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Becky is an author, speaker, Bible teacher, mom of three loud boys, and the Community and Editorial Manager for (in)courage. She loves writing about anxiety, motherhood, and the kindness of God. Long naps, shady trails, and a good book make her really happy.

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  1. Becky,
    I’ve been a part of the (in)courage community for a long time now. I have so appreciated the encouragement and friendship and “realness” I have found here. It’s been a comfort when I have gone through some very trying times in my life. It is quite helpful to know that I’m not alone in my struggles and that there are others who are saying, “me too.” I do agree that God wants to love us, comfort us, encourage us, but He also doesn’t want us just to be receivers only. He wants to empower us, equip us, send us (In HIS strength) into all the corners of the world to be His hands and feet….to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel. I’m looking forward to the big announcement on Weds. and direction in which God is steering this ship of His.
    Blessings and prayers,
    Bev xx

    • Beautiful Bev,
      YOU are the heartbeat of (in)courage, too! Thank you for always letting us know what resonates with you. We see you faithfully here in the comments, not only encouraging our writers with your affirming words, but speaking truth and hope to your fellow (in) sisters too. It warms my heart every single time. Thank you for being here, cheering us all on, and walking with us into this new season. Your (in) family is so grateful for you. xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart plainly. God is using you to lead this community which impacts so many women worldwide-me included.

    When you talk about giving an ear to Jesus to hear what he is saying, it reminds me of the discipleship process. You need to have an ear ready to listen to Jesus as well as the person you are with.

    I’m excited to see how incourage will move forward. Thank you for your willingness to lead this community.

  3. Awesome! I love to read the daily incourage.me posts. I have shared many post with friends and encouraged them to join the daily email you provide.
    I truly believe each post has been prayed over and has been stamped with God’s seal for the appropriate day.
    Thank you for continuing to listen to God for direction.
    We eagerly await the announcement!

  4. Becky,

    Been on In (Courage) for years now. I love this safe place to land, tell my story & be prayed for. Also love praying for others & getting to know some of the writers. I’ve prayed for many a person here. God wants more out of us. I’ve had the same tug on my heart in about 2015. The Holy Spirit was telling me to do more “local missions”. It was hard working full-time & caring for an aging dad who had multiple medical issues. God allowed me to quit that job & I followed His leading in my life. We need to get the word out about God & His redemptive love. Women need empowerment to take off masks be real & tell their stories. We also need to let others know they are loved no matter what. Forget the past, trust in God & He will take care of the rest. Let’s be Colossians 2:2 women empowering & uniting in love. Can’t wait for Wednesday’s big surprise!

    Blessings 🙂

    • Oh, Beth, your words put a big joy and “amen” in my heart! I love how you’ve seen God work and provide in your life. I’m so grateful (in)courage is one way He has encouraged you and given you opportunities to minister to others.

      I’m just going to sit here with your words again for a minute: “We need to get the word out about God & His redemptive love. Women need empowerment to take off masks be real & tell their stories. We also need to let others know they are loved no matter what. Forget the past, trust in God & He will take care of the rest. Let’s be Colossians 2:2 women empowering & uniting in love.” Just, yes!

    • I love this so much – Colossians 2:2 was the verse that guided my in my own involvement in ministry back when (in)courage first started. How amazing that as I have been seeking this very depth in my own personal life lately, I popped over here and read this post – I am so excited to see this next season unfold!. Thank you for your faithfulness and leadership.

  5. We’ve been leading a group of women through the book of Colossians at our church. Timely.

  6. Becky,
    What a wonderful beginning for you. I look forward to all that you will bring to (in)courage.
    Thank you so much for your thoughts today. They are an an immediate answer to prayer. I feel God leading me into something he wants me to do and I have no idea what that is right now. I asked Him to give me direction. Your invitation to read and study Colossians is an answer to my prayer.
    I am looking forward to Wednesday!

    • Donna, what a gracious, loving God we serve! I’m so blessed to know this post was a timely encouragement for you. I’m excited for you as you dig into Colossians! Praying for you now that you will continue to recognize God’s clear leading and be equipped to follow Him.

  7. Blessings to all of you as we embark on this new journey! It is going to be wonderful!!!

  8. Exited to see where this site goes. Has been a favorite for many years. Real people writing about real problems and scripture to go with it. I want God to he!p me in every situation. Thank you for continuing this site..many thanks to all the contributors. Now to go read me some Colossians!

    • Yes, Carolyn! Your comment just put a huge smile on my face. Real people, real problems, and the real Truth connecting and guiding us! You nailed it. So very glad you’re part of the (in) community!

  9. Becky,
    So glad our Lord is asking us to join Him as He “prepares a new place.” I will be praying and anticipating as the (in)courage team leans in to the voice and vision of God.

  10. Crazy….God urged me to dive into Colossians a week ago! I’m in a desert season and not sure where my place is specifically. My heart is for women and these exact things you’ve described from Colossians. Can’t wait to see what’s ahead!! Thanks for your obedience. ❤️

    • Stacey, desert seasons are so hard but I can’t help but love your comment, your heart, and how God is working in your life, even through the unknown. Praying for you as you meet Him in Colossians!

  11. Becky,
    In(courage) has truly been a blessing. I’m excited to see how it grows.Thank you for your part, and heart in it, and to all that contribute.
    Blessings to you all,

  12. I cannot wait to see what The Lord has in store for this amazing (in)courage community! <

  13. Becky, I’ll be honest – the opening paragraph I was just “yeah-yeah” wondering where you were going. Then I read, “what a relief we don’t have to fancy-up the work of God“ and was all YEAH!!! And everything after kept pressing that YEAH! button. The 5 pillars especially and fleshing those out. So. Well. Said. I appreciate your heart and the direction you’ve set and your attentiveness to God’s direction. Looking forward to the future as we keep looking up together!

    • Pearl, I was “yeah-yeah-ing” with you, sister! 😉 But when we get out of our own way and let the truth and power of Christ speak–that deserves our YEAH! button all day long! I’m so blessed to know that this post resonated with you. Looking up together! Amen.

  14. This is beautiful and encouraging; I’m meeting with my church Women’s group Saturday is ok to share your pillars with them and this wonderful site.

  15. Becky my lovely friend, this is beautiful.
    I’m excited for the next chapter for (in)courage and I’m also excited for you and your team. Please pass on that I have full confidence in the work God is going to do in you and through you all and I can’t wait to see the fruit He will produce.
    Just this weekend I heard Kim Hyland remind us that when Moses encountered God in the burning bush and was called to lead God’s people, Moses asked: “Who am I to do this?” God didn’t answer by reminding Moses of the gifts He had and what a good choice He was for the job. No, God told Moses that He would be with him.
    And this I know. God will be with you too as you step into the promised land and take us, your readers, along with you.

    Much love,

    • Oh, Niki, that is such a good word! Thank you for sharing that. Yes, I have seen the same theme repeated over and over as Moses passed the baton of leadership to Joshua. God commanded him to be strong and courageous–not because of Joshua’s ability to overcome any obstacle or lead perfectly, but because his strength and courage came from the Lord going with him. How gracious is the Lord to always always go before us. xx

  16. I’ve loved (in)Courage from the beginning–you’ve done good and faithful work, which I don’t see stopping now. I’m so happy to see you pressing in even harder to do the good work of the gospel. May God bless you all!

    • Shelly, I love that you have been a longtime (in)courage reader throughout the seasons! What a testimony to God’s goodness poured out through this place. It’s a joy to get to walk along with you all.

  17. I have been following this wonderful blog for a while, and it has been a blessing to me and others. Excited to find out what the changes will be brought upon. In Courage Tribe, keep up the good work! Thank you for the words… Blessings to all of you!

  18. I’ve been here since the beginning of (in)courage. It was like a spring of water in the desert to me at that time…a time of heartbreak then healing with the help of these stories and connection. I’m ALL IN on what is to come. We love what Lisa-Jo, Stephanie and Holley began and breathed life into. And I can’t wait to see what new seeds are being planted so we can all continue to grow in God’s love, grace and purpose. Thank you for continuing to lead with a heart wide open, Becky. And can’t wait until Wednesday’s announcement!

    • Cynthia, I found (in)courage near the beginning when I was in a desert season too. I can’t help but think there are other women out there who need the Living Water (in)courage helps serve up for the thirsty and weary. I’m so encouraged by your comment today! Thank you for being a longtime (in) friend and supporter!

  19. Becky and staff,
    Oh how eagerly I look forward to my emails from (in)courage! They have been such an inspiration to me. I have laughed, cried, printed out stuff, tagged articles, and purchased books. (in)courage certainly has ENCOURAGED me! Thank you and blessings as you lead us forward in Christ.

    • Oh, Nancy! How I love reading your comment! I too have been encouraged by the words stewarded here. Glory to God that He has used this place to minister to the hearts of women.

  20. Awe, Becky. This makes me smile big. I look forward to the newest promised land for (in)courage. With God going before you and behind you and beside you, I know you all will continue to do beautiful things here. And, even more than that, I know the Lord will find His glory in it all. — Love that you’re proceeding without a full-blown plan, so God can write each step on your hearts as you walk this sweet (in)courage road with humility. (The faith that that requires is not lost on me.) Thanks for everything you all have done to make this a place of warmth and grace. May He continue to build His Kingdom in this space. ♥ ♥

    • Dear Brenda, well now I’m all welled up with emotion. Thank you for those kind and generous words of support and encouragement. Such a gift to my heart. So very glad you’re here.

  21. Such focus and passion… love it! The word that stands out to me personally is empower. We lift and revive others with our me-too stories, but I see how encouragement is meant to do more that extend personal comfort. It’s active: *take courage!* What power we share for the sake of the gospel when we nurture and embolden one another! Looking forward to taking part in this fresh new season of the (in)courage mission and community. Thanks for sharing so elegantly.

    • Oh, Kit, you so get it! And I love it! Thanks so much for being here. Blessed to know that this mission and direction resonates with you. Grateful to have you with us on the (in)courage journey!

    • Hey Susan,

      I was about to leave a comment and I saw your question, so I thought I’d answer (hope that’s okay, Becky!!). Saul is our behind-the-scenes boss, one who has quietly supported the writers and incourage staff from our earliest days. He is a great cheerleader, kind encourager, and always advocate. It takes a special guy to work with so many women, and he’s navigated those waters respectfully and graciously, always pointing us to Christ, eager to lead and guide. Becky will have a more official answer, but as one of our long-time contributors, I was so happy you asked and just as happy to honor him in this space :).

      • Yes, Robin, of course you can always jump in! Especially with such a thoughtful and thorough answer! Thanks, friend!

        Susan, that’s a good question considering this is a site for women! 🙂 Everything Robin said is right on. That photo was taken from last year’s (in)courage writers’ retreat, which Saul helped facilitate from a staffing perspective. His primary role is now as a Brand Manager for DaySpring, but much of what has happened behind the scenes at (in)courage is thanks to Saul’s creativity and faithful service to this community.

  22. Boing! Boing! Boing! <-- me, jumping up and down, SO excited about the future for this precious space! Becky, it's so clear the Lord had you in mind to lead us into next things, and your heart is tender and bold. What a lovely combination. It was hard to say good-bye to Lisa-Jo (goodbyes are NOT my favorite), but trusting the Lord's leading in Next Things makes it so easy to celebrate this change. Thank you for saying "yes," and for pouring out your heart as you seek His vision for all of us. xoxo

    • Oh, Robin, I just love your enthusiasm. You have the true heart of a cheerleader and encourager! I’m so grateful to get to walk out this journey hand in hand with such an amazing team of staff and writers. Thanks for being you and for all the ways you have loved and served around this table. xx

  23. Love your heart to incline near to the heart of God to listen to His plans for you to reach women for His glory. Grateful to have your voice in the sea of voices out there, too.

  24. I am fairly new to this community but this is a community where i know i find friends and women who are loving. it is a place where i just want to grab a cup of coffee sit down with my computer and just read every one of your blog posts!! i love to comment too because that is a way i can interact and get to know everyone more! cant wait to hear what your announcement is on Wednesday and thank you so much for this wonderful and amazing group of women!!

    Dena Courtney

  25. Well this is truly the most (In)Couraging thing I’ve read today!! I don’t know, but I sat in the carpool line today and scribbled down the words “keep it simple, don’t over-complicate it”… after some reading in 1 Peter about being careful not to abandon the simplicity that is in Christ. To read words so timely and aligned with my heart is beyond encouraging, it reminds me that there is power in the Word and power in a community of believers seeking to make Jesus known. Exciting things… thanks for always being faithful in a world where it’s so easy to over-complicate the message.

    • “there is power in the Word and power in a community of believers seeking to make Jesus known” Amen, Shara! And now I’m encouraged that you were encouraged! God is so good like that. 🙂

  26. Just catching up after a full day and I couldn’t love the 5 pillars more. That same verse was my vision when I started schooling my kids years ago and it’s always held special meaning. You did a great job, Becky, of just telling us plain. 😉 I’m looking forward to seeing all the exciting wonder as (in)courage steps across the Jordan to proclaim Jesus and build up His body.

  27. Thank you for presenting pillars and opening gates. To announcements, vision, mission, and movement, I raise my hand to encourage, to bless and receive, to say I will journey forward with the community.

    Eager to see what it is to be and bring the “unlike” closer to hearts so we know the fullness of God and the vast realities around this globe.

  28. I am GRATEFUL for this community! The blessing of connecting with women that i might have never had the opportunity to meet in person. The tie that binds is the Lord and when He is the center of focus InCouraging things are in this place.

  29. I’m soooo thankful for this on-line community of sisters! Having been sent to a new land six years ago (husband took a job 1300 miles away from family & friends) this community has been this older sister’s (in)couragement to stay the course despite the loneliness in the physical realm. This encourages me to join with you in prayer and who knows, maybe He’ll show me a purpose in this walk? Mayve He’ll open a door to encourage & love on women in this area which seems so disconnected from what He’s taught us and what is walked out. (or not walked out).

    Lord, show me what You’d have me do to serve Your daughters in this area where it feels so cold despite it being the sunshine state.

  30. Becky, Wow! Thank you for sharing your heart, gifts, and passion! I’m excited for what is to come! God bless all of you at (in)courage!
    Peace to you,

  31. Wow! Wow! Wow! Did you listen to my husband’s sermon yesterday? We have been “called OUT” of our current pastorate but at 1st felt like Abraham, because we had NO idea where the Lord was calling us TO. We both wrestled with this long and hard because our children live here in the same hometown, worship at the same church (our son is actually on staff), and just this year the Lord has brought each of our childen a daughter, so now we are Grammy and Pap! What a year of wrestling with God! We FINALLY surrendered and God showed us what He was calling us to: another pastorate just 30 MINUTES from here! This will be our 1st move without kids and after 16yrs at the same location. It’s with bridled anticipation I look ahead at what He has for us, but know…”God doesn’t expand our territory to make us more comfortable. He expands our reach so we can offer His comfort, hope, and peace to others!”He will indeed show us where He is working and how we are to join Him in order to ENCOURAGE IN HEART and become UNITED IN LOVE! Praise God that we GET TO join him for KINGDOM PURPOSES!! Thanking everyone at (In)courage for their obedience and passion to “link arms” in ministry to build community that is ENCOURAGED IN HEART and UNITED IN LOVE ❤!!

  32. Yes! Yes! Yes! This is so exciting and I can’t wait to see what happens. I love Paul with what he goes through and how he still carries on despite how hard it is. It is so (in)couraging. We live in a broken world and we need to show people Who it is that helps us piece things back together. This is such a great community to carry out this message. I love the pillars too! What a great foundation to build on.