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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. This has brought tears to my eyes. Our family dealt with the difficult diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes in our young son, and it felt like we would never dance again. But God gave us a fresh start and a joyful heart once again. And we love to dance – even in the midst of hard times. Thank you for such beautiful words.

    • I have a couple dear friends whose children have type 1 diabetes, too. It certainly threw them for a loop, and after some time I believe they both have known that sense of fresh starts and joyful hearts as well. Sending love to you and your sweet boy, Sally. xoxo

  2. I admit it – today I had a pity party. Living with a chronic illness that has presented new challenges this past month makes me long to feel normal. As I read this I thought I am not anticipating healing. The reality is that it will get worse, and I dread that. So, I was praying for strength to just enjoy today. See, I told you I was in a “poor me” mood!
    But as I read this I thought that my healing will be when I am with the Lord – and oh, the thought of dancing with Him gives me joy! I will cling to that thought on the days like today, when I am overwhelmed.

    • Suzy,

      Praying God will bring more good days than bad. May you feel Him surrounding you with His loving arms. Prayers you can find little glimpses of His joy in your life even on your worst days. Praise Him through the storms. For He will guide your to the other side. May God send some healing to your body & give you more good days.

      Blessings 🙂

      • Thank you, Beth. Most days I find it easy to be joyful, on the especially hard days I KNOW God is with me. I know there is a reason He allows me to be walking this path. and I trust Him. He gives me strength each day. On some days I just need to allow myself a few minutes of “pity” time (would you believe I set a timer that gives me 15 minutes to feel sorry for myself and when the timer goes off well that’s when I pull it all together and get on with my day!)

    • Suzy, I’m so sorry for all you’re going through. Chronic illness is a hard, hard road to travel. I’m praying right now that you have peace in your journey. And I pray that like Kathy mentioned, may our God Who makes the impossible possible give you drastic improvement if not total healing. Sending you so much love. xo

  3. No matter what we all go through. We have big big God who loves us. We have to keep looking up on to him. Some days we do find it hard too that. We wonder and ask questions why does God heal that Child that Adult not that Child or not that Adult. Ours is not to ask why. We are to only to keep trusting God no matter what. We if that person does not get healed this side of earth are saved. Are not to loose hope say God why did you take them home. Why did you not heal them. You will get all the answers when you go to Glory and you will see your love ones in Glory if saved with a brand new bodies no more sickness or pain. But we still have to keep our eyes on God his word the Bible the promises in it and prayer. It can be hard. Especially if the Devil wisphers what the point believing in God they are not going to get healed. You have to say no Devil I not listing to you. I going to keep my eyes on God and his word the Bible and Prayer no matter what. As it all we have. When we do hear of Children and Adults getting healed should it be through God direct or the Doctors. We can as Gods followers praise God our loved one God healed and praise God it was either direct by God or the Doctors God gave us. Or we can but this very hard for us as follower to still take. But we can rejoice that we will see our loved ones again if God calls them home. If he says they are to sick to be healed this side of earth. That if saved they will have bran new bodies. I say Amen to that. Lovely reading to hear Faith dancing again. God is good he does answer Prayer. Will say a prayer for Faith. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

    • thank you Dawn. I’ve been dealing with this illness for quite awhile, through it God has opened doors for me to share my faith and trust in Him to many who don’t know Him or are ill. I thank Him each day for what I can do. I have become a more emphatic, more compassionate person (when I am weak – He is strong). I have learned to rely on Him. I have never asked why I have this – but I have asked what to do with it. Some days are really hard, the limitations, the exhausting pain, overwhelm me and on those days I have learned to get extra rest and, yep, it’s okay to not be okay. That I can cry about it. But I try not to let it get the best of me. I do get frustrated with the disease (there are only about 160 people in the world with it – so no studies are going on, no treatments are effective) and disheartened when a treatment doesn’t work. I know I am loved by God, I know He is using me. I am honest enough with Him to tell when I feel bad and He comforts me (like sending this article and having people pray for me). And I’ve learned to accept His no or not yet answers. And I know I have a beautiful pain-free life that awaits me. He is a good, good Father.

  4. Hi Kristen, praise God that your little girl is mostly well n can dance. Please pray for my 18 year old son who became an incomplete quadraplegic one month ago from a car accident. I don’t believe he will ever dance on his feet but my fervent prayer is that he will develop a relationship with Jesus in order to at least dance in heaven. Love n blessings, Maggie

    • Maggie,

      Praying for your son & the family. May God heal & change his heart. May he turn back to God in the midst of this trial. Praying for glimpses of joy in his life. May God send peace & comfort to you all as you deal with this. Keep praising God through this storm. He will guide you all through it to the other side. May it be bright & sunny over there.

      Blessings 🙂

    • praying for you son. That he does find peace in God to help him through the journey ahead. Praying for you as you walk alongside him, giving encouragement, helping to make right decisions for care.

  5. Hi Kristen, praise God that your little girl is mostly well n can dance. Please pray for my 18 year old son who became an incomplete quadraplegic one month ago from a car accident. I don’t believe he will ever dance on his feet but my fervent prayer is that he will develop a relationship with Jesus in order to at least dance in heaven. Love n blessings, Maggie

  6. Praise God for His healing! One of my sons endured a broken femur that was quite serious—all from a bike ride next to grandma. In a moment, our lives can change, but God is good through it all and able to redeem it all so we can dance again!

  7. Kristen,

    Great to hear that your daughter danced once again. God said there would be trials down here. We need to praise God even in the midst of trials. He will guide us through to the other side. We must trust Him with the outcome. He knows & foresees the future. It’s not always that easy. Watching mom deteriorate with dementia was hard for me. She was bedridden for two years. In that time dad read the Bible through. He talked with my pastor-long story short he got baptized at 83 yrs. old. God continues to give us fresh starts. Grateful for all fresh starts God allows in our lives.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. I love where you say, “However, much IS possible.” Amen! Isn’t that the truth so often when we are in the midst of discouraging circumstances…no matter how hard they are, or how long they go on, despite what we are going through much IS still possible. Thank you for that reminder.