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Now graduated from her role as a homeschooling mom of 8, Dawn Camp devotes her time and love of stories to writing her first novel. She enjoys movie nights, cups of Earl Grey, and cheering on the Braves. She and her husband navigate an ever-emptying nest in the Atlanta suburbs.

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  1. Dawn,
    God plopped an opportunity right into my lap. I debated whether I could handle this job on top of running a Christian non-profit and keep writing my blog?? But when I zipped up my all-too-lovely neon, reflective vest and picked up my super-large “STOP” sign, I trusted that I was headed to a God-ordained position. Yes, I’m the crossing guard for the elementary school that is practically in my back yard. I love the hugs and high-fives I get from the kids, but I especially enjoy the opportunities I have to encourage young parents. I see both mothers and fathers pushing double wide strollers while walking their grade-schooler to school each day. Some days just having three kids dressed in something?? and getting out the door on time is a MAJOR accomplishment. They need to know this!! Having been there, done that, I am thankful for the opportunity to get to love on these young parents who wonder if they are doing a good job. Like you, Dawn, I find myself exactly where I need to be, so I cool my jets, and wait for God’s cues. Lovely post!
    Bev xx

    • What a great job! As well as encouraging others I see God giving this job for the benefit this encouraging and connection gives you too Bev. I hope it brings you Joy in your heart!

  2. Wow Gods timing couldn’t get any better than this. Here I am so thinking about my marriage. At the time it’s kind of shaky. My husband is a believer but he hasn’t fully surrendered his life to Him. He constantly lives with anxiety, is always angry, blames everyone for things that don’t turn out like planned and is under major stress.
    I just finished praying believing that God is working in his life. I am professing God you are making me wait because you are preparing him and I for greater things. You have me here at this time for a reason and your timing is perfect.
    I just started bawling after reading this. Thank you for sharing your story and reminding me that God is good all the time.

    • Anonymous,

      Praying for you sweet sister. May God change your husband’s heart completely. May He finally “see the light” & become fully devoted to Him. Things can & will change only in His perfect timing. Don’t give up. Keep praying. I will lift you both up to God for the transformation you need. May God guide you both to the next steps you nee to take for healing.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. LOVED this, Dawn! I constantly remind myself that delays and unforeseen circumstances are often from the Father to keep us someplace or keep us from something for good reason – to minister, for our safety, for family or friends…. His timing is perfect even when mine says NOT NOW!

    Blessings to you and yours!

  4. How ironic is it that with my ironclad theology about the sovereignty of God, I fall apart when the minutes of my day don’t line up according to MY plan…?

  5. I can relate to this story so many times! Thank you for sharing and reminding me to make the most of the opportunity through the fruit of patience.

  6. Everything truly does happen for a reason. I got into my first minor fender bender (thank God, very minor) not that long ago. I hit the back of someone’s car on the highway. As I got out of the car to approach the person whose car I hit, I was so afraid thinking of how mad they would be. I ended up meeting the kindest older woman who treated me like her own child. She wiped my tears and told me everything would be okay. When the cop came, he was also so kind. Not giving me a ticket and reassuring me that I didn’t have to fear and I would drive again. Their kindness made such a difference that day and I am forever grateful God placed such nice people in my path during that experience. ❤️

  7. I still remember a horrible morning that God used in my life many years ago. I was a single Mom of three who desperately needed to find a job. I planned my day on a time schedule to get the kids to school then come home, get ready and pound the pavement. I had a list of potential employers and a stack of resumes. However, everything that morning seemed to stand in the way and delay me leaving the house. Just as I was ready to go, I heard a knock on my door. It was my elderly neighbor. Her teenage Grandson had been walking to school that morning when he was hit by a car and died instantly. She said she needed someone to pray with her and thought of me. God had a plan for me to be home that morning and it was my honor to pray with her and mourn with her. ❤️

  8. God has all where he wants us. In the Family’s he wants us. There is a person in my Church who once said God don’t make mistakes. That is so true. My late Mum who in my life time I never heard or saw her give her life to the Lord. But she used to say to me Dawn were did I get you from. You go Church say your prayers read and read your Bible. I say Mum God has me hear for a reason. I did pray for her Salvation. You couldn’t tell her about getting saved as row go up. So I believe God has put me into the family I am in to pray for them all. As I am the only one saved in my family Cousin Nieces Nephews Aunts Uncles Dad Sister’s there Husbands. My Husband is saved. I pray for their salvation. I can’t tell them they need to get saved. As a row go up. They say keep your religion too yourself. So I know God has me in my family for a reason. To live my life as Christian in front of them. Pray for them. That one day they will see the light of Jesus in me. Want what I have and that is too know Jesus for themselves. I am not going to give up praying for their salvation. Should it take 20 or more years. For them to get saved. As I am not going to let the Devil wishiper in my ear give up they are not coming. No never. As I read one day in the Our Daily Bread a few years ago a Mothetr prayed for her sons salvation for over 20 years. She never gave in or stopped praying for him. This gives me great home for my family. To never give up and keep praying for them. One day he walked into the kitchen on the table was the Our Daily Bread and word of it made him get saved. On the front cover. So his Mother prayers of 20 years where answered that days. She never gave up. No gave into the Devil. So God had her where he wanted her. Like he has me where he wants me. Excellent reading again. Thank you. Xx

  9. Dawn,

    I get frustrated easily also. Usually when I’m tired & trying to get things done or get somewhere. Unfortunately I have my dad’s personality-outbursts quickly. I’m learning that God’s timing is so much better than mine. I rush around so & don’t accomplish any more than I would if I slowed down-just feel frazzled. I feel I have been placed at my little church for just this time. I have some good friends I can call if problems arise. More importantly they make me smile in the midst of trials. They are lovable “crazy” people who make me laugh. Life is so good when I get to see them. Earlier this year I was let go from a part-time job. Most people would be upset, but not me. I knew God had something better in store for me. Sure enough two weeks later I was offered a “part-time” job at a local hospital working ICU Step Down clerical. This is exactly where I need to be. I can encourage patients, their families, RNs & others. Have prayed for my co-workers & seen God work in their lives. One friend was certain she had cancer–praise God no & she found a different job with better hours for her. What started out as two days a week has turned into 2 days one week, 3 the next. Plus I fill in when either secretary needs off. God’s timing could not be more perfect.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Thank you Beth for what you do! As an RN, I can tell you that your job is SO important, whether others always show their appreciation or not. God Bless You!

  10. thankyou for en couraging that mom !!
    when my kids were so small I was frustrated and pushing a cart overflowing with groceries across a deep snow filled parking lot. I kept hitting the snow ruts causing the cart to stop and me to try to regain momentum all while ice and snow hit me and my kids in the face..cars turned infront of us causing me to stop..i yelled ” Oh God I need some help”, all of a sudden a cowboy appears..hat & boots and all. pushes the cart the rest of the way to my car within seconds…i turn around to thank him but he’s instantly gone !
    young moms need an angel forsure whether by words or actions …be a blessing today !