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Asheritah Ciuciu is an author and speaker, wife to her high school sweetheart, and mama to three spunky kiddos. She grew up in Romania as a missionary kid and is passionate about helping overwhelmed women find joy in Jesus through creative and consistent time in God's Word.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I love Alpha and Omega — and that’s the one we’ve started with for at least twenty years in our Advent devotions as a family. Like you, I had some “re-building” to do when it came to Christmas, and it never ceases to amaze me that God can remake us and start a new thing in a new generation — but then, Jesus is the Stem that grew from the root of Jesse.

    • Prince of Peace

      We so need peace in the world, in our country, in our family.

      Come, Lord Jesus, Prince of Peace. Come.

      • I was eager to write “Prince of Peace” and I see that you were, too! There’s a verse that I memorized over 40 years ago and I have remembered it often. These holy words of Jesus Christ have taken me through many hardships in my life and have given me the comfort, joy and peace that only He can give.

        Peace…John 14:27 ✝️

  2. I too have childhood Christmas wounds. But the Prince of Peace has healed them with his presence, and with the help of many others.

    Like you, I’ve found fresh joy in new traditions with my own family. I’m so thankful God always provides a new way.

    This line is my favorite: “Sometimes our childhoods are like stained-glass windows, shattered pieces assembled to reveal beautiful mosaics.” So much hope in that statement!

  3. Thank you for your words today! The sentence “Sometimes our childhoods are like stained glass windows, shattered pieces assembled to reveal beautiful mosaics.”, really resonated with me for two reasons. One I make stained glass pieces and two I had a shattered childhood-one that affects my parenting today. God is gracious and forgiving, more than I am to myself. Christmas is a hard time of year for me, as is any holiday, but my husband and I have made new traditions with our children, ones I hope bring that joy to overshadow the moments of frustrated voices or attitudes when trying to get things done for it. I thank God that my kids are gracious too. But I hope for that JOY to be renewed once more in me.
    God bless your ministry. Merry Christmas.

  4. Asheritah, thank you for sharing a piece of your heart. This is beautiful. The name that stands out to me this year is Immanuel – God WITH us. I read something recently that said, “God would do anything to be with you.” I love that Christmas is the beginning of God doing everything to be with us.

  5. The Lord my shepherd, the Lord my victory, the Lord my healer. Those are the ones I need the most right now. Thanks for the reminder!!

    It is so beautiful that all the names in the Bible have a meaning…and they create their own story too. If you haven’t seen this video yet, you definitely should!

  6. Asheritah,
    I absolutely love the Christmas traditions you have started with your children. What an awesome example of the Lord’s ability to take the broken pieces of our lives and shape them into something beautiful.

    There truly is power in the name of Jesus and I love to call Him Immanuel!

  7. I was struck by Sarah’s term Christmas wounds, I never even thought of that. Prince of Peace is at the top of the list. But I like Wonderful too. All of them, what’s not to love?

  8. The Good Shepherd — I’m a knitter and a learning-to-be-weaver, so I guess that makes sense!

  9. Miss Asherita,

    A few easily come to mind: Comforter, Savior, All in All… but, when praying I find immense comfort in calling out to my Heavenly Father. In a world that is not our home and where families are not perfect, to know that our Heavenly Father will never leave nor forsake us …that He will shelter us and clothe us and that we will never hunger or thirst… to know that He is always with us truly listening, ready to wrap us up in his arms, is what gives me life. Thank you for sharing your story with us and sparking this moment of intentional thoughtfulness. Your encouragement was a true blessing today. I hope you and your family have a wonderful day and a blessed Christmas!

    This side of Heaven,
    Summer Rae

  10. Asherita, the girl with the gorgeous eyebrows. You are as lovely in real life as your words are on pages. Your book is on the end table. His Names on my heart. Love you, friend.

  11. Asheritah,

    Lately I’ve needed to reclaim my joy of Christmas. Life has gotten hard-dealing with aging parents’ health issues. Add to that the constant barrage of commercials for what we must buy-latest gifts, etc. We’ve lost the true meaning of Christmas. We say happy holidays not to offend anyone. This isn’t just any holiday-it is a birthday for the King of Kings & Lord of Lords. The one who came to save the world!! My song for the year is “Christmas with a capital C” by GO Fish! Here is a link to the song:

    Blessings 🙂