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Nicole, along with her husband and two children, has traded the sweet iced tea of her Georgia home for the hot milk tea of South Asia. She is a writer whose work has appeared in places like CT Women, Relevant, SheLoves Magazine, and The Mudroom. She is a member of...

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  1. Oh, Nicole, it’s so good to know that you were surrounded by such caring and practical love during that heart-rending season. And now, as you return once again, may the re-telling of this story give you a fierce hope that you will once again be upheld by the unbreakable bonds of friendship and God’s inescapable love.

    • Oh, we need these reminders so often, don’t we? I forget how much we need each other. How much God allows us to be the hands that bring the healing only Jesus can give. Thank you.

  2. Thank you.

    I have been coming to South East Asia during summer months for 10 years and still as an inner-city missionary pastor and up until a year ago thought I would continue bridging it all. This past year began the “big” transition at 61. My mother passed 16 months ago from Alzhiemers. I am here now on a longterm lease getting all documents together but one last move. I will know next month. Let go fully of the church I started and start again or still participate? I miss my mother – holding her warm-welcoming hand. I am aching for community but was aching for it before. The ache is just deeper. I miss my family. When i talk on the phone to friends or family I can almost forget I am here until we hang up. I check through the day for emails when I dreaded them before. Your story was comforting – a gift from God saying “I know.”

    Thank you for the “I know.”

    • Oh, this makes my heart happy. I love these moments of connection, of “me too” when God shows us that He sees us. I am praying that you feel such peace at that presence and guidance for what is ahead.

    • Oh, this makes my heart happy. I love these moments of connection, of “me too” when God shows us that He sees us. I am praying that you feel such peace at that presence and guidance for what is ahead.

  3. What a beautiful reminder of God’s love for us. His love is constant and unchanging. Hearing your story of friendship and how distance can never separates us is so very true. I know my bestie is with the Lord now and I can hardly wait to see her one day. I write her letters and even email her as if she was still here. All of these things helps me to cope with the truth of knowing that she will never answer me or no longer will I hear her voice. And in a sense it helps me in this healing process of grief. I am looking forward to the day when I can see her again and I am hoping she will be right there in the front holding a sign welcoming me home. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Oh, what bonds our sisters in Christ give us that cannot be broken. I am so glad you knew this and pray God will give you healing as well as the ability to pour into others with this kind of love.

  4. Nicole,

    Jesus commands to care for one another. Hebrews 10: 24 And let us watch out for one another to provoke love and good works. Jesus modeled compassion & caring for us. Following His model I care for people. God gave me the gift of encouragement & love. It looks different in each situation. For my aging parents I gave up a good job & helped them through their medical issues. Even took time to cook some for them. Now I cook for my aging in-laws & call them often to see how they are doing. I visited them several times in hospital & updated the family. Several times I get food together for my elderly neighbor living alone. I call, text or email friends & get a few gifts now & then. These are just a few ways I show God’s love to people in my sphere. It is so easy to show love & caring for others. So great that you had a good friend who help model Christ’s friendship.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Beth, it is wonderful that you show love in these practical ways. You’re right – it’s simple to show love. But I am not sure it’s so easy, rather it is easy to get caught up in the daily things of life instead. It sounds like you have a wonderful gift of hospitality and much to teach others. I am in a season of wanting to lay down some things for family as well. I am clinging to Jesus’ model as well. Life is truly about the relationships that flow out of our love for God as we follow him. Grace and peace to you and those you care for!