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Laura Costea and her family live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where they enjoy all kinds of adventures: sometimes out hiking in the woods, and sometimes in the pages of their favorite books. She is a writer, a nurse, and a homeschooling mama to three littles. She writes to draw...

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  1. Laura,
    I used to get so down on myself when I bristled at change, when I had doubts, worry, and fears. After all, a “good” Christian doesn’t have these feelings, right? Like you pointed out so beautifully, God KNOWS we ALL will have these feelings. That’s why He spends so much of His Word calming our fears and anxieties. He knows our frame and what we tend toward. So at the same time His Word speaks to our inevitable doubts and anxieties – especially concerning change, He also reminds us of His consistency….of His always being there from everlasting to everlasting. There is no where we can go that we aren’t always in His loving care. Thank you for a beautiful reminder of this today!
    Bev xx

    • Laura,
      please tell me this is okay!!! I SO needed to hear it!
      I shortened your quote and put it on a flowered background.
      I wish I could put it here!
      Please don’t be mad!!!

      Email me and I will email what I did for your approval??!?!
      Love in Jesus,Crystal

  2. Psalm 103 is one of my favorites, but I’ve never paused to think about the “everlasting” nature of God in connection with that verse, and since change is one of my challenges as well, I’m thankful for your thoughts today! Blessings to you as you rest in God’s always and forever love.

    • Hmm, good point, Michele! It’s funny how God’s Word speaks to our unique personalities… it’s good we have each other, right? Blessings to you too.

  3. Hi Laura,

    Your words were right on time for me. Thank you for that! 🙂 I read a funny anecdote before that said, “The only person who likes change is a wet baby.” 🙂 Change is hard. Kids graduating high school and leaving for college. Taking care of elderly parents. Packing up for yet another move. Turning 50 (that’s me in April: :->). Praise God that He walks WITH us through all of our fears and life changes.

    Have a blessed day, Laura!

  4. This. This right here. Your words are so beautiful…it’s as if you captured them from my own heart and soul. I am in the midst of so much change right now…a new city, a new job, about to move to a new house, but most of all, working through the reconciliation of my marriage. In the past 6 months, I have had to say goodbye to my old marriage, my old job, my old town, and all the people in that town. And through it all, His everlasting love has strengthened me and helped me endure when I didn’t think I could. Thank you for sharing this today!

    Everlasting to everlasting…

    • That sounds tough, Amber. I’ve stopped to pray for you. Praying that the reconciliation of your marriage would be like a natural byproduct of your intimacy with Jesus. Keep clinging to Him…

  5. Dear Laura,
    What a beautiful picture you’ve painted of our God here, thank you so much for sharing it.
    I looked for other pieces posted by you, but I didn’t see your name on the list here or a website for you. If you have more writing, I would be very interested in looking at it for our publication. I wish you all the best in your current endeavor and I’m glad you have found the anchor that holds us all together. I don’t know how people make it without Him.

    Sincerely, Lynn

  6. Beautiful! Love the analogy of God being like packing tape…so true. He won’t let go of us. Blessed…everlasting to everlasting!

  7. Thank you for these words of encouragement! I’ve also moved quite a bit – ~15 times in the past 10 years (I’ve lost count), across continents and countries and cultures. I’ve left behind life long dreams to love new neighbours the Lord has called me to serve. Some days I feel so weary and unknown in these times of transition, and it is such a good reminder that even in these times God is steady and present and loving. It is so good to be able to crumble down and allow healing to happen during times of change, instead of braving it with new people and new activities and new hobbies, as the world tells me to do. Thank you for speaking to my heart today!

    • Hi, Addie… that is a lot of moves! Yes, I agree… to crumble down and allow healing to happen, instead of braving it… that is a really good way to put it. Thank you for sharing:)

  8. Thank you for this sharing – I am reminded of the full renovation we completed on our home last year – packing box after box and then sealing them all with packing tape – numbering each packed box – creating a master packing list lest the moving/storage company misplace even one packed, sealed and accounted for box – moving into the rental home with but a few boxes sealed with the packing tape – enough stuff to carry us through the stressful process of the renovation – despite all of the stress experienced throughout those months of re—creating our new and improved home, one sure thing, like the tape holding each of our packed boxes together, I felt the arms of Jesus wrapped tightly around my weary body – He was there every step of the way!

  9. Thank you, Laura. Sitting in the midst of packing tape and boxes here this morning, needing to be out by the end of January and not yet 100% sure where I’m going, or for how long, your words are a gift to me today!

  10. You had me at Packing Tape as we are once again on the move as well. Your story relates to what I just wrote about and am working through. For me, it’s not just about change, it’s about the waiting that goes along with it – when will the house sell? How long before we make good friend connections etc.? I am always reminding myself and my kids that God’s timing is always perfect. However, the reality is, that change and waiting are still hard to wade through.
    Thank you for your encouraging words this morning.

    • Hi Barb, thank you so much for sharing. Yes, you are absolutely right, it’s not just the change, but the waiting as well. I’m glad He gives us each other, as well as Himself. Blessings to your family as you navigate this next move 🙂

  11. Just what I needed as I, too, walk through all of that change…career end… over 1,200 miles of moving away from all that familiar and comfortable…major financial change…always aging…closer to growing family (yay!). Thank you for words and wisdom that reaffirm God’s unfailing love and involvement.

  12. Hope God allows you to put down roots in your new area for years to come, Laura. I understand. We’ve moved a lot too, and while exciting, “starting over” can be hard on your spirit. ((hug)) And, don’t even get me started on children growing. Ayeyiyi. Mother’s are creatures of sentiment, aren’t we? (I feel like we’re in good company though, as the Bible states in several places that Mary “pondered all these things in her heart.” 🙂 ) Best to you and your family. 🙂

  13. Wow!!! This really encouraged me today, made me so happy to read through it. I can identify with it so much because I was an mk(missionary kid). Ive said this before, 🙂 but I am not an adult yet, I’m a sophomore in highschool, but I enjoy these devotionals. I moved countries. 🙂 We are now living in the States, and we have been living in a missionary home, but we have to be out of this home by January 30. We have been looking at different houses, and have not found one yet, we have been praying that God would provided us a house, extra prayer would be great!!!!! Thank you for your post!!!!! I can identify so much with it.

    • MaryMargaret, you go girl!! I am so happy you’ve hopped on here:) I can only imagine growing up overseas… and moving around like that… but, I bet one awesome side-effect, is the fact that it’s taught you to rely on HIM. He loves you, He knows what you need… keep clinging to Him!

  14. This is so true! Your words made me realize that my feelings about change, change, too! You described so beautifully that complicated mix of fear and excitement that come with the anticipation of new things! This was lovely, Laura!

  15. Yes, so apt for me, too. At 72 I’m packing – to move from 3rd floor flat. Nowhere definite to buy so staying with friends for……..? Probably months. Decluttering yet again and probably getting rid of most of my furniture to a furniture scheme. So many decisions. It is coming out of Comfort Zone, too! Thanks for the picture of God holding us together like packing tape!

  16. So glad He’s always there,wherever we are and no matter what we are going through. I would normally not want anyone to be to clingy, but clinging to Jesus us absolutely necessary.

  17. I was literally about to become undone at a change I have to make and it affects so many peoples lives! I feel as if I’ve let everyone down. About to go down and your words were like a life preserver – change is hard but God is there in the midst and I am clinging to Him looking at everlasting to everlasting – Thank You!

    • Oh Vickie. You sound like a true nurturer! I’ve felt that way too at times. It helps me to remember, that those people I’m worried about… God loves them even more than I do. (Crazy, right?) Anyway, thank you for sharing… keep clinging to Him. Hugs 🙂

  18. I thrive on change and I don’t, it is such a constantly morphing feeling. I love the excitement and adventure and also get scared. But I’ve learned that clinging to Jesus, like you said, and following his path for me, is the most amazing adventure I’ve ever been on and the more I step out into those uncomfortable places the more I want to follow Him!!

  19. As a spontaneous person, I never would have imagined my adversity to change. Yet I stand at a crossroads terrified to take a new path. I know what lies behind me. Although that path had twists, turns, potholes, and a rugged terrain, I was familiar with its route. Sure, I could just go off-road and do my own thing… I’ve played there many times. But there’s no true path there. Moving forward will require commitment. My previous road was Emerson’s: far less-traveled. This new route is a highway paved and shared by many others. I was quite comfortable in my solitude, thank you very much. Despite my fears and hesitations, I feel a prompting to forge ahead in faith, knowing His plans are for me, not against me. Thank you for your timely post. I am reminded of His everlasting love and presence as I flip on the turn signal and ready myself for the road ahead.
    Blessings to you,

    • Mandy, you’re right… change means something different to all of us. But it’s change nonetheless 🙂 Keep on trusting Him, no matter where the road takes you!!

  20. Laura,

    There can be exciting parts to change. Most people don’t like or dread change. It can be hard. Praise God He never changes.
    He is the same now as way back in Noah’s day. I’ve been through some changes in the last 9 years. He was there through it all & I clung to Him in good times & bad. God has great plans for each of us & we must follow His lead on our journey.

    Praying this is the last move your family has to take. May He bless you richly!!

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Hello, Pacific NW neighbor! Thank you for your article…I am forwarding it to a friend who is in the midst of an unwanted move, and I think several statements you made will be uplifting to her. Thanks for loving your family, being an encourager, and serving the Lord!