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  1. So hurtful when a dream dies, but you’re encouragement was wonderful! Just because it was MY dream doesn’t mean it was GOD’S dream for me. We shall both take heart, for such a time as this!

    • It’s so beautiful that this is a conversation women of faith are now having. For too long so many have suffered grief over lost dreams and expectations. I love taking comfortable in community of believers learning to fully rest in God’s care even when we might believe our our loss isn’t “valid”.

    • Amen. May new things grow from this soil. God give us patience to cultivate and wait despite how slow it can be.

  2. Tasha,
    Just because we pray, doesn’t mean we get our way…I’m so sorry that your dreams were crushed. I know that feeling all too well and it is the grieving of a death. This is where the rubber wheels of our faith meet the hard road called life and when we need to trust God more than we trust ourselves. It takes real humility to put God’s dreams and God’s ways before our own. I need to release my pride to Him every single day. Great post and so excited about the release of “Take Heart.”
    Bev xx

  3. I absolutely have been in the same boat! With finishing up with my BA degree in christian ministry I come to see that my dreams might not be what God has dreamt for me. I am in a season of taking Hold of God instead of taking hold of my own thoughts and dreams. I am praying that God can teach me to be silent in this crazy place we call earth.

  4. Another beautiful post that spoke directly to me. One of the greatest, most unexpected joys I have felt in this otherwise not so joyful year is peace, and contentment, with the life I didn’t plan on having at this moment. God is truly always good.

  5. Its always difficult when we cant understand why God allows us to go through difficult circumstances. It usually isn’t until later that we can see the good things in ourselves through those hard times. And He uses us to help others because of it.

  6. This is a great reminder that God’s dreams for us may not always be what we think they should be, or what we even want. May we continually seek Him and ask that He plant His desires and His dreams deep in our hearts, and then give us the courage to move forward.

  7. It took years for me to realize that my broken dreams were God’s way of lighting my heart and mind to have new dreams. His plan for me is greater and bigger than I could have ever imagined. God knows exactly what I need.

  8. This community has been such a blessing to me during some incredibly challenging times when I watched my dreams die. I’ve been blessed by new friendships and countless moments of encouragement.

    I would LOVE to win the bundle!

  9. I feel the state our world is in today looks hopeless. I’m just retiring from my very fulfilling profession and feel the emptiness you talk about, while entering a humanly hopeless pandemic. Thank God, that our hope is in Him. He is sovereign and will not let us down. “No weapon that is formed against us shall prosper.” Isa 54:17. I pray to lay the past down and rely completely on Him.
    Your book sounds excellent.

  10. Tasha,
    It takes such courage to let go. Especially since you were in the ministry.
    Thanks for sharing your story. It was very timely for me.

  11. I feel like as a mom, what we thought was our purpose, changes. And sometimes change is hard! We start to feel as if the same day in and day out mundane tasks with our kids is all that’s left. But I’ve learned over the years of walking with the Lord that THIS IS my purpose and it brings me so much more joy and excitement to raise up these children FOR Him and to follow Him! My dream of always becoming a mom was a gift from Him. Thanks for sharing!!! ❤️

  12. Dear Tasha,

    I too know kniw the heartache of dead dreams, unfulfilled hopes andcwell wishes for thise around me and in my life. It’s so hard, and even harder to keep plugging along and pleading with the Lord! BUT GOD….
    Those words aren’t just truth spoken in the Bible, but reality of hope for what He’s showing me now!

  13. Timely book for me as I’m still processing my broken dreams after recently losing my husband of 40 years.

    • Vickie,

      So sorry sweet sister. May God comfort you during these trying times. May you feel His love, care & peace as you grieve this loss.


  14. So many dreams die in this life. It hurts so badly. Ps 143 is my new morning prayer: cause me to see your lovingkindness in the morning, for in you do I trust.

  15. My husband has been battling brain cancer for 14 years. While we are so grateful that the Lord has granted more years than his prognosis suggested, we have also grieved lost dreams. His career has ended abruptly and completely. I had to find a new way to become the primary provider for our family. But the Lord has been faithful beyond our feeble expectations (which shouldn’t surprise us)! I now have a job that I love that is a perfect amalgamation of all of my previous training and positions, at the school where my daughter attends (and she even loves to come and find me to give me a hug!). We know the journey will continue to have ups and downs, but we pray for remembrance of how the Lord has cared for us and will continue to do so.

  16. Thanks for this. My husband and I are in a long, frustrating waiting battle for visas to go off to ministry in Europe. I almost feel like the dream is dying as the months pass without hearing anything from the embassy in Rome. We’ve questioned the call, but in my gut, I know God is growing our patience because it was He who led us to Italy…. once we get there, that is.

  17. Thanks so much for the great reminder. No matter what season of life we are in, God is there with purpose and a plan. I will be going through some changes, as well, when I retire in 2021. I have worked all my life, and have enjoyed it. 🙂 But, I am excited about a new journey, even if it looks different. I’m ready to learn “how to be still and how to receive.” Thanks again, Tasha.

  18. I love the books that this amazing team of talented, gifted,anointed women write. I buy books in bulk and give out to other women to encourage them. May God keep pouring out His blessings on each of you and give you the words to write.

  19. Congratulations on your new book. Such a timely devotional for these uncertain days in which we are living. May we always look to HIM for guidance and direction in our lives.

  20. Dreams are beautiful treasures, but they are not promised forever. Dreams grow and they change and they evolve. And sometimes dreams are destroyed or they simple fall apart like shifting sand. Life is like that too. But God does not change or shift, he is our constant and that is what you cling to.

  21. It’s so inspiring to read everyone’s comments and the hope and faith everyone here has during their tough times, a reminder that we are not alone in this and to continue to try to be positive when things aren’t going the way we hoped for! Thank you for this much needed post and to everyone who is sharing their thoughts and stories!

  22. Dreams. I am living a life of putting all my plans and dreams for this time of my life on hold as I care for my husband. I’m so thankful that God has been with me every day and that He is teaching me so many new things.

  23. At 72 and a widow when my husband died at age 65, I connect with your words for us. It feels like everything has been turned upside down. I realize now that I was already upside down by the time my husband died. God also had given me new remembrances of childhood abuse as my husband died. A friend reminds me that God still has a ministry for me but I may not recognize it. God bless!

  24. Amen! In Christ, death is never the total end of a story. In fact, in might just be the beginning. He is risen !!

  25. This message comes at a time when I am also experiencing the death of a dream… Thank you for the words of encouragement. I know that no matter what happens, everything will work out.

    • It’s no small thing to loose and grieve. You aren’t alone, and yes, hope will rise again within.

  26. this was very timely today – thank you for sharing a personal story, that i’m sure many of us can relate to! God bless you!

  27. God bless you for this candid post- dead dreams are a struggle many are probably not even aware they are grieving. But we are not Sovereign- He is. What a beautiful reminder. Thank you!

    • Yes. For years I was embarrassed that it was so hard for me to let go, but these deaths need time to grieve and heal.

  28. Thank you for this post. It is very hard to remember God is working out his plan for us, especially when our plans are falling apart.

  29. Thank you for the devotional, today, and for the giveaway offer. This sounds like a book I need to read! I’m in a season of disappointment and look forward to the encouragement offered up in its pages.

  30. Thank you for that line…”the death of my dream is not the death of God’s dreams for me.” Over 25 years ago, I experienced the death of a dream (marriage, a home of my own) and was overcome by that while i grieved. But I can joyfully look back and see how God gave me so much more in the years following! Employment with a ministry where coworkers and the people we serve are family, the purchase of my own home which I never thought I would be able to afford…the development of artistic gifts I never realized I had… and I am SO thankful!

    • Thank you for sharing such grace and wisdom. It’s amazing how the truth you discovered in your own season is true for each of us enduring the death of dreams and the grief that follows. In this truth, there is also freedom and hope for the future. We know that hope rises and mercies are new every morning. Beauty for ashes…what an uplifting and encouraging book Take Heart will be!

  31. This devotion sounds like it would be the perfect gift for someone special to me who is going through a rough season. Thank you!

  32. This is a good one to just think on. . .I am in that place right now where some big dreams have died and have been dead for awhile. I have been feeling invisible but I need to remember that God is working behind the scenes.

  33. I was so excited to read a preview copy of Take Heart – and this devo was perfect for how I have felt. The death of my dream was not the death of God’s dream…so well said. Following after Christ can sometimes feel difficult and arduous, especially when we feel so “called” for some dream that would honor Him in all ways, but it doesn’t materialize. I really appreciate this devo as it reminds me that the landscape of wilderness and silence can be met with a landscape of tuning in to hear his gentle whisper, and to recognize the One who walks alongside me All. Of. The. Time. So thankful!!

  34. Something I think I’ve been living, but haven’t let myself dwell on it. I live 8 hours from my “home”, my family, my upbringing. My family has grown in this place we are, becoming interconnected to the community, but it has never felt like “home”. I have dreamed of one day moving back to the place of my upbringing and the family that is there, to share in their daily lives, watching the young ones grow. However, God has kept me and my family here, in this place. there is a purpose, he as told me I am where I am meant to be. While difficult to see and understand, to calm my longing heart, I try to find peace and my place here in what God has planted as my home. Never considered it as a “dream dying”, probably because I’m dreaming of one day returning to the people that I love. Thank you for sharing this perspective and your heartache!

  35. Thank you for your daily encouragement. I have been walking through a battle of healing from a childhood trauma. It has been an extremely hard journey.
    I look forward to reading the daily devotional I receive in my email.

  36. Thank you sharing this experience and insight! This part especially spoke to me, “But we tended to the simple things right in front of us. We started noticing the neighbors around us. We moved toward the ones we didn’t choose, the ones chosen for us. These tiny things became our seeds. We watered them with tears of grief, the ache of discontent, and slivers of hope. And over time our tiny, imperfect offering of dreams come undone became a beautiful garden. It was in this garden that I began to learn how to be still and to receive. This unexpected garden began to nourish us.”

    Leaving a job I loved as well two years ago to move home to raise our family was totally worth it but sent me into an unexpected grief state as well. And in another challenging time now, I needed to read this part about being still and receiving and tending to the small things in front of me.

  37. I would LOVE a copy of this book! This season of life has been particularly challenging. These devotions would be so encouraging to read during this time.

  38. This devotional has been a balm to my soul during this wearying year. Where do I even begin?! And I know that I am not the only one who feels this way. Join the club, right? There’s been a lot of loss this year with the death of my ex, the death of my parents’ elderly dog, a diagnosis of COVID-19 that thankfully I am rebounding from. I don’t even know where to start. All I know is I am tired, along with 100% of the world’s current population. I am not a huge fan of devotionals, but this one met me where I am. I encourage you to read it and I thank you for ministry of encouragement that keeps going on no matter what is going in our world.

  39. It can be difficult to let go of a path in life that you were so sure was the right one. But God always knows what’s best for us. What brings me great joy, is to look back on my journey in life and see how He is always guiding me back to the path He has chosen specifically for me!

    I have only been aware of your ministry for about a month. I usually don’t choose devotions specifically for women, but I truly find every one of each woman’s devotions beneficial even for a woman in my 70’s!

    Thank you!

  40. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouragement. I’ve been through much the same “dead dreams” believing God had called me to missions and yet it never came to be. I’ve felt I was alone in that particular experience and that God had decided I wasn’t who he wanted after all. It’s encouraging to be reminded that God uses us where He has put us, even if it’s not where we imagined we would be at this point in life.

    • Oh yes, I’ve felt that same hurt-that I wasn’t the one, or “good enough,” in some strange way. Praying you would come to know you are more than enough and wholly lived and held by God, no matter what you do or don’t do. You are seen and right where you need to be.

  41. It takes courage and trust to let go of a dream we have been holding to and trying to make work, to release it, to open up our hearts to God and to keep walking even when we can’t see what around the bend or even if we are where we’re supposed to be and struggling with feeling it’s not where I want to be right now. The grief can be deep but then somehow hope begins to seep in and although it’s not “all better” we can take a breath, take a step, say that heartfelt prayers once again and greet God with a beginning of a willing heart and open hands. Thank you for sharing so genuinely.

  42. Such an encouragement as I go through this season of life. The death of my dream was not the death of God’s dream…in my grieving state of mind, had not thought of it in this way…thank you for this truth!

  43. Thank you for the much needed encouragement. I am at a time where I am floundering, trying to find where I fit in God’s plan, where He wants me to serve. I’ve served in children’s ministry for years but am now feeling God leading me away from that path to a path outside my comfort zone – young adult/new believer’s ministry. Many of these new believer’s come from very diverse backgrounds but my husband and I feel God leading us to showing these new believer’s their commonality – Jesus as Lord and Savior.

  44. I am a 75 years old widow of a “minister”. I feel as if I could have written your blog. A call to ministry before marriage to a the
    man God drew me to at a Christian college, setting us out to various locations for 20 years. Then a change in direction that seemed so unfamiliar and unfulfilling. It took many unexpected events before I could see the opportunities for seed planting
    and growing in gardens that I never dreamed to be a part of my life in ministry.

    Now 10 years after that “dreamed of team ministry”, I know there is a greater meaning to God’s call. I must walk the paths where
    God leads and become aware of His presence in my daily life. My life “calling” or purpose is to be a steward of whatever He puts
    in my path. I thank God that His presence is being acknowledged in your service today.

  45. Life is hard, even at it’s best. So many dreams get broken or refigured. I loved your approach to it all and understanding. We do not always view things the way God envisions it for us. Many times have had to learn to bloom where I am planted! Not exactly what I thought or had dreamed. God took something from that and made the place he set me to be a better one than I had dreamed and it touched more lives. That is what it is all about. Thank you for this devotion. Made me realize things I had forgotten.

  46. This post spoke to me as I am a missionary kid that grew up in Nigeria, West Africa. When I came to the United States, I found myself traversing a new place and new people. However, along the way, I found great friends and explored places that were beneficial to my finding myself on the path God chose for me. I am now a high school teacher and although times can be tough and challenging I can take heart knowing that God is always with me and will give me grace and strength for me each day. Thank you for this reminder that we can find peace with God and he will direct our paths.

  47. As a mother of an autistic son, this really spoke to me. The day he was diagnosed changed his life and our family’s forever. We had to learn to adjust our dreams for him and give it all up to God. Our faith has grown stronger in all of it.

  48. Can so relate…life can feel like a dry and dessert wasteland. All you see sometimes are green tufts of grass after years of ministry. Loved that God doesn’t give up on me. Thank you!

  49. Life certainly doesn’t always look like we thought/hoped/dreamed/planned that it would. I constantly remind myself that GOD IS IN CHARGE, He knows what is going on, He has a plan, and I need to let go of what isn’t and thank Him for what is, for the blessings that I DO have. This world and all that is in it is temporary; we are merely passing through. We must keep our eyes on things eternal.

  50. Dear (in) courage team, Now I’m curious about Tasha’s life experiences and want to explore that further. Learning about the struggles of others makes my struggles seem small in comparison. I thank these brave women, in advance, for their work.

  51. It’s so fresh to read and hear vulnerable truth. We press and strive for so much of “what we’re called to” when we really are bottom-line called to be obedient. We like the seat near the head of the table and really the relationships are where we are to prioritize our time. We need a reminder of that and His constant Goodness. Looking forward to this devotional! Life is definitely not okay a lot of the time, be He always is!

  52. This is I what I need to hold onto today, the possible death of my dream for my son is not the death of God’s dreams for him. Thank you.

  53. God, it seems, has different plans for us sometimes, than we have for ourselves……but sometimes they are even better! I feel like I have had a hard life…….but its not over yet! May the good Lord bless us yet! This was a nice commentary…….I appreciated it! thankyou!

  54. Soo many transitions and big emotions going through my life right now. Not sure I can keep up. It’s become a necessity for me to find my own place and yet I hesitate because I’m scared. Not scared because of covid19 but scared of the unknown. That I will fail. It’s happened before when I first tried living on my own. I’m beginning to really resonate with devotions or other people’s stories which involve heartbreak and disappointment and pain because they’re REAL. RAW. UNDONE. Thank you for publishing this book. I’d love to win a copy.

  55. I’ve had a couple of dreams taken away from me over the past 10 years, one of them since the pandemic. I know God loves me and has a plan for my life, but it’s very challenging to wait on Him for guidance. I would be interested in reading this book to learn how others handled their challenges.

  56. Love it. Even though my dreams are past – maybe it was not the dream God had for me. We know that His plans are greater than anything we can ask for or imagine. His dreams are a lot bigger than mine.

  57. This is such an encouraging post. I would love to share this devotional with a friend.
    God bless you!

  58. I think everyone can use, how many of us have seen our dreams slip away this year?!

  59. I really enjoyed this. I feel like I am no longer being called to what I was doing and belong somewhere else. I’m learning to listen to God’s voice and go and do what He wants for me.

  60. I look back at thing God has taken me through. Dreams that I wanted to happen. That I thought would be good for me. But I glad today they happen. Yes at the time I was hurt they didn’t happen. God new best. As if they had happened. I got in things that God knew were not right for me as Follower of his. That I know today would have lead me down a wrong path as Follower of Jesus. I am thankful for that. I am so glad God lead me to the Dreams that were right for me. That was to be a Registered Childminder for 19 years that I was. What love I put into all the kids I did. What fun it was. Plus showing the kids the Love of Jesus. That they probably would never have had. As they most of them came for ungodly Parents. Probably never sent to Church. If sent to Church just for the sake of it. So God new what he was doing not letting me have my first dream. I glad I had my second dream. Looking back at things today. Plus I learnt so much for you guys and your reading from incourage. I love to pray for you all. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little. Xxx

  61. It is not easy to sit with the pain. I would love to gift this to a dear friend who is learning to navigate her new life after a huge storm.

  62. This book will be such encouragement on sad days or blah days when u just need a little pick me up. What better way than a devotion to help uplift your spirit and point you to the one who loves you so.

  63. I can so relate with grief!! Lost my husband over 8 and a half years ago and still sometimes find myself grieving the loss of our dreams! Thanks for the reminder that He has a plan for us as His children.

  64. So true. Forcing my dream into a mold that I think is God’s dream is never a fit. You’d think after 67 years I would have that figured out. Thank you for this reminder. I truly want to accept what God puts before me. Embrace it instead of grumbling and complaining. Just studied Jonah in our Bible Study last night. This fit perfectly!

  65. In this time of Covid-19 it is often hard to know where/what I should be. Thanks for this post.

  66. Thank you. I needed this today. I awoke this morning not wanting to go into another day. I feel so lost and alone. The dreams I built with my husband of 33 years seemed to have died 5 years ago when he passed into Jesus’ arms. My oldest child and his family are 3000 miles away and too busy for us. My 3 adult disabled children and myself are adrift in a sea of isolation and loneliness. I work a job that is meaningful, but stressful and unending. My friends are struggling in their own lives to the point we rarely see each other.
    At 60, I don’t feel like my life should be isolated, purposeless, and lonely. I often wonder if I am just not good enough for God to use. Did I fail in some way?
    So your post this morning gives me a glimmer of hope. Maybe God still has something for me and my children.
    Thank you and bless you.

    • Cindy,

      Oh my goodness.. I was so moved reading your story. Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing your heart (which is never an easy thing to do). Ann Swindell beautifully said, “The courage it takes to share your story might be the very thing someone else needs to open their heart to hope.” You may be doing just that.

      Know that He sees.
      Know that you’re significant.
      And know that you’re valued.

    • Oh, Cindy, thank you for showing up here. You are SEEN and we hear you. I’m so sorry for the pain and losses you are facing. I’m so sorry you feel so alone. I’m praying for you right now, and want you to know that we are here-and so glad you are connected in this space. There is hope still.

  67. I remember reading this in the devotional and feeling my heart stir with possibility. He’s not done with me—yet. Until my last breath, the Father will continue to give me chances for rebirth, regrowth, and finally coming into my own with Him.

    I’m so comforted by that.

    And encouraged.

  68. such a great reminder… as well as a challenge to press on, persevere, & pursue. thank you!

  69. So thankful you have so many comments! Speaks to my heart to see how many love and need to incourage!! In these lonely days, my devotionals mean so much more! Thank you for all the wonderful articles that do in courage us and make us feel not so alone. Blessings to you for the five gift sets you are offering and blessings to all those who receive them!! God always knows what’s best for us! Even if it isn’t what we thought or desired it to be!! Thank You God, for taking us where You know it is best for us! So that we may do the very best for Your glory! I praise Your Holy Name!

  70. This sounds like a great book to read–especially this year more than ever. I would imagine we’ve all been wrestling quite a bit with dreams that have changed, died, or just never materialized. This will be a timely piece of literature, that is for sure!

  71. Thank you for sharing your dreams and how they are not always God’s. It is hard when you lose something you thought God was calling you to do. But it is so exciting to realize He is still at work in both of you – just in a different place.

  72. God continues teaching me to “be still”, this round lasting over a year, with the perceived pit of being asked to vacate our home within two weeks; a home we’ve rented and lived in for 6 1/2 years. This is the longest I’ve ever lived in one home, in one town,my entire 50 years of life. We have NO money, no vehicle, and NO idea what God has planned! Yet I am actually at peace, and even excited, after over a year of freaking out while awaiting this pivotal moment in our journey.

  73. Good reminder! Thank you for sharing your story. We went through a death of a dream in 2019 when my husband stepped down from a ministry that had been our passion and world for 18 years. I was in such deep grief, it felt like I was stumbling in a dark woods not knowing where to go and getting scratched by thorns every time I turned to look for the path. In 2020 God moved us 150 miles away and led us to a new ministry that has been refreshing and healing. He brought us out of the dark woods and into a meadow filled with his sunshine. We can clearly see his hand guiding us, both from the old and into the new.

  74. Your post today brought tears to my eyes. Been thinking recently about my dead dreams and feeling a little melancholy about them – infertility, divorce, a job where I really don’t feel respected and haven’t for years, a new marriage that’s often times frustrating….. But our Lord and Savior has been with me through it all and he has always protected and provided for me. Been wondering if I should even be dreaming. Do I dare? Seems like everytime I do, they don’t come true. Last night I saw a sign on a church’s outdoor sign, and it said, “If your heart’s still beating, you can dream.” I know God’s talking directly to my heart. And I will continue to trust Him, who loves me and each one of us so very much. Thank you for your (in)couragement.

  75. It’s so hard to hear sometimes what God is trying to tell us, and I find myself questioning if it is really Him speaking to me. Even harder figuring out what I’m supposed to be doing.

  76. Such perfect timing for this book! Thank you for the encouragement you share with women.

  77. Lord.. It ministered to me.. After so many loses, this 2020 I have Struggled to get going and its been uphill climb. Thank you

  78. This would be so needed right now. We are coming up to our baby’s anniversary when she went to be with The Lord, on 12/26/19. We are preparing for that as much as we can. I need to continue hearing that even though our Shelby Bear left us, God has so much left in store for our family. It may not be in the way of another baby (I had a hysterectomy during our daughter’s delivery) but it will come on His terms and will be so much a blessing as well! We thirst for more nourishment and this will be a wonderful addition. You guys truly rock!

    • Laura, I added you & your family to my calendar. I will be praying for you all, but especially as you lead into the week b4 & then the specific date for your precious baby. I know those 1st anniversary dates can be especially tough. Praying you will know GOD’s loving arms are holding you tight.❤️

      • Thank you so, so very much, Vicky!! That is so very welcomed and appreciated more than any thing!!

  79. I felt encouraged just reading the preface to the devotional, “Take Heart”. Thank you.

  80. Sounds like my life. I have felt like my life has been on hold for quite some time. I also know what it is like to move out of God’s timing. In fact, I’m still waiting, and in the process my marriage fell apart. Still, God is always faithful, and in spite of the challenges, I have grown closer to the Lord.

  81. This sounds applicable to me right now….so many dreams lost. May God continue to lead me….

  82. I hope to one day understand the death of my dreams and the plan God has for redeeming me❤️ Thank you for sharing!

  83. What an encouraging bundle! This is definitely a time that I could use some added encouragement and a reminder to Take Heart!

  84. Take heart for God has overcome ye world and already won the battle of us. The earthly dream may fade or die but Gods dream of our hope and future, eternal hope in him will live forever! I experienced the loss and dream of a 30year marriage, devastating and God with comfort and protection has given me the hope and future of a dream of following and serving him.

  85. Would love to have this bundle. The first time my husband had cancer, we saw God’s plan-my husband found God & started helping other cancer patients with their journey & fight. The second time fighting another type of cancer & losing this fight, I’m still looking for the reason. Why our 17 year old son had to lose his father but I know God is always there. I may never see the “reason” but I know God never leaves us.

  86. My life has turned out nothing liked I dreamed/prayed/hoped for and I look back thinking I should have made different/better choices. I sometimes fear for the future as I am not hopeful for it. The death of a dream can be soul crushing and fill one with such doubt. We have to cling to the glimmers that we see and keep moving forward.

  87. Wow…GOD knew I needed this. I have been dealing w/ the death of some pretty big dreams over the course of 25 yrs. GOD has been teaching me that when HE writes my story, HE writes the best story of all. GOD gave me Jer.29:11-13 during my 1st & 2nd miscarriages of twins & these verses have become my life verses through 6 total miscarriages, the death/divorce of my 1st marriage bc of domestic violence & his numerous affairs, & having to stop teaching bc of health issues. Through many tears, GOD heard my cries…I am married to a godly, loving pastor & have a beautiful 23 yr old daughter. To GOD be the Glory! Prayers for all the women who read this book!

  88. Thank you for the post and for the giveaway! My family and I are transitioning into a new location so we have been expecting grief over loss during our moving process. But I pray that this grief from moving will become a new garden for us where we can grow and flourish in our new location.

  89. I was so blessed to read this book as part of the launch team. I love the women of (in)courage, their honesty sharing their stories and how they point us to Jesus! A perfect devotional for this time in 2020.

  90. Tasha,

    God ways are not our ways. We think we have life all planned out. His plans are far better than -we could ever imagine. He knows us intimately better than we know ourselves. He has a journey that is tailor made for us. It probably won’t look like anything we planned, but it will be good. Still you can grieve each dream that died. God understands & will comfort you. Thank you for a candid post!!

    Blessings 🙂

  91. The death of a dream is such a lonely and silent journey – thank you for articulating the hidden hope in these seasons so well.

    Love that beautifully succinct statement:

    I see now what I couldn’t see ten years ago: the death of my dream was not the death of God’s dreams for me.

  92. I already think my word (or two) for 2021 will be “take heart” be courageous, I’ve got this because God is leading the way, not me!

  93. I’m looking to reading “Take Heart.” It could be my story. I write inspirational poetry and when I self published a book of inspirational poetry it was with expectations that it would be well received. Then I found out it cost money to promote
    my book in book stores, and my dream ended.
    But the Spirit within still urges me to write my poetry which I forward to friends who find it meets their needs. It meets my
    needs, also, as I relive the lessons I had written about. It is after all, God’s Word written through me. It does inspire.

  94. We are in a huge season of transition right now. Transitioning in living situation, in our health, in our holiday celebrations etc. I need to know that God has got this.

  95. Wow! This is exactly what I needed to read this evening! Thank you for the raw honesty that life isn’t always perfect and the sincere encouragement that we can still have hope during those difficult times!
    My husband had a massive stroke from a blood disorder when he was only 26. It left him severely disabled and our marriage of only 11 months ij in the most difficult season of life I have ever experienced.
    We have overcome so much since then, recovery, loss of parents, infertility, foster & adoption of our two amazing daughters, and finding our new routine. Now we are in the season of “this is us” and “us” can be a difficult place to reside. I have to really take time to appreciate goodness everyday to not be distracted by someone else’s “green grass”. However there are still days that me not getting to live the life we had planned out simply takes my breath away. There is something so challenging about grieving the idea of what your life supposed to look like. Thank you for your encouragement today. I look forward to reading more encouraging devos from this book!

  96. Thank you for this wonderful word of hope! I’ve found that what felt like a time of grief and death to me could be an invitation for humility before God. When I acquise to His will alone, I put myself in position to see His miracles in new light. Now, if only any if that came easily!

  97. I enjoyed this devotion. It’s not always easy waiting on God’s plan for our lives, and the plan can change overtime. Thanks for the encouragement. I love (in)courage email devotions, and the many books published as well.

  98. Dreams are a funny thing, aren’t they? Whether God-breathed or materializing from our own soul, they grip us, encompass us,, define us. Isn’t God himself the only one who defines us? How far off the mark I’ve wandered…

  99. Beautiful prayer – praying this over my daughter rn. I remember when this happened to me too. I still don’t know how to dream but know God will lead me in His dreams for me.

  100. So needed Tasha’s encouragement tonight. Reminders that even though my dreams right now are unfulfilled and crashing down all around me, God has a wonderful plan and I just need to trust Him as best I can! I’d love to read the new devotion book— I need words of encouragement on trusting God when our dreams and expectations in life and marriage are not at all what we thought they would be…

  101. Beautiful words, Tasha.

    God uses us anywhere we are willing.

    Every day we can live with eternal purpose.

    We can bloom anywhere we are planted and bring Him glory.

  102. This is where I was many years ago. Had planned to be a missionary in Latin America- a teacher.
    And then it seemed like things changed. Although now a pastor’s wife isn’t that something, I thought
    that was not as “grand” as a missionary. And yet there I was a missionary ! with people all around me
    and many really needed the Gospel message – and also love, understanding, and build – up in His Word
    and acceptance- that they were special. Yes, I was called. And I know when at age 72 I often feel what have
    I to do now? And yet see the little neighborhood that I would not have chosen as become a garden -not
    so much I am helping it seems- but as I love and minister as a neighbor – hopefully sharing and shining the Lord’s
    love, I am the one blessed. Isn’t that interesting? Thanks for sharing. His Presence is with us and as Deut 31:8
    says, “He goes before us and prepares the way for us — ” — just keep on trusting. Martha

  103. Thank you for sharing this. My father passed away this week and while I know I will see him again these days have been so hard. It’s not always easy to understand God’s plan, but I am doing my best to trust in Him, and to keep dreaming and moving forward.

  104. Oh how I need this book…going through so many hard things all at the same time and really want to cling to faith and God and not just become an ostrich with my head in the sand…

  105. These are such beautiful devotions and such sweet reminders of God’s goodness even when the chaos around us fogs our sight. Would LOVE to win this bundle. ❤️

  106. I so need this devotional. Its hard to deal with dreams that also change and separate us from those we love, not just die.

  107. The recent Devotion, “When you feel like you take up too much space” hit deep within my heart. I feel like I constantly need to apologize for every thought or word or movement that is not “perfect”. But hearing that I am allowed to take up space, that I have been created just the way God wants me, was freeing. Thank you.

  108. This spoke to my heart in so many ways this morning. It’s been a long while since I’ve felt a stirring within. Thank you for your words!

  109. I would love to have it, my family and I are going through very hard times right now my husband has several cancer tumors in his brain. We dont know how long the Lord will let us have him! All I ask God is that he doesn’t suffer while he lives the time he has left. I feel that this book will be such a blessing to have and I know my husband would enjoy me reading it to him. Blessings

  110. I can really relate to lost dreams. My mother passed away two weeks after my wedding 28 years ago yesterday. All of her brothers and sisters have since passed including my father several years back. I grew up with a huge family that has steadily died or moved away, getting on with our own lives. We tackled 10 years of infertility before adopting three kids who are now in their teens. We have loved them from day one but they are making bad choices and so absorbed into the culture of identity confusion. Through this all, God has blessed us with peace, perseverance and love. Sometimes just knowing you’re not alone in the struggle is just the word you need that day. Thank you!

  111. Sounds like a great prize! So thankful for God walking alongside of all of us during these challenging times

  112. These are wonderful prizes! I can’t wait to read the devotional. Thanks for this chance!

  113. I really needed to hear this today. The last decade has been extremely trying, and I could use some new perspective.

  114. Boy can I relate to this post. I feel like this is where I am right now…in a new place that feels like desert wilderness but learning to simply be…with God. No ministry, no working, no plan. YetI have this sense that He has something planned that is greater than I could have imagined.

  115. I’ve been reuniting with my faith and found incourage/DaySpring/CCB. I’m very grateful and feel God has directed me. I would love an opportunity to receive this bundle and strengthen myself further with Christ.
    Thanks and God Bless.

  116. Thank you so much for your words from the heart. I’m dealing with chronic health issues but now have added a fall and mild concussion to that. So what I thought would be a time of rest/renewal to get back to writing after an emotionally and physically exhausting few months has become a time with difficult symptoms and return of panic attacks. Your words inspire me. And Congratulations on this book! So very fantastic! Praying that your words bring blessings of comfort to your readers in knowing that they can trust God who knows our path-even when we feel we are being redirected to a different way to travel it. ❤

  117. This devotion sounds amazing!!! Just what a person might want to read when life as she’s known it for 29 years is falling apart. ❤️✝️

  118. This is just what i need right. major life changes are happening and i will need something to keep me grounded as a reminder, especially with the holidays right upon us.

  119. Thank you for this writing piece! I recently have (finally) started to work on being content with with my God-given circumstances as I went through a similar situation as you wrote about. Thank you for these words of encouragement and a reminder that I am not alone with these feelings!

  120. Sometimes it’s just so hard to wait with joy and peace when the dream is dead and there is nothing in sight ~ not even a glimmer ~ of hope of what may be coming. Looking forward to getting this devotional ~ maybe it will give me a glimmer of that hope and insight to all that God has to come. Thank you!

  121. Sometimes we forget that His desires for us far exceed anything we can envision for ourselves…beyond what we can imagine. Surrendering our dreams in exchange for His dreams for us takes faith and committed trust in a Father who knows best.
    Thank you for this encouragement!

  122. Thank you for sharing such grace and wisdom. It’s amazing how the truth you discovered in your own season is true for each of us enduring the death of dreams and the grief that follows. In this truth, there is also freedom and hope for the future. We know that hope rises and mercies are new every morning. Beauty for ashes…what an uplifting and encouraging book Take Heart will be!

  123. Thank you for your honesty, insight and perspective.. our ways, our expectations and our dreams are not always God’s ways for us. Letting go and following is an ongoing process.