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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. This is beautiful, Karina, and I am in the process of moving away from a familiarity-breeds-contempt posture with this psalm and learning to pray its words over my family and my own following life.
    Thank you for unpacking its truth in such a personal way here.
    Blessings to you!

    • Thank you for sharing Michele!

      May God honor your pursuit in reading His Word in a new light. May He reveal fresh revelation and do a deep work in you and your family!

  2. Karina,
    When I began reading Psalm 23 in your post, I immediately breathed a deep sigh of relief and release. I felt the tension in my neck release and my shoulders relax downward. Ahh….sweet peace and comfort. When we get all knotted up inside, we/I so need a good dose of the Good Shepherd. One of my favorite words in the world is “abide”. Psalm 23 calls us to abide in Him. The sheep abide – they rest with calmness and assuredness close to their shepherd. They don’t worry about what comes next; they trust His good judgment. They know they are safe from predators and that He will lead them to sustenance. Abiding is waiting, being still, and looking with expectation for what the Shepherd will perform. In seasons of change or trial, the thing I need most is hope….hope that though this time may be unsettling, uncomfortable, challenging there is always hope for what lies ahead. Beautiful post Karina. Praying for you sweet sister in your season of change.
    Bev xx

    • Thank you Bev. I enjoy your real deal insightful responses. I too could feel the release of tension as I read Karina’s post this morning. Abide is such a powerful word that speaks straight to my heart today as we await news on the purchase and sale of houses today.

    • Thank you Bev!

      There is such truth and rest in His Word and presence. He is all we need. May we lean into all that He is and all that He provides…abiding in Him at every turn. he delights in carry our burdens and giving us an easy yoke.

    • Thanks Bev… I felt the same as I started to read this psalm…I have been so tense and blood pressuree and eye pressure way up lately..so much going on… I zoom around —-forgetting…what does it all matter… God IS in CHARGE!!
      Continuing prayers for you dear sister… Breathe in and out… 4 words ..Abide in Jesus Christ” ⚓️✝

  3. Karina,

    Praying for you sweet sister! Change is never easy. We have all been through seasons of change/trials. They are tough when going through them, but fear not God is with us. Psalm 23 promises: Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil, for You are with me; Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. God promises to walk with & give us comfort during the trials. This world clamors do it yourself. You can fix it. Be strong in your knowledge & ability. God’s ways contradict that. They call for us to rely on Him & His strength to guide through those dark days. Dealing with aging parents severe dementia & hospitalization I needed God’s comfort & care. He was all I could turn to. He gently guided me through that time & now my faith is strengthened.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Amen Beth!

      He is all about the process of who we’re becoming and our growing dependence on Him. May we lean not on our own understanding and trust Him to lead and guide us.

  4. I’m in the midst and mire of change. It’s a good thing, and there’s no doubt God lead me directly to it, but new responsibilities can feel like quicksand sucking me down. Time constraints, new tasks, new people, isolation, socialization…and suddenly I can’t breathe. I sat with God last night and begged him to pick me up and carry me through. I praised Him and told Him I trusted Him. He led me to this new place for a reason. I put my trust in Him. However, I didn’t feel immediate relief. I couldn’t sleep,and my mind didn’t shut down until well after midnight. I did feel calm this morning when I woke, and resolved again to trust in Him for every step today. And then I saw this morning message. Isn’t He amazing? He sent me His words of peace through you. Thank you for being an obedient servant, and sharing what was on your heart.

    Love and blessings to you!

    • Thank you Carol!

      His timing is perfect! Keep pressing in. He will honor your faithfulness. Continue to stand on the sure foundation of His Word. May He bring about a mighty harvest in this new season!

  5. Yes ladies! Isn’t changing done slowly? OR life can change on a dime! Overnight! We can be through it ever so slowly and look back at it and the way it transformed us, one way or another… OR one day life is wide open with doors slamming and fresh air whipping through! I’m smitten with Psalm 23 and use it nightly, then during the night on those occasional (sometimes frequent) sleepless nights. I know it back and forth and backwards by now and yes I never get tired of praying those words either! Nor did David I’m sure 🙂 praying with and for you Karina and all of you sweet ladies too.. May God be “winking “ at y’all today! \0/

  6. I’m so thankful this arrived in my Inbox today. You see, I’m deep in grief about the sudden death of my husband earlier this year, and am now in the middle of severing a long business relationship with a company that employs several of my closest friends.

    When I read your question about where I needed God to meet me, I didn’t even know where to begin! So I closed my eyes and found myself imagining that I was in a very small boat being pushed away from the shore.

    And to my surprise, I realized there was also a man outside the boat, wading in the shallow water and leading the boat away from the shore.

    Then He hopped into the boat, and sat down to face me.

    And then I knew that was what I needed – and that my prayer had already been answered.

    Thank you and bless you for sharing this.

    • Amen Dani! i love it when Jesus shows up right when we need Him. He is always there even when we don’t see His work. He leads us and guides us and sits with us. He loves us and cares for us.

      May He reign down a deep peace in your heart and soul. He is near to you and will never abandon you. He loves you fiercely.

  7. Karina,

    Good morning to you. I echo Bev’s sentiments above…beautiful post and one I needed this morning. The words of the Psalmist certainly bring relief and release. I praise God for His tender, attentive love to us. Oh what a Savior!

  8. This was soothing……
    My answer is, I am and He has. One of the hardest parts of change is acceptance. When we can accept that there are things in life that we have no control of and release them to God it is then that we can find the inner peace that we seek. “He restores my soul”. Thank-you Karina for sharing your words and for the reminder of the beauty of the Good Shepherd,
    Have a blessed day all,

  9. Thank you Bev. I enjoy your real deal insightful responses. I too could feel the release of tension as I read Karina’s post this morning. Abide is such a powerful word that speaks straight to my heart today as we await news on the purchase and sale of houses today.

  10. Karina, I needed the reminder that Jesus is my GOOD shepherd today. Thank you. May He continue to completion the good works He’s started…

  11. Thanks Karina….one of my favorites too….love all the comments and this “discussion” about our Good God, our Faithful Shepherd.
    I’ve felt so down about our world! So wearying….all the division and hatefulness and gigantic problems. Then your words and all these comments…..abide, rest, let go. Thank you for sharing! XOXOXO

  12. I agree. This post feels like a cool breeze across my face on a hot summer day. I am currently in the middle of a challenging transition. I can celebrate because the Good Shepherd has been leading me through. The fact that I am in the middle suggest I am on my way to the otherwise. Truth is there will be more challenges, but with and in Him we are overcomers. I sense your spirit and surrender to our father. I am (in)couraged.

    • Thank you Lashay for reading and sharing!

      May you hear His still small voice ever so clearly. May you follow the Spirit with reckless abandon.


  13. I need God to meet me in my fear and help me to have patience. I see the Lord restoring my health and bringing about wholeness and I’m almost 6 weeks post op but have a LONG way to go still. I continue to pray for healing as small complications occur but I know that He’s sovereign over all of it and it is all for my good.

  14. Karina
    I’ve read your post at least 10 times in the past 24 hours. Each time it brings tears of comfort and reassurance; rest and peace; freedom and hope.
    Thank you

  15. Karina, Thank you for such a beautiful look at Psalm 23. You are gifted with words. Change has always been difficult for me & it’s an area I want to grow in. I especially like these words: “All that we need and want is found in all Christ is and all He promises to be.” Thank you!

  16. Isn’t it a shame that I have to be reminded that he makes me lie down in green pastures, He is in control.