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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. These words are well-timed for me, Karina, for my response to the unexpected always takes me by surprise. Here I am, a “catechized” woman with deep roots in a theological tradition that exalts the sovereignty of God . . . and the minute He chooses to deviate from MY plan, I become a functional atheist (or, at best, a prosperity gospel advocate!).
    Trusting that healing will continue to flood your heart as you live your way past the hurt and toward His grace and truth.

    • I get it Michele! Thank you for Your encouragement!

      Father, You are highly exalted! You are sovereign and good, holy and loving. I pray that You would continue to build an unwavering faith in Michele. Keep her eyes fixed on You, regardless of what’s happening to the right or the left. Keep her feet on the path of Your sure foundation.
      In Jesus’ Name.

    • Why do I say I will follow God’s way, and then try it on my own? It seems so many of us do this. I remember Catherine Marshall, wife of Peter Marshall, the Senate’s chaplain, who struggled with an illness that put her in bed for a year. Finally she stopped with “normal” praying, and surrendered everything to God. She began healing.

      Are we not surrendering as God wants us to…I do get stronger, as I struggle against the adversary with the prayer of protection. But it’s an on going thing, never stopping as other forces try to take over. God is our ALL in everything and that means we are to follow Christ, our Savior, who set an example for us. We would like everything to clear up immediately, but that isn’t God’s way. Yet he is with us always. He loves us unconditionally. His Spirit is within us. He is our joy, our hope, our salvation and future.

  2. I am in direct sales, and I’m usually very successful. In January, I earned a huge award that I worked very hard for, for almost a year. Since then, I’ve struggled to work. The joy is not there and there have been many disappointments. I know God is with me, but feel like I’m on my own. Trying to get it together, knowing I need to, but just can’t.

    • Monica, thank you for sharing. That is hard. I struggle in my day job. It’s not my passion.

      Jesus, You are with Monica in every season, in every step. Would you tangibly show her every place in her job where You are moving? Overwhelm her with Your perfect peace. Give her glimpses of Your purposes and Your timing. May she find her hope and satisfaction in You alone. Fill her to overflow with Your joy! Open doors of opportunity to share Your love and kindness with those around her.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  3. Karina,
    Sometimes when we’re in a mess and things appear tangled and confused, I need to stop everything and go back to the Basics. Faith 101. I needed your post today. 1. God is good. 2. God is sovereign 3. God will never leave nor forsake me. God’s got this and He knows what He is doing even if I don’t “get it”. He IS a good, good Father and has my best in mind – even if circumstances around me don’t point to that conclusion. I could always use prayers for my adult children and for patience and perseverance with continuing health struggles. Lifting you in prayer, right now, Karina that God would wrap His arms of love and comfort around you and reassure you of His presence and that He is at work in your life.
    Bev xx

    • Thank you Bev!

      Papa, You are a good Father to Your children. You have purpose for us, even in the times we can’t see or don’t understand. Continue to build up faith and trust in Bev that is unshakable by her circumstances or by others’ circumstances. You are the One who is steadfast. May she lean into Your presence…who is the same yesterday, today and forever. Give her peace that You are at work in her children’s lives. They are held in your hands.
      I curse every disease in Bev’s body. I curse all cellular memory. I curse all trauma. I speak perfect health and wholeness to her body. I say work the way God designed you to work.
      In Jesus’ Name.

      • Karina praying for Gods hands to envelope you, for in his hands nothing can harm you and all pain is taken away. Lean into Him our Father, Our Creator in Him who works all circumstances out for our good. May you feel his healing, his love and have discernment for His plans for you. Thank you Jesus!! In your beloved name, I ask these things, Amen.

    • Bev,
      Still thinking of you and praying that all will be well.
      I hope that you have a blessed day,

    • Bev,

      Continued prayers for all items. How did the doctor visits go? Are you feeling more energy yet? I will keep praying for all concerns!


    • Bev praying for your children to move near and with the Lord. God also please cover your child here in your healing and take Bevs pain away and bring her health up to par and consistent so she may continue your work on this earth. I am so grateful for her. InJesus name I ask these things, Amen

  4. I am in a very rough season and valley. When you see your child not being able to sleep without having a seizure for the past year and a half, and you know God could heal without a doubt if He wanted to and doesn’t, it hurts and takes you though so many emotions. I’m struggling badly with doubt, trust, and sadness. At this point I don’t know what to ask the Lord for. It’s easy to say you trust God but the true test comes when you’ve prayed, prayed, and prayed some more and He doesn’t respond. I pray that my faith will not fail.

    • Thank you Arnesia for sharing! I’m so sorry!

      Father, you are with us on the mountaintops and in the valleys. Would You tangibly reveal Your presence to Arnesia today? Remind her of EVERY time You have proven Yourself to be faithful and true to Your Word in her life. May she draw on that deep well. Fill her and her child with Your perfect peace.
      I speak to her child’s body right now. I curse all trauma in their body. I curse all cellular memory. I break off all sickness and disease. I speak to their body. I speak healing and wholeness, strength and long life. God, show them how much You love them through this healing. Move in power Holy Spirit!
      In Jesus’ Name!

    • Amesia,
      I am deeply sorry for what you are going through. It’s hard to feel helpless as you watch your child suffer but with God to help see us through, we’re not. I pray for your child, and that your trust and hope strengthens.
      Psalm 13:3
      On the day I called you answered me: you increased strength within me.
      i hope that your day is blessed,

    • Arnesia,

      Sweet Sister I am praying for you & your child. It is alright to doubt & wrestle with God. He understands. May He reveal Himself to you today in ways you never thought.


      We know you are with Arnesia & her child. Show her your presence in surprising ways. Help her to have more faith & trust you completely. Bring some lasting peace & comfort to their weary souls. Jesus bring healing to the child. Allow the child to not have so many seizures. Help doctors diagnose the problem. Mostly just show up in their lives & work a miracle. Help them to draw from the deep deep well of living water you have. In Jesus Name


      Blessings 🙂

      • Arnesia,

        I’m sorry things are so tough right now. I stand along side you as a Momma and I’m praying for you.
        One thing I’ve learned through my own tough seasons is sometimes, our worst circumstances become our best offerings to God. Yes, every day – in the thick of it and in the loneliness of the long, sleepless nights. I pray that He is your strength when you are weak and for peace that passes your circumstances and understanding. God loves your baby, please hang on to that truth when the stuff of earth (sufferings) hurts.

        With you,

  5. Thanks Karina for this beautiful devotional this morning. I really needed it. I’m asking for prayers for my marriage, & the uncertain direction that it’s heading. Thanks & be Blessed always.

    • Graham,
      I am sorry for what you are going through. During this time of uncertainty, I pray that each day your strength is renewed.
      i hope that your day is blessed,

    • Thank you for sharing Graham!

      Father, You are the giver of every good gift. Your gift is peace. It’s love. It’s wholeness. You give it all freely, regardless of our circumstances. You are always at work even when we don’t see it. May she grow her trust that You work all things out for her good. Bring clarity, wisdom and direction in her marriage. Change their hearts. Fill them with love for You and each other. Direct their steps to the center of Your Will.
      In Jesus’ Name.

    • Lord please work in Graham’s marriage with his wife. Bless them both and guide them both according to your will. In Jesus’ name I ask these things, Amen

  6. For the past 15 years or so, I feel like it’s been one thing after the other in my life. Betrayal, sickness, sadness, death. I’ve prayed every day since I was a child, and yet for the past three months, I haven’t been able to. I can’t find the words anymore. Mostly because I feel like a broken record, always asking for the same things… and therefore, I don’t ask, or dream anymore. I’ve lost my joy, that joy that used to come so easily. The part of me that always saw the glass half full instead of half empty. I’ve been trying to find it again… prayers would be nice. Thank you, this was really beautiful…

    • Thank you Laura! That sounds really hard, but God can handle hard.

      Father, You have heard the cries of Laura’s heart. You’ve seen every fallen tear. You actually hold on to them. I pray for Your perfect peace to overwhelm her. Fill her with a joy that goes beyond circumstances. Jesus, You are her joy. Your joy is her strength. May she learn to just sit in Your presence and allow the Holy Spirit to intercede on her behalf. Teach her how to mourn well and be comforted by You. You are with her. Show her Your manifest presence today.
      In Jesus’ Name.

    • God can I please lift Laura up to you in prayer. Show her your listening, open her eyes to your blessings, to you. Show her the threads or footprints you have left over her life. Let her connect with you again, she sounds like she is hurting God, Father bring her your peace, let her feel your presence if she cannot feel it. For you said you will never leave us nor forsake us. I ask these things in my saviour, Jesus’ name, Amen.

  7. Wow! Your message was exactly what I needed this morning. Like you, 2018 was not the best year for me. My father was diagnosed with brain cancer and died three months later. He was truly my rock, so it’s a loss that I feel deeply every day. I realized that it was time to get out of the relationship with my daughter’s father who was mentally/emotionally/verbally abusive. Also like you, I had hoped that 2091 would be a fresh start, but the court battles with my daughter’s father continue. I’m longing for a sense of peace and hope for the future.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for sharing! I am so sorry for your loss.

      Holy Spirit, You are the ultimate comforter. Overwhelm Elizabeth with Your comfort and perfect peace. Let Your unending joy be her strength. Show her Your love in tangible ways today. Give her favor, direction, wisdom and clarity in Your plans for her and her daughter.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  8. Karina,

    Thank you for this very timely reminder that the Lord is good and trustworthy. I’m struggling with despair in the wait. The wait for healing and redemption in my marriage. And the wait for my own healing and redemption of many lost years of physical dysfunction.

    • Rebecca, thank you for sharing!

      Father, You are the redeemer of every lost and broken thing. Nothing in Rebecca’s life comes as a surprise to You. Restore what the locusts have eaten and the enemy has stolen. You do so much work in the waiting. Do a deep work in her heart and spirit as she waits. Give her glimpses of hope and expectation. May she find rest and joy in Your love alone. You are good and faithful. You won’t ever leave or forsake Rebecca. Build her trust and faith in You!
      In Jesus’ Name.

  9. Thank you for this post, I am going back to basics too. 2018 will go down as one of the worse years in my 63 years. My younger sister passed after a struggle with liver damage for many years and then 5 months later my oldest sister died due to lung cancer. Also, I lost my home to foreclosure a year earlier (2017 2nd worse year). Every time I think I am almost at the end of the storm, another hurricane hits. Thank you again for this because I know the God I serve, but every now and then, a reminder like your post helps strengthen me.

    • June, i am so sorry for your losses.

      May the God of all comfort overwhelm you with His perfect peace. Father, show June tangibly Your love and comfort. Surround her with loving arms of people who will walk with her in the midst of the storm. Remind her that You are with her and that You have good in store for her. May she persevere and hold onto hope…Jesus.
      in You Mighty Name.

  10. Hi Karina, I am hoping 2019 is a wonderful year for you and that God helps to lift things from your situation and replace with new.

    I pray a lot without answer to be a wife and Mother, have a family. It’s hard to think that it is not continually answered to what seems a God-glorifying prayer with a desire that doesn’t go away. Yet, God is good.

    • Louise, thank you for sharing! He is good!

      Father, Your ways are not our ways. I pray that Louise would spend time in Your presence and tune her ear to hear Your voice. Remind her of Your perfect timing. Give her peace and fill her with hope and expectation. She is Yours and You care about every desire of her heart. Help her to find contentment in the waiting. May it not be wasted time.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  11. Karina,
    I’m sorry for the hardships that you have endured, and pray that they get better.. As my heart mends my hope remains in the unseen.
    I hope that your day is blessed,

  12. Asking for prayers to heal this grief of mine I have been struggling with for over a year now. Loss of someone you care about is I am learning is the most toughest thing I had ever had to do. Especially when I felt it is not time yet for them to leave. She was my partner in crime, my encourager and most of all my best friend. This void is hard to bear and at times, I feel like I am doing well and then as I turn a corner, memories sneak out and there I am right back to that day of her passing. As much as I try to stay positive and am thankful for all the decades of having her in my life, I am sadden at the thought of never having her for any future events. I know this grief will never ends and it will soften over the years. My heart just have bad days more so than good days to accept this. Missing you immensely Zer Cha and knowing you are saving me a seat…

    • Hi Maylee – I am so sorry you are hurting and for the emptiness you are feeling. I pray God fills this void with His perfect love and for you to smile again and have sweet peace knowing you will see your friend again. I know loss is hard and we don’t understand a lot of times but I do know that when we go through our hardships our knowledge and experience can be used to minister to others. I know you’re hurting sweet friend but I pray God brings you peace and comfort quickly and that you feel Hos presence as I write to you. Sweet dreams and remember you are greatly loved!

    • Maylee, i am so sorry for your loss.

      Jesus, you are near to the brokenhearted. Be near to Maylee. Be tangibly near to her. Surround her with Your comfort, peace and joy. Surround her with sweet community to uphold her. Your joy is her strength. May she look to You at every turn.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  13. Thank you for this encouraging message. I would like to ask for relationship prayers for healing within my marriage; with my children; my extended family and within my church community. Thank you and God bless.

    • Cathy, I get it. Relationships. They are so complex.

      Father, Your desire is that none of us do life alone. You desire us to live in family. Bring Cathy healing and wisdom and direction. Mend every broken place. Do a deep work in her heart and the hearts of those around her.
      In Jesus’ Name

  14. Thank you for this beautiful post. I have been struggling with an eating disorder and the anxiety connected to it for some years now and things have gotten better the past year or 2. Recently I have really been praying for complete freedom and I just gained this peace. But now this past few months suddenly everything just collapsed again and I am really struggling with bad old habits and perspectives that that I thought I gained victory over already. So I just want to ask for prayer to remember God’s promises, to persevere in doing what is good and for new perspectives and complete healing.

    • Thank you for sharing Barbara!

      Jesus, you break every chain by the power in Your name. I curse every lie in Barbara’s life. I curse every plan of the enemy to derail her from her destiny. I break off anxiety in her life. I speak to her body, by Your power and love, to be whole and healed. I speak strength and more strength to your mind, body, soul and spirit. May she walk in the victory and freedom that You paid for on the Cross. Remind her of every promise you have for her. Give her glimpses of hope and purpose.
      In Jesus’ Name

  15. Karina,

    Your message was so timely. For over 2 years, life has been a financial and emotional struggle. Rough and unpredictable. I have tried not to lose hope, faith, but in reality, I’m broken and wounded, full of anxiety, exhausted on every level. I still know God is good. Trying to hold onto that one day at a time.

    Peace and blessings to you!

    P.S. To all of you who have shared your pain and heartbreak, I read what you wrote and felt kindred spirits. I pray that God gives you beauty for ashes on your journey.

    • Thank you Tonya for sharing!

      God, You are Tonya’s good Father. You are faithful beyond measure. You will never leave her or forsake her. You see every need and You long to meet each one in abundance. Keep her gaze and her heart fixed on You. You are her perfect peace. May she live from that place of rest despite her circumstances. I break off every lie from the enemy. I break off all anxiety. I say peace, be still in her mind, soul and spirit. She is loved by You and You have good awaiting her.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  16. My daughters will recommit their lives to Jesus. I have been praying this petition for several years. My heart breaks over some of their life choices, however, He knows them and He knows me.

    He knew I needed this encouraging words today.

    God bless you, sweet sister.
    Pamela Bodden

    • Thank you for sharing Pam!

      Father, Pamela’s daughters are Yours. You paid a high price for them to be in relationship with You. Remind her that You are at work in their lives. You are moving even when she can’t see it. May she trust in Your timing. It is always perfect and Your ways are always holy.
      In Jesus’ Name

  17. Karina,
    I was just having some of the same thoughts, except I am finding a bit of relief being able to say “last year” instead of “this year.” The pain of my miscarriage will never leave me but your words are encouraging. Looking back I can see God’s hand at work throughout the whole process, which proves nothing takes him by surprise. Pain doesn’t mean God has dropped the ball. Hearing that He is always with us is also a great comfort today.

    Thank you. I just prayed for your light to be closer and for the peace which surpasses all understanding to overwhelm you.


    • Thank you Lindsey for sharing! I am so sorry for your loss.

      Father, Comforter, Healer, Restorer…come and move in Lindsey’s heart as only You can do. Do a deep and lasting work. May she look to You to satisfy every desire and heal every hurt. It is Your delight to do so. There is always a good that You want to bring out of our pain and suffering. May she lean on You and let Your goodness overflow. You are her peace and refuge.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  18. Karina,

    We had a God event at church. One young lady has been prayed over for a while. She has strayed from the faith & walked the crooked path. Her grandmother has talked to her & continued to pray for her several times daily. Yesterday she came up & rededicated her life to Christ. It just shows you to keep on praying no matter how long the situation has been going.

    We are living in the messy middle between two Garden of Edens. As Lysa Terkeurst says in It Isn’t Supposed to be This Way: “God doesn’t expect us to h and this situation He want us to hand it over to Him. ” “God allows trial to strengthen us.” “God uses the worst parts of our lives to mold us.” Each trial is useful for molding us into the likeness of Christ. We must always remember that God is with us in each part of our journey. Every trial is no surprise to Him, but a way perhaps to get our attention & move our focus back to Him. Like you said: “God’s desire is for us to dwell in His presence, to encounter His love, and to live as His beloved.” He wants our full attention & devotion. Keep on praying for your situation. God will answer in His perfect timing.

    Blessings 🙂

  19. “His desire is for us to dwell in His presence, to encounter His love, and to live as His beloved.” Amen and amen! Thank you for these words and for pointing us to the Word made flesh you still dwells in us. Emmanuel. Every step of the way. Yes. Praying for you, dear Karina. xx

  20. Karina, Thank you so much for this blog post today! I almost read it before I left for work this morning, but was running behind so waited for this evening. A dear friend used to say, “But, God…”. It was a God thing for me to wait. In October I had a 3D mammogram that was clear. In January I found a lump in my breast. Long story short, it was malignant. Last Tuesday I had a lumpectomy and the check of the margin around the tumor and the sentinel node showed negative, so it appeared the tumor had not spread. I had my followup appointment today to have some staples removed and my doctor said the pathology had come back and it didn’t show what he had hoped. It turned out the margin was clean, but the sentinel node had not just a microscopic amount but the tumor was moving outside of it. Next week I will learn whether I need a second surgery (he wanted to visit with some other doctors). In December 2018 I felt God was showing me I was going to need to walk closely with Him. He put Isaiah 30:21 on my heart, “Your ear will hear a word, ‘this is the way, walk in it’ when you turn to the right hand or to the left”. Two days later the word “Listen” kept coming to my heart. I thought, I don’t know what’s going to happen, but I trust you Lord. A week after I had my biopsy I was driving home from work when the thought, “This is not for you to worry about, This is for Me to handle, just grab hold and hang on.” Isn’t it amazing how He reminded me of this tonight after learning today that the journey is probably going to be longer than I expected?! Thank you for being God’s breath of fresh words to me today. I am going to add you to my prayer list for Him to be such a blessing for you as He has for me! “Father, thank you for Karina, and her obeying Your voice even in the midst of her own trials. Bless her as mightily as she has us! In Jesus precious and Holy Name I ask this. Hallelujah! Praise You! Amen”.

    • Bless you Betty, in Jesus name may you be healed and I pray that God gives you peace beyond all understanding throughout the process, amen.

    • Thank you Betty for sharing!

      Father, bu Your power and love, I curse every trace of Cancer in Betty’s body. I curse all trauma and all cellular memory. I speak to her body to work the way You designed it…NO cancer. I speak healing, strength and restoration. Redeem everything that the enemy has stolen a hundred fold. Be her peace and rock and comfort. She is Your beloved and You have purpose for her.
      In Jesus’ Name.

  21. Absolutley loved this. Nothing is more true. Thank You Lord for speaking thru Karina. Thank you Karina for sharing. May God continue to bless you and shine thru you!

  22. I was actually going to go on instagram but I felt God nudge me here.. thank you Karina for your wonderful and gentle way with words! Please pray for me to have a husband and children. I’ve been praying (as I felt led) for 21 years now. I think my window is still open but I pray he moves quickly 😉 thank you and bless you! I do pray this year turns around in a marvellous way for you, key word marvellous!!

    • Thank you Agnes!

      Holy Spirit, move in power in Agnes’ life. Do what only You can do. Make a way where there seems to be no way. May she trust You even when she can’t see You moving. You’re faithful!
      In Jesus’ Name.

  23. Karina, can I ask for God’s presence and closeness again. I need his help, guidance and I want to feel his closeness again. We need financial help and I need motivation and focus to finish this report. I want to partner with God in his miracles in his work in my life!

    Thank you!

    • Thank you Jas for sharing!

      Father, You are as close as the whisper of Your name. Would you tangibly reveal Your presence and nearness to Jas? She wants You. May she ever only want only You. You are her source. You see every need and desire to meet them. Open the windows of Heaven and reign down provision like never before. Show her where her natural meets Your supernatural. Give her wisdom, direction and focus to accomplish all that You’ve called her to. You are the faithful One!
      In Jesus’ Name.

  24. Hopelessness and disappointment: I have been actively looking for a job in my career field for several months, I have a great resume and education background. Unfortunately, while I’ve applied for many jobs and been on interviews, I just keep getting rejected. I know that I would be an asset to anyone that would hire me and I don’t understand why it isn’t happening sooner and I have prayed about it. Not have a job greatly affects the rest of my life and some days are easier than others and some days I just feel like my life has no purpose or meaning and like I’m just adrift and I think this can’t be what God wants for me. Please pray for me. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing Kimberly!

      Father, I curse every lie from the enemy that is being spoken over Kimberly. I break off every spirit of hopelessness and disappointment. You are her source. You are her satisfaction. You are her hope. I pray You would open doors of divine appointment at the right time and in the right place. Cultivate an unwavering faith in Your work even when she can’t see it. She is Your beloved and You have good awaiting her. You are perfect peace. May she lean into Your rest and direction. Bring clarity and vision. Prepare her in the waiting. Anchor her to Your steadfast love.
      In Jesus’ Name.

      • Hi Karina,

        Thank you so much!! I’ve read your words over several times and they mean a lot to me. I don’t think anyone has ever prayed for me like this . . . at least not that I’ve read or know of.

  25. Thank you for your beautiful message today! It is a wonderful reminder that He is always there, always! I know this, no matter what the world tries to tell me! Please pray for my son, we haven’t heard from him since Thanksgiving. Not sure where he is. I know he is in Gods hands and that is enough for now. It has to be! Gods Grace is sufficient for me, in good times and in trying times. My son has been having a hard time since returning from his last deployment. He has grown further from us since his wife left. Please just pray for him, God knows and I’m just doing my best to leave it at the Cross since I have no clue as to even where to begin to look for him? Just pray for him and for the family as we are all very sad with his disappearance. I will pray for others in need and hope that they just know He is always listening and with us. Blessings to all of you,

    • Linda, that is SO hard!

      Father, You see every hard place in Linda’s life. I pray You would exchange every heavy burden for Your light one. It is Your delight to do so! Her son is Yours. You hold every breath and know every hair on his head. You have such good awaiting him. Give him glimpses of hope and Your love for him. I break every lie from the enemy that is occupying his mind. I curse all trauma in his body and in his mind. I bless his mind with the peace of Christ. Overwhelm him with Your love and grace. I call him home in Jesus’ Name. Amen! Fill this family Your joy. Let it be their strength. You are their refuge. You are their salvation. You are their rescuer. Holy Spirit, come and do what only You can do!
      In Jesus’ Name.