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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Yes, the best antidote for racism is seeing others as God sees. May this renewal of our hearts and minds be what we all intentionally seek daily. Think of the smiles that will result! Thanks for your words this morning!

  2. Karina,
    I’ve had some open conversations with my black friends. I’ve asked questions. They’ve spoken. I’ve listened and learned. We’ve prayed for healing and thanked God for our common ground – love of the Lord. I think we often simply want to be heard and validated for what hurts our hearts. Interestingly, they do not support the extremism that is rising up with violence. Only love and humility will win out, not power and hatred.
    May we all see others through the eyes of our Creator.
    Bev xx

    • Amen Bev! That is so good! Having moments like you have had are the only way we shatter presumptions and get to know the heart of God’s image bearers. Thank you for reading and sharing!

      • Wonderful post, Karina! I agree with Bev’s comments, as well. Violence is not the way. Peaceful dialogue such as we are having here will produce much better results. We have been members of multi-racial churches in California and now here in Missouri. It is such a blessing to be able to enjoy harmonious fellowship with people from all walks of life. We are all one in the Lord. Praying for peace and unity, not hate and division in our beloved country.

  3. so true…..and the word companion means to break bread with…..its all God nothing is coincidence but God-incidents….God bless are world and we begin to unite in love of Him…..

  4. It is often true that the things we accuse others of doing, we do by our accusations. We allow our pain to rule our heart and mind. If Christ had done that we would not have the cross to come to in our time of need.

    We are a flawed people living in a flawed world. If we were all the same skin color and spoke the same language we would still find something to focus our anger and hurt feelings on. It is only when we humble ourselves before a forgiving God that we find what we were created for – community with God and therefore with one another.

    I join my heart and prayers with all who continually look to the Father for guidance and love for all who are looking for answers and hope. God’s word tells us to pray for our enemies and for those in authority over us. It’s hard sometimes to do this very thing and yet if we are to follow the example of Jesus, then we must do exactly that. It does not say that we must agree with them before we pray for them. In fact the opposite is more than true. The more we disagree, the more prayer is required if we are to ever find common ground.

    May God be with all through these times. The most loving thing we can do is to pray before we open our mouths. Stand firm in our faith and trust in the Almighty. This is our mantra.

  5. You are awesome Karina! I love how you have made the leap from learning online to getting together face to face and creating the opportunity to practice listening to each other as human beings. There’s just something to be said for putting down our devices and being together that is lost in our day and age. This message is too important. Thank you for sharing!

    • Thank you Ashley! I am all about having face to face conversations about hard topics. But, I think the Lord has brought a new season where people are more open to having them instead of just engaging with all of the noise online. Thank you for listening and sharing!

  6. Love you, friend! This was so encouraging to read. Here’s to growing, listening, and learning through hard and holy conversations wrapped in God’s grace.

  7. I have been a Childminder for 19 years don’t do anymore. I looked after a we boy with light brown skin. His parents were saved. I was saved then too. Skin color didn’t matter to his parents or me. We just loved either. I have a cousin she has mum who is white skin her Dad has sallow brown skin so she his sallow brown skin. We all in our families pass no remarks on my cousins skin color. Nor did the other kids of the of we boy I looked after when a Childminder with light brown skin. Nor did the other parents of the other kids who were all white skin. That is the way it should be in life. We should look beyond skin color. Aspect people for who they are not because of their skin color. Love them like Jesus does. Jesus expects us no matter what skin color we are we are all his children. Jesus loves us all. Why is any difference when we if are ill and in Hospital. We don’t care what colour skin the Doctor or Nurse has as long as they do their job and they make us well. If we are in Hospital ill. Then when we get out some of us start being offal about people who come from other countries with different skin color to our countries. We should not be saying any. But doing what Jesus would what us to do. Especially if saved to do at the table that is have prayer meeting and pray for them. As we don’t know why they wanted to come over to live in our country where we live. If we did we were them we probably want out too and try to make a better life for ourselves them for their families. Our is not to judge. Jesus wouldn’t want us to Judge. Jesus would want us to pray for them. We don’t know anything about them or what they went through in their countries. We are to do what Jesus would want us to do is have heart for them and help them if we can. Like in our Churches. Reach out to them through our Churches if we can. If we see them in the shop say hello to them say if can praying for you. I once saw Muslim family. I walked passed them. I said hello. They gave me the biggest smile ever. As people would just walk passed them and say to themselves they shouldn’t be in our country they should stay in their own. But we shouldn’t do or say that. Show you are the Church of Jesus the hands and feet of Jesus the true Church. By being kind to them. They are every bit as much a child of Jesus as you and me who are saved. Skin color don’t matter to JESUS. It shouldn’t matter to us. We should show kindness and love to everyone like it say in the word of God the Bible by the way we live or lives if true followers of Jesus. Love today’s reading. Love you all incourage. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. XXX

  8. I’m quite sure there are millions in this country who desire we “walk in unity with one heart and one mind”–people who do not agree that rioting, looting, arson, and harming others solve any problems; people who are not racist but live and work and worship and fellowship with those of different color. Unfortunately, attention is focused on the loud, profane voices and destructive behavior of a relative few, and those who seek to divide us rather than unite us. I saw a video on FB of a huge crowd gathered in one city for an outdoor praise-and-worship service, sponsored by a number of churches, with all races represented. It was a glorious sight. I’m praying that kind of gathering can be repeated all over the nation, inspiring a revival. Jesus is the only answer to what ails our country right now.

  9. Karina,

    The media is biased. They only show us the riots & disagreeable people. There is very little mention of any good going on like police walking with protesters calmly. It is very hard to change preconceived notions. Many people may not have been taught the Bible or Jesus’s love for them. We need to stand tall & let them know that there is a God in Heaven who loves irregardless of race, color or creed. We need to stomp out racism & pour God’s love on this sin darkened world.

    Blessings 🙂

  10. Karina thank you so very much for this insightful, heartfelt and powerful article. You have provided a much needed voice and biblical perspective that we are all aching to hear. I am so thankful for you friend. I pray God expands your territories and uses you to do exceedingly and abundantly above all you can ask or think to ask Him to do in this generation. Soli deo gloria.