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Alia Joy is an author who believes the darkness is illuminated when we grasp each other's hand and walk into the night together. She writes poignantly about her life with bipolar disorder as well as grief, faith, marriage, poverty, race, embodiment, and keeping fluent in the language of hope in...

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  1. Alia Joy,
    Cheering you on!! So many books seem to come from a simplistic, follow these 5 easy steps and you’ll be __________________. (fill in the blank). Writing during your brokenness is truly a broken hallelujah!! It is beautiful praise going up to God and testifying that even in the bleakest moments of mental illness or whatever illness, we can know God’s love, His closeness, His mercy, compassion, and His unending grace. I just wrote a post on embracing suffering (which sounds like an oxymoron or just plain ludicrous). In order to be made into the likeness of Christ, we must share in His suffering. It’s also in the suffering that we get to know God on the most intimate level. It’s crucial in life, at least for me, to let go of self-sufficiency and truly lean into Jesus. Oh how sweet the good days are when laid over top of the darkest of days. The world needs your voice and I will be first in line to buy your book. Way to go!!
    Bev xx

    • Thank you Bev, it is a beautiful paradox indeed. There’s mystery in how misery is redeemed and made into ministry, but God is faithful. Always.

  2. He never ceases to amaze us! What a glorious God we serve! When we are at our weakest, He is there to carry us! He never asks us to do anything that He won’t equip us for! What an amazing , amazing ,sorry, no words in our language to describe Him! Tears of joy flowing,
    I loved your words today! Loved your heart for Him! Thank you! His love and strength is glorified in our weaknesses for then He
    Is always glorified! I love this place all of you have made and come and share it is a beautiful place of peace and love.

  3. Alia, one of my favorite things about your writing is that I can tell you are writing in REAL time–as in, this post did not happen 6 weeks in advance of show time in order to meet an editor’s deadline. That takes a certain amount of faith and freedom that I, apparently, need to grow into.
    Know that I am praying for you in these book launching days ahead.

    • I thought about this the other day because it would be helpful to have some archived posts to share but the vast majority of my writing is so centered and specific to time that they’re not the kind I can post a year later because while the truth remains, the situations are specific. Anyhow, thanks for your prayers. I appreciate them.

  4. Alia, you have such a God-given gift with words. Thank you for sharing your struggles and moments of wonder through your beautiful writing! It touches many other souls 🙂

  5. “The language of hope must be practiced to stay fluent, and the syllables are love”…
    this statement means so much to me. How beautiful ! Thank you for sharing your heart , passion, love for the Lord!

    I am not a writer but I understand going through a tough season. I still am passing through . Without the Lord and love if family and friends it would be so much more difficult . (Is that even a good sentence ? I’m from the Deep South, so it’s just how I speak ♥️)
    I’m looking forward to reading your book.

  6. Alia,
    Your words so often speak the ones that are hidden in my soul. I love your frankness nestled in humility. Preach on, Sister!

  7. Alia, I have a granddaughter that suffers with bi-polar as well. Thank you for writing down your thoughts especially those that include your faith views. God Bless your endeavor.

  8. Thank you for truth that connects with me on a deeper level. You speak the words my heart whispers. You allow God to scoop you up in all your mess and show how he is putting you back together again. Beautiful and soul stirring words!

  9. Alia,

    Lysa Terkeurst says in “It’s Not Supposed to be this Way” that we are living between two garden of Edens. In the messy middle waiting in hopeful expectation for perfection & wholeness.” In this middle part we will have trials & tribulations to go through. But God can & will get us through them in His timing. Writing is difficult but writing while going through chronic illness is tougher still & a blessing to God. It sends the message that we can pull through with God’s love & hope. He is the one giving you the strength to keep on. Thank you for writing about a tough subject many don’t want to acknowledge. You are keeping that conversation on the forefront. Letting us know there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Only with God’s love & hope can we endure. Yes we must practice seeing His beauty & hope by doing what we love. I know this book will be a joy & help to many women going through mental illness. Thank you for writing this important book. I’m rooting for you during this time! Praying for you as you struggle to complete the book & handle you illness.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Alia, You bless me again and again with your words not simply because they are beautiful words (which they are) but even moreso because they have been tested in the fire. As I walk through my own journey of finding hope and strength in daily life, including depression and anxiety and physical illness, I look for guides and companions who have been there themselves and are experiencing the reality of God’s grace right smack in the middle of that place. Thank you for sharing your own journey with such vulnerability and grace. I can’t wait to read your book!

  11. Alia, I am weeping as I read your post. It resonates with every chord in my heart. Truly, we are surrounded by His love, at all times. When we can feel it, and when we can’t.

  12. Thank you for sharing these words with us. I do appreciate your honesty and allowing yourself to be revealed that others will see and find hope in Christ. Your heart has been beautifully touched by the Lord in the midst of depression and that does gives hope to others to find their way to the wholeness that only God can give through His Son Jesus. Blessings to you…

  13. Alia, Your writing is beautiful. You have a REAL talent. As a fellow writer about hope, I am anxious to order and read a copy of your book! You are a gift to us. In the pain, in the triumph, in the dark and in the light. Never forget he sees you. He is the lifter of your head, and a shield around you. You radiate trust in the One who gives power in our weakness. and I can’t wait to cheer for you when you hit bestseller lists and the impact of your book changes lives… one weary soul at a time.

    PS agree on every single level to this: “Goodness, soup should be its very own love language.” : )
    and this: …”God solidified my resolve to see His goodness, to understand it in a way that isn’t shattered by circumstances.” continue to be a hope-bearer! He’s got you in the palm of his hand girl. Enjoy the ride!

  14. So delighted to find you as I began my quest for a simple abundant life in Jesus!! Your words sound like a love song to my heart.
    May God richly bless you as you share your journey!!
    Sue (a fellow bi-polar Who is still becoming)

  15. Here at the prompting of my dear friend, Brad Sargent. We are two who know the struggles of living in deep brokenness and living by baby steps. I resonate with your words and heart…I look forward to reading your book — Brad’s praise is high praise, indeed. Be blessed as you live present in the splendor of our amazing God.