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Sarah J. Hauser is a Chicago-based writer and speaker. She shares biblical truth to nourish the soul—and occasional recipes to nourish the body. Her book, All Who Are Weary: Finding True Rest by Letting Go of the Burdens You Were Never Meant to Carry (Moody), releases April 2023.

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(in)side DaySpring:
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  1. Preserving that Eugene Peterson quote for my own journaled list of short-comings and epic fails.
    All the while knowing that there’s a Jesus-sized Grace, big enough to fill any room, I also let myself live in the dark, windowless space from time to time.
    Thanks for words that reveal the truth that is bigger.

  2. Jesus is one who forgives all our sins. If we are truly repentant of any wrong we have done and truly want to change. Not want to walk in our old bad habits. Satan the Old Devil would have stay walking in our old habits. Like a smoker addict to smoking and they no matter how hard they try on their own. They can’t seem to give up. The nicotine in the cigarettes is very addictive. I hear this from smokers. So they have to go get help from there Doctors and join a smoking group if they will. Like us Christians we have to pray ask God’s Holy Spirit to show us if we need to get help for this sin we can’t stop doing. Go get the help from the Christian counseling God tell us to go too. Like I got help from my Salvation Army Officer in the past for problems. Plus a good Christian friend. As if you don’t it does not go away. It can keep coming back. You can keep on doing the same sin. Even though you keep reading Psalm 51 and asking God to forgive you. It does not go away. You may need counseling for the sin through the Christian counseling person God tells you through his Holy Spirit to go too. When you do and get the help no matter what the problem about. You begin to knock it on the head once and for all. Satan then you can stamp him under your feet. You no longer think about it any more. You are free from it. You are new person. New creation in Christ. All that is behind you. You begin to feel a lot better. Glad you got the help. As I sure was. As the Christian song say I am new creation no more in condemnation. You get the song on YouTube. Don’t let Satan the Old Devil have you think you can’t beat this. You can with God help and through his Holy Spirit telling you what to do next. If you need to go trusted Christian counseling. Love this reading. Love Incourage readings. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  3. I needed to hear this today. I know these lies creates so much anxiety and stress to our lives yet we continue to allow them to filter in our head. I am deeply struggling to fit in at work. I feel as if a few coworkers are always looking out to see my failures and are so quick to point out to others about my mistakes. I don’t understand why we as women cannot learn to empower each other without the need to tear one another down. Why must we do this? We are all in this together. I know I should not allow others, especially those who know so little of me get under my skin yet I am more hurt than I am willing to show. Still I continue to do the right thing and play deaf ear. I have learned over the years that people who treats others bad are the ones who really need to be shown that kindness and I will not treat them the same way they are treating me. Most hard to do at times and definitely takes every ounce of my being to remain silent. Thanks for sharing this.

  4. Maylee don’t every think about what the people in your work think about you. You go on living your life in front of them for Jesus. You might not get your reward this side of earth. But you will get it in Glory when your time up.on earth. You remember what you do in work you are not doing it on too your work colleges. Your are doing it on to Jesus and that is all that matters. You remember you are Beautiful and you are a Daughter of the King. That King is Jesus. Look up on Youtube the Father Love Letter. It will tell you what our Father thinks of you. You remember that. Everything you do for God he see it. That is all that matters. You might not get your reward this side of earth but you will get it in Glory. So go to work remembering Jesus is with you in that work place. He said in his word the Bible he will never leave you nor for sack you. Because he Loves you too much. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  5. Sarah,

    Oh such truths in this post. The evil one seeks constantly to destroy us & make us believe that God can’t possibly love us anymore. This world seems to be helping oh so much. It;s out there daily in the news, magazines, TV shows. Just take a look & you can think I”m not pretty, smart, don’t measure up. For the world’s standards you may not. But thanks to God we do measure up. We are pretty, & smart. For we are created in His image. Remember this He doesn’t make mistakes. Do we fail sometimes sure. But the Grace of Almighty God will forgive us if only we ask. Open the door/window to that room & begin to climb/walk out. Start by asking God to forgive you. Pray Psalm 51 beseeching God to forgive. Tell Him how sorry you are that you failed & that you will work hard next time. Turn away from that sin & seek the joy of Salvation. He will hear from Heaven & forgive you of ALL your sins. He loves you that much. Next time you hear those lies – kick them to the curb & run to God first.

    Blessings 🙂