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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

(in)side DaySpring: things we love
& you will too!
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(in)side DaySpring:
things we love
& you will too!
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  1. Smiling, because isn’t it SO often God uses the things that drive us completely crazy to knock off our rough edges and crooked ways? Once I recover from the jolt, I end up being thankful for the re-calibration of my crooked yard stick. And I’m thankful to be reading this in the early hours so my day can begin with gratitude.

  2. Grace,
    I’m grateful today for Jesus and God & the Holy Spirit guiding me through actually at times carrying me through this Masters well tonight at 5pm I handed it in!!! I am done Glory be to God for its his doing!! I’m so grateful to Bev, Michelle and everyone who has prayed over my journey!!! So grateful for incourage and my sisters in Christ. This Aussie living in New Zealand is sending lots of gratitude your way for your support and your prayers and for the sisterhood you provide. So grateful!!

    • Jas,

      I always knew you could write that thesis. I knew God would supply the energy & timing to get it done. Been praying for the internship, thesis & strength to endure it all! Congratulations. I’m proud of you!!

      Beth Williams Blessings 🙂

  3. Thanks Grace! What a great way to start the week! Reading your words, about centering ourselves in gratitude, puts all my worries and stresses in perspective. Be grateful, be trusting and the Lord will work the day out for the best. Yes!

  4. Grace,

    Life down here is hard. It is so easy to get frazzled & snap at the ones you love. All we have to do is go back to them & ask for forgiveness. Explain that we were having a bad day & could they understand. “I love you.” When I get down, depressed or upset I simply get paper or my computer & make a gratitude list. On it is everything from Home in Heaven, Jesus forgives my sins, to paperclips, & everything in between. Usually I can get close to 200 items on it. It puts life in perspective. Makes my problems seem not to bad. Realizing all that we have to be grateful for does change our posture.

    Blessings 🙂

  5. We have so much to be thankful for because of God’s mercy and goodness, and yet, we can turn on a dime and whine about things, I know I have and then I think of the Israelites during their wilderness journey and all of the complaining they did and I tell myself I want to have a grateful heart, not a complaining heart!

    I find that it helps me to start my day with gratitude in conversation with the Lord thanking Him for His many blessings in my life.

  6. I don’t want to be the whiny girl, but i have to admit that’s me! I tend to look at the bad more than the good, which does nothing but bring me down!!!!!! I go back in my head to the John: 5 verse where god asks the crippled man do YOU want to get well? Getting well for me means letting go of the past hurts, the bitterness i have in my heart for the people that have treated me unkind, i say ive moved on but in truth is, my heart remains bitter, so I’m going to let go , let god Prayer’s needed, thank you.

    • Untangling from the roots of bitterness takes time and continued conversation with God and continued forgiveness for those who have hurt you. He is gentle, and His kindness brings you to repentance. I hope you feel the gentle healing of the Lord, Maria!

  7. thankyou !! I was with my kids alllll summer and this week we began homeschooling so I’m over done..needing a break and probably whine more then my kids..ha ha.
    I agree with thankfulness. a friend once told me I’m blessed because God sees my heart and I’m thankful for every tiny thing. I never seen it like that but I know being thankful keeps our hearts humble.
    something that lacks in the world but keeps us connected to God.