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At (in)courage, we empower women to be like Jesus. Our writers share what’s going on in their life and how God’s right in the middle of it. They bring their joys & struggles so that you can feel less alone and be empowered by the hope Jesus gives.

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  1. In Courage,

    God made us for community. We should make every effort to attend church weekly. Better yet find a good church that you can become a part of. Get involved in some way. It will make life more enjoyable. The added bonus is that you can make some really good friendships. I know I’m blessed to have great friends from church. I have one, Marie, whom I can call or text any time with a problem & know she will pray for me. Also if I need to miss church or if they won’t be there we let each other know. My church, Blue Springs Christian, is similar to the early church. We take communion every Sunday. We start with a communion meditation then on to the taking of bread & grape juice. We also help other out when in need. Once a month we combine with another church & do “Feed the Multitude”. We provide homemade desserts & they provide baked spaghetti casseroles. I personally gather some of the left over food & take to my in-laws & my elderly neighbor. I remember one time when our pastor’s wife’s elderly mom was having a little financial trouble. We combined our efforts & got a bunch of food, gift cards & money for daughter to take home to her mom. We also had some $ & gift cards for the pastor & his wife. We gave it to her & hubby as a surprise. She was overwhelmed. I was super happy to be a part of that.

    Blessings 🙂

  2. Sadly, not all churches are like the early churches. I asked a local church to come in and pray with me in my house. I am homebound with husband with late stage dementia, 92 yr old Mom and older sister who is physically and mentally ill. The Pastor called in response to my email. He had Betty call, she asked what she could bring, I asked for a hymnal. Someone else called the next day and offered to come Sunday which I couldn’t accept. Said she would call Wednesday and never heard from anyone again. It was hard for me to ask for help and it felt even worse to be “dumped” by this church. I was obviously not an active church member(though served for 9 yrs at a different local) but the lack of follow up hurts. When I helped non members from my prior church, the pastor always followed up on my assignments. God is still good. Hoping other churches read this post. Thank you.

  3. We the Christian are the Church of Jesus. Jesus loved all people of the world. If you read his word he wanted to be with people nobody wanted to be with. He did care what race color or back round they came from. He love them. People still in his day talked about him for doing that. I can see why that women was hurt when that person said they be round to see her again on the Wednesday and they didn’t come. You know put yourself in her shoes. She is at home caring for these people and just to have someone too chat to show they care about her. Like Jesus does is nice. Then say they will call again not call. That can hurt especially when if you see no one else. If you expect the Pastor of your Church to all he sends someone else. Maybe he was busy. But that too would have broke her heart. Yes she would have been glad to see Betty. But in my eyes the Pastor should have went it was nice Betty went. We as Christian need to get our focus right. No wonder the unsaved don’t want to get saved. If this way we act. As I call this as Christian a bit on caring. Yes it was good they went to see the lady offered to take her to Church. But she could not got because of her sucition. But she could have done with company. Don’t say you call another day in week if not going follow it up. As people like this lady who I say sees very little people can get hurt very easily. Would have been glad of the company and the chat. So we are to be like Jesus as Christians. Like the kids song. Jesus hands where kinds doing good to all. Lets get back to Early Church. As the unsaved watch every thing we do as Christian. I believe if not going to make to see someone tell them. Go another day. We as Christian have to like Jesus Kind loving and caring. To all walks of life like Jesus was as we are the hand and feet of Jesus. In this world. So we want to win the unsaved lets start now. Excellent reading. Dawn Ferguson-Little

  4. I have been feeling that way but really
    We are all Heavenly Father children.
    I thought I found the perfect church.
    I have learned so much about how to truly live like a true believer.
    Even my own family and friends have seen a difference in me. I have been taught to love as Christ loved and served.
    To love our neighbors and to help as much as I can. Be friendly to all no matter what.
    The other day at church I was told to basically move to other side of the church because she had to get up and pray but she did it in a way that was very rude.
    She is somewhat of a big shot in the church that I attend.
    Another lady decided that where I was sitting was her chair and when she knew it was mine chair and another lady chair right by me and she just became a believer a few months ago.
    How would you feel?
    Both lady are in big positions in the church that I attend.
    I am real hurt?
    What does everyone think?