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ALIZA LATTA is a writer, artist, and pastor who is a huge fan of telling stories. She creates content for Canada’s largest youth conference, Change Conference, and is a church planter in Ontario, Canada. Her artwork and writing have been featured in publications for LifeWay, Dayspring, and (in)courage. She is...

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  1. Aliza, I have found the exact same antidote to the poisonous whispers of my feelings: large doses of truth, straight from God’s Word, everyday–and sometimes at 3 a.m.

  2. Aliza,
    I’m not sure why lies take on a bigger than life dimension in the wee hours? That happens to me too. Maybe the enemy knows we are more defenseless at that time? One thing I HAVE learned, is that feelings lie. I cannot depend on my feelings as being “true”. The only thing that is true is God’s TRUTH. We can’t always jump into the Bible at 3 am. (though I have been known to do so), but we can dwell on scripture that tells us that we are more than enough and that God loves us just because His nature is love and He cannot deny Himself. I always say I write to an audience of One….to God. If He wants others to listen in and glean truth, then HE will make that happen. It takes the burden off of us….we are called to love the Lord with all our heart….what happens after that is up to Him. You are doing great things….go easy on yourself….God knows your heart so kick shame to the curb where it belongs!
    Bev xx

  3. The bible says somewhere (not sure of the exact verse(s) but it says it more than once that we are to try to live by the spirit, the Holy Spirit that Jesus left with us on earth when He died on the cross and left this earth in his human form. Live by the spirit and not of the flesh. I’m not 100% sure if I’m correct but I like to view negative feelings as a part of the flesh. The truth is what the Holy Spirit provides and that is the truth we should follow, NOT our negative feelings. Feelings are fickle but God is not. The Holy Spirit, Jesus and God are the holy trinity working together, a part of each other, and a part of us as the Holy Spirit is within us. Shame and doubt showing up in the midst of the night when we are vulnerable or any time really…declare you are a daughter of the King and no negative shame, doubtful thoughts will change that. They have no business being a part of your thoughts as you my friend are God’s masterpiece and he loves you. You are saved by the blood of Christ and God called you as his own because He sees your worthiness, your value and your strength! Kick those doubts to the curb!

  4. You have spoken a universal truth about shame and the Deceiver. The words he speaks into our ear go straight to our heart. In the darkness we turn to the Truth and whisper it out loud ” I am enough.. the daughter of the King”. I find if I start that mental list of those things He has done in my life and what I am grateful for it supersedes the negative.
    I had a Pastor who would physical make a sweeping motion over her shoulder and say “cancel, cancel, cancel” when Satan was whispering in her ear. She said the exercise helped her remember where those negative thought came from and what to do with them. With practice you become much better at the canceling and it becomes a heart filling habit. Even years later I still see ladies from my church, myself included, occasionally flicking imaginary “dirt” off their shoulder.

  5. Aliza, thanks for encouraging the rest of us out of your struggle-turned-victory. Darkness makes truth a challenge to see, but seeing the truth makes the darkness flee! (Eventually!)

  6. Yikes! Not sure what I pressed or if the comment went through (sorry if it’s a repeat)!

    Aliza, thank you for encouraging the rest of us out of your struggle-turned-victory. Darkness makes truth a challenge to see, but seeing the truth makes the darkness flee (eventually!). Hugs!

  7. Aliza, I cannot tell you how much I needed your words today. I had a rough day yesterday, kicking myself for making a small mistake and berating myself for not being “perfect.” Satan knows I battle severe anxiety, but my Jesus is bigger! Thank you for reminding me of that!

    Praise God from Whom All Blessings Flow!

    Joy in Jesus,

    • Lara,
      I have an anxiety disorder and Isiah 41:10 is a scripture I go to a lot….it holds these truths:
      “For I am with you” — “Do not fear, for I am with you.”
      “I am your God” — “Do not look anxiously about you, for I am your God.”
      “I will strengthen you.”
      “Surely I will help you.”
      “Surely I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.”
      I may be a hot mess, but God’s got me. Unfortunately anxiety magnifies our flaws. Truth puts them in perspective. No shame, no guilt, no human perfection (just not possible) needed. You are loved!!
      Bev xo

  8. ALIZA! This post was a trigger to remind me of words the Lord Jesus whispered in my ear decades ago…” Never doubt in the darkness, what you have been given in the light”. Thank you for reminding those of us who are blasted out of sleep with that emotional alarm that goes off in our minds that we are unforgiven, unloved and left behind…LIES! We are found forgiven through His grace.
    That spiritual battle is real. He will never leave or deceive us. . . (brushing off the lies on my shoulder now, thank you *Sandy!)

  9. Thank you for this, Aliza, “I’ll hold on like a mad woman to the truth that I am,” and filling a gap in my walk of faith.

  10. Aliza–Never has a blog post spoken more clearly to what is going on in my life at 3 a.m. I feel powerless at 3 a.m. And I wake up at 7 a.m. exhausted instead of refreshed. That is until I realized it was shame talking because Jesus would never wake me up in a panic and speak to me like that. It’s the lies of the enemy of our soul. Thanks for encouraging me to not believe what I feel and hear at 3 a.m.

  11. Aliza,

    We have all been there. The evil one just wants us to feel down & depressed all the time. Believing God doesn’t love us & we messed up yet again. We all need to speak truths into our hearts & minds. That is why scripture memorization is important. We can put on the full armor of God & fight the flaming arrows thrown at us by the evil one! We need to tell the devil to take a hike & leave us alone. We are more than conquerors through the shed blood of Christ. He is so crafty to come at us in those wee hours when we are most vulnerable. He would love nothing more than to devour us & have us turn away from God. We must work extra hard to recognize those lies & speak abundant truths to ourselves!

    Blessings 🙂

  12. I don’t usually leave comments…but today I feel that I need to say thank you for sharing your heart and your words . I have the same battle -and thankfully light always comes and truth always prevails! Thank you for writing!

  13. I have heard it taught that a lot of people die at 3 a.m., doctors have even mentioned it, it has to do with the watches in the Bible, thankfully Jesus is our night watchman on the wall. And your description of shame as a boa constrictor, is very accurate, one of the things we tread on that will in no way hurt you. The enemy would crush the life out of us if he could. Hold onto your dreams and Jesus.

  14. Aliza I see that I am not alone at 3 in the morning! I read your words while tears role down my face. I often wake at 3 am and feel as though I am not enough! I pray then and my prayers are always answered and I too realize so clearly that I am on the right path and I am doing the right things. Thank you for reminding me.

  15. I too, have been waking up in the wee hours, to be restless and mind racing with tear down thoughts. I know it’s the enemy taunting lies in my head, to leave me tired and attempting insecurity within. What I am doing when this happens, is turn on YOUTUBE, find a good prayer video, or worship set and play it… as sooooooon as I hit play, light hits the room WITH GOD’S presence, and the enemy leaves. What a sweet guarentee we have in Him. Kick the devil out de door – lock it and throw away that key! Only God is allowed in the center and crevasses of our minds! Praising God we see His light – even in the midnight hour!

  16. Thank you for sharing your self. It made a difference in my heart when shame and self doubt are knocking on my door tonight.

  17. Aliza, thank you for your words.
    I grew up with tons of self-doubt and low self-esteem. Nothing changed until I accepted Lord Jesus in my mid-twenties. Still, though I know His words and promises, I fall into feeling I am not worthy, not good enough, and many other soundtracks that play in my head. When I have strayed, these thoughts are on repeat in my mind throughout the day.
    I take the time to refresh (become refocused on God) every now and then over a weekend. I need to do that now! Until then, I tell the ‘voice’ in my head that God loves me and THAT is my truth. Through Him, I AM enough!!
    Thank you again for writing about this subject.
    In Him,