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  1. In Courage,

    Moms come in all shapes & sizes. We are each unique & mother people in our own ways. This mother’s day is different than most. It will be difficult not having your children & grands around to hug. Your jobs are harder. Now you must teach, work from home, & try to scavenge groceries along with the daily routine. You must also be a counselor/nurturer to your youngsters. Their lives are different. No more play dates, school at home, no dance, sports, etc. They don’t quite know why. So for ALL that you do each day. I say a hearty thank you. It is extremely difficult now, but in the end you will be blessed. You are raising the next generation & they will do great things. Bless you all for the work you put in. Be it for youngsters or aging parents. Happy Mother’s day everyone!

    Blessings 🙂

  2. thank you.. mothers day in quarantine makes me think of probably alot of other mothers days prior in generations.. spent in bomb shelters or quarantine in the early 1900s… life wasn’t perfect for our generations before us but somehow our grandmother’s and great grandmothers pulled thru it with grace and came out in love. I look back to see ahead ..

    happy mother’s day !

    • And they did it without smartphones–amazing (wink). A good reminder–thank you!

      • ha ha.. yes except I think their thing was gathering around a radio instead of a smartphone.

  3. Thank you for this encouraging message. I hope and pray that everyone has a Happy Blessed Mother’s Day.
    Blessings to all,

  4. I don’t have my Mum today. But I look do think at way she was stay at home mum for us. They where the best days of all. When we got home from school Mum was there for us. The fire light in the winter time. Mum was there to help us with our homework. Mum had the house cleaned. Washing done. Was there for us when sick not able to go school. We didn’t have to go the Childminders or a Nursery after school or as babies. Mum was able to stay at home. Dad went to work. We cope on alot less. We were thank full to have Mum at home. See her love. Even if had to do with less just have our three meals a day. No special treats. Like money to buy a play station for or Birthdays or Christmas. We were given yes a presents at theses times but what our parents could afford. The bills where paid food was always on the table and we had Mum at home every day. She was there showing us her love. Doing the best giving the best she could. When it was our Birthday she bake us a cake let us have few friends from school round to play. Thoses where the best days and best memories of all. No better nurse when sick was our mum. Just like is always there for us matter what. A Mother love is second to none. Now grown up looking back I am very thank full on Jesus for thoses day. It today makes me very thank full for everything I have today. I look at people and here story’s of them that don’t get on their parents it sad. We need to pray God will heal it they will make friends. So if you got your Mum today you get on well with her thank Jesus for her. As she is one precious person in your life. Enjoy every moment you have with her. If saved pray for her. Love today reading. Xx

  5. Thank you for the greeting unfortunately I was never married or a mother. My mom is gone 42 years and Godmother is gone over 20 years. I never knew either of my grandmothers.
    But I do want to wish all the mothers a happy Mother’s day too!!

    • I was married by for 26 years and never gave birth to my own children. I am now divorced but not because I wanted a divorce. Me and my husband influenced many children’s lives during those 26 years. We were actively involved with children birth through high school. I am a proud Aunt of three and a great Aunt to eight. My heart is full of love for all of them. Many who have not been able to have children feel incomplete and are uncomfortable around mothers and are glad when this day has come and gone. I never felt this way. I may not be a Mother but the Lord sure has blessed my life by the children who’s lives I touched along the way. And I am so grateful. Those kids who call me Aunt are my heart’s. Theresa, I am sure you have touched many children’s lives along the way. That being said today is your day also.