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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. Teaching the Bible is my happy place, and sometimes I feel “guilty” for taking time away from other responsibilities that seem more pressing in order to prepare. I do appreciate your perspective here, Robin–and the wise enthusiasm of your father-in-law! It IS indeed a privilege to open the Word of God and share the treasure of Truth!

  2. Robin,
    The simple act of changing the phrase from, “I have to,” to “I get to” makes all the difference in the world. One response is given grudgingly and the other, gratefully. Not that we have to say “Yes” to everything, that would be robbing others of their opportunity to share their God given gifts, but when we get the chance to speak, one on one, or in front of a group about the hope that lies within us….I agree with your Father-in-law….that’s a no brainer. If we’re an introvert and would rather die than speak, one thing I’ve learned is that people can argue theology and “religion”, but they can’t argue your personal testimony. They can’t argue your personal story and often it’s the personal stories that pierce someone else’s heart the strongest. So let’s be about telling our stories. Great thoughts and wisdom, Robin!
    Bev xo

    ps. Big thanks to Robin who gave to Redeemer Christian Foundation in honor of our wonderful (in)courage community ((Hugs)) and High 5!!
    We still have a way to go to finish our year strong….if you feel led to donate to the orphans: http://redeemerchristianfoundation.org/donation-detail/

    • “One response is given grudgingly and the other, gratefully.” <-- Well, that expresses my thoughts perfectly. I've applied the "get to" attitude to so many things this year, and it has honestly changed me from the inside out. Such a small shift with monumental results. And you're so right--who can attack what God is doing in my life, in yours? It's just a re-telling of what's already been done (or in process)! Love your thoughts on this.

  3. Robin,

    This post drew me to a Jeff & Sheri Easter song “I Get to”. The song talks about what we had to do like go to church as youngster & help dad. Then flips those ideas to now as an adult. Now I get to to church. Since dad’s heart attack last June I get to help him. I get to say I love you because I almost lost you. Powerful words. If we think of chores like laundry, cooking, working, errands, etc. as wonderful jobs we get to do because we have the ability & means to do it. God has given us so much to be thankful for. We need to spread His light in this sin dark world. We should take every opportunity to spread His word to others. I do it by helping them. I cook for my in-laws, gather food for my neighbor who lost her last living child, send cards,texts or call people to tell them I love them. I feel we must treasure the people & blessings God has given us. We never know when they will be taken away from us.

    P.S. Praying for your in-laws. My mother was bedridden for 2 years with severe dementia. Dad took care of her best he could. We finally called hospice in to help & give dad some rest. She was taken to Heaven a year later. (2009). I understand your heart break of not being closer to help out.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, I can tell you absolutely understand where I’m coming from. Changing our attitudes about so many things is empowering, really. It’s a habit I wish I had understood years ago, a practice which honors the Lord.

      And thank you for your prayers; if you’ve walked this road, you know how difficult it is. ((hugs)) to you for the road you walked before me…. xo

  4. Robin, this was so incredibly helpful. I’m speaking at my church’s Christmas event on Sunday and there’ve been times I’ve wondered if I jumped in too quickly. God has been providing everything I need but always just barely in the nick of time. Your post is confirmation I’m on the right path and I just need to keep going.

    • Pearl,

      How exciting–a “Get To!” opportunity at CHRISTMAS! I suppose God gives us exactly what we need, right when we need it, to help us remain ever-dependent on Him. I’m saying a prayer over your heart and message right now…. 🙂

  5. Robin,

    I love your challenge of perspective. I tend to be a person who overanalyzes everything. I’ve gotten lost by the fact that I lived most of my life in rebellion from God that now I swung the pendulum the complete opposite direction almost paralyzing me sometimes. My heart truly is to please God and bless others and your challenge and reflection on perspective really helped me in my thoughts. I feel more freedom and grace using this thought process.

    Thank you,

    • Oh, Rebecca…your comment is such an encouragement back to me. Thank you. I love how God brings words, ideas, and messages to help us transform. Always through His word, but sometimes by the gifts of others. Freedom and grace are two of the very special gifts He wants us to have, but we have to receive them, ya know? xo

  6. Robi,
    Thank-you for sharing the story of your Father in law with us, he sounds delightful. (My prayers are with him, and your Mother in law).The things that we ‘get’ to do, that we’re chosen to do, should be considered as a gift, and not a burden. Thank-you for reminding us that in all that we do should be done with our heart.
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,

    • Penny,

      Well, (in)friend, you’ve dropped a blessing in my day! I am grateful for your prayers for my sweet in-laws. Every prayer for them is a gift to me, too. xoxo

      Merry Christmas!

  7. Oh, this is such perfect timing for your words of wisdom! I have been praying about a week-long speaking opportunity. I am genuinely trying to figure out if this is God’s will, but I think I may be translating personal inconveniences and offenses into signs from God that simply aren’t. I GET to tell people about God for a whole week! And, really, that is my heart’s passion. What am I waiting for God to say about it?

    • Oh…Jaime…a week?? That gives me a little shudder!! (if I’m being honest here…) That’s a little different than a one-time thing, in that you usually have to make arrangements for others or work or whatever, and requires more work on your end. BUT–if this is your heart’s passion and you’ve been given a week-long opportunity? Girl! YOU GO!! What an incredible “Get To!” opportunity!! (Praying over your words and heart right now, too….)

  8. Robin, I tell you, you always seem to speak the words I didn’t realize were in my heart. Thank you, thank you for this. The “get to” is a philosophy I adopted about 6 years ago (still have to work at it sometimes 🙂 and try to always share with my arts students. We get to come to class. We get to improve our craft. We get to make big mistakes in our big choices. We get to celebrate those mistakes. “We get to” – what a game changer that has been! I’m adding your “I get to speak about Jesus whenever I can…” to my list. Thank God for your father-in-law who encouraged all of us this morning! Praying such a blessed Christmas for you and your family…

    • Cynthia!! We were already “Get To” Sisters and didn’t even know it :). Your sweet words are a precious gift back to me; thank you for taking time to affirm and encourage me. I love how you’ve been modeling this for your students. If they can get this early in life, oh my…what a difference! xo

  9. Robin,
    Thank you so much for sharing! This is a timely word for me! I asked God to help me change my martyr attitude when I get grumpy about having to clean up after my family or the neighborhood kids who come over…or whatever. You have given me the perfect tool. Also, I was asked to teach a Bible study recently. Even though my heart leapt with joy, I said, “I will pray about it. “ Hmmmm. I think I hear the Holy Spirit speaking! Thank you, Sister. Prayers for your sweet family.

    • Oh, Amy…I love perfect God timing! I still have to flip my attitude, remembering I’m GETTING TO DO whatever the thing is, because of something GOOD in my life. It is a quick tool to help us rightly align our thinking :). As with our other (in) sisters who have God opportunities before them, I’m saying a prayer over you this morning, too, as you teach your Bible study…. 🙂

  10. “Pleasing God and blessing others,” quite a simple understanding and direction that came from your sharing Robin, of “I get to” rather than the weight of “I have to”
    Thank you and to all those who replied.
    When my dad was still living, I so enjoyed talking to him, and sharing time with him. Later when he had to go into retirement living, I took care of all his details. One day after visiting him and having simple cup of coffee together which he loved, I was driving back home, when the Lord spoke to my heart saying ” Lynn, I know you can do for your dad, but I want you to love on him and with him, he waits all week for your visit” After that, everything I did for my dad, was not a chore but a ” I get too.” I had lost that treasured wisdom. How I wish my dad was still here now, just to be with again, and visit, and share that happy cup of coffee together.
    I’m thinking this way about our heavenly father now, “we don’t have to spend special time with Him, but we get too.”
    You have opened up a brand new area of joy for me. Something I have been seeking and battling unhappy thoughts about. But now, in everything good, lovely, honorable and just, “l get too be joyful.” This is truly ” The Christmas Spirit”
    And ti enjoy “The One Gift, “Jesus” who really didn’t have to either, but chose to.
    Glad tidings Robin, and all from, in courage.

    • ((Hugs)) Lynn, I see such maturing in your words as you share this glimpse of life and service for your father. That your heart was open to the Lord’s instruction is beautiful, and I’m glad you got to see your offering while your dad was still alive. And wow…you kind of blew my mind thinking about Jesus and His impossible-to-image “Get To!” opportunity. No…He didn’t have to do what He did for us, but He did so willingly, obediently, and joyfully. I can’t even wrap my head around that…..


  11. Wow this’s a timely message for me—I have often said “no problems just opportunities”—now I can add “I get to ……” my pleasure

    Thanks Robin for this Writing because you had the opportunity to share

  12. Sometimes too we don’t need to pray about things as they come up because we have already prayed about it before, sometimes often. This in my mind is ‘being prayed up.’ There are times for prayer and times for answers and times for immediate action or to grab an opportunity before it passes by. Lisa Harper described this in one of her studies about how when asked about adopting her daughter, she didn’t have to pray about it, because she had been praying for a child for years.
    This is a lesson and reminder for all of us in being ready for when God answers those prayers.
    I’m sure many or all of us has prayed for God to give us opportunities to share Jesus Christ and the gospel with others- so when asked if you want to share with others, go ahead, say yes!! This is God’s answer to your prayer! Maybe then the follow up can be a prayer of praise for the blessing of having the opportunity!
    What an awesome and timely message you shared! Thank you 🙂 great reminder!!

    • Jemima,

      You make a great point–many of the opportunities that come our way ARE things we’ve prayed about previously. I hadn’t even thought of that little tidbit. Thank you for pointing out what now seems so obvious :).