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Alissa Coburn and her husband, Josiah, live in Virginia and have seven children, ranging from ages 21 to 1. Her passions are Jesus, her people, writing, and speaking. When she isn't doing those things or chauffeuring teens and changing diapers, she loves reading, chatting over coffee, and hand-lettering.

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  1. Such wisdom and truth here, Alissa. There is a war that rages for your mind and emotions. Every lie the enemy tells you is the opposite of how God sees you and who you really are. Taking small steps of obedience is leads to freeing you to believe God’s truth about you. Amen!!

    • Thank you, Camille! I appreciate your kind words. The enemy is truly an adversary who seeks to devour, but praise God, Christ has already won the victory! We just have to claim it.

  2. Wow. Powerful article! Thank You! It is so true. Every small step matters. I must confront the lies and embrace the TRUTH.. Hold onto HOPE IN CHRIST.

    • Thank you, Joni! I’m so grateful you found comfort in this. The lies can be so hard to battle, but I’m grateful we have each other to remind us of the truth!

  3. Woohoo! Love it. We are victorious in Him. If Jesus used the Word against the enemy, how much more should we. It is written there is now no condemnation in Christ; it is written the battle is the Lord’s; it is written I have loved you with an everlasting love, and on and on. We win!!
    Blessings to you. Patty

  4. Alissa,

    The devil is crafty. He whispers lies that we tend to believe all the time. Women especially hear negative self talk all the time. We know what God expects of us yet don’t feel confident enough to do it. We’ve failed before so why should this time be any different. I hear & believe those lies all to often. Make a mistake or say the wrong words & “I’m dumb, stupid, not good enough”. This world doesn’t help with that. They show powerful people doing mighty things, people with lots of money, skinny, great skin, etc. If we don’t look or act that way then we are deemed inferior. Often times we judge ourselves harshly. But God doesn’t see it that way. He sees us as a beautiful creation made in His image. We must realize we are fighting a war-not against flesh & blood-but against the spiritual forces in Heavenly places. We need to take our thoughts captive that is not in obedience to your word. Compare what we hear to the scriptures and see if they line up. Prayer is another way to fight the fight of shame. “God is jealous for us, and His Word says He alone is our stronghold, our fortress.” He will fight for us we just have to ask Him to help us.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Yes, yes, yes! “Prayer is another way to fight the fight of shame.” That is so true! I’ve spend many a day (or night) on my knees in order to release myself from these chains He’s already broken. Thank you, Beth!

  5. Thank you for sharing. I would substitute shame for fear in my life and that is my battle. I’ts always uplifting to know I’am not alone!

  6. Blessing for this reading. What you wrote is so good. Sometimes we don’t want to be Obedient. When we know we have to do something. Your friend might have seemed pushey. But she was only being caring in her own way. You didn’t want to give her answer right away to going walking with her. To help you. Like when Jesus tells us to do something for or own good like your friend was just was just being kind and caring about you. I heard Jesus tell me many a time for my own good to do things this way or I should not be watching the soaps on tv. As Jesus knows they are not good for me. I have at the time not listened or obeyed Jesus. I used to watch you guys might not get them here. Coronation Street or East Enders etc. Every time I put on TV I hear Jesus say why fill your mind with that rubbish when you could fill it with my word.
    Plus Go see the beauty of my world. Jesus was not saying he did not mind me watching TV. It is what I watched it was what I put into my mind. You see that saying from Jesus never went away until I stopped watching the soaps. They got the soap they took over me I had to watch them. Jesus word and prayer came last. They took over my time with Jeaus. One day I heard his Holy Spirit say Dawn you spent more time watching TV than with me. I stopped that day that made me think. You know what we are answerable too God for everything we do and say I was not obeying God. This reading is just excellent of how we can take small steps to that. Like you going for a walk with your friend to help you. Me I began to spend less time watching TV and getting back to what Jesus wanted me too do spend more time with him. In his Word the Bible ans Prayer. Ever since I have done that and made that simple small step of Obedience. I found my life has changed. For the better and I am alot happer in myself. Jesus is also happy with me. As I am not filling my mind with JUNK from the TV that Jesus would not want me too. But nice beautiful things from his world the Bible. Now I see things and people of all walks of life differently. Now I go into prayer quietly for them if I see a need there and then. I would appreciate God beautiful world more. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little ps sorry my reply is a day late xxxxx

  7. I wear an activity tracker. I have never gotten 10,000 steps in one day. The days I do cleaning seem to be the days I get a lot of steps in. I am 5’3″ and at my heaviest weighed 249 lbs. I now weigh around 230 lbs. Yesterday I did not even managed 500 steps! It was very hot here and I got a bad headache in the afternoon. But I know that God still loves me as I love him and His Son Jesus. I just want to encourage anyone who feels they fall short in the area of what they eat and how they exercise to just take it one day at a time and if you feel God truly tugging at your heart to change a habit than try to change that habit.