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Dorina is an author, speaker, teacher, foodie, and trail runner. She helps people chase God's glory down unexpected trails and flourish in their callings. Her books include Breathing Through Grief, Kailani's Gift and Chasing God's Glory. Dorina and her hubby Shawn are raising three courageous daughters in Central California.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. I’m thankful for every opportunity to invite others into the joy of beholding the glory of God, particularly at this time of year, but I want to do a better job at seizing unscripted, casual opportunities to put turn eyes and hearts toward Him. Thanks for this challenge, Dorina, to keep my eyes open for those on the fringes who need an invitation into the light.

    • I love how you call it “seizing unscripted” opportunities. This is what we have to train our minds and hearts for. I like to say I’m a “glory storyteller.” Merry Christmas, my friend!

  2. Dorina,

    It is time we slow down from the rush of this life & become “manger tramps”. Gaze on the beauty of the Christ child lying in a lowly feeding trough. Knowing He left the splendor of Heaven to come to lowly Earth for us. Think hard on the quick obedience of Mary & Joseph. This world today needs to hear the good news: “Jesus came to rescue the exploited, to revive the weary, to restore the brokenhearted, to reclaim the marginalized and redeem all who believe.” This story needs to be told over & over. I can do it by my actions. Loving people like God would. Helping feed poor, making food for in-laws, making fruit baskets for elderly, lonely neighbor, etc. We need to be like the shepherds & the woman at the well. Dropping our to-do lists & rushing to all our world to spread this news about a savior in Bethlehem. Everyone needs to hear & have a chance at salvation.

    Blessings 🙂

  3. Amen! Lord, let us behold with wonder your glory and beauty in our lives and the world around us. Then let us watch for opportunities and not be afraid to tell what we’ve seen and know about who You are and all You’ve done.
    Thanks, Dorina, for the reminder! ❤️

  4. “‘Behold’ urges us to stop striving and just be held by our Heavenly Father so we can begin to see things from His bigger-picture perspective.” Oh, friend. What a beautiful word about this beautiful word, behold. To be held by the Father. Yes. Needed that today. Thank you for this encouragement. Much love and Merry Christmas to you!

  5. Dorina,
    “Behold,” it really does give a lot of impact. This was special, thank-you for sharing with us.
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,