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A writer of faith by day and mystery by night, Patricia Raybon is an award-winning Colorado author, essayist, and novelist who writes top-rated books and stories at the daring intersection of faith and race. More at patriciaraybon.com

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  1. Patricia,

    I’m so with you on this. First off I don’t do much social media just Face Book. Haven’t turned on the news in a long time. Not getting into conspiracy theory. Daily I listen to Bible & pray often. Two scriptures that keep coming to mind: Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you”, declares the Lord. “Plans to prosper you & not for harm. To give you a hope & a future.” Psalm 23:5 “yea thou I walk through the valley of shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me. Thy rod & staff they comfort me.” They let me know that God’s got this pandemic, civil unrest, election no biggie. God will take care of me & my family no matter what comes along. Why give in to fear? That only gives the devil a foot hold. Trust God, pray fervently & watch Him work.

    Blessings 🙂

    • I hear you loud and clear, Beth. We can give in to the noise of this season. Or, we can turn back to God. He’s still sovereign, still in total control, still guarding us, still calling us to His perfect peace. I love how you close your comment — “Trust God, pray fervently & watch Him work.” Thank you for affirming a path to do exactly that. Many blessings!

  2. Patricia,
    The tenents of your post are the very reason I spend more time reading my Bible – going to the only source of real Truth. I skim headlines, but meditate upon His word. Some things I DO know for sure: God is in control. None of this takes Him by surprise. In the end Jesus wins and therein lies my hope. I need to cling to Him and be about my Father’s business – sharing with non-believers the hope that is within me. The enemy wants to use anxiety and fear to isolate us. All the more reason to draw close Him and to other believers. May we be sheep continually listening to our Shepherd’s voice.
    Bev xx

    • Amen, dear Bev. As God’s people, we sit at a critical crossroads where we can choose chaos — or choose Christ. For a while I was overdosing on news and noise. But now and always, as you say, may we cling to the God of our hope and be about our Father’s business. Blessings as you seek His voice and follow. With His beautiful peace, Patricia

    • I love the way you said this, Bev!

      And thank you, Patricia, for always leading us to reflect on truth beyond the surface of cultural norms while fixing our eyes and hearts on Jesus.

      • Thank you, Becky. (Yes, Bev went right to the heart of it today. So grateful.) Thank you also for affirming me in this post. I love our marching orders at (in)courage, to always take us back to Christ. I pray this post did that. With His peace and love!

    • Michele, during this pandemic, it took me awhile to move to this place of surrender. Thank you for affirming it’s the best path. Kind thanks and many blessings today!

  3. Patricia, when I see your name in my in-box, I know I’m in for a treat . . . something Spirit-led and deep. As I read your post about the conspiracy theories and doomsday prophets, I thought, “Oh she must be listening to Christian radio! or a TV news channel that often interviews Christians or reading the FB feed of her Christian friends.” I listened to a broadcast on Saturday on Christian radio (not a wonderful sermon), and it was filled with innuendo, doomsday prophesies, deep distrust of government (which is a God-ordained institution, btw–and yes, sometimes corrupt but hatred of it is wrong), deep distrust of medical doctors and scientists who grind no political ax but just relay facts, and on and on. God was given a polite nod in this radio program but not so as to trust Him, and then at the very end of the program that had brimmed over with fear was the admonition not to fear!, and the quoting of some Bible verses on fear (and the program had done nothing but stir fear). And over and over and over I hear this, read this, and imbibe this: AND from Christian sources. It breaks my heart. There are these elements on secular news and from secular friends too, no doubt, BUT why should Christians be engaging in this garbage, spreading it, being part of the problem and not pointing people to the answer: Jesus Christ who has overcome all and who promises us peace and eternal life? And why do so many Christians always presume the worst and theorize about it, spreading conspiracies with absolutely no facts to support them? It breaks my heart that Christians are often at the fore leading this kind of fallacious, fear-inducing charge. Your post is a wake-up call not to fear a deep state, but to have a deep heart, a heart deeply devoted to Christ and His cause. I can’t thank you enough for the reminder. Go enjoy your birds. I think I will do the same!

    • Lynn, you ask important questions. I’m not sure why so much fear-mongering is heard from faith-based sites and sources these days. But God’s Word calls to the higher way of trusting Him and receiving His peace. I pray my humble comments encourage that. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here, too. With peace and love!

    • Lynn, I think so many Christians are engaging in these conversations because, to varying degrees, we have fallen victim to Satan’s ploys. The adult SS class I am part of spent some time in Ephesians 6:12 on Sunday morning, and I got to thinking about how Satan’s goal has always been and always will be to oppose God’s work. The work God has given Christians to do is make disciples and teach them to obey Jesus’ commands (Matthew 28:19-20). He never commissioned us to save either our country or our society. In light of that, I think that Satan is using all of these issues as tools to distract God’s people from His work. We can’t focus on doing what God has called us to do while we’re focused on fighting political and other battles. That isn’t to say that we should ignore the privileges that God has given us of being able to vote and have a voice in our government. But it is so easy to get completely caught up with concerns in the horizontal realm and forget that our primary work is in a spiritual battle that transcends anything in any human government. That lesson along with Patricia’s post today were challenges to me to keep busy with what God has really called me to do and not get distracted by all of the chaos around me.

      • So well said, Rachel. Will we run after distractions or keep our focus on the Lord, doing the work He is calling us to do. Thanks you so much for sharing your wisdom and perspective. Much peace and love.

  4. Patricia we are in for treat when we hear your voice. In fact when we hear all who write incourage. I still come back to what God show me to do with Covid 19. The story of Jesus when he fed 5000 plus people on two loves and five fish. The disciples that day did as Jesus told them to do. Told all the people plus why I say there might have been more than 5000 people that day as they would have brought their Children with them. The disciples Jesus told them to sit on the grass the People and Children there that day. Try didn’t care about insects on the grass or who has his germ or that germ. Or if the People or Children had washed their hands. When the 12 baskets of food we’re being passed around. They all are all we’re filled. They all the People and Children that day came to hear and see the king of the world who was Jesus speak. They knew he wouldn’t let anything happen to them. So let us especially at all times turn to Saviour of the world and trust him first over everything. No matter what. Not what man says. Yes we have to obey the law and do as it says. But remember we have a saviour who will never leave us no never forsake us. Like the People in that Bible story of the Five Loaves and Two fish Jesus never left the people. He was there for them at all times. The disciples would have turned them away to get food for themselves. But Jesus said to the disciples to tell them to sit on the grass. As he knew we’re there was food and how he was going to feed all the people and if there had been Children there as well. So We has to at this time put our trust always in Saviour of the world. Especially during this Covid 19. Listen to the Holy Spirit especially if saved. Jesus will tell us what to do. We have nothing to fear. Keeping your Daughter and family still in prayer Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Thank you, wonderful Dawn. Your reminder about Jesus feeding the 5,000 — plus women and children — is a great lesson for His sons and daughters during this time of spiritual thirst and hunger. He is still our source of provision and peace. May we listen, as you say, to His Holy Spirit, telling us to do. Then, even during a pandemic and other upheaval, we can follow his instructions, living with prudence and good common sense, but having nothing to fear. Thank you for your hopeful insights today. Your prayers, as well, are always a great blessing. Warmest love and thanks!

  5. SO grateful for your voice on the conspiracy chatter – especially within the Christian community – that is adding turmoil and division to our already overwhelmed, bewildered world.

    • Donna, thank you so much for sharing that phrase — “conspiracy chatter” — that, during these days, is relentless. At no time does the Lord urge us to give into that alarm. Instead, He graciously offers us His peace. Thank you for affirming His path. Much love and blessings!

  6. It is true what you say to run to God for safety and peace. But on the other hand our country is in a battle. The danger here is do we stick our heads in the sand or do we fight with prayer for our country. Like David fought for his with God for God. God is calling us to be prayer warriors -not to fear. Yes God got this but he want us to pray fervently. Because it is a battle between good and evil- God vs Godlessness.

    • Thank you, dear Thea, for your concern and passion. These times, in fact, are no different than others, however. There is always a battle going on between good and evil. So, praying fervently for our family, nation, and world is what prayer warriors are called to do.

      But as Jesus still says, in this world we will have trouble, but take heart! He has overcome the world. Remembering that truth, we are reminded that the battle is His. That perspective changes everything. In that way, may your prayers during this time reconnect with His beautiful peace. Much love and blessings!

  7. Thank you so much Patricia from the bottom of my heart. I have been grieving, if that is the right word, maybe angry, and could not find the words to explain my discomfort at all the peddled conspiracy theories. I often wondered, do they really read and understand the Bible? And it is hard to dissuade the followers! I appreciate the explanation about the source of this thought which is “gnosticism”. Please write more on this topic! Again thank you for this bold article!

    • Margaret, thank you so much for your thoughtful feedback. I, too, was compelled to remember the relationships between conspiracy peddling and Gnosticism. I’d forgotten that when it was first practiced, during the 2nd Century, those false teachers argued that special “knowledge” led to redemption, not Christ alone. That’s a very beguiling point of view to fall into, but always draws us from Him.

      Like you, I’m grateful the Word of God calls us back into His light. Meantime, may He keep teaching us how to navigate these times and days. Thank you for walking the journey with this community — and with me! Much peace and love!

  8. Patricia, your lovely words are a balm to my troubled heart. Thank you! I am not a conspiracy follower, but I sometimes need to be reminded that God is ultimately in charge. And I need to trust Him for salvation from all this anger in the world and the chaos. May you be richly blessed with His peace! You’ve blessed me today.

  9. Trusting the Lord always… Today I woke up to trusting in Him… my husband and I had breakfast and went for a short walk – laying aside all the NOISE from the outside world… even deleting a few non essential frantic thoughts so many are posting through the internet… and choosing to keep my mind clear from all that and choose to hear only Him… like you so wonderfully encouraged us to do, Patricia, in On Hearing Christ, Not Chaos, and Conspiracies… and I am standing on Him… the True Foundation of our Faith! Going to listen to His WORD … it’s all there!

    • Linda, your early morning routine with your husband sounds relaxing, trusting, and wonderful. I agree with you that, in these times, it’s not unreasonable to actually delete “non-essential frantic thoughts” from our news feeds. The Lord is not calling us to that panic and alarm. Kind thanks for encouraging everyone here today to stand on Jesus — the True Foundation of our Faith. Amen! With His love and peace! Patricia

  10. Yes! Lord Almighty, please open our ears, our eyes, our minds, and our hearts as we open our Bibles, prayerfully seeking Your voice as Your truth and love guide us toward Your already-lit and unconditionally-perfect path. Hallelujah!

    Patricia, the Lord uses your voice of reason and faith to point to His truth with such grace. Your words provide a calming hum of peace founded in God’s infallible truth that can help us filter out the true wisdom of God among the shouts of confusion and conflict.

    As He fills us with His truth, one breath at a time, His sweet Holy Spirit can help us to be still . . . to stop fighting God, to trust God so we can rest in His constant presence and stand firm on the unshakable foundation of His unchanging Word, His unchanging character, His unchanging promises. Hallelujah!

    Thanks for allowing God to use your words as a flashlight . . . a beaming light from a lighthouse . . . that points to Christ with a gentle but strong assurance. To God be the glory, the honor, and the praise, praise, praise!

  11. Amen, dear Xochi. I love how you explain this — His Word and truth “filter out” His true wisdom among the shouts of confusion and noise. In this noisy world, indeed, may we keep running back to His light. Thank you so much for affirming His beautiful path to sustaining peace. To Him be the glory! Much peace and love!

    • Amen, Michael. When we can’t find peace anywhere else, the Lord graciously delivers. Praying His peace on you and your family tonight — especially after the recent storm. As He said to the wind and waves, “Peace. Be still.” May we receive that instruction in all things.

  12. Patricia,
    Thank you so much for this blog. And oh, so true! I’ve found that when I don’t tune into the news every day or even every other day, I’m so much more at peace, especially when opening God’s Word each morning. Thank you for that encouragement to focus on Jesus and not on conspiracy. I pray that others will find that peace.

    Funny, your name came to me today. May God bless you as you continue your writing journey. And thank you for being so willing to share your heart.

    • Jennifer, I so agree. Isn’t it interesting that when we turn from turmoil and trouble — and focus on the Lord, even for a few minutes — His peace soothes our souls. I’m grateful that you were blessed by today’s message. I’m also humbled that you thought of me today. Thank you for encouraging my writing journey. To God be the glory! With His peace and love!

  13. Such a timely and wise word, Patricia. I’ve been thinking of this so much lately, recognizing the force behind so much of the polarizing positions: Fear. So much fear. And in the presence of fear, we grow desperate and attempt to make meaning and make sense. But those desperations often lead us down lesser paths. But there is our God. He is the Unchanging One, the First and Last, the Beginning and End. The calm in the storm. Thank you, thank you for your well-chosen words and scriptures. Such an encouragement.

    • My dear friend Michele! Thank you so much. Indeed, He is “our calm in the storm.” Thank you so much for affirming this humble effort to remind ourselves of His great gift — that in the swirl and noise of our lives, if we stop to listen, we’ll hear His glorious voice, offering us His perfect. Thank you for affirming the Unchanging One. Glory to His name! May we be encouraged by His peace! Thank you and amen!

  14. Yes, dear friend. Thank you for inviting us into stillness where our souls remind us that He is God, the One who calms our hearts and quiets the chaos of Covid and conspiracy fears. As I read your words, I was transported to my backyard, standing under string lights watering my Zinnias and Dahlias, hydrangeas and hostas. This is where I belong, with Him, and in this quiet place it is well with my soul.

    • Dear wonderful friend Renee, I’m still eagerly awaiting your book on gardening in the moonlight. (Remember we riffed on that while driving with Michele and Dorina up to Estes?) Your backyard — with its string lights and beautiful Zinnias and Dahlias and other flower friends – – sounds absolutely glorious. As you retreat to that place, may the Lord meet you there with His perfect peace. Then you can say, indeed, “It is well with my soul.” Much love to you today!

  15. Patricia I loved this post. I enjoy reading newspapers and keeping up to date on current events, but these last months have been overwhelming. While I do believe there are unholy motives behind some of the scenes we are being shone, I appreciate your reminder that nothing has changed- Satan is always about his business and we are to about our Father’s business.
    As much as I enjoyed this article, I really enjoyed your voice. In your post, as well as the comments, your graciousness and humility shine through. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to see this sweet dialogue on every platform!
    Bless you!

    • Nicole, your kind and thoughtful feedback and comments are so deeply appreciated today. I so agree with you — that if our enemy is working overtime at his business, we God’s people must be doubly focused on doing His work, leaving the noise, confusion and panicked confrontations at His feet and letting Him take over. Just this morning, my husband and I were discussing current events. It was time right then to stop and pray, not to fret and run to conspiracy mongers and false teachers.

      As for our interaction with one another, may the Lord help us, indeed, to be gracious and humble. Then on this journey, may the world see and hear not us — but glorify Him. Many blessings and thanks!

  16. My exact thoughts! John 14:27 became a living verse for me while battling malignant melanoma long before treatment became available. Nothing this world does can move the Christ centric believer. Thank you for your work, you are a blessing to many.

  17. For some reason I’ve been missing many of these writings but I’m so thankful I saw this one today. I’m with family and friends who seem to be “losing it” and I’m sad for calm, collect and the REAL reality. I printed this out and sent it to many but as for me, I’m embracing God’s peace. Love you.