn’t see (and compare ourselves to others?)? LET’S CREATE FOR THAT AUDIENCE OF ONE….preaching to myself, too :).

  11. Definitely my goal for 2018. Totally bombed this goal in 2017. But I am determined that 2018 will be full of me being the Artist and Creative God made me to be. It has been a long road back but I am now more determined than ever with more attainable goals, thanks to Jon Acuff’s Finish book.

  12. Robin,
    You are beautiful.

    Thank you for this post. I think it’s coincidental that it’s a new year just when all these things in my life seem to be converging on the head of a pin. I don’t think the fact that January 1st is staring me down is why. My why is from within.
    My children both moved to away schools in September. My daughter to her second year in Seattle, my son to his first year in Maine. 18 years as a stay at home mom, and my stay at home reasons were gone.
    It’s been an interesting few months. I confess to being a tad walloped. My days lost their decades long structure, my eating habits their responsible schedule, my necessary interactions with the world outside my door shrank. Once, for almost 3 full days and nights, I barely left the house and didn’t do much in it either. HGTV, white wine, and popcorn for dinner? Yup.
    The past few weeks have been different. The past month has felt more like a start than an end. I wake up now with curiosity and a desire to make good change.
    On September 15th, I started working full time again. And that is settling into a good thing. My kids are home for the holidays but leaving Tuesday, and that is a good thing too. For them and for me. We’re all poised and ready, and doing what we should be. Them leaving in a few days is them getting back to their lives in a really good way.
    This is most certainly a creative time for me. Every single day I wake up and work my craft. Much still to settle, and yes I can get scared silly if I let myself, but I’m interested and excited to see what happens next. And by next, I mean today!

  13. I’m learning to hear the voice of God. It’s that still small voice inside your heart but it resonates deep within you with an excitement of unparalleled possibilities!! It’s meant to propel! That’s why your article got me going from the start with the image of the mama bird pushing in love not meanness! I heard a message about our purpose in life and it hit all the same cords inside me. I knew it was God! Today I read His confirmation in your voice!! What a thrill! I’m scared to death but so excited for what this open path will bring! Thank you for beautiful words! I’m filled with anticipation!! Bless your precious heart!

  14. Robin,

    I used to think I wasn’t creative. I don’t sew not the crafty type, etc. We can all be creative by using our God given talents for His kingdom. For my creativity I will try to make delicious meals, be a secretary for Relay for Life, Ladies Class at church, plus do sign language to music at church. We all need to soar above the clouds. Get out of our comfort zones be still & hear His voice. Do His bidding. Each one in our own way can be creative & help enlarge the Kingdom for Christ!

    Blessings 🙂