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  1. In today’s world we’re confronted with challenges never before faced by any generation. Now, more than ever, godly women should be reaching out to one another in relationships for prayer, encouragement, emotional support, and friendship. We have a priceless position in His creation!

    • There is so much that we as women can and should be doing to support one another. Instead, some of us have made a choice to tear down rather than build up. As women, we have the power that God has equipped us with to make a difference. All we need to do is use the power and watch what happens. In God we are not powerless.

  2. love leading our church’s Ladies Bible Study! God is moving and working through us to be closer in relationship with Him and each other. Strong together in the Lord!

  3. I’ve recently been praying for this in particular: more community, especially with women. Over the years my faith has been distracted and I could never figure out why until more recently when it dawned on me that I hadn’t yet found a church I could call “home” and therefore never really built any true Christ-centered relationships anywhere. After some searching, I have been attending a new church in my area by the suggestion of a friend from work and it has been absolutely lovely! Everyone has been so welcoming and kind, and the women has truly just opened their arms to me. I continue to pray for God to lead me to the right ladies so I can be a better part of our sisterhood.
    May blessings find you today and always 🙂

  4. Finding a group (or even one) can be a challenge but I’ve really been realizing lately how important it really is! (Also, pick me!)

  5. For some reason, I have always felt I was better off on my own, never wanting to “burden” others with my life stuff. I have never sought out female friends (not opposed to it, just never made it a focus). This post certainly makes me think about how I should change that thinking. I am newer to reading the Bible, and I adore how it is breaking my heart open (in a good way!) for these lessons to come in!

    • I have often felt alone in my personal walk even while being involved in a women’s bible study group. While being able to bring prayers to the group, praise God, I still didn’t always have that one special friend or mentor. I didn’t understand why for many years and have prayed about it for many years. Then I realized that maybe God wanted to be that friend. He wanted me to go to Him first keep my eyes on Him. Although I still craved Jesus with skin on I had to accept this possibility. Many, many people have walked through my life at different times, key word through. I think that some are only meant to be with us for a season but Jesus wants us to go always to Him first and foremost. I pray that you will go to Jesus with all your heart and notice that others are there for us but perhaps not as intimately as we would like. God has a purpose for everything, it comes down to trusting Him. He is sitting next to the Father making intercession for us. What better prayer partner could we have than that? Trust God and listen to the ways He ministers directly with you, however that might express itself. He often gives me songs in the night running through my mind for a period of time. I find this very comforting and personal. I don’t always understand exactly what He wants me to learn but I have faith that He is in control and when His timing is right He will make me understand. Just keep your heart and eyes looking to Him, we’ll get through this.

  6. This is so true–that we need sisters to walk with us through life! I am blessed to have been a part of the same Bible Study for over 15 years. Those sisters have stood beside me, prayed with me, celebrated with me, mourned with me, studied with me, and praised with me. We have carried one another through many joys and sorrows, and ordinary days. We also have life groups in our church and are blessed to have 3 other couples in our group who have become like family to my husband and I. My life group sister/friends have also been my closest allies and support. And finally, incourage readers and writers have become my dear sisters as well. Even though we have never met, each day we can spend time together, share with and support one another along the way. Thank you to each and every one of you. You are loved and appreciated!!!

  7. God provides His strength to us as we study His Word, pray and connect with others. His blessings await us.

  8. I’m definitely stronger with my sisters in Christ by my side. However, there are many times when I wait to bring prayer requests to them until I’ve prayed for it for so long and don’t seem to be getting any answers.

  9. There is just something God designed in us as women to work so well together under His Grace. I’d love to work through that devotional!

  10. I truly enjoyed this excerpt from “Women Of Courage” and am very inspired by the courage these two women showed to go against the King’s orders. I started going back to church a year ago and have been fortunate to have found a wonderful community of women to help me grow in my faith. I have been praying for a special woman to be my “church friend” to encourage and walk beside me. I know God will send the right person for me.

  11. This story is one I’ve read many times but had never stopped to ponder. So much to learn here! Thankful for my sisters who come alongside me and give me courage through my hard times. I know I can call on them at any time. May I be the friend they need as they walk through life as well! May we all see our calling to strengthen and encourage each other in this way!

  12. Thank You truly for your encouragement!! This devotional, the Incourage Bible, all of your daily devotionals BLESS and encourage my life and Faith {and those I share these Truths with}. Just thank you so much. God is using Incourage Ministry in mighty and amazing ways!!!!

  13. I am blessed to have “sisters” in Christ for more than 40 years. We have supported each other through many trials and we are not afraid to remind each other to stand strong and make known our fears, anxieties and desires to God.

  14. I am so happy for this post. I had so many experiences of women being unkind to me and to each other that I have few female friends and started saying “we are our own worse enemy” . I wish we can be each others’ friend and have each others’ back more. The truth is, we need each other and who will fight for us if we fight each other. That excerpt from Scripture touched my heart. We have to work together to fulfill His will. I will love to have the book because I am now learning how to reach out and trust the process of working with women again. Together we are stronger!!

  15. Thank you for your commitment to strengthening women! I am blessed to have a strong bond with a group of women who encourage me daily but I also look so forward to your daily emails! They help start my day in the right direction.

  16. I would love to win 5 copies so I could start a study with some of my friends! Thank you for the chance to win!!

  17. Yes we are better together! Yes I want to be inspired! Yes I want to share copies of Women in Courage!
    Thank you sisters in courage for always reminding me of God’s word and grace and love and wisdom and strength.
    Have a wonderful blessed day xoxo

  18. I am so blessed to have some amazing women of courage walk beside me during some challenging times. I pray that God will bless them in the ways that they have blessed me.

  19. My women’s Bible Study group is so important to me; I enjoy fellowshipping w/other Godly women. Thanks to in(courage) for creating this wonderful women’s group; the devotions help me endure & grow in my faith daily.

  20. Women together is my favorite thing – being a MOPs member when my kiddos were young and now being a mentor to MOPs mommas. We can only go thru life together!

  21. Dear Friends at (in) courage, Thank you for such a wonderful reminder of how important Godly women are in our lives. I have only a few but I am truly blessed to have them. We support, listen, love, cry with, and celebrate together. Such a good reminder to always listen to God as He helps us find other friends in Christ!

  22. In today’s world, we all need to be women of courage and what better way to do that than be part of a tribe of courageous women! I look forward to digging into this devotional and sharing it with the other women in my tribe!

  23. I would love to give this book to my sister-in-law, as she is the caregiver for my brother who is on hospice.

  24. I feel this encouragement is important for women of all ages. We are truly better together – especially when we are together within a faith relationship with our loving and forgiving God.

  25. I love starting my day with a devotional! Thank you for this beautiful book! I also love my devotional bible by (in)courage!

  26. As a Breast Cancer Survivor (twice), leader of a BC support group, women’s Growth Group Leader and Crew Captain for a large Breast Cancer walk, I am constantly inspired and amazed by women of faith and courage. I know first hand we are better together! I would love to have this book to share with my Growth Group – 10 women walking out our faith together. ❤️

  27. “Petition Him for a sister who will push you to revere God above everything else…” I thank God for the God sent/chosen “sisters” in my life who pray with me, pray for me, and push me to God’s Will.

  28. I’m not in a Bible study right now. I’m praying God will plant me in the right one. And I will start my search.

  29. I have read the sampler you’ve made available and would love to win. Thanks for your ministry and for the opportunities you give us to win!

  30. I am so incredibly thankful and blessed for the sisters that God has placed in my life to walk beside me and to encourage me.!

  31. A very encouraging message, thank you. Life can be very isolating but that’s not how we’re meant to live it.

  32. I was so blessed by today’s reading! It never ceases to amaze me how timely these readings are! Today, I feel so alone in my battles! I feel like I have no “Sisters” beside me! I want and need support in this battle, and now I know who I am going to search out! Build a relationship with! Thank you for giving me hope!

  33. Thank you for this beautiful reminder about friendship and community. Makes me grateful to have some special friends in my life with whom I can stand in the gap with and for, and who do the same for me in times of need.

  34. Thank you for the reminder of Joseph. And the trusting in God even though we don’t understand.

  35. I would love to win this and be able to add it to my daily devotions. This was a great post about a familiar story.

  36. I would love this book. I have recently connected with another woman of God and am hopeful that we can walk thru life as Shiprah and Puah did, with confidence and courage.

  37. I echo what many of these comments shared about “keeping my problems to myself” and “not wanting to burden others” for many years. Through an amazing health transformation program, I’m learning to shed the “icky” feeling of opening up to others, both in asking about their lives and goals and sharing mine. I just recently started receiving these daily e-mails and have been so blessed and shared many with my tribe through social media. Thank you for using God’s word and promises to draw me out and back to daily fellowship with Him.

  38. A very encouraging read. Stand up for what is right and reach out to others to stand with you. Thank you for this opportunity!

  39. So true! We all need support and encouragement from fellow believing sisters. And are blessed when we can give our support to others.

  40. I haven’t been able to spend as much time with my group of girlfriends lately, and I can definitely feel it. We need each other!

  41. I have two friends. One I only see in Church when see out. Or at her house one in a while. The other now and then not that often. The first one like myself does not drive. She has too many family things on to be a prayer partner. To meet up that often. The second she is busy with work and other things. I did have other friends but they live 86 miles away now. When I meet up with them it is for Coffee and Chatting to catch up as we don’t see either that often. But we can text either if we need prayer. We are there for either. But it kind not the same as meeting up on a regular basis. With a trusted friend going for a walk in good weather or just for prayer and bible study together. So I have asked God for new friend. To send my way. That I can do that with. But still keep the other friends as they are still very special too me. Love todays reading. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxx

  42. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story. I believe this is a time when sisters need to rise and stand firm together, as the spiritual warfare seems to be intensifying. Blessings!

    • I liked this article. I am certainly grasping the importance of friends in general and particularly finding a church and women who have a passionate faith walk. Three months ago we moved 1700 mi away to a new state. Now we are by my husband’s family. However, it was hard leaving our church, many friends, my family and state. God has lavishly supplied for our needs. I see that the body of Christ is as important as our home. I was wishing that He would hurry up with the friends and church part. Then I decided to refocus and thank Him ahead of time for providing those too. I think He wants our focus our attention on each other and Him first.

  43. What a great God we serve! This devotional had a real impact on me & I would love a copy to share with my ladies Bible Study group, here downunder.
    God bless you all at “Incourage”.

  44. I am starting on a sabbatical from vocational ministry in December, and making it a point to have more structured quiet time. This whole journey has taken so much courage thus far, and I would love to dive into that even further and share that with my children!

  45. Thank you for doing this giveaway. I think it is so important to have a relationship with God and to pray to Him for what we need.

  46. My courage and faith and trust have been tested through breast cancer and double mastectomy this year, Through it all Jesus has remained faithful am so very grateful for His mercies that are new every morning!! Would love this new devotional to enjoy!!

  47. I had just sent an email to a friend right before so began reading this devotional. I thanked her for being there today to help me process some craziness. Two ARE better than one. Thankful…and blessed.

  48. I have read about these women. Such courage they had in that day and time. God was with them truly. They trusted His protection for their very lives. Shouldn’t we do the same? I am searching and praying for a sister in Christ. I am isolating myself due to my mental illness and I just am having a hard time right now. Thank you for these devotionals. I am almost done with the 21 days of Gratitude. It has helped me dive into the word and in places I never ventured before. Many Blessings. Kimberly.

  49. Awesome, and would love to share this with many of the courageous ladies
    our Ministry helps. Domestic Violence victims and their daughters.
    Always need to hear, see or read a positive message about how courageous
    they are for leaving their husband or boyfriend, and starting a new life with
    their children away from the violence and stress.

  50. I have been so fortunate as a Christian woman to have three women in my life that I can turn to for support and advice when I have been involved in situations where the world might want me to do other than what God wanted me to do. These women, my step-mother Ella, my sister-in-law Marion, and my friend Dee are so strong in their faith that they are the role models I have needed as I have grown in my Christian faith. Thank you dear Lord for them.

  51. What a great nugget of scripture to minister to our relationships with other women! I love this and hope to share it with my connect group of young ladies I lead. We are striving to guide them into authentic friendships.

  52. What a great story of women of courage! It’s one I tend to forget. I could use a strong woman of faith to walk with but am not great at reaching out. Luckily I do have a women’s bible study group for support.

  53. Loved this! Have read that time and time again but never thought if it the way it was broken down. Thank you!

  54. My mother and I often spend time in God’s Word together. We find it strengthens us, keeps us accountable, and grows us. We enjoy learning about other women in the Bible and what their stories have to teach us.

  55. I’m glad for be a book studying women in the Bible. These 2 are good examples of their belief in God.

  56. Wow!!!.. you guys always do amazing giveaways. Especially multiple giveaways. It’s much a blessing.. reading a sample from this book is amazing. crossing my fingers hoping to win.

  57. Her hope is your hope. And that hope is Jesus Christ.. – women of courage.

    Reading day #1. I love it. Amazing giveaway. .. it be nice to win a copy.

  58. I am familiar with the story of Moses in the Bible but somehow I missed the names of Shiphrah and Puah. Their story is an inspiring one of courage and faith. Thank you for writing about them in this post.

  59. I always enjoy the messages and many times they reach me right on my struggle. Thank you. Be blessed.

  60. This is great! I can think of 2 soul friends who have changed my life. I can’t imagine going thru life without them. They always provide a listening ear, advice when I need it, a challenge when I need it, and they help me put God first. I pray that I am to them what they are to me.

  61. Just this morning my Mom shared something she learned from this devotional book!
    Thank you for the giveaway- I would love to win a copy!

  62. Sharing the Word is so important, especially in today’s world. The statement “if we as parents aren’t teaching our children who God is, someone will teach them who He isn’t” is so real! Thank you – we all need encouragement and help in teaching them the way. I look forward to reading and sharing. God Bless!

  63. In Courage,

    This world today make it so easy to feel alone. You think you’re the only Christian at work (maybe). People talk the talk, but you don’t see evidence of the walk. People show all kinds of stuff from the internet. We all laugh & nod our heads. Do we really take a stand on what is Christian & what isn’t? God calls us to be in community & bear one another’s burdens. We all need a Shiphrah and Puah or a David & Jonathan in our lives. Someone we can talk to about anything & everything. A friend who is super close to us. Who knows us intimately. God is that person. He expects us to do that in fleshly form for others. Be an accountable partner. Love on them & pray for & with them.

    Blessings 🙂

  64. Reading devotionals really helps me with understanding God’s teachings from the bible. This book helps take that even further. Working through the 21 days of gratitude, and it helps me to keep in mind how we women help one another. Work has been stressful this week and this reminds me to give grace and understanding

  65. Thank You, Lord, for the women you have placed all around me. Let us be a light to each other and an encouragement to grow in the mission You have set before us. Thank You for giving me a mentor group in Women of The Word, a peer group in our life group, and women that I can mentor in our Mom’s of adult children prayer group.

  66. Yes, this has been my prayer for the past year, for the Lord to bring a few women into my life who share the same values and beliefs so that we can walk together in friendship. It’s also been my prayer that these women will develop strong relationships with my daughters and be a mentor to them. Slowly God is showing me some good friends while also bringing to light some people to be kind to but not in close friendship with.

  67. We started a new mom’s group at church this year. After a few years hiatus from a different mom’s program and over 50–yes, 50!–new babies born with in our congregation (and still a few more on the way!) it was time to develop a new ministry to mothers of school aged children. Wow! Are these moms ready and willing for encouragement! We divided into 4 small groups of 10-12, that include a leader and a mentor mom. As one of the mentor moms, it has been a such a delight and special privilege to walk along these gals for the last couple of months, so far. I am humbled, but filled with joy to be able to form relationships and friendships with them. I remember how important this was to me as I was raising my own kiddos.
    Raising children to trust and follow the Lord in today’s ever changing and quickly changing world takes a lot of prayer, Biblical wisdom, prayer, Godly friends and more prayer! I pray each day that I would reflect my Savior and be an encourager to these young mama’s and their families, along with whomever I would meet each day!
    Thanks (in)Courage! You are one of my encouragers!

  68. I had never thought about how much faith and obedience Shiphrah and Puah had. They went against tradition and the broad way to honor God in a very brave way. Thank you so much for this awesome devotion.

  69. The Wednesday night bible study group has changed over the past few seasons, a few of my ladies have joined us as they call themselves the “late bloomers”. What joy we have received from these women who view The Word with fresh hearts, fresh eyes. New to study at first they were shy and rather subdued. God has moved at Our Table. We pray together afterward and most recently we cried together with our new friend who opened to us saying she felt like a bad person when she expressed anger to God when her adult son over-dosed leaving behind a toddler daughter. She expressed that through studying with us, she has found safety, peace and God’s grace, now understanding that she is loved, redeemed, forgiven and saved. From time to time I pass on age appropriate books, videos and toys with a Gospel message to her now 5 yr old grand daughter as well to share together. God has brought this group together for His glory. Shalom and Amen.