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Jennifer is an artist living in rural Nebraska with her US Army veteran husband. She loves to create and seeks to reflect the beauty of Christ and encourage others in meaningful, beautiful ways. You can find her and see more of her art on Studio JRU.

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  1. Jennifer,
    Your post struck me because the random act of kindness did not just affect the man holding the door and the woman walking through it; YOU were struck by watching this act of kindness and the effect it had on the woman. It made me think of who might be watching when I do something kind for a stranger? Not that we should be like the Pharisees and do good deeds so that all might see, but maybe when I do something nice, there may be a third party (watching) that might benefit as well. When we humble ourselves to think of others first, it has a way of setting off a ripple effect. Thanks for sharing your story of kindness being worked out in real life. Reading about what you saw happening has affected me…and the ripple effect continues….great post!

  2. Jennifer,
    I love how the random act of kindness effect not only touched the man and woman involved, but it affected you as the one watching the story unfold. It made me think about just who might be watching when I do something selfless for someone else? Not that we are supposed to be like the Pharisees – doing good works so that the world can see. When we take the time to humble ourselves and put someone else’s needs before our own, someone may be watching. It’s kind of like the “Kindness Ripple Effect”. And then, here I am reading about what you watched and the ripple effect continues. Today, Lord, let the kindness ripple effect begin with me! Great post!
    Bev xx

  3. Jennifer, I needed your post today!! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Joy in Jesus,

  4. Jennifer,

    This world is divisive & rushed these days. People seem to be so busy with their own lives that they miss out on a chance to spread God’s light. Most people feel they have to have big platforms or go overseas to be a “missionary” & spread the gospel. That isn’t true. We just need to do something nice/kind for someone right here in our neighborhood. Like you said it doesn’t take much to make someone’s day. Just a simple smile, a kind word, hello or opening door for someone. In Upper E. TN we have what is called “Drive Through Difference”. One radio station started it a few years ago. You print off a copy of letter & going through a drive through you pay for the person behind you & hand the letter to the cashier. Then that driver gets the letter & hears that you paid for them. Makes people smile & even wonder why strangers would do that for them. For me it is as simple as texting people to see how they are doing. Letting them know I still care. My church does a “feed the multitude” for the less fortunate with another church. Once finished I help clean up & gather some left over food. I take a casserole & some fruit to my in-laws & my elderly neighbor who lives alone most of the time. I also cook for my in-laws often. I find it my way of spreading God’s love to this crazy, dark, sin filled world. You just never know when you are entertaining angels. God is watching us all the time.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. The other day I impulsively complimented a stranger in the grocery store on her jacket and I was truly amazed at the transforming smile that instantly beamed from her face. I felt like she hadn’t received a compliment in a very long time. She stood and talked to me and told me how it was her favorite jacket and how long she had had it and she was still smiling when she walked away. She left me smiling too from the joy I saw the compliment brought her.

    Kindness is a beautiful gift we can easily give and I know God would have us do it much more often!

  6. Oh yes! The Holy Spirit lives in each of us. Let us willingly listen to the pull of our hearts when an opportunity is set out before us. I was volunteering at a community event on Saturday and was at our church table trying to outreach to others. The table next to ours was an older woman and her 80 year old husband who has medical issues. She was packing up and getting ready to load her vehicle with all her products in plastic containers, her table, chairs, canopy tent, etc. I didn’t hesitate to help her and even got my 14 year old to help. Now what kind of example would I have shown other people walking by, at other tables, at the food tent across from us if a church group table didn’t help her? Thank you Lord for setting that opportunity before me. Even another volunteer at the church table witnessed our kindness and helped carry the small cinder blocks that helps down the legs of the canopy tent. Great story today as a reminder that a lot of people are watching us and we must be aware and willing to follow God’s task set before us. Blessings…

    • That is a beautiful example, Sarah! I love that your teen jumped into help as well! I can imagine how much that meant to the couple. Good job spreading His light and love!

  7. I love this story. This past week I received a random act of kindness in a very public place. I was talking to a vendor about how excited I was to be accepted into a Master’s program. He held my hands and prayed for me. Tears rolled down my face. I realize that every act of kindness and prayers I give come back to bless me. Letter that night I blessed a young man with gas money for his motorcycle. He hugged me and said God Bless you.

  8. I love this!! It’s right where God is speaking to me… it makes me think of the story… two groups of people… one telling the Lord all they did for Him… and the other asking… when did I feed the hungry? Cloth the naked….? It’s the small gestures you wrote about that probably have much more value in the Upside Down KIngdom that we know!! Thanks for the reminder!

  9. So often it’s about me me. Some Christian arent happy uless they are the ones getting all the attention. They do everything too get it. Jesus wants us not be Christian like that to follow his example pray for Christian like that don’t talk about them. Yes it so easy too do that. As the old Devil would want us too do that. We are to do what Jesus wants like in kids song maybe some of you if you went to Sundy School. Sang. Jesus hands were kind hands doing good to all. We are not to miss thst opportunity to do good for other’s. Help that neighbor beside you. Go visit someone in your Church if they have not been out for a while because they have not been well. More so if you don’t really like them and they don’t know that. Go the extra mile. Say too yourself I am doing it because Jesus never gives up on me he always like me. You know what you could bring a ray of sunshine too their day. They could be so glad too see you. God will bless you for doing it. You will come away say I am glad I went to visit them. You never know you end up liking them better. Even go visit that older neighbor you might not have done it before if going too town. Say do you need milk or bread I going to town I can get you some. They could just be so glad of you. No to get anything just to pop in say hello. You might not get your blessing this side of earth for doing all these things but you will get them in Glory. My Husband too save another person getting wet when it raining and having to get the bus to work. He would run her in too work because we are neighbor’s. She have too walk to the main road to get the bus. She be wet by time gets to main road. She is on thoes days she has not got her car as her husband got it so thank full too him. He says he is doing it on to Jesus. Doing it as caring Christian. Today reading excellent. It makes you think and be more caring. Think about all Jesus does for us and how when you read your Bible that he never missed an opportunity to be king loving and caring. Love Dawn xxxx

    • Thank you for so many wonderful examples of how we can shine His love and light in this world, Dawn! There are so many opportunities that we need to take!

  10. Beautiful words! Every day I ask God to ‘use me today’…sometimes I notice when I’m used and sometimes not but I am hopeful that He will use me if it is His will…

    God Bless You.

  11. Yes, simple acts of kindness really can make the biggest difference! I love that you got to be a silent witness to that small moment and that it inspired you (and now us!) to intentionally shine our light too! xx

  12. I think the woman you saw might have been me. Was she a short, brunette dressed in black at a 7/11 in the southwestern U.S.? I had a lawn service gentleman do the same thing in the last week or two….He ran ahead of his coworkers and opened the door for me

  13. Jennifer, I love this SO much and couldn’t agree more! The other evening at Mass, I noticed a middle aged man who looked like he was crying throughout Mass. (Something I can certainly relate to) After Communion as I passed by him, I just touched his shoulder & “recognized” his distress. He looked up at me & nodded his head. I was just so glad he felt my touch. After Mass, he came and gave me a huge hug and thanked me, saying he’ll never forget that act of kindness and how much it meant to him. I was in tears…I have been where he was at that moment so many times, and I’m sure I will be again. That moment of just reaching out impacted both of our lives so much. I say this not to brag upon what a fabulous thing I did, but to praise God & say that I’m so glad I listened to His voice nudging me to interact, even in that small way. Great post my friend!

    • Oh Kim, that is so beautiful! You just never know what a small gesture, through God’s love, can do for someone. I am so happy you took that moment to shine His light and love! Thank you for sharing your experience to encourage all of us!