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Sarah is a missionary's kid turned ministry leader who makes her home in San Diego with her husband and two boys. She writes to empower women to live out their kingdom calling by finding missional moments right where they are.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Sarah,
    I never cease to be amazed at how God orchestrates millions of scenarios just like yours. He opens a door and welcomes us to step through. I think of all the times I have made excuses, like Moses did. God promises that if He calls us to it, He will equip us. How wonderful that He used the gift of a common language for you to be able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to your new friend. It’s also fun to see how gifts that haven’t been used for awhile will easily come back to us when we take the time to dust them off. Bien fait bon et fidele serviteur!!
    Bev xx

    • Merci bien, Bev! May we have eyes to see the all the scenarios God has orchestrated in our life and may we be bold enough to serve when the time comes!

    • Bev,
      You are always using your gifts from God to minister. You do it so naturally that you may not realize that you are doing it. I know how often you bless me in so many ways. Yes, we can all improve but you are too hard on yourself. Look at all those precious children your ministry is helping across the world. Those children are being educated, fed, loved and learning about Jesus. That is so amazing that you are here in the US and they are so far away. Yet you followed God’s leading and now those kids are off the dangerous streets and being allowed to be children. I just admire you so much and love you dearly.

  2. It’s interesting you wrote this piece today as my oldest grandson, James, Jr. left last night flying overseas as he is in the US Army, Airborne & will be stationed in Afghanistan. He definitely will be serving God & country across the ocean. Thank you for praying for God’s hedge of protection over him.

    • Frances, thank you for your son’s service and for yours as well. When one family member serves we all serve. My husband went to Afghanistan back in 2011-2012. I pray that your son will be protected from the Taliban and the devil. I pray that he focuses on pure things, Godly things… if there is temptation I pray that God provides a way out and your son will take it.

      I pray that God is with your son at all times. Big hugs…
      A fellow military family member

    • Frances,

      Praying for your grandson & all the military. They & their families sacrifice a ton to give us the freedoms we have. May God watch over him & others serving in the middle east. Praying for a hedge of protection over all military. Thank you for your service as well!!


  3. The words of a kids chorus were singing their way through my thoughts as I read this delightful story:
    “Across the street or across the sea, Here am I, Oh Lord, send me!”
    I just returned from a training event where over 100 teens were equipped with methods and strategies for sharing the gospel. It was so invigorating to be reminded that the whole world is our mission field, and we begin in our own home town.

  4. I couldn’t agree more! It seems God calls me to small tasks and then he waits to see if I’ll respond in love or brush it off. Your story shows how necessary those small acts are because they can bring us into relationships. Thank you for taking the time to write your story.

  5. I go a Salvation Army Church our Officer’s say who are you going to Bless this week. Just like I know I am day late in read this reading. Just was busy. Serving or helping people. As Christian we are the hands feet of Jesus. Like you helping that Mum who was expecting who now has beautiful baby. You never know how much that meant to her that day you said hello her in your Church. Now you are friends. Jesus will bless you for what you did. Sometimes we have stop say no I am not shy. I can do it. Like Moses didn’t feel he was the man for the job God had him do. But if God say you are he will give you the tools to do it with. In the end Moses trusted God. Everything was ok. You never know if God tells you to go speak to that person that no one wants to know. You never know what a blessing you could be too them. They might just want someone to listen to them tell them they are not a nobody. That they matter. Jesus loves them. When you first meet them you might not get the chance to tell them that. Just say I pray for you. Like a guy came over to me after talking to my Husband he had drink problem. I didn’t judge him. I told him I pray for him. He was so thank full. I didn’t judge him and that I pray for him. I listened to him. He said it hard to get of it. I said then I pray for you. He said I so thank full for that. He shuck my hand went on his way. You never know what blessing I was to him that day. Then when he was gone I said prayer for him. My heart did go out to him. I didn’t judge him. Jesus would not want me too. Excellent reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little

  6. Sarah,

    Your post is spot on!! People think they have to have big platforms or travel overseas to make a difference in the Kingdom. Not so! God’s command was to go into all the world & make disciples (followers). He has equipped us with spiritual gifts & expects us to use them. You can start by doing something for a neighbor, then move on to helping out at church. Every little act of kindness is rewarded in Heaven. A casual smile, hello or hug could make someone’s day. We have to pay attention to God’s “aha” moments. Times God will put someone on your mind. Take the time to text, call or email that person & tell them you’re thinking of them. That could be the catalyst to something big. This weekend I will be making cookies for our monthly “Feed the Multitude”-help feed less fortunate. We combine with another church to provide the food. At the end I will take some left over casseroles & other foods for my in-laws & an elderly neighbor, In the past I helped my parents. I even had to feed my aging dad. It just what you do. It seems like so little yet God gets all the glory.

    Blessings 🙂