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Mary is a writer and speaker who lives for good books, spicy queso, and television marathons – but lives because of God’s grace. She writes about giving up on perfect and finding truth in unexpected places at MaryCarver.com. Mary and her husband live in Kansas City with their two daughters.

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  1. Mary,
    Between the soccer practices, piano lessons, weddings, doctor appointments, deadlines, lunches, we forget why we were created. God created us for one purpose – to be in relationship with Him. He was perfectly sufficient on His own without us, but because of His love that couldn’t be contained, He created us. I am so easily distracted, so I’ve experienced times in my life when God has literally had to get everyone and everything out of the way so that we could have some uninterrupted One on one time. The question I’m forced to ask is what would God have me learn and take away from this? I’m reminded that I need to make being with Him, enjoying His presence, experiencing His delight in me, hearing Him sing over me with love a priority, not an after thought. Seek first His kingdom…every day I can look forward to time with Him, being in His word, and talking with Him. Love Him, then go love others. All the rest is icing on the cake.
    Bev xx

    • Be happy you have so much. Your family around you – how nice! I am alone with my spouse in a totally different state from the remainder of my family and no children. I had to work through all of this as a temp – who is quite grateful there was work for me during this time. I will never own a home. Know grandchildren or the joy of driving a child to soccer practice. Count your blessings. My calendar is always empty.

      • Laura, I’m so sorry you feel so alone. I’m glad you had work during this difficult season, and I’m praying right now that God would comfort you and bring you community even while you’re separated from family.

    • Yes, this is so good, Bev. Making Him a priority – THE priority – is hard (for me), and this time when we have fewer distractions is a gift.

  2. A Beautiful and inspirational message….just what I needed to hear to get my day in order…I’ll be reading those Bible verses today. Be well, take care.

  3. Oh yes, yes, yes! I should have written this one (but I’m so glad you did; thanks!), as it expresses what’s been on my heart and I was just starting to articulate. I’ve always been one to take great joy in looking forward to the “next thing” and am learning to live in the moment, but it doesn’t come naturally. I too am thankful that my family and I have generally weathered safely through this time so far, but we need to come to terms with all of the losses in our hearts (even if they aren’t as “hard” or “bad” as those of others), and give them up to the Lord. Thanks for reminding me to keep on putting my trust where it belongs.

  4. Mary, this so echoes how I’ve been feeling. Retired, home every day with my hubby, cancelled travel plans, absent volunteer work. It’s hard. I do feel like there isn’t much to look forward to. And every day is pretty much the same. I, too, lose track of the days. But you are right. God sees us and He has plans for us. We just need to tune in. So let us “tune in”, not “drop out”. We need to get our plans aligned with His!

  5. “God knows what day it is.”
    I can’t even explain why, but that sentence means a lot to me. We are being stretched & more importantly INVITED to trust God in so many new ways, right??? Phew, it’s hard. But God knows it all and he cares. May we remember that today and tomorrow and whatever day it is that comes after!
    Thanks, Mary.

  6. Love this post. Thanks Mary……also Bev, I read your reply and it hit me that wow…now we CAN do what we were created for ,as we have time uninterrupted..without go here go there, and that is – to Praise and Adore and Abide in Him. So often we feel unloved or Unappreciated and now maybe we will listen for the Voice of the One who really wants to shower us with LOVE and tell us how ‘Special’ we are.
    Yes I miss volunteering at the Senior Centre , going to coffee with friends.., visiting my children out of province, .but these also take me from sitting at His feet and praising Him ..business…!
    I am going to make a coffee and sit in the garden and eagerly await His Voice , take more quiet walks thru the forest and sing like the birds with JOY.. in Jesus

  7. Do you know what comes to mind for everyday Mary. This verse in the Psalm 118 verse 24: it says. This is day the Lord has made we will rejoice and be glad in it. Every day is the Lord’s so we have a lot to be glad in especially when we don’t have any thing to look forward too. Yes we do. That new day as God gave it to us and God gave us another day to be alive in his beautiful world. We can no matter how we feel thank him for that. As it is God who gave us another day in his world. We can also do what Psalm 118 verse 29 says as well: it says, Give thanks to the Lord for he is good His faithful love endures forever. We can do that as God I have been doing that a lot over the past while over the months with Covid 19. Thanking God I am well for the Nurses and Doctors all over the world you all at incourage keeping you all in prayer everyday I can Pray and read God’s word the Bible. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  8. Thank you. You expressed it well, that the lack of plans starts to open the door to an overwhelm of lacking purpose — the feeling anyway. I have a new empathy for shut-ins that experience this every day (not just during COVID). May God make the changes in our hearts that He purposes through this time.

  9. Thank you…. needed encouragement!!! Feeling without purpose since retirement and then this COVID thing hitting…. some days I lose sight … thanks again!

  10. WOW! This devotion is so timely! I was lamenting that my closest and oldest girlfriends had to cancel their trip to visit me next week due to the current restrictions. I am a planner and this epidemic has thrown me for a loop! Thank you for the reminder that HE does indeed know our hearts and our desires!

    • Ginny, I think this feeling comes in waves as we pass the dates of cancelled plans. I’m sorry your visit with friends isn’t happening. I hope you’re able to reschedule and that in the meantime, you hear from God exactly what He has for you now.

  11. Mary,

    We are a busy world. Society expects us to always be on the go doing something running somewhere. All that activity while it may be good is distracting us from time with God. People didn’t take the time to read Bible & pray each day. No quiet time to talk things over with Him. He desperately wants to have a relationship with us. While this season makes us stressful & anxious-we can & should look to Jesus who has great plans for our lives. Talk with Him & seek His guidance as to the next steps to take. This is a perfect time to enjoy your family time & do Bible studies together. Make time with God a priority & not an after thought. Remember He will see us through the valley of shadow of death.

    Blessings 🙂