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  1. I grinned (or grimaced?) at your term: “functioning depressive.”
    I guess that’s me, too, only I say that I was born depressed, but I wonder if in both of us it’s just a function of making room in our lives for all the sadness that ‘s there (and in those we love), choosing to give it a good hard look, but knowing the best way to love is to trust for that day’s portion of grace to do the next thing that needs doing.
    That’s the truth about the darkness our nation is walking through right now, for sure.

  2. I agree with this whole heartedly. My husband has been going through kidney dialysis for almost 2 yrs now and we know that eventually that he will die. We are both 75 yrs old and have been married for almost 57 yrs (anniversary is 11/16/63). This is hard for me even though my faith is strong and we have a wonderful church(Grace Pres. Dawsonville, GA). I seem to lose my patience with my husband and I try not to and our son (who lives with us & is 50 yrs old) says to me just to one thing today Mom and try to let things go. I seem to have trouble but listening to music, playing with our German Shepherd dog (Duke who is only 2 yrs old), or reading (devotionals, the Bible and etc.) helps me center back on what is important which is people and GOD!!

    • Ruth Ann,

      Sweet sister it is hard to deal with your husband’s disease. Praying for God to comfort you all in these extra trying times. May you sense Him around you at all times. For me when I feel down or upset listening to Christian or gospel music helps heal my weary soul. At times I dance to the music getting myself active & thinking about something else. Prayers for peace & rest in your family’s souls.

      Blessings 🙂

  3. What you wrote sounds so familiar. I also am a functioning depressive! Up until 3 years ago life was sailing along ok. Then my husband became quite ill with several things compounding all at once. Suddenly he can no longer work. And spent his days struggling to get through this. Also just as suddenly everything that is done to keep a household running, from finances to lawn work, to being a healthcare person became my responsibility. Here I had been retired (I am in my 70’s) and was now seeking a job. My husband is better in many ways physically today but the illness and meds are taking a toll on him mentally. So the struggle continues. We have 5 children between us (second marriage) but all live out of state. So I go through periods where I feel very alone and just plain sad. But I always try to remember that I am never alone because God is with me. I pray for strength and Gods grace. Thank you Sarah for your message today. May God’s light shine upon you.

  4. We all as Christians have dark days. Days when we don’t feel like praying or reading or Bible. Days we say why God do I feel like this. It nothing to with this Pandemic we are living all over the world. Even we Christians are human. The non saved of the world look at us. Most of them say. Hay I thought you a Godly person were meant to be the happiest person on the earth. Now where is this God you believe in. That is meant to keep you happy all the time. It hard to know what to say then to a person who is not saved. But behind it all we are still FREE. We can still go and cry to our Saviour who still loves us. Say to him why do I feel like this. Why do I feel so do down. Why do I have dark days. I normal. There are days. I don’t want to Pray or read my Bible. I when that day goes by that happens I feel bad for letting God down that I didn’t spend that time with him that day. I go away the next day saying God forgive me. For not spending proper time that day I didn’t in your word and prayer. The days I do I feel so much better. I know in Jesus I am free. Love today’s reading as I love all today’s readings. Thank you all you for the wonderful work you do.

  5. Thank you, incourage, for selecting this devotion for today. Blessings on all you who work behind the scenes to keep this site going, as I know your hearts are heavy and you are seeking to know how God would lead you in your specific life situations. One size does not fit all. Your efforts are appreciated! ♥

  6. My heart aches for all those who suffer from depression. I’ve only endured a short, 6-week stint years ago. It took every ounce of strength within me to do just what needed doing for our two young children. God bless you, Sara Mae, for being honest and humble. With you I praise God for the healing in the heaviness.

  7. In Courage,

    This is one very important topic that must be brought up in church circles. There isn’t a one size fits all answer to help the sick. A lot of people must take medications to alleviate some symptoms. This should not be looked upon with shame. I personally have never really had any psych issues. My family has dealt with it some (geriatric psych) & the pain & anger associated with it is real. My heart goes out to the families dealing with this on a daily basis-especially in these trying times. We must find a way to make room for the sadness that comes in everyone’s life at some point. Christians, though, have a hope that never fades. We can trust God to help heal our bodies. I find myself listening to Christian or Gospel music & dancing around praising God. That seems to lift my mood a bit. Thank you Sarah Mae for the open honesty in this post.

    Blessings 🙂

  8. Thank you for your encouragement in this post. I think right now so many of us are feeling the weight of heaviness, of depression, of sadness because of all the turmoil and dissonance in our country. I’ve just gone through a time of depression following my dear mother’s death. How we need God’s promises, uplifting music, and the love of family and friends to help lift us up or, just to be with us.