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Kristen is wife to one fine attorney and mama to three hilarious little humans. She is a homeschooling, tea-drinking, book-devouring Southern farm girl by day and a writer by night and nap time.

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  1. Kristen,
    What an excellent point. Too often I default to what does my house look like, but an even better question is what does my heart look like? And just like we don’t have to have perfect homes to invite someone in, we don’t have to have perfect hearts either. I don’t have to have my act completely together in order to reach out to someone else. I don’t have to be free of pain, doubt, worry, etc. In fact, most people want to know that they are not struggling through life alone. We can be generous and cordial AND still have things we are struggling with. That is all part of the human condition. I’ll never forget being brave and sharing with someone I was just getting to know, that I struggle with anxiety and depression. The look on her face (not of horror, but of relief) said it all. I had made a safe place for her to talk about her struggles with it too. Let’s not only “open the door” to our houses, but to our hearts as well. Great post!
    Bev xx

  2. “Homeless and yet hospitable.”
    What a beautiful reminder from our Lord Himself that we open our hearts to others first. Then, whatever comes next and rises from the motivation of that Christlike heart becomes our practice of hospitality. Our acts of service become a welcome mat into our life.

    • “Our acts of service become a welcome mat into out life.” Man, what a great line! Wishing that I could write like all of the talented people on this page…. but we all have our own things, right? Blessings to you, Michele!

  3. Kristen.. you are spot on! I’m retired in my 60’s and only know that now… entertaining has always been my source of social ties but it came with crazy exhausting cleaning fits and every one better have been on board with me… and you can imagine the emotional distress.., or hopefully you can’t!
    That part of my life is so much better after knowing Jesus 20 years now.. He’s taught me it’s a heart of hospitality and blessings naturally flow to and through me and my guests.. I still clean and love to do the detailing in all areas of my home.. lavish love is what it has become.. I’m known now for that gift of hospitality and encouragement and I praise God it’s because of Him as I get to serve and love on hearts of every age.. you are blessed to have learned that at such a young age.. I’m thinking now if the women who poured into my life and I gleaned like never before… and how I can pour into others and still I glean!
    Great post .. keep calm and love on !!

  4. What a needed message… For me, I worry about my house looking a mess when people are over at the house. Does the house smell like stinky socks, is my bathroom decent looking, and do I have enough food. All of these are questions I always ask when others are over. I end up worrying about these things and cannot be a good host. I find myself talking with guest and folding clothes at the same time. It is crazy and I need to learn to be a Mary instead of a Martha. We all need to work on being a Mary. Being present in the moment instead of running around trying to get everything in perfect shape. God loves us for who we are and our friends loves us no matter how many dishes or dust bunnies we have. Thank you for sharing this message.

    • Yes, I think our Lord knew that Martha meant well, but she let her tasks become more important than people. I am prone to that same thing – fixing my gaze on my jobs and not my Saviour! Mary chose to keep her focus where it belonged!

  5. It had everything to do with the way He (Jesus) gently tended the hearts of the people around him…loved this and the reminder to reach out and not isolate. Even though we long for people to do this for us, it is often “us” that needs to make the first move. Imitating our Savior is the key! Thank you for this sweet post today

  6. What a beautiful message and one we should all take to heart. It is about Jesus and others, not about ourselves or our home. May this be forever ingrained in my heart and soul!

  7. Well, I have to say that this reading is spot on for me. Four grandchildren and our daughter live with us for five years and the stuff we have collected has kept me from inviting people inside. Now we have nice and I need help wth that but have to over come this fact that there is too much mess for anyone to see. Thank you

    • You were giving your own child and grandchildren the gift of hospitality! God bless you, Carol!

  8. Beautifully said, Kristen! Of course, Jesus was our ultimate example in hospitality— why have I never thought of this before? He had a heart for strangers, the hurting, children, fisherman, and everyone in between. He was certainly in the business of reviving and bringing much cheer 🙂 Thanks for this!

  9. Praise YOU JESUS for sending me this lovely message this morn. I am currently tending to my sister, Kathleen who was stricken with Viral Encephalitis (secondary Stroke?) seven months ago and is now living in my home. I am seeing an improved outlook in her care from offering her a home (PEACEFUL=given her a room of her own, simple decor), RELAXING=no children, less noise), and COMFORTING=quiet nights of good sleep) after many months of living in an environment that was lacking in hospitality, sadly. LORD JESUS that you for this message to glean on. Thank you Kristen and God Bless You in spreading the GOODNESS of the LORD in your hospitality in the days ahead – Making this a better and brighter place on earth to live.

    • How beautiful, Rosemarie! Praying for you this evening as you offer true hospitality to your sister. XO

    • God bless you, Rosemarie, as you offer your home and care to your sister! What a powerful, precious gift.

  10. A truly thoughful message of reaching out and being reached out. Setting aside our fear of not good enough and let the spirit of humility and generosity flows in our heart.

  11. Kristen,

    Hospitality is about friendships. Don’t worry about having it all together. Most of us don’t. Just be yourself, take off the masks & be real. This world needs more real people. Quit trying to show a perfect version of yourself. Everyone has flaws & insecurities. We are all going through some trials at one point in our life. Find/make friends & go through it with them. Be that safe place others can land. Do as Bev did & tell someone about your trials. You might be a good place to land for them.


  12. Kristen, just wow. I needed this. I kept highlighting a sentence that leapt out and impacted my heart, but then there was another. And another! Generosity’s definition: I hold nothing back out of selfish fear. And the definition of cordial hit me, too. But this most: “It had nothing to do with the walls around Him. It had everything to do with the way He gently tended the hearts of the people around Him…” Thank you for widening my view of hospitality.

  13. This is wonderful and true!

    I chose to read this and another post I had left open on my computer on this day when I feel the stress of getting everything ready for my church community group here tonight. I have struggled with feeling like things don’t look good sometimes (for various reasons), yet often these friends thank us for opening our home.

    Praying I can clean efficiently and focus on hospitality of the heart. I love it.