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  1. (in)courage,
    May we be slow to judge and quick to care…Amen. In a “me first” world that will be rude to get what it wants, we can “show we are Christians by our love” (to quote an old camp song). Being kind is like a salmon swimming upstream. It’s counter-culture, but then, wasn’t/isn’t Jesus counter-culture??
    Kindness is most definitely scriptural. It’s also just as beneficial for the giver as for the receiver. It literally feels good to be kind. When in doubt, I remember one of my dad’s old sayings (he’s passed away). “If someone is getting you down, kill ’em with kindness.” Maybe that’s not quite what the Bible has in mind, but sage advice, nonetheless.
    Blessings kind sisters,
    Bev xx

  2. I keep bumping into this book everywhere, most recently in Candace’s interview with Emily P. Freeman on The Next Right Thing Podcast. It’s a message we need!

  3. Recently my lovely friend Deanna showed me kindness in the form of a note. A few weeks ago, I broke up with my boyfriend. I was overwhelmed by my own thoughts of condemnation and by the lack of kindness I thought I would receive from a close friend. Deanna wrote me a note reminding me that I am loved, not only by God, but by the body of Christ. It was just what I needed not to run off to hermit land, but to trust that God could bring healing in the midst of my brokenness through spending time alone with Him and His community.

    This weekend, I’m going to show kindness to my mom by spending quality time with her and writing her a note to show how much I appreciate all the ways she’s shown kindness to me in the midst of my everyday messiness.

  4. Kindness ALWAYS wins!
    It is truly my desire to show simple acts of kindness daily. We live in such a hurting and broken world, most people are just starving for someone to show them some attention and kindness. I pray that I can do that one small thing on a daily basis.

  5. Good post. It seems so easy to be kind until you start to put it into practice. Then you discover the effort it takes. We all need kindness though and to remember the kindness and love God shows us through Jesus Christ.

  6. Sometimes it’s the small kindnessses that mean so much. My husband showers my days with those tiny moments of a well timed hug or smile, an encouraging word, or a neck massage when I’m tense.

    The most recent kindness I’ve received was a friend messaging me with offers of gifting some of her things to me instead of trying to sell them before she moved. Again, a simple thing, but I know how much she could make from the sales.

    Kindness is something I have been marvelling at and striving to attain the art of recently and I have no intention of stopping.

  7. Kindness is hard sometimes because it is a choice and we let our feelings get in the way. I am struggling with this right now. I feel like the world is not being kind to me so why should I be kind. I have to remind myself that God is working, even though I do not see progress God is working and He wants me to be kind so I can share his love with the world around me.

  8. My BSF small group leader this past year was the embodiment of kindness. Her warm, engaging, never leave the one behind attitude made our group and our study of Romans truly life giving! I will treasure this experience always! Thank you Mrs. Murphy Toerner!

  9. This is a great post! There is not enough kindness in the world. I always tell my kids (and try to model it also) take the “High road” and don’t stoop to the other person’s level. It also feels so much better if we are genuinely kind and not just acting kind. I also believe the kinder you are, the more likely you will receive random acts of kindness back.

  10. My coworkers have shown me such kindness. In the last two years, I lost my bestfriend to a car accident and my husband and I divorced after 10 years. They have stepped up to show me kindness, love and support when I needed it most. Love them!

  11. Wow, what a win! It’s funny to find this here today because I just finished a walk with my daughter while listening to a podcast interview with Candace! My neighbor shows me kindness by offering herself to babysit my 3 kiddos when I need it.

  12. A gal I follow on Instagram offered to help me make a gift for my daughter. When I received her part of the gift in the mail, she had also included a gift for me — a hymn towel — “Great is thy faithfulness.” It was such a kind gesture from someone I haven’t met, and it touched my heart as a gift from God during a stressful week.

  13. My beloved husband of 24 years passed away less than a month ago and the amount of kindness shown to me has been limitless! My friends and family have done yard work for the backyard memorial service, brought food, coffee, cleaned my house, prayed many hours, brought flowers, sent cards, taken me out for food, taken me for mani\pedis, listened to my cries, donated money, taken me to operas…the list is endless. God’s people have never left me alone. I only hope that I can show a fraction of the kindness shown to me throughout the year and the remainder of whatever time God gives me on this earth. I plan to look for every opportunity to do kind things for others. I always wonder how non-Christians make it through the devastating events in their lives without the Lord and the love of fellow believers!

  14. Love this message just as much as we loved Candance in Full House!!!!

    I wish “Kind is Kool” would be the message we share with our young kids in a world that still can be so cruel and all about “me”. I get to see kids from all circles of life being kind to one another daily when they are invested in each other and because they know each other. Building relationships with love and kindness creates a world with less crime and hate and will be more about building up the generations for our children and their children.

    Thank you in-courage for choosing to show up daily with wonderful messages, authors, and products!!


  15. Kindness is golden. It comes from spending time with God every morning and focusing on His goodness! Candace’s book is needed.

  16. I love this! Kindness is my word for this year and I can’t wait to read this book!!!!
    Even tho you are kind, some may not like it, but remember…it will rub off on them. Keep throwing kindness around like confetti!!
    That kindness you throw around will drop, cause a ripple, then a wave and then keep growing from there spreading everywhere!
    Each person you touch with kindness is like planting a seed…it WILL grow within them at some point in their life and take over. It’s like depositing
    coins in the bank too!
    Kindness counts…kindness touches lives…the Lord is the PERFECT example…let’s follow His ways and His footsteps and THROW THAT CONFETTI!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  17. Kindness can make or break someone’s day. We never know what someone is going through no matter how they may seem to have it all together on the outside. It doesn’t cost us anything but could be just what someone needs to get them through a tough day. We may never know the effect an encouraging word, an extra hug or a card may have on someone going through something we may not know about, or how withholding those things can leave someone in their despair. I certainly can try harder to look for more opportunities to show kindness to friends and strangers.

  18. I would have to say that one of my best friends shows me kindness by her checking in on me! Also, she sends me cards in the mail that encourage me! I want to strive to show kindness daily in some way to someone!

  19. I remember when Ravi Zacharias was talking about marriage (his book on Isaac and Rebecca) he said there’s no excuse for unkindness. It went straight to my heart to heal all the unkindness I’ve faced and done but these verses you quoted encourage me because it’s a spiritual discipline so I can pray for Spirit help!

  20. Although I don’t qualify for the contest I’d like to add,
    That sometimes kindness can be overshadowed, and therefore it should be brought to light. I am grateful that it hasn’t been something rare.
    Have a blessed day all and thank-you for bringing kindness to the light.

  21. He has showered his kindness on us… What a wonderful scripture! And words to live by. Praying that I will be a reflection of God’s kindness and love in someone’s life today. God bless you and may His kindness be showered on you!

  22. Sooooo many people come to mind with kindness….. I have so many wonderful people in my life who take care of my family with their love and kindness!!!

  23. I really do not like to say this but at one time in my life, I was a self centered person. How ever over the years God has put different people into my life to see things differently. I now and have been for about 10 years or so learned that kindness is the best way, it helps me feel good about myself for doing for others even if it is only in a small way. Showing kindness to others also, helps the other person as well, so it is actually a two fold Blessing. I can not thank God enough for everything he Has done for me now and what God’s plan are for my future. I really enjoy volunteering at the rescue mission and have met so many different people from all walks of life.

  24. Such a needed message! I’m blessed to have a hubby who daily showers me with kindness in many little ways, friends who encourage and pray for me, and a God who loves me above all. I try to always engage, smile at and call people by name (cashiers, wait staff, etc.), and leave a bit of encouragement in my wake. I don’t always accomplish it, but I try.

  25. I love this! I always say that kindness is the best accessory you can put on each day 😉

    Honestly, the first thing that came to mind when you asked who has shown me kindness was The Lord! It’s humbling that our great and perfect God would show an undeserving wretch His unending kindness and grace but oh how that changes a person! I praise Him for his mercy!

    This weekend I am going to show kindness by bringing some flowers to church for a mom who has 5 littles and her hubby is currently deployed! I can’t even imagine how hard that is with 5 kiddos!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  26. One kind act change someone day or life. I had a rough start this morning and thanks to some kind words my heart felt less heavy

  27. Kindness doesn’t doesn’t cost a thing I always say. It’s so much better to be known as kind than to have it all with an ugly heart. But yes like you say, trying to remain kind when others are rude and say hurtful things is the hardest thing to do. It’s not easy being kind but well worth it for your heart. In this world of overload social media, let us remember to be kind in our choice of words. If we are not encouraging someone with our words, don’t say anything at all…
    Thank you for sharing this needed message. Have a beautiful Mother’s Day weekend to every lovely ladies out there!

  28. I started volunteering in another education center yesterday, and the woman I was tutoring kept encouraging me and thanking me. I was helping her with math, my weakness, but she appreciated the help. She lacked confidence in her ability to grasp the content, but I tried to encourage her and remind her how much better she was doing on the problems. While she called me a godsend for helping her, I heard God whispering through her that I was doing better to share His gifts rather than hide at home in fear.

  29. My roommate showed me kindness by offering to pick me up from the airport when I get back from visiting family this weekend…without me having to ask! She went out of her way because she knows that I get a little scatter-brained before trips. I’m so grateful!

  30. My friend Joy was a listening ear when I had some struggles after our third child came along. She brought dinner over one night as a surprise!

  31. And all God’s girls said “Amen!” Love, love, love that. — I had no idea about this book. Soooo excited to add it to my summer reading list. —- I tell my sons, your strength is in your kindness. It’s so much easier to follow the crowd, but that’s not the Jesus way. “While we were yet sinners, He died for us.” Talk about kind. He meets us at our lowest, time and again. — My heart’s desire is to be a woman who doesn’t react, who doesn’t change my response with circumstances, but who is gracious no matter what. Our dignity is so intertwined with our grace…our kindness, isn’t it? I have a whole blog post in my head on that subject that needs to come out before it explodes right up there in my head. haha. 🙂 — Anyway, thanks for sharing about this book…can’t wait to read it! ♥

  32. I’m working with my son on how to pray for the kids who are bullying him & it’s HARD yet I know he will be strengthened by taking the route of kindness. Would love to receive this book!

  33. Kindness and love have been on my mind a lot lately…..it’s making me choose not only my words and actions, but also my thoughts more carefully. I have so much to be grateful for! I imagine that we all do…. I am trying to lavishly share this gratefulness as kindness and love to others.

  34. My husband and I are currently on a baby moon in Tobago. We are staying in house run hotel of sorts. The owner is showering us with kindness, giving us food from her garden. So fresh and delicious. Her kindness is blessing us.

  35. It’s been a very challenging week at work. Last night my coworker and I went to a work dinner honoring retirees and employees getting service pins. We were a little late and sat at a table with ladies we didn’t know. There was a lady getting her service pin who brought her elderly mother along with her. The elderly woman started talking to us about her journey in life. One of the first things she told us “always be kind, because you never know where your next blessing is coming from”. We looked at each other and said “this is the table God picked for us tonight”! How true…..and something we need to remember each day. We never know what journey someone’s life is leading them through and a little kindness may just make their journey easier.

  36. There was a song that Amy Grant recorded on her Simple Things album that had the lyrics “it’s better to be kind than right” and I have tried to live my life this way. I’m on the waiting list at my local library for Candace Cameron Bure’s book. I can’t wait to read it. I recently posted this quote that I found on my Facebook page, “Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti”. #kindnessmatters

    Many people have shown me kindness throughout my life. I believe most people are kind at the core of who they are. Sometimes life changes people. But I choose to believe there is kindness in most people. I plan to show kindness to everyone I meet this weekend.

  37. My mother-in-law is always serving with kindness. She shows up ready to help with a cheerful heart. I could stand to learn that. Choosing kindness has been my biggest struggle lately.

  38. Kindness and being polite are sadly in short supply in our society today. However, this morning I took my 84 year old Mom shoe shopping. We found two pairs of shoes that she liked but one was not her size. The clerk kindly and patiently checked with other stores in neighboring towns to see if they had it and then gave Mom the discount on the one pair of shoes even though she was only supposed to give it if you bought two pairs.

  39. Reading Alia Joy’s openhearted writing here at in(Courage) was a kindness to me, reminding me we are never alone. Thank you, all, for writing your words. Enjoy your day!

  40. Amen. Love what you said – it truly comes from within. A soul at peace with God is able to share that peace and kindness to others because we have been given such kindness. Thank you for this!

  41. I remember the day, about thirty years ago, when my wallet was returned to me before I even knew it was missing. God bless that kind man who took the time to find our house (from the address on my license) and deliver it back to me!

  42. I Iove the recent post by Jennifer Dukes Lee that said to think about what you’d want someone to do for you, and do it for them. Just to be kind. I have this hanging on my wall to inspire me to be kind.

  43. My neighbors showed kindness to me and my family. They were doing work to prepare their yard for flowers, seeding, etc for the season. They asked if we’d like our yard done too and we’d split the cost of renting equipment to do this. I said thanks but no due to financial obligations. Next thing I know I get a knock on the door and I’m told ” you want it done? Its free” I said yes and God bless you. This week I will show kindness by doing a chore for someone to the glory of God !

  44. Love this. Kindness can be so powerful. You never know what someone else is walking through in the dark and how something so tiny to you might be able to turn on the light.

  45. My ladies church group showed me and many others so much kindness yesterday by packing personal care packages for those in need. I will try to show kindness to all the retail workers i come in contact with this weekend. They will be busy as people by mother’s day gifts.

  46. In Courage,

    My boss has shown me kindness. Recently she got me a little gift to say thanks for helping run the office. She didn’t have to-I was just doing my job. So nice to know you are appreciated. My pastor’s wife is always showing kindness to others. If I miss church one time a week she will call & check on me. She has such love for others. I also remember a time a few years back when I misplaced/lost my cell phone. Thought it was gone. The next day a man called from Walmart parking lot asking if this phone belonged to me. That was kind of him to do so.

    I have shown my in-laws kindness. They have been through major health issues since last November to include cancer & related surgery. I visited them in hospital each time & called to check on them. Mostly I made sure they had cooked food to eat. I’m going to see if we can plan a nice 90th birthday party for him in a week. This weekend I plan to get some food together for a friend’s dad who has seen troubles. He had a stroke about 1 month ago & just recently (logging) had a tree fall on his left side. Rods in ankle, broken left arm in 4 places & other troubles. They also raise their grandchildren. They could use the help right now.

    Blessings 🙂

  47. My grandparents showed me so much kindness. They’ve set a great example of being kind to others that I hope to show my kids.

  48. Perfect!!! Though I’ve never been motivated to make new year resolutions, this year was different – More Kindness! In my mind, when we choose to be intentional with kindness, it breeds a different perspective; an “others” perspective that transports us from our own self -pity or focus, our pain or struggles, or even personal goals, to leaving God’s legacy behind. After all, it was His kindness that lead us to repentance!! How much can kindness do? Let us find out!

  49. I am listening to the interview with Emily P Freeman, it’s truly a concept we all need to practice and live by. I am trying to practice more of this at work as tensions have been high lately. This gives me more ways to listen and be kind to those that are struggling on many levels.

  50. This is such a good post. It’s so hard to remember this when dealing with people that make it hard to be kind to them. I needed this reminder tonight!

  51. Sometimes it shocks me when people are surprised by kindness. Being kind to each other used to be the norm not so rare that people are suspicious of you if you go out of their way to be kind. We need to make kindness commonplace again.

  52. Our school PTO treated the staff to treats all week. It was so appreciated as we wind down our school year!

  53. I ate breakfast alone this morning at a local diner, and all of a sudden I started crying and spilling my soul to the waitress about how I was feeling guilty on Mother’s Day weekend for not being able to give our parents grandchildren. I was so embarrassed! But she was so kind to me with her words and took the time to listen…she gave me my breakfast for free! I was so surprised. I wrote her a thank you note on a placemat before I left, what an amazing heart she has! I’ll have to think of a way to show her kindness in return. Also, our school’s Kindness Club is having a Kindness Week next week for the whole school and has invited members of the community to be involved, and the teacher who runs the club (open to all!) has always been so supportive and encouraging to me…her name is Julie Neff. Also, this morning, my friends Summer, Jen, & Lisa prayed for me as they know Mother’s Day weekend is rough for me. All this kindness…I’ll have to think how I can be kind in return. It’s important!

  54. As a schoolteacher, my sisters’ favorite phrase to tell her students is Be Kind, Wirk Hard.

  55. My cousin and my best friend have both shown me so much kindness, even when I was difficult to be around. They’ve both inspired me and I try to be kind to everyone.

  56. We had a get together with the neighbourhood ladies this week. Everyone showed kindness to each other. We all need to feel connected. None of us are meant to go it alone.

  57. My husband and I were on a trip this week to Spokane, WA. Long drive. A few stops made trip a bit longer than hours Google maps says it is. Through it we gave thanks to gas attendants, restaurant servers, museum guides and friends we stayed with. Smiled at strangers as we passed by. Thanked a WWII veteran for his service. Laughed with a young girl making bubbles from the soap in restroom at gas stop! Enjoyed a bible study at our friends house Thurs was so overwhelmingly kind. They made us feel like we were always there. A couple hugs from them.
    Just today I talked with our neighbor when I went to get the mail. Always nice to know those close to us in our neighborhood. Kindness to my spouse as we were on our trip…making things said clear so he’d understand….kindness. Thanking him for going with me on the trip…kindness. Listening to my daughter tell me about her job this week when I’d rather just unpack my stuff when we got home….kindness. It applies to all around us in our community/world that wants life different than how we see it. Give them Jesus!

  58. I love the message on the T-shirt- In a world divided, multiply kindness. I may have to make that into a poster for my classroom! 🙂

  59. May my classroom overflow with kindness these last two weeks of school. May the Lord be glorified as we finish strong. Kindness wins!

  60. Great stuff! Kindness is such an easy thing to show. A simple smile, a quick “Good morning,” the small gesture of getting the door for the mom trying to get the double stroller through the single door. As we show His love to those around us He never fails to pour in a fresh dose back into our hearts!

  61. All of the kindness shown to me by God through many people I have known has done my heart good! My heart is so full from kindness blessings that I in turn have poured out this love to others as God would have us. I am like a child looking to give away all the treasures in my heart. As I give away kindness, more comes to me. I never run out because God never runs out!

  62. Life has been so hectic lately and my family and some of my closest care group friends have shown such kindness just in checking in with me, offering to be an extra pair of hands when I need it and so on. It’s meant a lot.

  63. Many years ago a casual acquaintance noticed that I had not been home for two days. As I was dragging myself up the stairs to fall into bed, she stepped out from her apartment and asked if I was okay. I said I was but was very tired after a 48 hour stint at work. About 15 minutes later she knocked on my door. When I opened the door, she walked right in and set a tray on my table. It was a very simple hot dinner complete with a flower in a vase. It is to this day one of the best meals I have ever had. And it was the start to friendship that has lasted 38 years and is still strong even though we haven’t lived in the same state for 34 years. What an awesome kindness shown to an almost complete stranger.

  64. Kindness is so often under appreciated. So many people have been kind to me … the latest was my husband who took care of cleaning up things in the kitchen so I would awake to clean counters! I pray I am always kind, but am going to make an extra effort with my students this week as we near the end of the school year.

  65. I had lunch yesterday with three friends. All of us have had serious health issues and are limited in our activities. They exude such kindness that just being with them made me feel better. In our conversation, God was honored.