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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. Welcome new (in)courage contributors!!
    I’ve been around here a long time and I’m so glad the circle is expanding and including women of many different walks and cultures. I know I lived neatly in my little bubble until God called me to start a Christian school in Pakistan. I knew very little about the Middle Eastern culture, but boy has God had me on a marvelous adventure. I now crave and make Pakistani dishes and can speak a little Urdu. What I’ve really learned is that Christ’s love speaks in many tongues and to many people – those whose lives that have been comfortable and those whose lives have been wrought with pain and suffering. It’s the latter from whom I think we can learn a lot about true trust and faith. Thank you for pulling a seat up to the circle. I truly look forward to the fresh perspectives you have to share. I hope that some one of you can testify to what it is like to truly be persecuted for your faith. I think that is one aspect we are missing. Again, welcome and I lift a cup of coffee to all of you avid coffee drinkers (I’ve dreamt about it too lol).
    Bev xx

  2. How exciting to bring some new voices to in(courage)! I am familiar with the writings of some of these women and look forward to getting to know the others. Especially happy to see Grace Cho is among the newbies!

  3. Thank you and Bless you for joining the team! I look forward to be encouraged by each one of you; once again thank you to your servitude to our Lord Jesus Christ. Much love!

  4. Group hug!!! What beautiful women & words. Thrilled you are joining us for this journey. Can’t wait to meet each of you in person.

  5. Well my word what a PHENOMENAL group of women! I’m wishing I could jump through this post and just hug each of you so tight! I’m so thrilled to meet those of you I don’t know yet and so looking forward to each of your stories. What a joy to get to gather here with you and pull up chairs and cups of coffee together! I’m just a big ol’ mess of excitement and anticipation and thrilled to call you all sisters.
    So much love

  6. As I read through each of these introductions, I am amazed by each of these women’s passion for God, their family, their writing, and just life in general! I can’t wait to read all of their contributions from all of their diversified walks of life. I love all the different ‘shades’ of God’s kingdom coming through!
    Welcome to all!

  7. Ever widening the reflection of Christ, allowing the fullness of His glory to be known more. Congratulations to the new contributors and thank you to (in)courage for stepping forward in health and beauty, growth and goodness. The arena feels more of belonging to me already…

  8. Welcome to all the new contributors! I love to be encouraged by (in) courage devotionals in my in-box. As a mom of 2 college boys, I want a similar source of encouragement for them. Anyone know of a good blog or daily email devotional for college age guys? Thank you and I’m excited for what God has in store for this new group!

  9. Let me wish these wonderful new contributors a very warm “Hi Y’all” from my Southern corner of the world! I am so excited to read your stories and hear about your love for Jesus. I am so blessed to do life with everyone here at (in)courage!

    Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

    Joy in Jesus,

  10. Ladies…LOVIES…WELCOME! We are thrilled to have you join us, and cannot wait to hear your voices in this space. Each of you brings new breath, newness of life, and we celebrate in advance the ways the Lord will bring glory to His name through your work and words.


  11. What a beautiful round up of new voices! Congrats to all who are adding to (in)Courage and to all of us who will benefit from their words!!

  12. What a fantastic group of women! And what depth and diversity you’ll bring to our daily conversations around the (in)courage table. May the Lord fill your hearts with the words we need most to grow in our faith.

  13. WOW!!

    Can’t wait to get to know the new writers! Blessings and welcome.

    Much love,
    Julie (a blogger/writer/coffee and crochet lover in Georgia)

  14. Welcome ladies,
    Thank-you all for joining, what a joy to have you here. Looking forward to the words that each of you have to share.
    Blessings to all,

  15. I’m thrilled, just downright giddy that you all are joining us and we get to expand the table and hear your stories. Welcome!

  16. Congrats to all the sweet new voices joining the (in)courage team! I look forward to gathering ’round this table of sisterhood with you. ♥

  17. So exciting! Congratulations to all the new contributors! I just read a blog post by Michele Cushatt and then popped over here and saw Michele here, too!!! (Maybe just a little excited!) May God bless each of you with the words to share and the faith and confidence to overcome any attacks of doubt the enemy might try to employ as you embark on new adventures to encourage. Grateful for each of you!

  18. Oh my. This day has been longed for and prayed for, by all of us, for quite a while. YOU ARE SO WELCOME friends! We are seriously giddy to have you join us, and cannot wait to read your words, and listen to and learn from hear your stories at this table. As I read through your stories and see your beautiful faces, Im overwhelmed by God’s goodness, His glorious creativity, beauty and belonging woven together today in a tapestry of His love and grace!! I can’t wait to meet you all and watch this next season of the “new thing” He is doing unfold before us. #wearebettertogether

  19. What an exciting day!! I’m thrilled and looking forward to getting to know each of you more. Grateful for the gift of your words and hearts in this space. XOXO

  20. It always amazes me to see God bringing his girls together. Reading these introductions has been a reminder of the beautiful diversity God has placed in this world to encourage and build up each other! Thanks (in)courage for loving this community so well! Welcome to all of the new contributors!!

  21. Welcome!! I love, no, let me rephrase that, I deeply love the cultural diversity and walks of life on each of the descriptions I read. I am so looking forward to reading your contributions and how I already know is going to impact my aching heart. I say it again, WELCOME!!

  22. Well, y’all might’ve heard me hollering with the happy just now (especially you fellow Colorado girls, Michele and Patricia!) as I just read your beautiful words. It’s my joy and honor to join all the rest in welcoming you to the table–to the family. You are welcomed with the widest arms, as beloved as can be. I can’t wait to read your words and learn and be encouraged from your beautiful, Jesus-shining selves. Sending so much love to you Anjuli, Dorina, Grace, Kaitlyn, Lucretia, Michele, Michelle, Patricia, Tasha, and Becky!

  23. Welcome! Welcome! I am thrilled at these additions! I am believing for such beauty, grace and encouragement to fill this new season of (in)courage! I can’t wait to get to know each of you and hear your stories! Grateful for the ever widening of the table!!!

    • Blessings, dear Karina! It’s delightful to connect with you today. Kindest thanks for your warm welcome. I’m excited to meet and serve with you. Onward we go! At the table!

  24. Welcome, welcome, welcome!! I’m looking forward to hearing more of your stories and learning from you!!

  25. What a blessing these 10 amazing ladies will be not only to (in) courage but all the readers of this amazing ministry. I love seeing names of women that I have loved following and been inspired by for years!

  26. Welcome new (in)courage contributors, I look forward to reading each of your stories. What a joy to get together with these amazing woman to be able to learn and encourage others in knowing our Lord Jesus Christ.

  27. Welcome to all of the new (in)courage writers! I look forward to “seeing” you in this wonderful community of awesome women. May God continue to bless you and use you mightily as you share the breathings of your hearts, for His glory. ((Hugs))

  28. I’ve been so blessed by the (in)courage blog I came across after I picked up the “Never Unfriended” book last fall and wondered what (in)courage was all about. It’s become part of my daily devotion routine, in fact helped me start out on a daily devotion routine. Your stories have truly helped me to grow my faith, help me see how God views me, and given me valuable tools to try to encourage those around me. I love the pictures at the top of the blogs-I won’t lie that I sometimes print them out and hang them on my collage board just as a reminder of the message that made an impact on me. I’m so excited for all that is to come this year on (in)courage, thank you so much for this ministry!

    • I love that you save the images as reminders, Jenny! What a wonderful idea! I find that it’s easy to plow through blogs and articles and not really let their messages seep deep into our souls. I love that you take time to savor and reflect. Thank you for sharing!

  29. Welcome new In Courage writers. This space has been a haven for many women to land & tell their stories. Thanks Stephanie & Holley for having the vision to start this. Lisa-Jo thanks for leading us with your quirky style. There are various seasons in people’s lives & in the life of In Courage as well. It is time for us to expand our table & invite more women to join us & share in the wonder that is God! I have been blessed to really get to know some of the writers here. Looking forward with anticipation to the wonderful stories from these Godly women. Sending a loud Tennessee HOWDY to Anjuli, Dorina, Grace, Kaitlyn, Lucretia, Michele, Michelle, Patricia, Tasha, and Becky! May God bless the work you will be doing here.

    Blessings 🙂

  30. I absolutely love this! I want to honor the beautiful words each of these women write and the giftedness God has given them as they express His truth in ways that relate to women–all women. I also want to celebrate the diversity (in)courage is embracing. You’ve gone from “good intention conversations” to “let’s do something about it” that is commendable. I have this little saying that helps me, put things into perspective “Good intentions are about “me” because I can walk away patting myself on the back having done nothing.” But good intentions with action that’s when change starts to happen beyond me. As a Hispanic Christian I always look at the contributor/speaker list of Christian websites and Christian conferences and it’s usually despairing to see the mono-ethnic list. I’m excited to see change arising in the Christian community!

  31. Ah….love how this circle is expanding and looking forward to hearing what God has to share with us through your pens and ink. <3 Thank you dear friends for faithfully sharing truth & hope with us and encouraging us through incourage!!! Giving you a group hug though the screen! 😉 As a married woman of 16 yrs, and childless due to unexplained infertility, I still struggle to find my place & calling among a world and community of mothers busy with their children. Don't get me wrong, I'm so thankful they HAVE been blessed with children and are raising them to love Lord, but it's a challenge for me, and most likely for them, too, to relate when our worlds are vastly different. Anyway…a warm welcome to you each, ladies, from chilly Southern Maine! 🙂 ~Eunice

    • Eunice, we’re so glad you’re here at the (in)courage table. Thank you for your warm welcome and for sharing a glimpse of your heart and story. Sending a hug back through the screen to you. In the midst of different circumstances and life stages, I’m so thankful we all have the bond of Christ and our deep need for Jesus to unite us. Much love.

    • Thanks, Eunice! May we and the church at large be a more welcome place and a place to connect and belong even when we’re not sharing similar stages or lives. <3 <3