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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. I am scheduled for total hip replacement surgery on Monday but irregular EKG prompted an echocardiogram which I don’t have results of yet. Pray for peace please! Jesus is in control!

    • Dear Lord, please bless Jan with the results she needs from her echocardiogram. Thank you for doctors who order tests when red flags pop up! Please bless Jan while she heals from her surgery. In Jesus’ name I ask this. Amen

      Jan, I’ve had both hips replaced. It’s a long road, but I’m thankful I did it. I walk 3 to 5 miles a day and I’m mainly pain free now. May you be blessed in your recovery.

    • Praying that all is normal and the surgery will go as planned. May God guide the hands of the surgeon, the staff and all involved. May your recovery be quick and amaze the doctors so that God receives all the glory! (I have an Appt with a hip doctor on June 4 for a diagnosis.)

    • Father, You are the ultimate Healer. We trust in You even when we can’t see the outcome and even when we don’t feel Your movement. You’re always at work. You’re faithful! Immerse Jan with Your peace and healing!!! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

      • God is in control i have to wait on his time which is hard to do it seems the more i pray he is silent pray I don’t stop praying my family is so broken just lost my beloved fur baby suddenly . I want to be happy again. I have a wonderful church that i attend. But me ? I want prayers answered the way i want. This is not god’s way, I know this.love to all❤️ DaySpring is a special place i love to post and read replys.

    • Jan,

      Thank you Jesus for hearing these prayers for Jan. Help the EKG to be normal & allow the surgery to go as planned. Please put your hands on the surgeons as they give her a hip replacement. Bring healing & peace to her body & soul.

      Blessings 🙂

    • Jan you go girlfriend i need a hip also i m not brave enough yet trying to loose weight maybe the hip will not hurt as much. Prayers to you Hip replacement is tough knees are worse ,i hear. GOD IS IN CONTROL 1-PETER5-7

  2. Thank you for this reminder. I have Sicatica pain in my right leg. Have been to physical therapy, dry needling, spinal decompression etc., and still a lot of pain. Your prayers would be appreciated, and I will work on the praying and being grateful for the things that don’t have pain. Thank you.

    • Lord help Karen in her journey toward complete healing. Give her stamina, patience, your mercy and encouraging, clear guidance from wise doctors! In Jesus’ name.

    • Holy Spirit, You dwell within us. Your power dwells within us. You love Karen and You have good plans for her. I speak to every nerve in her body and say be released. All pain leave. Healing come! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  3. Very insightful & encouraging. God bless you & put His Healing hand on you. PLease lift a prayer for my family members needing healing

    • Father, You know every need in Monica’s family. Bring healing, wholeness and restoration in every area. You’re good! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  4. Karina,
    I can relate to Paul when He asks the Lord to remove the thorn in his side and the Lord does not remove it. Instead He tells Paul that His grace is sufficient for Him. I know that God has allowed me to have some chronic, ongoing pain. It keeps me humble. It keeps me running into His loving arms and totally relying upon Him. Though, initially, that wasn’t the answer I wanted, it has been the catalyst for deepening my faith and trust in God. I’ve grown in intimacy with Him. Without continuing pain, I probably would be going on my merry, self-sufficient way. Learning to thank Him for my suffering. When I am weak, then I am strong. Beautiful post and lifting you in prayer…
    Bev xx

    ps. A word of Praise for the hopeful beginning of healing…I heard from my son on Mother’s Day. It was a loving text and a huge prayer answered from your prayers, my prayer warriors. My heart is encouraged!

    • Yay!!!!!!!! God is so good!!!

      Lord may this text be the start God of repairing the relationship of Bev and her children. God step with her into this new phase and Lord restore the need, may your love be a balm to hurts felt and forgiveness given. Please start a new chapter here God for your girl Bev.
      In Jesus name Amen

    • Hallelujah Bev!!!

      Jesus, Your intimately acquainted with Bev. You created her and have deep fellowship with Her. I declare that You will shower her with healing from the top of her head to the souls of her feet all to show Your glory and love to her and those around her! I. Jesus’ Name! Amen!

    • Praise the Lord!! That is wonderful, Bev! I have known victories, too, with relationships after prayer. I’m so happy for you.

    • Bev, thanks for sharing the praise report! Rejoicing with you and praying for your pain issues and those of these other sisters as well. I have had chronic pain issues too for many years, but feel as you do about it. Would love and appreciate a healing, but I know God knows best, so I just leave it with Him.

    • Bev,

      Praise God & Hallelujah! God is awesome!! He will change hearts in His perfect timing!!

  5. Hello I would like prayer for my son who has epilepsy and for a year and a half continues to have seizures whenever he goes to sleep. I am a believer and absolutely believe there’s nothing too hard for the Lord, continues to believe for his healing on this side of heaven, and yet…nothing. Also my mom is taking chemo pills for breast cancer and enduring lots of pain from neuropathy. Prayers are appreciated!!

    • Arnesia, I will pray for your son. My daughter in law had seizures at night & her neurologist finally put her on a pill that works for her. I also had breast cancer & must take a cancer preventive pill for 10 years..the chemo caused lots of problems, including neuropathy in both feet & legs. A neurologist put me on Gabapentin, which has been like a miracle. Praying for your family as I have been there-did that so I understand. God bless!

    • Father, it is Your heart all are saved, whole and delivered. I speak to Arnesia’s son. I say to every seizure to stop in Jesus’ Name. I speak to his brain and body to work in complete alignment of how God designed it to work. I declare that Cancer will not have its way in Arnesia’s mom’s body. It has no right to her. Leave in Jesus’ Name! Strength and healing come! Amen!

  6. Love this article! I know all about progressive healing because I’ve been struggling with thyroid issues for over 3 years. Please pray that my thyroid levels become regulated on a consistent basis!

    • I speak to Chasity’s thyroid and hormones and I say that every level is normal. I command every part of her body to work the way God designed it to. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

      Email me Chasity. I know of some amazing supplements for that as well!

  7. Prayers of healing for the relationship between my husband and our 15 year old daughter would be appreciated. She is seeing a counselor and I am hopeful this process will lead to reconciliation. I am often in the middle and honestly am not sure what I can do besides pray for them both. Thank you.

    • Father, You are the mender of every broken thing. Do what only You can do between Debbie’s husband and their daughter. Heal hearts and minds and souls. Fill them supernatural love and grace for on another. In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  8. Thanks for sharing Karina. Know that you are in my prayers & I will continue to pray for your healing.
    I have been struggling with an digestive illness for 12 years now that doctors say is possibly genetic. Last summer my younger brother experienced similar problems. I have been praying & praying for both of us but I keep the faith & I cannot give up. I believe in healing & the sacrifice Christ made for us. “By His stripes we are healed”
    Keep praying. Be brave. Trust God. God knows our suffering. God is good.
    God bless you!

    • Amen!

      I say no more digestive problems in you and your brother in Jesus’ Name! I speak to y’all’s digestive systems and I say be healed. Work in complete proper function. Amen!

  9. What a timely message! I have been diagnosed with incurable neuroendocrine cancer. It’s what Steve Jobs and Aretha Franklin had. The news media reports it as pancreatic cancer, but that’s not entirely correct. They had neuroendocrine cancer of the pancreas, not the usual form of pancreatic cancer. I have had at least three laying on of hands and praying by groups of people/pastor, three prayers with oil, I have the faith, but my last scan showed progression. Please pray for me as the Spirit leads.

    • Oh Diane. Thank you for asking for prayer. Praying for you! I will add your name to my list and keep praying. Our Lord sees and loves you.

  10. Praise God — and, “thank you, Karina” for sharing your encouragement. Healing? Oh, yes! My wife suffers from psychiatric issues and I, physical. Prayer? Absolutely needed here… and His Spirit brings to mind (Luke 18:1), to wit: “Now He (Jesus) was telling them a parable to show that at all times we need to pray and not lose heart”. Above this all: “Soli Deo Gloria!”

    • Thanks for sharing Bill!

      Father, You created us for health and thriving in every part of our bodies. I speak to Bill’s wife. I say to her brain and mind to function in divine health the way God ordained it to. Restoration in every broken area. Balance and right thinking. Jesus, come in tangible ways in Bill’s body from top to bottom, inside and out. In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  11. Please pray for my dear friend Lois, she is 62 and has been diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer, which is actually from breast cancer and a double mastectomy 9 year previous, which she had been cleared of. She has undergone chemo and could not finish the 6 tx because the cancer was spreading, now she is facing a type of chemo that is very risky. She seem like she will go forward with it but has been chemo free for a week and looks and acts like her old self. We would like to see her not do this chemo and have quality life but have not said that to her. We are praying for a miracle, a complete healing! She is a Godly woman and her gift is teaching children the truth about God. All children love her, especially the Sunday school children. Please pray for a miracle for her, that is the only hope for her to continue her life here on earth. Thank you and the powerful, compassionate ministry God has given you.

    • Thank you Lucy!

      I command every trace of Cancer to leave Lois’s body in Jesus’ Name! All pain leave! I speak to every organ in her body to work the way God designed it to. Work in complete alignment with God’s purpose. Healing and wholeness come! Amen!

  12. Karina, You remain positive no matter what, which is a blessing. I am sorry you have all this pain. Perhaps a pain management doctor can give you shots in your spine. They do help. Praying for your relief!

  13. No matter if God heals us or he uses Doctors or he heals us when or time us on the this earth. We as Christian are to keep trusting him keep looking too his word the promises in his word and prayer. Keep standing on them. No matter how hard it is. Even when we could ask questions why God did you heal that person through you direct or the use of Doctors. Not heal me. Or we could ask why God did you not heal that person through yourself or the Doctors. Why did you take them home to be with you. We have to keep our eyes on God and keep trusting him no matter what happens. Thank you for another excellent reading Love Dawn xxx ps we might not get the answers this side of earth to theses questions but we will get them in Glory.

  14. Please pray for my friend Maureen. She has arthritis throughout her body and is in constant pain to varying degrees. She is confined to a power wheelchair. She is a believer and a prayer warrior.

    • Father, usher in healing in Maureen’s body! I command every trace of Arthritis to leave her body in Jesus’ Name! All pain leave! Healing come! Wholeness and strength come! I speak full restoration of movement to her entire body! You love her! You’re faithful! Amen!


    • Amen Maria!

      I speak to your hip to come into perfect alignment in Jesus’ Name! Work the way God purposed it to work. I declare full mobility and strength to your hip and entire body. Pain leave! Healing come! In Jesus’ Name! Amen!

  16. Thank you for reaffirming that we need each other for healing. I relate. Many people I have prayed for haven’t gotten healed immediately. And for me it has taken 4 years for my healing of Alpha gal syndrome to go away. But I still fight lyme disease. I am much much better. I believe in slow healing. I feel like instant healing doesn’t allow us to appreciate it as much. Right now I am not asking for prayer for myself. But for friends of mine that need healing but still have a hard time letting others pray for them even laying hands on them and praying. Each has their own journey, but loved how you put it. We need each other for God’s glory to be announced.

    • Thank you for sharing Chelsea!

      I speak to every trace of Lyme disease in your body. Leave in Jesus’ Name! I command every part of your body to be in complete agreement with God’s design for it. All pain and stiffness leave! Strength, restoration, flexibility and mobility come back stronger than before!

      Lord, would you soften the hearts of those in Chelsea’s sphere of influence. Open their hearts to see their need for You and the Body. Release healing in unexpected places and through unexpected people. We believe for the miraculous! In Jesus’ Name!

  17. Lord bringing all your daughters here and their requests to you God. Please relieve pain, spiritual anguish and physical bodily hurts. You are our creator and only this can be done through you and for your glory. We love you. In Jesus name, Amen

  18. Thank you for this sharing. I understand very well. Pain in my knees as well. Recently, I am experiencing tremendous pain in my left ankle which is effecting my walk. I am well aware we have an enemy who would like to stop us from going forward into more of what God has for each of us. God loves us unconditionally and healing is His heart’s desire!!! We know that as Isaiah clearly teaches us that Jesus took the scourging for our healing! It has taken me a while to receive His love. I am now able and joyfully willing to receive from the Lord. There was a definite block in me. He is breaking off those areas within me that are not of Him. Quite an adventure!!! May His grace do far more in and for you than you you could ever ask or think. And, yes, it can get quite uncomfortable

    • Amen Diana!

      I speak to all fibromyalgia in Diana’s body and I say be gone in Jesus’ name. I curse all trauma and cellular memory and pain in her body. I say body work the way God designed you to work, in perfect order. Amen!

  19. Thank you for sharing your story it Blessed me,hope you Will be healed of the pain you have in your body,just wantend to Thank you in advance for your prayers,want prayers for my famely and childeren that they may be healed and the relationship between them may be restored,Blessings for you.

    • Jesus, thank You for being the restorer of all things. I speak healing physically, emotionally and spiritually to Clarita’s children. Open their hearts. Fill them with Your love for each other. Give them eyes to see each other as You see them. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  20. Our son has suffered for over 7 years with pancreas and liver issues as well as 3 disintegrated discs in lower back. He needs back surgery soon as well as healing. We need financial healing from this burden. By God’s grace he’s still working but as a result there’s no help for costs. I confess to being weary in prayer. Please come alongside me to pray. Thank you so much.

    • Father, thank You for Carla and her vulnerability.I speak to her son’s body and I curse all trauma and cellular memory. I say to all pain to leave in Jesus’ name. I speak wholeness and healing to his liver and pancreas. I say to every disc, strength and restoration in Jesus’ name. father, reign down heavenly resources over their family. I speak surprise provision in Jesus’ name.

  21. I can so very much relate to your story. I have degenerative disc disease and chronic pain in the hip joints as well. I would love for you to pray for.me

    • I speak to Sandra’s back and i say no more pain! I say to every disc be healed and restored. I say every joint and disc work the way God designed. I curse all trauma in Sandra’s body. In Jesus’ Name. Amen!

  22. Encouraging words . I would like to request prayers for healing in my body . Especially my legs and feet .

    thank you and God bless you .


  23. Please pray for healing from violent migraines with throwing up, every 4 to 12 weeks for the last 12 years! They take me out for a week at a time, and has taken such a toll on me , as well as my family. It is hard to plan for things as I live in fear of it striking again. Thank you so much

    • Jesus, I curse all trauma in Shari’s body. I speak to her migraines and I say no more! No more pain in Jesus’ name. I declare that every part of her brain would work in perfect alignment with Your Spirit. I speak peace and comfort and joy to her soul. Amen!

  24. Thank you Katina,
    This is so true as I live with several chronic illness , it’s life-altering , for sure.

    My prayer request is for a few friends, Evelyn and Brittany who both are in their 20s and having a difficult time with their illnesses.

    Karina, I’m praying for your healing and pain relief, it can take over .

    Thank you for sharing and reminding us that we shouldn’t grow tired of praying for healing, it’s avout faith and persistence in prayer.

    • Father, I speak to Evelyn and Brittany’s bodies and I say be healed in Jesus’ name. I say no more pain. I say no more diseases. Healing and restoration come! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  25. Please pray for my son. God has promised us a miracle, and we still haven’t seen it!
    This devotional was just what I needed to read.

    • Father, I just stand in agreement with Nancy! We declare every miracle that is for her son. Healing and wholeness in every area of his life. In Jesus’ name! Amen!

  26. We’re in a difficult season
    Past 4 years but I know that
    Yes…God still heals
    We have to be patiently awaiting the transformation of what He sees we need to become:
    more like Christ!
    Suffering produces perseverance
    Perseverance produces Character
    And Character produces Hope
    And Hope does not disappoint because, He poured out His love for us! Rom 5
    In 1990 newly engaged, I was stricken with Lupus & fibromyalgia, my insurance dropped as I was a student in college. It was severe enough I couldn’t drive, my mom had to care for me for eight long months. We did marry about 2 years later and after another year was finally diagnosed with Lupus and fibromyalgia. The doctor was very cold & clinical and without a relationship with Jesus Christ I know I would have become very depressed. Eight years later at a women’s retreat I was seeking the Lord in Psalm 189… God spoke to me in a still quiet but very specific voice inside. I knew He told me to get off of the 5 medicines I was taking for 8 years and prepare for pregnancy. I was definitely shocked because My muscles had begin to atrophy and I was exhausted. I couldn’t imagine caring for a baby. But God gave me my son’s name at Mother’s Day ’98….the next year he was born.
    I did have blood work conformation several times that my Lupus was gone!
    I still have fibromyalgia but the Lord called us into full time ministry the same summer we began this journey.
    We need to understand that our job as believers is to have abiding trust in our Lord. We can go forward each day with hope that Jesus hold us by the hand. Each persons journey is different so my incouragement comes from Job 23:10
    “For He knows the way that I take when He has tested me I will come forth as Gold!”
    Two years ago my husband had 3 strokes and a hospitalized with a rare autoimmune disease.
    My oldest son was recently diagnosed with Crohn’s disease his 1st year in college.
    I am trusting what ever he’s doing in their hearts and minds through Christ Jesus we can trust will be for His Glory alone! Don’t lose heart…he that began a good work in you will be faithful to complete it! His character remains consistent inspite of our struggles. “His mercies are new every morning great is Thy faithfulness.”
    My son had his first infusion two days ago and had a severe migraine last night. I have been through much of this so I was better prepared to help him.
    Our job is to get into the Word so our spiritual eye glasses help us see things from God’s perspective!
    We have choices to make…teach us to number our days so we may gain a heart of wisdom.
    His Ways are higher than ours…
    One day we will see Him face to face and our journey hopefully will have reached out more to the hurting and with the Gospel making a difference!
    We need prayer so if you will please pray also for my son who is having vertigo for past 2 months
    Neurologist says maybe blood pressure and kidney issue…financially were upside down after losing our home to foreclosure when my husband was ill 2 Years ago.
    Appreciate any prayers for hedge of protection and healing thank you very much!! He is Able!

    • God, you are good and faithful in every circumstance. Open up Heavenly resources with sweet and surprising provision. I speak to every disease in this family and I say no more! I say leave in Jesus’ name. All pain go! I declare that every family member is healed and restored. I say to every body part, work in perfect divine alignment. You are good and faithful. Manifest your goodness in Brenda’s family. Amen!

  27. Karina,
    Thank you for this blessing in your writing today. This particular sentence struck me: “Often, our healing both spiritually and physically is connected to community.“

    That’s an area of my life that is lacking and not for lack of want. I’ve tried so hard to find community that is safe, trustworthy and authentic and still struggling. Will you please pray for that? And also for healing? I too have chronic illness, some diagnosed but some undiagnosed as well. Lately, the body pain, fatigue, slow recovery, headaches and muscle weakness and rashes have returned and a specific pain in my lower left abdomen. I thank you for your prayers.


    • Thank you for sharing Rebecca!

      Holy Spirit invade Rebecca’s body with healing. I speak to her body and command all pain to leave in Jesus’ Name! I release total healing by Your power! Jesus heal! Bring peace and wholeness to her entire body. And bring the right community in the right timing. You’re good and faithful! We trust You! Amen!

  28. I have had a sinus infection for five months. One of the antibiotics caused Achilles tendinitis. I have to have my nasal septum surgically repaired. I have chronic back pain and just had six nerves in my back burned, which hasn’t started working yet. I also have a large hernia in abdomen that needs surgery. All of this has led to depression. Sadly this is affecting my husband’s anxiety and he called a Suicide hotline yesterday. I welcome prayers! Thanks so much. FYI I had the same knee problem last fall. Had the patellar cartilage scraping surgery and my knee pain is gone :).

    • Thank you for sharing Lisa!

      Father, You are strong and can handle everything that comes our way. I declare wholeness and healing over Lisa’s body. I speak to every part of her body that is not working and I say work in Jesus’s Name! I say work in complete alignment with God’s Word and purpose. All pain leave! Healing, strength and restoration come! In Jesus’ Name!

  29. I would love prayer for healing for myself. I had a back injury in 2005 that still affects my daily life. But the most pressing pain is the chronic migraines I’ve had for over 13 years. They are mostly hormonal but other things trigger them as well(stress, sleep issues, etc). My head always hurts. We have tried everything and everyone. I have found some help through Botox and hormones, but my daily quality of life is still fairly poor. I would love to be free of pain and able to serve others again! Many have prayed for me over the years…we get quite discouraged since I’m still in such constant pain and unable to lead a productive life. Thank you!

    • I curse all trauma and cellular memory in Susan’s body. I speak to all pain. I say leave in Jesus’ name. No more migraines! No more back pain! Be healed! I say to her brain and back to work in perfect alignment to Your perfect design. Amen!

  30. I have been suffering and dealing with pain in my left knee for a bit over 6 months now, I thought I hurt it by working out, but the Doctor still hasn’t pin pointed what actually is the problem, he took an x-ray, nothing broken showed, thank God, only my same arthritic results I was told of a few years ago, he’s given me a cortisone shot, I felt good for like a day, but still in pain when I walk, and this pain holds me back from so many simple things. Please pray for healing of course and for wisdom and knowledge for the Doctors dealing with my situation, pray this pain is gone once and for all that I may be able to accomplish Gods plan for my life where ever it leads. Pray for my bones to be strengthened. Thank you and Amen.

    • Holy Spirit, I curse all pain and trauma in Christina’s body. I speak to her knee and I say all pain leave in Jesus’ name. I say knee work in perfect alignment with how god designed you. I speak strength to every muscle, bone, tendon and ligament.

  31. Yes! My baby has been struggling with food allergies/intolerances and skin issues to put it simply but this has caused so much discomfort, distress and worry. We’ve been praying and I feel like we’ve seen some small miracles. I believe God wants to heal these things but it’s hard to keep faith over time. I have also been struggling with severe anxiety throughout this and recently found some suspicious spots on an X-ray. We just really praying and hoping for miracles. Our family has been hit hard with so many struggles over the last two years, we just are begging for relief and better times. I appreciate any prayers! They have been our lifeline of hope.

    • I curse all trauma and cellular memory in Maria and her baby’s bodies. I command all pain and disease to leave right now in Jesus’ name. Give the faith to see their healing and hope to hold onto that it will happen soon! I say no to all anxiety and yes to the peace of God. Reign down miracles!

  32. I have not had a pain free day in I0 years. I have fibromyalgia, degenerative disc disease, and venous stasis (circulatory condition). This last week I have had a new location of severe pain that leaves me often in tears. My white blood count is a little high and my red blood count is a little low. Please pray for wisdom for my doctor and healing in my body. Thank you and God bless!

    • I curse all trauma and cellular memory in Martha’s body. I command all pain and disease to leave right now in Jesus’ name. Amen. I speak to every cell and say return to right levels. All discs work in proper alignment. I speak to her lungs and say easy breathing. Every nerve work the way God ordained them to. I speak strength to every part of her body. Wholeness and restoration come. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  33. Thanks for posting this. I have been struggling with this exact issue for some time..(When healing tarries) I understand that I must continue in prayer and most importantly to stop and listen for God’s voice and not just rattle off my request! Please continue to keep us in prayer for healing as I will be praying for us all as well.

    • Amen Cindy!

      Father, do what only You can do in Cindy’s situation. I speak healing to her mind, body, soul and spirit. Have Your way. move in power! It is Your delight! In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  34. Please pray for my brother in law, Joseph who is scheduled for a triple bypass surgery on Monday.

    • Father, You created all things and hold all things together. You hold Joseph. Direct every hand in surgery. I pray no complications. I pray peace and healing and a quick recovery. I declare a long, fruitful and thriving life over him. in Jesus’ name. Amen.

  35. Karina,

    I’ve been praying for you in your tough season. Asking God to bring healing to you mind, body & soul.

    I have a friend from church Coco who will be having shoulder surgery again Tuesday (05/21). It will be 8 weeks recovery & then a second surgery. In the meantime she has really bad back pain. She has to wear a brace & walk with a walker. Prayers for healing as the shoulder has hurt for 6+ years. No doctor could figure out the problem. Finally she found one that saw the problem.

    MIL is not doing well. She has vertigo & falls often. Her shoulder is hurting & she needs to see a doctor. Pray I can take her Monday to a doctor & get some answers. Wanting her to feel much better so she can continue to care for FIL who is fighting stage III bladder cancer & prostate cancer. He is doing fine now.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Father, You delight to heal and bring restoration. That is our prayer. We believe You for the miraculous. I command all pain and disease to leave every body. Strength come. Wholeness come. I command each of their bodies to work in perfect alignment to how You created them to work. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  36. Please pray for my relationship with my ex. I have felt God telling me for 12 years restoration. My ex who became a Christian 3 years ago, says he doesn’t feel God telling him that. I believe my ex is involved in sin that he hasn’t repented of & continues to be tempted. Please pray for Gods will, a new heart for my ex & a new spirit (ezekiel 36)

    • Father, You see every need and every broken place. You are the mender of all things. Move in each of their lives. Speak truth, life and promise to their souls. Fill them with wisdom and revelation. Bring conviction and a desire for repentance. Turn their hearts toward You and Your will. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

  37. Thank you for this article! I pray that you find relief from your pain!
    I would love prayers for healing from injuries from a car accident almost two years ago. Please pray that my concussion symptoms will disappear and that my muscle spasms and back pain will disappear as well. Thanks and God bless.

    • Thank you Jesus for Your healing! I curse all trauma and cellular memory in Tracy’s body. All pain and spasms leave now. Strength and restoration come! In Jesus’ name! Amen!

  38. I could use prayer for asthma that has flared up 2.5 months ago and has not calmed down. It’s frightening and exhausting, but I do think I have been able to overcome some spiritual demons in the process of looking to God for healing.
    I also ask you to lift up my brother who has an inexplicable illness that causes him to throw up everything he eats. He has lost a dangerous amount of weight and no one can figure out what is wrong with him.

    • Father, through Your power I command all symptoms of asthma to leave Kerri’s body right now in Jesus’ name. Good breathe be restored. I cast out every disease in her brother’s body. I speak to his digestion and organs to work the way You created them to work. I speak strength and wholeness to both of their bodies. Amen!

  39. This might be a little different because it’s not physical healing but I would love a prayer for heart healing. My husband and I are in the process of getting divorced, it’s amicable and we are still friends and want to continue to be friends but even so my heart is still mourning what we thought could have been for our future together and things like that. I know these feelings won’t last forever and one day my heart will be completely healed but right now there are still certain things that bring a tear to my heart.

    • Thank you Father that You are the keeper of Kimberly’s heart. You hold it and protect it. Speak hope and promise to her heart. You are there with her in her pain. May she grieve with hope. You have a bright future in store. Give her glimpses of all that you want to do in her and through her. You are the joy of her heart and her portion forever. May she trust waveringly in Your plans and timing. You’re good and faithful. Amen.

  40. I pray for healing for everyone who has requested it today in the name Jesus. I too have a prayer request. I j it st made 65 and have been told both knees need to be replaced. Went to doctor in 2017 and he told me he wouldn’t do anything until I lost a 100 lbs. First if I did that I would need surgery to replace the loose skin. I weigh over 200lbs,have hashimo disease, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis as well as osteoarthritis in many joints. Sometimes it’s all I can do to stand. On top of that I have varicose veins laying on the nerves in my ankles which have to be taken care of before they will even talk surgery. Top that off with degenerative disc disease in both cervical and lumbar, as well as PTSD and major depression from early abuse and the murder of my son.
    I know Jesus is a Healer but right now I’m just plain tired and hurting

    • Jesus, hold Cherlyn in Your arms. Speak peace to her soul and hope to her heart. I speak to her mind and say be whole in Jesus’ name. The joy of the Lord is your strength. I command every pain in her body to leave right now. Every broken place in her body, be healed and whole. I declare no surgeries in Jesus’ name. Every part of her body work the way God ordained it to work. Amen!

  41. Thank you for this powerful encouragement. Please pray for my dad who is suffering from chronic back pain. The pain killers seem to be causing lots of other health complications. Thank you. God bless you.

  42. Please pray for physical, emotional, and financial healing for me. I can so identify with waiting…the last two years have been so hard for me and my husband. It started with me moving in with my mom for 9 months as she walked through the final days of cancer and went to be with Jesus. I came home last summer and was diagnosed with PTSD and depression. This triggered a serious of health issues. A severe UTI, urethra infection, and passed 9 kidney stones. God has been so faithful to walk with me through this time. With medication, counseling, and prayer I have been healing! I’m trying to wean off the medications but the anxiety continues to come and go. Just when I feel more “normal” something stressful triggers an anxiety attack. I continue to have weird lingering symptoms that I’m trying to get diagnosed, but my journey is complicated by our financial struggles. Our small business has struggled greatly the last three years and the year I was gone really took a toll on my husband and his effectiveness with the business. Then when we were starting to do better a key employee quit and we were hit with a large IRS tax problem because some back taxes didn’t get paid and some filings were not done correctly. We didn’t know this had happened so it was another blow. We owe a lot and have to pay a huge chunk soon or they will just take it. I’m desperately clinging to Jesus and trying to live in the present trusting in His plan and His timing, but I am just worn out, overwhelmed and feel like i’m being pulled under again. I covet any and al prayers!

    • Father, You see every need. It is your delight to meet them. Come in power in Anita’s situation. Surprise her with financial miracles. Make a way when there seems to be no way. I command every area in her body to be healed in Jesus’ name. All pain leave. Every part work the way You designed it to. Overwhelm her with Your peace. May she rest in Your goodness and faithfulness. Amen!

  43. My sweet husband is having tumors removed on his bladder tomorrow. Of course they will be biopsied to see if it’s cancer. Praying that the Lord will provide complete healing, peace in the midst of this trial and joy and strength regardless of the outcome! Ultimately that He will be glorified in our lives Thank you for this beautiful and life giving article….

    • Thank you Anne!

      Jesus, we trust You for complete healing from the top of his head to the soles of his feet. We say no to even the thought of Cancer. We say leave in Jesus’ name. All pain leave! Peace and healing of God come!

  44. We have a friend named Randy that was diagnosed with colon cancer 1 1/2 years ago, had surgery and chemo. Just when things seem to be looking up he has another set back with new tumors showing up in his liver/lungs. He is currently taking chemo again and over the weekend admitted to the hospital for pancreatitis and is in incredible pain. Would you please pray for relief from pain, God’s will for complete healing and his wife and three adult sons.

    • Father, i thank you for Randy’s life. You delight in showing love and mercy. It is always Your heart to heal. I speak to all Cancer and pain in his body. I say go in Jesus’ name! Healing come. Peace overwhelm. Fill Randy and his family with Your supernatural comfort and strength! Amen!

  45. Hi Karina! thanks for sharing from such an honest place from your own experience of pain this year. I’m so sorry you are going through this hard experience but thank God for how you’re sharing to encourage others! Thank you for sharing from your heart and journey. I’m looking forward to seeing you in just a little bit at the (in)courage retreat and enjoy your company and get to know you better on this week’s journey, friend! 🙂 We are in the same cabin!! YES!! love, , Bonnie

    • Sister! So sad I didn’t see this before the retreat!

      Thank you for reading and sharing! I am so glad to have met you finally and to have spent some quality time with you! I LOVE you!!!

  46. Karina,

    Thank you for being so open & honest about your pain. I’ve been praying for you for a while. May God bring healing & restoration to you mind, body & spirit. I have a friend Coco who has needed healing for 7 years now. Right after her husband died she tripped over an ottoman in her house. Her shoulder has been messed up since. She has had 4 or 5 surgeries & still no relief. We’ve prayed for her. Finally God sent her to the right doctors. She had another surgery May 21 & they found massive infection in the shoulder. She is in rehab for 6 weeks getting IV antibiotics. She will get to go home for a bit & then another & final surgery to re do the first one. Yes. God will heal us in His way & His perfect timing. We just have to trust Him & His word. Sometimes healing doesn’t come quick or on this side of Heaven. God will heal us.

    Bringing all the women here to you right now. They are asking for a healing touch from the master physician. Give them patience, hope & grace. We surrender our pain/trials & tribulations to you. Bring about the healing you know they need in your perfect timing. Thank you for hearing this prayer in Jesus name. AMEN!


  47. I have been dealing with this new diagnose of diabetes since the beginning of the year and it has been a struggle and I definitely understand what you are saying. This pain whether it is physical or emotional, it hurts and leaves us in a crippling moment where we feel that maybe the healing won’t come. While we wait, let us remember that He loves us and will never forsake us. He hears our cries and is with us , by us every single day. Let us lift one another up and continue to pray for healing for all those who are hurting both physically and emotionally. Praying for better days ahead for you Karina and know that there are so many out there loving on you. Thank you for sharing this message.

    • Thank you so much Maylee!

      I curse all trauma and pain in Maylee’s body. I speak to every blood vessel and insulin level. I say come to the right levels and be in perfect alignment with god’s design. No more Diabetes in Jesus’ name. Full healing come!

  48. I’d appreciate prayers for healing. I have some physical issues on top of anxiety, which brings about a host of its own fun little physical maladies with the mental/emotional anguish. My eye, my neck/back, the wooziness and my angst sometimes feels like it will drown me. Thank you. <3

    • Father, by Your power and love, You bring healing. I curse all trauma and cellular memory in Amber’s body. Pain leave in Jesus’ name. All wooziness go! I speak clarity and alignment and balance in her mind and body and emotions. No more angst. Only peace. I declare complete healing over her entire body. In Jesus’ name. Amen.