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Tasha is a Korean American melancholy dreamer, wife to Matt, mom to three wild and wonderful humans. She writes about everyday life and cultural and ethnic identity, and writing has always been the way God has led her towards the hope of shalom. Her first book, Tell Me The Dream...

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  1. Oh, Tasha, I did the same thing at the outset of our parenting journey. Finally, I had to stop reading parenting books and magazines for a season just to find my way back to peace.
    The truth is, our kids (or our husbands!) cannot bear the weight of all our hopes, and even our “train up a child” mentality is so dangerous, because it puts the focus on our ability to control outcomes — a myth!
    Thank you for pointing the way to courage via acknowledging our fear and then handing it over to God.

  2. Tasha,
    I thought parenting was one more “thing”, that if I put my mind and best effort toward it, everything would turn out well. I had been successful at many “projects” up until then so parenting shouldn’t be any different, right? WRONG! Parenting has been THE most humbling experience. Nothing has left me feeling more out of control, vulnerable, doubtful, fearful, panic stricken, and flat out scared. It’s also been the source of some of my greatest joy. Parenting has brought me to my knees more than anything else I’ve ever experienced. Nothing has made me realize more, just how much I need Jesus and His grace for my shortcomings, and God for His strength and wisdom. Nothing has made me pray, “Less of me and more of You, Lord,” more than being a mother. Parenting and life in general IS for the faint of heart and Jesus is right there for us, through it all, to lean into and depend upon. I would not have made it all these years had I not learned to rely and depend totally on the Lord. He is my salvation and my strength. Great words you’ve given us, Tasha. L O V E your tweet!
    Bev xx

    ps. Thank you for the prayers you’ve kindly offered up for my children and me….

    • Amen, Bev. Yes, I see it all to be so true, and yet find myself still living in thick of it, learning and re-learning. I am glad you are here and thankful that you invite us to pray and trust Jesus with you.

  3. Thank you Tasha! I’ve birthed three children and my eldest is officially a tween turning into a teenager later this year and Oh Boy we are in for a ride. For all the books, schedules, blogs, sleep programs etc I learnt that it would all be Ok, that I could not and still cannot control the outcome…I need Jesus and a whole lot of grace for my mistakes as a Mum. I need Jesus and God to go to with prayers, worries and tears. Parenthood has been a wild ride from the miracle of giving birth and everything afterwards. Even though my children drive me nuts at times, don’t listen, are frustrating I would drop everything in a heartbeat if they were hurt or needed me. They have brought the most joy I have had in this life and are a true blessing, there’s no way I could survive the rollercoaster without having Jesus and our Father to go too!!

    • We still have so many new things to learn and new seasons ahead. I am grateful for those like you, who walk ahead in this journey and share honestly about your own dependence on Jesus. That’s a gift.

  4. Tahsa,

    Life in the messy middle between two Edens is hard. The world offers advice & do it yourself ideas to try. Trouble is life isn’t one big project to tackle & finish, We can’t regulate all of life’s problems. Some of us think we have all the answers, like Peter. In the end we don’t have a clue as to how to hold it all together. We are here to love each other unconditionally. Sure we can read all those self-help books & try to model others, but that isn’t what God is looking for. He wants humble people admitting their faults & running to His outstretched arms for help. Raising children these days is super hard. The devil has so many distractions to entice & lure them. I admit I can’t do this life alone. “Raising/dealing” with aging parents, my new job all that scares me. Thankful Jesus’s outstretched arms were there to hold me & guide me on this journey.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. Parenting is what I believe the Lord is using to shape and form me. I have 3 beautiful kids 21, 16, and 14. My middle son having special needs and my last son having some learning disabilities. I think I’ve cried and prayed than anything while parenting. One thing that’s for sure, I don’t mind telling the Lord how much I need Him, can’t do anything and will not make it without Him. The struggle is REAL but so is my God!

    • I bet you have a lot of stories. Thanks for sharing a bit here. I am the same when it comes to those tears, and can’t imagine my own kids at the ages of yours.

  6. Tasha, I needed this post so much! I am a mom of four. One is in college and two are teens. I am finding this season both wonderful and terrifying. I am realizing that my worth as a person has been very much tied up in my performance as a mom. That means I have been inadvertently putting pressure on my kids to perform as well That’s damaging to them and our relationship. And now I have these almost adults who are making decisions on their own…and it’s so scary! I need to risk believing God that HE has them in His hands. No matter what. And He has Me, too. And it’s all good. Because He is good. Love from your fellow faint hearted sister.

    • Amy, thank you for letting me know that. I imagine that the temptation to tie our performance as moms and as women in general will always come and go. It’s been that way for me. I am grateful for the moments when God allows me to see that I am doing that and gives me another way. He loves our kids, and he also loves us so very much! I am so glad to know it’s not just me.

  7. “Stacks of well-meaning books”. Boy, do I remember that season when I held my newborn in my arms, reading desperately from those parenting books. I was so distraught because they contradicted themselves more than agreed as to the “best way” to raise my precious, fragile daughter. I wanted to get it “right” and not mess her up for life! I finally threw out the books and gave her over to Jesus. He reminded me that He made her so He loves her more than I do and will never abandon her. He will make sure His plans for her come to fruition. She is about to turn fifteen. He has been more than faithful to fulfill His promises for both of us.

    • Thanks, Keri. Yes, he is so faithful to us and to our kids, isn’t he? I need all the reminders though. I forget so often. I am grateful for books, and use them, but I am becoming more used to turning to Jesus first instead. I still need the reminders all the time. He loves our kids and he loves us mamas, too.

  8. Parenting is such a blessing, and yet one of the most challenging things I’ve done. The day I went to the hospital to have my first born, I felt safer locked in the bathroom until the nurses called my husband to come and coax me out. I am so humbly grateful for God guiding me through the years and helping me overcome fear to face the challenges head on, with trusting the Lord to be my stronghold.
    Thank-you for the sharing with us Tasha and for reminding us, that although we might be afraid we can always trust the Lord to help see us through.
    Set my feet upon a rock making my steps secure.
    Psalm 40:1-3
    I hope that you all have a blessed day,

    • Penny, I can relate to that feeling of fear in the first moments of becoming a mom. I didn’t lock myself in the bathroom, but did similar things. 🙂 Thank you for your words and for that scripture reminder. I take a lot of refuge in God as my solid rock. He loves us so much, doesn’t he? Grateful you are here.

  9. Thank you for the reminder of letting God lead our children’s lives. He is so loving, able and compassionate for us and wants what is best for us as any father would. I invite you to join me in praying for our children and letting God take control of their lives… I recently found an international organization Moms In Prayer who pray for their children using scripture and praying under one accord. Check out their website for more information. The Holy Spirit led me to find this group and I am leading a small group in my town. http://www.momsinprayer.org. A few moms in my area gather each week and we pray for our children. It is a great way to get into God’s word more and let Him do His will in our children’s lives.

    • Thanks, Amy. How wonderful to have a tangible group of women who can pray together and remind each other what’s true, when it comes to parenting.

  10. “Courage is for all of us who admit how scared we are and put our flailing selves into the ever-outstretched hands of Jesus.” Beautiful, friend. Yes and amen.