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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Patricia,
    I’ve been reading through the Bible again (with every re-read His Word is fresh, new, and alive). I happen to be in Jeremiah and I agree…it sounds like Jeremiah is talking to us, right here in 2020. Not all, but many have turned away from God. Many do not hear His voice. Many do not obey His commands. Many embrace what the world offers, but reject the Giver of Life. But, God is the only One who has a balm that will heal our sin-sick souls. We try to slap on the cheap stuff, but only the priceless balm of our salvation in Christ will heal what ails us. We crave the rich balm of grace, mercy, forgiveness, and love. Let’s not settle for the less-than brand. Let’s, like you said, run to Him and rejoice that we can do so. Wonderful post!
    Bev xx

  2. Thank you, Patricia. Your post was a wonderful balm to me today. This Lent I have (as a retiree!) given up sleeping in mornings. I’m returning to my 6am alarm, as I did when I went out to work. This time is just for me and Jesus, and after two days I am realising how much I’ve missed this set-aside time to just soak in His Presence, listen to His Voice, read His Word, and journal my thoughts and prayers. He is so gently leading me to just the right things I need – a song, a verse, and His love. It actually physically feels like a balm – a sweet-smelling, soft-feeling touch that I have missed so much. God bless you! Barbara

    • What a beautiful testimony, Barbara! Yes, how we need Him. His presence and assurance, His healing and His love. May the Lord richly bless your daily 6 a.m. wake-up meeting, abiding in Him! Sounds healing and wonderful!

  3. My son and his wife gave me some glorious grapefruit-scented lotion for Christmas, and every time I rub it into my winter hands, I am blessed. And I’m turning to Isaiah’s words for the same reason during Lent: Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows.
    It sure looked as if he was guilty as he hung on the cross, but it was my load he had chosen to come under, and he’s still there alongside me in the midst of the February gloom. We’re so blessed, and I’m glad to have read your words today.

    • Blessings and thank you, wonderful Michele! Your Lenten Scripture is a glorious reminder. Surely he has borne our griefs and carried our sorrows. Thank you, Jesus! He is our Healing Balm. Thank you, Michele, for sharing and affirming!

  4. Thank you for this powerful and true message. What a great reminder to let us know He is with us always!

  5. For me the words of the 23rd Psalm are the comfort balm I run to whether it is a small struggle or something much more serious. The words truly are a solace and lifter of my heart.

    My new eBook:
    Clay: Reflections on the Life God Is Shaping in Us

    • Oh, dear Arnesia. I can relate to your need! Life can feel so overwhelming sometimes. So hard to bear. That’s when we know to put it all on the altar — to lay it at the foot of the Cross. Fix it, Jesus! And He is so faithful to lift our burdens, calm our worries, heal our despair. I’m believing for you now, Arnesia, that the Lord has heard your need and, with His love, is healing your despair and soothing your sorrows. Be ye our Balm, O wonderful God! We need you now. Blessings, dear Arnesia, as you receive Him now! His beautiful grace, healing, and peace on your life — and on this day!

  6. My Sistah Patricia. What a timely and wonderful post. We began this season of Lent yesterday on Ash Wednesday. First time in 20 or 30 years I was not able to receive that sign of our desire to return to Him because I was sick. So your post helped me to have hope in His merciful grace and love. Thank you!

    • Oh, wonderful Oretha! I’m grateful to God you found hope today in His mercy and grace again today. God be praised! In this season of Lent may we, indeed, turn from “the traffic of life,” as one scholar described it, and return our minds and hearts to Him. He is our Healing Balm. May you always experience Him in healing and restoring ways!

  7. Oh my, Patricia! You spoke my deepest meditations in this, your article. You spoke of the sadness, despair and suffering of my observations. Oh our Lord understands what is happening to us but I cry out in dismay. Only because He lives I can face tomorrow and also I’m comforted to be in such company as yours and others like-minded. Thank you for offering great and defining words that soothe as balm. Holy Spirit continue to console your people. Thank you so much, Patricia. Love.

    • Wonderful Elaine, thanks so much for your thoughts. You are so right — the Lord understands what is happening in our world. What great hope, indeed, to know He is our Peace — and we can draw to Him for our comfort, guidance, grace, and soothing for our souls. Simply, we need Him — more than all. Sincere thanks for receiving my humble thoughts on this season of our lives. May the Lord continue to comfort us as we walk through life with Him! With love and blessings!

  8. Oh how I need the healing balm of The Savior! My heart & soul are hurting for my family. My 16 year old daughter, ex-husband & I had a huge blow out last night. Lord I am asking you to heal my daughter’s heart. That my ex would surrender to you! That Only you can do – end this relationship he has with this girl. Heal my daughter & ex’s relationship, protect my son, 13, from thinking what is going on is ok, heal my heart, restore our marriage if it be your will.
    Thank you for your healing balm!

    • Amen, dear Dawn. I’m praying with you, and for the Lord’s soothing healing for every heart, mind and soul in your family. May you release your worry for your family and your family members to heart of God. Leave that anxiety at his feet, at the foot of the cross. Trust Him to handle it. Then move forward just to love everyone. I love what theologian Richard Foster says — that we can finally let go “of the everlasting burden of trying to manage other people.” That is the Lord’s work. Our job is to love them. May He strengthen you to love as He heals your family, from the inside out! He can do it! Sending much to you today!

  9. Patricia I am still praying for you and your Daughter. All the way in Enniskillen Co.Fermanagh N.Ireland. That you will get see her and her Family saved and wone for the God Kingdom. I believe you will get this answer to your prayers. I believe God for you. With all my heart. God will heal your Sorrows. You feel for your Daughter. As you will one day have the biggest praise party. When your Daughter and her Family gets saved. You will be able to tell your Grandkids. The stories you long to tell them. That you can’t tell them at the moment. Like Danel and the Lions Den. Noah and the Ark. Jonah and The Wahel. Plus the First Christmas Story of how Jesus was born in Manger. Etc. Take heart keep believing and keep looking up. Don’t let Satan ever wisper in your ear. Your wasting your time beliving your Daughter and her family are going to see the light. Get saved. Because in God perfect timing they will. Tell Satan your not giving up praying for them and believing for them. As like my Family I not giving up for them. I not going to let Satan whisper in my ear there not coming. So you might as well give up. No I never give up. I not let Satan win. I keep praying. Like that women in Our Daily Bread one day I read it. It has given me such hope. Who prayed for her Son for over 20 years. She never let Satan whisper in her ear. You might as well give up. He not coming. As one day the Our Daily Bread was one the Kitchen table and the words on the front cover of it convited him and he got Saved. So like that. It gives me hope not to give up praying for My Family. You Patrica do the same for your Daughter and her Family. As I know God will answer Your Prayers. In his prefect timing. I also trust God and his word and the promises in it and Prayer. I stand on Phil 4 verse 19 which says My God Shall Supply All My Needs. According To Christ Jesus. Not my Greeds. I believe God for that for everything I need. As I know we server a Great Big Might God. Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Dear wonderful Dawn! Your messages are so encouraging and inspiring. I’m humbled and blessed to receive your reminders — all the way from N. Ireland — to don’t stop believing! Don’t stop praying! Don’t stop trusting! You are like a voice from Heaven,telling me to stay in prayer for everyone in my family, including my beautiful daughter, her wonderful daughter, and their precious children — even as I continue to shower God’s love on all of them. I’m grateful to God that He does the “heavy lifting” of bringing hearts home to Him. My warmest thanks for walking with me on this journey. To Him be the glory! His Word never comes back void! With my sincere gratitude and love, Patricia

  10. He IS our balm as we sit with His Word, sing praises of His attributes, take note of His gifts and blessings (like lovely-scented lotion–just when you needed it!), practice His presence throughout the day–He’s given us so many ways to access His balm. A lovely uplifting post, Patricia!

    • Yes, so true, wonderful Nancy! (Love how you say that.) We have so many ways to access His balm — praise, prayer, gratitude, meditation, stillness, abiding and resting in Him. Even the counsel and encouragement of fellow believers as He speaks through them. Yes, be Ye our balm, blessed Lord. We are so grateful! Nancy, thanks so much for sharing your perspective. So very helpful. Warmest thanks!

  11. Patricia,

    This world is noisy, hate-filled & divisive. Just like in Jeremiah’s day or like Sodom & Gomorrah. People are doing what they want. The devil is working overtime enticing them with the riches & grandeur of this world. I often do not watch the news or read much on Social Media. Don’t need the crap this world has to offer. Only when tragedy strikes & they’ve run out of options do they come to God for His healing. Sunday afternoon hubby & I lost a beloved pet. The first place I went was to Jesus. I needed His healing for my sad soul. Each day I make time to sit with God & take in His healing balm. It soothes more than any lotion or cream here on Earth. He comforts us & calms our weary souls. Going to get some of His healing balm before I head into work now.

    Blessings 🙂

    • Oh, Beth. I’m so sorry about the loss of your pet. What sadness in our often sad, angry and noisy (yes) world.You are so wise to seek the Lord’s quietness and care instead of turning to the harsh atmospheres that try to lure us. I pray your day in Him was filled with moments of peace and assurance. He is so faithful to be our Peace and sweet help, especially when we need Him most. May you keep abiding in Him wisely as you already do – yes, day by day! I join you, indeed, in thanking Him for being our holy balm! With His grace and blessings, Patricia

  12. Patricia, I am so happy to see this posted on FB! I bought your devotional, “God’s Great Blessings” several years ago and have read it every day since! Your writings challenge and intrigue me. Even though I read them over and over again, I realize something important to think about every time. I love this writing about the Balm. I will continue to read everything I find of yours. I love the way God inspires you to write, and I am so happy to have this chance to tell you so.

    • Thank you, wonderful Phyllis! Your kind words are the perfect ending to this day. (I just circled back to this post and saw you beautiful comment.) My warmest thanks for your lovely feedback on my devotional. I felt so honored to write it, and I’m amazed and delighted how much people have enjoyed it. (And still are! God is SO good.) Kind thanks also for this feedback on the Balm. What a joy to know Jesus us our comfort and Healer. Yes, He is the Balm! And now I’m printing out your comment because it encourages my writing so much. Please know how deeply grateful and blessed I am by your affirming words. My warmest thanks!

  13. Thank you for this message. As we are all home bound these days– is it only a week and half so far? I am getting caught up on saved emails so I am three weeks or more behind but this message is even more appropriate now as ever. I long for it to be Feb. 27 again, before any of this even started and maybe we could have found the balm to stop all of this virus from starting. I read that you were looking out a window at the snow in Colorado, I grew up in Denver, went through a painful move in 1974 when as a teenager my family moved to Pennsylvania. I am thinking where was the balm to ease my homesickness in 1974? Prayer and family. It was a struggle sometimes to trust the Lord, that he knows the best his plans for our lives. And the balm is here for us now, to have the time to breath, pray and get closer to the Lord. To refocus and know that he is still as always in control. I woke up this morning singing “He Has the Whole World in His Hands” So true these days.