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Kaitlyn is a Virtual Assistant, book launch manager, and storyteller who writes about discovering God's goodness in the ordinary and faithfulness in the difficult. She loves good books, deep conversations, and iced vanilla lattes. Kaitlyn is the author of Even If Not: Living, Loving, and Learning in the in Between.

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  1. Kaitlyn,
    In the writing world, one of the “buzz words” is “playform” (as you well know). Not only is it focused on what you write about, but it’s about the numbers. How many readers does you blog reach?, how many page views?, how many subscribers?, are you published?, if so where and how often? It’s a numbers game that can be a writer’s undoing. God, however, says (at least to me), “Write to an audience of One….Me.” I write to God. I preach to myself. I just allow others to listen in, but whatever I do, be it mediocre or brilliant, I give the glory to God. In Him I move and breathe and have my being. I agree, Kaitlyn, that He is the giver of ALL good gifts and talents. He doesn’t want them buried. He wants them used to His glory and delight. Thanks for following His lead to write. Well done good and faithful servant 🙂
    Bev xx

    • Bev, are you able to post/share the document that helps to allow the finding of ‘your’ my gift? I remember years ago you shared it on a post here at incourage but I could not find which one it was. I understand there are probably ones to help on the Internet but I trust you and here in this space that it would be a God given tool to help me quantify/locate/decide what gift I may have also with a lot of prayer too x

      • Jas,
        Here is the link to a spiritual assessment “test” that I have found to be pretty reliable. Obviously, after reading it over, being in prayer that God would reveal His spiritual giftedness to you is the best path to follow:file:///C:/Users/Bev%20Rihtarchik/Downloads/DOC-Spiritual-Gifts-List.pdf this describes the list of gifts given by the Holy Spirit. This second doc is a survey to help you discern what your gift(s) are: file:///C:/Users/Bev%20Rihtarchik/Downloads/DOC-Spiritual-Gifts-Survey%20(1).pdf

        Keep in mind the Spiritual Gifts given to believers by the Holy Spirit are different than talents. For example, I believe I possess the Spiritual Gifts of Exhortation (Encouragement) and Mercy. I express those Spiritual Gifts through talents like writing and I even view writing handwritten notes of encouragement as a “talent or gift”…..besides I see it as a way I can serve the body. I also believe that God can change our Spiritual Giftedness for seasons in our lives. Whatever He calls us to….He will equip us. That is for certain. I hope this helps. Remember that ALL believers have Spiritual Gifts and we use our talents to express and serve in those areas.
        Bev xx

    • Love this Bev. Write to One…now THAT I can do! Always love seeing your words in this space. Have the most beautiful day.

    • Oh yes, don’t I know it! Especially as an author and Virtual Assistant. But like you, God keeps pointing me back to the seemingly small, encouraging me to walk faithfully in the “ordinary.” And that looks like using the gifts He’s given! You certainly have the gift of encouragement.

    • Bev, I could use that as well. I am almost retirement age and still haven’t a clue what my talent is or if I even have one…. .
      Thanks so much.

      • Donna,
        See my response to Jas above. Let me encourage you that I just now feel like I am coming into the sweet spot of really using my Spiritual Gifts to edify others and glorify God and I’m headed toward 60. In my younger years as a believer, I had Spiritual gifts but I don’t think I always used them with the right motivation. Sometimes wisdom that comes with experience is a great teacher. Check out my answer to Jas and links listed above. If you are a believer, you are blessed with Spiritual Gift(s)…guaranteed!
        Bev xx

  2. It’s true: it’s the “looking to the right or to the left” that always ends up leading me toward feelings of inadequacy and away from gratitude. Thank for this call to embrace the given, to rejoice in the opportunities that come, and to lean into the “talent” that is in my hand.

  3. Thank you very much needed post tonight, really spoke to me straight from God through your words! I’d say that’s more important and a fantastic gift than any amount of likes, numbers etc! Thank you again for sharing!
    Jas x

  4. So truly needed this today Kaitlyn! Thank you for sharing your gift to motive us to use ours to glorify the Lord. Have a blessed day.

  5. Thanks for sharing. I need to get my head out of the sand and write. I do write for God, and I do publish to my site, but that’s about all I do. So, I hear what you’re saying.

  6. Lovely words! What an encouragement to be faithful with what we have, big or small!

  7. I’ll be tucking this post in a special place, not hidden, but exposed as a reminder of how God’s blessing on us is to use our gifts! Lately He seems to be whispering the word “ownership” to me–to take ownership of what He’s given me, and steward it instead of selfishly hiding for my own self protection. Sometimes our attempts can seem like they have failed, yet God knows every one of our past, current, and future steps so never can we fail when we keep looking to Him, and seek to be His faithful servant!

  8. Greetings and Happy Monday, Kaitlyn!

    “The success of your ministry isn’t dependent on the size of your ministry, so let’s look past the numbers and focus instead on obedience.”

    Boy, did I need to hear this awesome post this morning. I have gotten caught up in worrying about how many people read my posts than focusing on my most important audience: God. I pray my words or drawings or speeches will be pleasing to Him, and I further pray that the talent He freely gave to me can help someone else.

    “Well done, good and faithful servant! . . . Come and share your master’s happiness!” (Matthew 25:21 CSB) May this verse be the words I pray I hear from My Lord each day.

    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

    Joy in Jesus,

  9. Convicted, convicted, convicted (in the best way!) by this. Thank you Kaitlyn for this encouragement wrapped up in a little bit of a kick in the pants. Just what I needed to read this morning. All the blessings and all the things are prayed for you today! ❤️

  10. “You were gifted with talents. Don’t hide. Don’t play the humble card as you bury your God-given gift in the sand.”
    Ah, yes. Humility does not equal hiding. Humility equals being real and vulnerable and allowing God’s glory and power to shine both in and through our weaknesses AND our strengths. Odd that we are so easily tempted to try and hide them both.
    Thanks, Kaitlyn, for this reminder. It’s timely for me.

  11. We can excel at playing the humble card whilst getting better at shoveling. Great post, Kaitlyn – you live what you write, which is always the best.

  12. Haha! Kaitlyn…. I read the first words and rolled my eyes and almost closed the page…. but then kept going! So glad I did. We need the encouragement as we seek to honor the One who gives us life. The One who gave us His breath. The One who will ever be Our Father – proud of us no matter how small we feel our gifts might be. Thank you for a beautiful reminder to stay focused on Him through it all!

  13. Kaitlyn,
    ‘You were gifted with talents. Don’t hide. Don’t play the humble card as you bury your God-given gift in the sand.‘ You are so blessed that you know your talents. And so encouraging to me by giving me hope that mine is there. Somewhere. I pray that I haven’t buried mine and immediately think I can’t bury what I don’t know I have.

    • It is most certainly there. And to be clear, I didn’t always consider it a gift or a talent… it took several years, many friends speaking truth, and time in Scripture and prayer. And I still fight to keep from burying it. 🙂 We’re all learning together!

      • Thank you so much for your reply! It’s great to know that with prayer and asking God to reveal my talent, I will know what it is and how He wants me to use it.

  14. This post resonated with me today, Kaitlyn. I recently started writing again and there are people in my circle of influence that don’t know I write… Funny thing is I just wrote about purpose, gifts, and talents so reading this post today really challenges me to reach out a little further. Thank you!

  15. I am blessed with multiple talents. I can sing solos or in a choir, I can play 2 musical instruments by ear. I am also very gifted in writing. I am also fairly good a drawing and am very creative. However, many times I have had church leaders try to squelch my talents. They will not let me use them to the fullest. They say I am dishonoring God and taking praise upon my self, which I most certainly am not. I give God all the praise. Meanwhile, others in the church (the favorites) are highly praised and asked to share their “”gifts”” while I am made to just sit quietly in the corner. My gifts are constantly squelched. And I cannot go up against the church leaders. They rule everything ya know. ;(

    I am currently in a church that does not do this to me and I am very happy to share the multiple gifts that God has blessed me with. However, this church is in the process of closing. There is a new church that I have been going to Bible study at, however, they treat me the same way as the bad churches have. Everyone at Bible study gets a chance to speak their thoughts and everyone politely listens to them. But when it is my turn, the leaders are constantly looking at their watches and then begin to talk over me so they can continue on the study. They only do this to me, and I don’t even talk that long. Other people talk way longer than I do and no one rushes them.

    How can I share my gifts when the leaders of the church constantly loom over me and dim the light that God has placed within me?

  16. Kaitlyn, this is so beautifully worded! Thank you for such an encouraging message to use our talents. This is the very truth that gave me courage to plunge forward despite my fears, and it’s always good to be reminded!

  17. Obedience!! I’m so convicted! I heard once that delayed obedience is disobedience. I am trying to get over my lack of faith (in myself, not God) and begin my blog again after a 2 year hiatus. The ideas come, not always coherent, but I still haven’t put pen to paper, so to speak. Thank you for your much-needed encouraging words!

    • I’ve heard that before, too. Good luck to you as you “put pen to paper.” Every small step is still a step. As Lara Casey says, little by little progress adds up.

  18. Kaitlyn, I love that you shared this!! I came alive when I realized writing was a talent the Lord gifted me with and I started sharing it. I am so scared when I hit publish (this past week was one of the most vulnerable posts I’ve ever written). But, an interesting thing seems to happen. The scariest ones are the ones that so many people relate to. And it is just my story. Sharing our stories is such a beautiful and raw way to build connections to each other.

    I also agree that everyone has been given talents just waiting to be awakened and used for the Lord. It’s exciting to think about and I pray for bravery for God’s women to realize how amazing they truly are.

  19. Oh Kaitlyn, “walk in obedience instead of reaching for a shovel” — that right there is a litmus test of our trust in the Lord I want to hold on to.

    Love the way you’re encouraging our hearts to bravely, joyfully use what God has entrusted to our care. xx

  20. Kaitlyn,

    You hit the nail on the head. God wants us to use our talents. He can take the effort & double the outcome. I don’t like getting in front of crowds.The music person at church asked me to do sign language for special music. It was scary for me at first The more I do it, the more comfortable I have become. I see it enhancing others worship. God has seen to bless me with a gifting/talent to care for elderly. I cook meals & visit them. I want to be an obedient servant. Doing His will even in the smallest things like helping out in arts & crafts for camp-I’m not crafty at all. I want to hear the words “Well done thou good & faithful servant.”

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Thank you Kaitlyn! I’m currently writing my little heart out for God as He has revealed to me my gift of writing. I feel it’s my purpose;His calling for me. I’m trying to get a blog launched but I’m starting from ground zero with no clue where to begin but the one discouraging thing I keep hearing is building a platform and having the numbers is what matters. I needed to read this tonight because prior to this discouragement I’m feeling, my thoughts were…”if I could just encourage even one person in this life it would be worth it to use the talent God’s given me.” So I’m replacing the numbers game thoughts with writing for One instead. He’ll direct how far I go and who I reach. I needed this! Thank you again!

  22. I loved this Kaitlyn! Your words spoke straight to my heart. You write so beautifully! I love the journey the Lord has been leading you on to share your gift! It and you are a blessing!