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Andrea is equal parts Colorado and Alabama. Whether written or spoken, she loves stringing words together, sharing thoughts in truth and love. Deep conversations over coffee and hand-written notes are among her favorite things. Andrea has a passion to encourage women to live, love and lead well.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Andrea, your words today coalesce along a message the our Heavenly Father has been whispering (and lately it’s been louder than a whisper!) to me as I sit in my own driver’s seat, eyes glued to the road sometimes. There is so much need, but we have so much Truth.
    Thankful today for one more push to “turn down the radio” and listen to the voices in real life.

    • Michele! Yes, girl. I hear you. So glad these words met you on familiar ground…I need to be reminded to look past myself so often, so much more than I’d like to admit. So grateful for a loving and gracious Father.

  2. Andrea,

    This world is so self focused. We tend to think me first. There is so much animosity in our society. If someone looks or acts differently than us then we tend to shun them. No one tries to make friends with anyone “outside their group or clique”. God wants us to be other focused first. He wants our eyes to shift from ourselves to others. There is a ton of needs out there probably right next door to you. People are hurting, hungry, homeless. We can do something about that. We ca offer some food, & comfort. Sure there are agencies dealing with these issues. It is our job as Christians to help the less fortunate. We need to shine the light of Jesus on this world & there are many ways to do this. Go sit with people in a nursing home or assisted living, talk to a neighbor, cook meals for elderly people. Those are just a few examples of how we as Christians can shine God’s light o this sinful world.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Andrea, Oh, how easy it is to think that we’re focusing rightly on the thing in front of us, only to realize we’ve missed so much around us. Thanks for this encouragement to purposely look up and consider the needs of others. So glad to have your words at the (in)courage table today.

  4. After getting in a heated disagreement with my mother last night, this article was very important for me to come across. I can see clearly now that I need to shift my focus, and see the situation from my mother’s perspective. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, words and encouragement. Please know that this is exactly what I needed to hear today. The Lord was working through you!

    • Arista! I didn’t see your comment earlier, but this is just what I needed to hear today. Thank you so much for your sweet comment. shifting my focus is something I have to remind myself to do often. Blessings to you, sister.

  5. i am from India and i am 79 years old and will be completing 80 in next June .. my life is ever with much compassion to these areas i read as i often felt God used me in wonderful ways helping the needy at the right timings .Now i am helpless being old and God reach me to people to use me for them to help the needy ones and help come from them in wonderful ways at times in their needs .Today this message touched me when i opened my mail. and there a great friend of mine serving God shared a great need for her grand daughter studying needs help financially and i share this great message to my friends who i pray open their eyes as many in worldly out looks live for themselves and do not see the cries of the needy ones . Thank you for this great valuable message .God Bless you ,from India

    • Thank you for sharing this, Molly. It sounds like you are a good friend to others and a faithful servant to our heavenly Father. Sending blessings to you in India!

  6. Thank you for this incouragement! I’ve been enduring one of the roughest seasons in my life thus far. Homeless for almost a year with a toddler, but God is faithful. During this season, many times would the Lord put in my heart to shift my focus to the needs of others and not on my situation(s). He had allowed me to see so much going on around me. Death, depression, suicidal spirits, sadness, homelessness, etc.. I prayed for many people and had even fasted for a few. Then last week my Pastor had spoken on how God wants us to focus on praying for others and not staying so focused on ourselves. Your message was another confirmation to what the Lord is saying. Thank you!

    • Wow! Thank you for sharing your story. I am in awe of your selflessness, even in the midst of this tough season. I am praying for you right now, Jan. I’m praying for the breakthrough you and your toddler need, that you will know without a doubt when and where and how the Lord is leading, guiding and directing you during this season. God is good and faithful, and it is often the roughest soil that produces the strongest plants with the most beautiful blooms.