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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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  1. I’m sorry but while I respect your view, there is no evidence the Atlanta shooting was a hate crime. This is a narrative constantly promoted by the left and instead of stirring up more resentment and hate, how about promoting a loving solution? How about coming from a place that furthers God’s love for all of us? Highlighting over and over again real and imagined racial intolerance only seeks to further divide an already divided country. The left pushes this narrative to promote victim hood and to position themselves as the only solution to racism but if we are believers in Christ, we know we are not victims and that our Heavenly Father can only heal strife and divisions. The “woke” Christianity that is currently proliferating in our country promoting pro-choice views, victim hood and government reliance is not consistent with the Gospel. Our country, founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs is not moving in the right direction and it isn’t because of racial strife; it’s because of moving away from Biblical teachings and relying on government to solve our problems and heal our land instead of the only One who can.

    • How can you say your respect Grace’s voice and then shame her for having the courage to share her feelings to her readers? I think there is absolutely no respect shown in your response. You are casting stones. This is not a political issue it is a human issue. And yes we need to find our way back to our souls and stop the hate but posts like your are not going to do.

      By the way, this country was founded on racism on stolen land. We need to own that and do better not post comments that tell people how they feel is wrong.

    • With respect, I am middle aged, white and live in an Atlanta suburb. Our high school principal shared that 27% of our students are Asian Americans in one of the most diverse counties in the nation. It’s also an affluent, well educated area. I have 2nd generation Korean friends in our local church community group whose parents immigrated here in the 80s and have been citizens for decades. They and their family members have been harassed while shopping, at the park, and even endured screamed racial slurs while jogging. The ‘racial intolerance’ you mention is indeed not imagined nor falsely promoted as you assert. Our friends and their family are dealing with this on the regular. As fellow followers of Christ with our friends, we do pray for the healing of our land, and for the healing of the Church.

      • Thank you Annie for sharing a very important perspective, and for validating what Grace shared. It takes a lot to write your heart out so courageously and with as much vulnerability as she did. We grieve and pray with you for your community.

    • Lisa, if you truly respected Grace and her “view,” you could have stopped after those first few words. My friend and sister in Christ is not promoting a narrative here. She is sharing her personal experience and insight. And for you to not just dismiss that but to lash out by calling names and implying that she doesn’t truly believe in and follow Jesus is unacceptable. And to be clear, Grace is not a victim. She is a brave, beautiful, incredibly talented writer and beloved child of God. Her story and her words are always welcome here.

      • Dear Lisa,
        Where do you live? Have you ever asked any Asians what their experience is? If they shared, and they were not physically harmed would you believe the emotional trauma and scars are valid and real?
        I was surprised to realize that I could be in that a place where I feel indifferent about the concerns of those whom I don’t identify with. When the censorship of Dr. Seuss’s “If I Ran the Zoo” was called for I looked at the pages of the Arab with his enormous puffy hat, and the Africans, who were depicted as tribal people. They are not me, and I thought well, and everyone knows that hat is ridiculous, and there still are Africans in the world that look like that. Then I saw the depiction of the Chinese characters and thought, “That’s not me.” So many things are drawn wrong in this picture. Young kids and people who have no prior authentic friendships and relationships with Asians, will view this and think Asians are weirdly different and belong in a subservient role. They don’t have the same human value as the white hunter standing above. Somehow I figured the reader would understand the fallacy of the other two drawings, but not the one that represents me. It’s just a story, right? Visual messages like this build a culture of invalidating the worth of each life. THAT is not biblically supported nor Jesus-supported. I didn’t realize how unempathetic I could be having been the victim of racist remarks myself. However, I don’t believe in censorship and erasing our nation’s history or media, which is even more dangerous. Instead, our fallen human actions and attitudes need to be acknowledged and shared for what they are –1mistakes and sins that are not to be repeated in the future. Important permanent reminders of how the human heart can be so easily deceived to stand apart from the Father. So I pray Lisa, that for all followers of Christ, that the truth and reality of evil and hurt be revealed to us. May we use it to learn instead of following its practice of being quick to judge an innocent person’s laments…out of our ignorance. With new knowledge, may we better reflect Christ’s love in our lives, and to others.

      • I think you misread Lisa. I read and re-read her comments, and no way did she lash out or imply that Grace has lost her faith. Lisa is perfectly correct in saying the church hierarchy – with the exception of a few brave ministers and priests who speak out clearly against this movement – has drifted far from the eternal truth of the Gospel.
        ‘Judge not, lest …’ is what both Grace and Lisa are talking about.
        For the record – please, Grace, stop referring to yourself and your children as AsianAmericans. Are you not rather Americans of Asian ancestry?

        • Also, I’m not sure what movement you’re referring to, but if you’re talking about living a life of justice in both words and actions, this is what Jesus did in His life and part of what the ministry of reconciliation that Paul refers to is about.

    • Lisa,

      It was an Asian American who got shot in Atlanta simply because she looks Chinese. Jesus would never act like that. He would have compassion on everyone. Your comments here don’t support what In Courage is about. Loving each other no matter what. Grace does promote a loving solution to the problem. She tries to see everyone as Jesus would & prays for everyone everywhere. Why don’t you give that a try? Pray to God for a more compassionate attitude towards others.

      Blessings 🙂

    • LIsa,
      Jesus wants to heal us, and you are right, HE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO CAN. His desire is to heal our hearts with a spirit of compassion and empathy, one that is slow to speak and quick to listen, slow to become angry or judgmental. Sadly, I am not seeing or feeling any thing close to Jesus’ heart in your words.

      If you think Grace’s post was based on a “narrative” you have been lied to. Grace is a real person, fearfully and wonderfully made by the Creator of the Universe. He is her abba, Father. She is a real person. She’s a sister in Christ, a mom, a wife, daughter, wise ministry leader, and an incredibly gifted writer whose heart oozes Jesus’ compassion. And she is my friend. I know how she lives her life and I am very bothered by how you have treated her.

      She is a strong and courageous woman, yet I know that her heart is hurting. Still, she chose to be vulnerable and share her real life experiences with us (a community of believers) in hopes that we might begin to see through Jesus’ eyes what others are going through and so that others experiencing racism will know they are not alone.

      I am asking Jesus to soften your heart and mine. To help us al identify with the pain of being treated wronly. I pray He will open your eyes to see that there is more to the story. And I am asking Him to help you honestly consider another narrative being fed to people. A narrative that denies the lived experiences of people who are not white. A narrative that she has heard that is leading to more division and less compassion. More judgment and less understanding. More hostility and less humility.

      Jesus, we need YOU to heal our hearts. Heal us, the body of Christ Who You call Your church. Lord, it is Your kindness that leads us to repentance, and we confess we need it more than ever. Please fill us with Your love, kindness, compassion, and humility towards one another. Amen.

    • Lisa, I encourage you to slowly read the post again and to *listen* to what Grace has shared about compassion and with compassion. I see no compassion in your words here and it is heartbreaking. Scripture says we are the Body of Christ and your words here are harming the very Body you are part of.

      You could have stopped with “I’m sorry.” Instead of remembering that we are to love our neighbor as ourself, to mourn with those who mourn, to choose love and mercy and to seek justice… your words do the very thing you are condemning and that Grace did not do in this post: stirring up resentment and hate, dividing, promoting an agenda and pushing a narrative.

      This is not a left or right post. Instead, I read Grace’s words and am pointed to live and speak and act how Jesus did and calls us to…. with love, kindness, grace, compassion, mercy, a listening ear, a heart that longs to see others as Jesus Christ sees them.

      I encourage you to listen, I invite you to take these things to Scripture and to prayer, and I ask that you close the tab of this site when tempted to leave comments that tear down a sister in Christ.

    • Inferred in your phrasing is that your interpretation of the direction of Christianity is informed by fear. You have the right to experience Jesus this way — to be informed by political rhetoric like ‘leftist’ and ‘woke.’ But please don’t take that out on Grace. Your fear is not her fault.

      We can’t have loving solutions, without loving problem solving. We can’t have loving problem solving, without loving understanding. I lovingly invite you to grow your understanding of how Asian-American’s have historically been targets of fear in our great country. It’s all documented.

      My teaching spaces offer courses to foster shared understanding.

  2. Dear Grace, my beautiful sister in Christ,
    I am SO sorry that you have cause to write a post like this, and live in the way you describe. I am in the U.K. not the States, but know that what you say will be true the world over, due to the human problem we create of “ other”. Thank you for speaking out, and may the Lord bring His Wisdom, Discernment and Compassion to all of us, to see each other as He does, and May He give you His Peace, Covering and Protection on a daily basis.
    With love in the Lord, Dee

  3. My son is Korean American. Growing up he was spit on, kicked, called racial slurs. A watched my loving son turn into an angry, hurt child. People need to hear how their comments and actions effect others. Thank you for writing this! And I am sorry you and all Asian Americans are made to feel less than. Wake up America! Stop the hate!

    • Geralyn, I am so sorry your son experienced such horrible treatment. I pray he knows that he is wonderfully made and perfectly loved by our heavenly Father.

    • I’m sad your little boy experienced that. My son did also – not because of his colour or race but because he is slightly different. Not all bullying and discrimination is based on race and/or colour.

      • Of course people are bullied for many different reason – no one is saying they aren’t -I see a bit of bullying being done within these comments. However, when someone is bullied because of their skin color it is telling them that they are of lesser value because of the way God created them. Being bullied because you are seen as “not cool enough” is different than being bullied because your skin is darker than some one else’s. The mother of one of my children’s classmates told me her son use to try to scrub his skin off in the bath tub because he was trying to remove the color. That is a powerful statement of how children are made to feel about themselves because of their race. I think as a society and as children of God we can all do better! How are we doing God’s will when we devalue others because of the package they come in?

  4. Thank you for sharing this beautiful, loving, painful message. As a white woman I can only try to empathize with your hurt, with the unfairness you face, and apologize for those who still refuse to see the truth of what is happening and want to blame it on ‘lies by the left’. It is brave to use your words in a way that you know will bring not just ‘amens’ but how dare you’s and why didn’t you’s. I always love your posts, even when they are hard to hear. I am praying for you, your family, and all of who need to do better, to truly love more like Jesus.

    • We are not called as Christians to become ashamed of our race. Christ made us who we are and we ALL have a purpose. Your rhetoric has absolutely NO place on a Christian post, if this is actually a Christian website. I am not really sure about that at this point! Any commentary by ANYONE that leads or attempts to lead people to start talking negatively about who they are, is NOT a Christian commentary!

      • Cathy, you’re right, we are called to lift one another up and live out our God-given ethnicity without shame. No one here wants anyone to feel ashamed of our “race” or ethnic-identity.

        Grace skillfully shares her story and the experience that so many of us feel and live as Asian Americans to re-iterate just that.

        In the same way that Paul used rhetoric to correct and persuade Peter to move away from his blindness, prejudice, and exclusivity in Galatians 2:11-19, Grace offers us the same gentle correction and speaks the truth in love, persuading us to remember who we are called to be and how we are called to live and love others as Jesus did.

      • Cathy, if your goal with your words about this site and the beliefs of our writers was to be hurtful, you have succeeded. And that is not what we do here. I invite you to visit our about page to learn more about this site and this community. Our goal at (in)courage is to build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage. You can read all about that at https://incourage.me/start.

        Grace’s story is not rhetoric, and I kindly ask you to refrain from lashing out with such inflammatory and purposefully hurtful words about her or this site.

        – Mary Carver, (in)courage contributor since 2009

        • What you are really saying is, just as in the world today, no other viewpoint is welcome. BTW, I was not talking about Grace being ashamed of her race, rather I was talking about the mindset today that others, mainly white people, are supposed to feel guilt and shame over their race. You do not get to create the narrative of my post for me. I believe I was very clear in what I was saying and I do not believe that Grace’s comments were completely without some bias and prejudice either. I will continue to comment where I see fit and you can not read my comments if you choose. I assumed this was a CHRISTIAN site, you know, where Christ does not look at the race or ethnicity of another person? THAT is the mistake I made. But just like so many today in the supposed Christian world, you think you have the truth and are being so virtuous. However, you couldn’t be further from what the Truth is about. God is not concerned with our virtuosity but with His TRUTH! You might want to pick up a Bible and read it instead of worrying about your need to be offended FOR other people!

          • Cathy, we all come with our biases and prejudices, and we all come with our own stories of pain. If you are feeling guilt about being white, that is not the point of my post or about my experiences of being Asian American. What I was hoping you’d see what was that I and other Asian Americans are being targeted, hurt, and killed because of the way we look and assumptions made about us. And as for Christ, we must remember that He also was a person of color from the Middle East. If God doesn’t look at the color of our skin or about our ethnicity or culture, why would He have created us all this way? Why would He have sent Jesus to be born to a Middle Eastern woman in that time and place and location? Colorblindness isn’t a more Christlike way but actually erases the beauty with which God created each of us to be.

      • Cathy, her ‘rhetoric’ is actually her story, voice, and experience, which are richly valued and welcomed both here at (in)courage and in the Kingdom.

      • Cathy,

        Grace is not talking about being ashamed of her race. She is asking us to pray for Asian Americans. Do what Jesus would do & have compassion on everyone. This is most definitely a Christian website. Topics like this need to be brought out in the open & discussed. We need to know that others are hurting & living in fear. There is no negativity in her post. Just the facts of life as they are now for a good many Asian Americans. I ask you to pray about your attitude & try to have more compassion.

        Blessings 🙂

  5. Thank you for sharing this and encouraging us all toward greater truth and unity in Christ. ❤️

    • Yes, and thank you. May we be more human, more tender, more Christ-like to those within the Church and without. May they know we follow Jesus by our love.

  6. Oh how I’ve let down my sisters and brothers through my ignorance in my self-satisfied, self-contained, middle-class, white (British) life. Want to do better!

    • Grace, thank you for sharing your honest, hurting heart with us. My Asian American friends have said very similar things. I believe them and I believe you. May Jesus open our hearts that we would see each other with his eyes. May we learn to be more humble and more compassionate and care when any part of the Body of Christ is hurting.

  7. Grace – Beautifully written. My heart is sooo very saddened for all of this against Asian people and all the hate crimes against POC. we all need to open our eyes, hearts and spirit to the truth that IS happening, to reach out in love and be a living example of Christ’s love to all people no matter who they are… God bless you as you continue your ministry, may He keep you safe and in His care.. healing us all and pruning us to love and have a heart like Jesus.

  8. Cannot read this when you spew hatred towards another. Our country is divided. I live in Atlanta – those murders were not an act of racial divide – they were an act against the industry. The disease did come from China – many diseases/viruses are named from where they came. Lyme’s disease, Rocky Mountain fever, Spanish flu, etc. If people want to find a reason to hate they will. I refuse to get on that bandwagon. Jesus is about love and forgiveness. I did not expect to see hatred in this forum. This post makes me very sad, and angry.

    • There isn’t a sentence in this entire post that “spews hatred.” Mercy and courage weave through every line of Grace’s story shared here, as it does through Grace herself. No one is denying that the virus originated in China, instead, speaking the “truth in love,” Grace re-iterated the words James, Jesus’ half-brother, penned in 48-49 A.D. about the power of our tongues and how our words carry weight. It should be no surprise to any believer that words like “Kung-flu and China-virus” create harm and danger for others.

      Reading your words about the murders in Atlanta being a mere “act against an industry,” hurts my heart and hurts fellow Asian American believers and image-bearers who live in Asian bodies, worship with Asian bodies, and have been singled out in horrific ways because of how others see our Asian bodies. The women murdered in Atlanta were people: mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, and friends who were targeted, and were Asian. Their lives mattered to God and bear the image of God.

      Lastly, for any of us who struggle to listen to and empathize with those we disagree with, I think this paragraph about Jesus in Grace’s beautifully-written post should serve as a guide that leads all of us to examine ourselves and lead us all to repentance and compassion:

      “I imagine what His eyes of compassion looked like, and the face of a Middle Eastern man with brown skin and brown eyes comes to mind. He looks at the crowd, at the rich young ruler, at the woman whose son has died, and His eyes soften. I imagine Him on the cross looking at John and His beloved mother, love spilling over for His people in His last breaths, and His eyes soften. He sees their pain and grief, their hunger, their blindness — both physical and spiritual. He sees their humanity, and His love for them changes the way He looks at them.”

    • M,
      I’m not sure how you got hatred from this. Grace has graciously shared Her story, voice, and experience, which are richly valued and welcomed both here at (in)courage and in the Kingdom. Her words here should cause sadness and anger, but in the way of our hearts hurting for our sisters of color who are hurting deeply in a way we simply cannot fully understand.

    • M,

      Grace Cho is not spewing hatred. I hardly believe the murders were against an industry. Why then did they pick on Asian American Spas? Why not other spas owned by white people? We here are trying to spread God’s love by talking about important issues. Racial division is one of those. We need to know & pray for our fellow believers. No one should have to live in fear due to their race or color. Jesus loved everyone no matter what!!

      Blessings 🙂

    • Dear M,
      Whether you believe the shooting was a racial act or not, please do not devalue and dismiss Ms. Cho’s reflections and experiences of racial hostility. Only a person who has never experienced such hostility would think it is imagined. That’s not to say that sometimes people can misunderstand another’s intentions, and can come to the wrong conclusions, but that doesn’t negate the fact that real and malicious acts of racial superiority against Asians do exist, and that she has experienced it. Most Asians have.

      As for the shooting being an act against an industry…do you know that there are very few sex workers that voluntarily choose that line of work? They are innocent victims; the sex worker industry is supplied and run by ruthless human traffickers – merchants of bodies. The workers’ very lives can be at risk if they do not “work.” Gunning them down is pure scapegoating by a perpetrator who has allowed his own desires to feed the industry he so loathes. This industry and this act is something to truly hate.

      • YESSSSSS, Valerie!

        Also, I want all of us to make sure that we don’t assume that these women were sex workers and that this spa was a place of sex trafficking because the perpetrator targeted them due to his alleged sex addiction.

    • M, they are clearly on this site stuck on the bandwagon of if you are from any race other than Caucasian, then you have all their sympathy and they “have your back.” It makes them feel morally superior. If it was true compassion, there would be as much outrage at the multiple white people who were killed recently at a grocery store by a muslim refugee. They also clearly believe that only they understand the Bible and even Jesus, not unlike so many other supposed Christians today, and distort to fit their own narrative. But remember, if you don’t whole heartedly agree with them then, you are not compassionate or even a Christian. It is truly disturbing!

      • Dear Cathy,

        No one from the (in)courage team is questioning the faith or salvation of any person who chooses to engage in conversation here. So that assertion is unfounded and unappreciated. As the Community Manager for (in)courage, let me affirm that our goal is to share personal stories that point to the hope and encouragement of Christ. Grace has done that in this article. Our goal is not to convince everyone to agree with a particular point of view but to consider perspectives and experiences unlike their own so that together we can build community, celebrate diversity, and become women of courage. It was courageous for Grace to share her story. Her pain and experience are real and should be heard and validated. We welcome meaningful discussions in the comment section, but making blanket assumptions about what our writers feel or believe in way that is disparaging to their character is not okay.


        Becky Keife
        (in)courage community manager

  9. Dear Grace,

    I am so sorry that people’s fears are causing them to lash out at groups of people who are different from them. As believers in God, we are called to love one another…not only the people who look like us…but every single person on earth. God made us all in His image. He created each one of us exactly how He envisioned us. He gave us all gifts and talents and has a plan for each of us.
    My prayer is that the love of God will drive out fear, that people will recognize that the color of someone’s skin or their country of origin does not make them “less than” or someone to be feared… but that it makes them as equally precious to God because He made each person exactly as He saw fit. Jesus told us that the two great commandments were to love God and to love our neighbors like ourselves. May love -not fear- become the driving force behind people’s words and actions. 1 John 4:18 says, “There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.” May the love of God drive out the fear and the hate that is hurting so many in this country and around the world. Amen.

  10. First of all, I am sorry if you or anyone feels like they are being mistreated. I don’t wish that for anyone. I pray for all those who are mourning a lost loved one. However, reading your comment is like a clear regurgitation of the media that likes to spew lies in order to cause division and create false narratives for political purposes. With all due respect, the FBI itself reported that there is NO evidence that this horrific shooting had anything to do with hatred or discrimination. It was clearly a disturbed individual that had some serious moral issues. As far as President Trump calling it the China virus, I would like to point out that a virus is always given the name of the country of origin. It is sad that you would use the name of Jesus to try and make your commentary seem like an innocent attempt at a heartfelt plea for love and acceptance. Horrible things happen in life because it is a sinful world and I am sorry about that. Several white people were just murdered in a grocery store by a muslim man. The fact is, it doesn’t matter the race of a people, tragedy like this happens because of sinful man. As Christians, we need to be able to understand that it is a spiritual matter. We should not engage in the worldly lies and mindset of finger pointing and attitude. Our response should be one of prayer and even intercession for lost souls. A show of Christian maturity is essential in these disturbing times.

    • Well said, Cathy, and your conclusion is spot-on. Our response to the mayhem surrounding us must be prayer, including intercession for lost souls. With Grace we can pray: “Lord, please. Help. Heal. Have mercy.” Help us to be mindful of treating one another as we want to be treated. Help us recognize truth among all the lies. Heal our divided and beleaguered nation. Show us how to be part of that healing starting with your guidance in 2 Chronicles 7:14. Have mercy on us all, Lord Christ–each imperfect soul, each heart that seeks You for wisdom and strength. AMEN.

    • Your statement is false, Geralyn. I do genealogy. I have many records which show my ancestors purchased their land from the Indians and did much trade with them. Sounds like you’re part of the hate America, blame America crowd. There needs to be less focus on race in this country. It has caused too much division. We need unity.

      • I am a white middle class woman who raised an Asian American child. I know how racism effected my child. I am not part of the lesser evil crowd. I am very proud to be an American but acknowledge this country is rooted in racism and I will speak out against it when an opportunity presents itself. Land is not the issue here and I do not have the knowledge to debate how this land was acquired. The real issue is how people are being made to feel less than because of their skin color. We are all here to do God’s work. I am pretty sure racism is not God’s work.

    • Dear Cathy,

      We could spend lots of time and energy debating how different news sources report on the facts of criminal cases differently. But what isn’t up for debate is Grace’s personal experience. One of the things I love most about (in)courage is that it’s a place where women from different backgrounds and life stages vulnerably share their own personal experiences. In this way, our hope is that readers will see reflections of their own stories and feel seen, as well as learn from experiences unlike their own. As a white woman, my experience is different from Grace’s. But as her sister in Christ, I can listen to her pain, I can validate her voice, and I can care about her grief. I pray that as a community we can lead with grace, be quicker to listen than assign labels and blame, and love one another as ourselves.

      In Him,
      Becky Keife
      (in)courage Community Manager

      • “The more we listen and try to understand each other’s experiences and stories, the more we recognize the humanity in one another”
        I truly believe this is your hearts intention, but here personal vulnerabilities were irresponsibly blended with unchecked news headlines. This isn’t something women of faith can silently accept. While Grace’s experience does matter, she also paralleled this fear of ‘being the victim of hatred and violence with ‘white families’ These words under the guise of Christian love do not reflect Jesus. She furthered this messaging with political agenda pointing to the “former president saying he “set a path of anti-Asian sentiment” This isn’t her personal experience–this is her political voice. Covid is the “Chinese virus” it clearly is from that country not that people. Grace you have a platform here to bring a reformed heart & thought. You yourself acknowledge that words have impact. I hope next time you prayerfully consider a more solution oriented agenda. Taking the passion you obviously stoke & motivate your readers toward tangible action tasks to share Jesus love.

    • About the best post here, Cathy.
      Now I’m going to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

    • NOPE!
      SARS, MERS and swine flu are named after what country or person? Many potential pandemics in the past were prohibited from spreading due to the responsible actions of leadership, CDC, & compliant citizens. Regardless of where COVID-19 originated, its spreading has everything to do with the behavior of the masses.

  11. Grace, it’s amazing how this post written a year ago is still so applicable today. You are certainly preaching my heart and what our family has experienced this year. Thank you for these poignant words: “And yet, I have to write this because the more we become aware, the more we listen and try to understand each other’s experiences and stories, the more we recognize the humanity in one another.” I couldn’t agree more. I’m joining you in these prayers, my friend.

  12. Grace God see all. Grace God see what people do. I had very good Christian friend who is now in Glory. Who used to say that was lot older than me. Bidden or not Bidden God is watching. God see what people do. You I said this before on incourage. Why is when people like this that can be rascis. When if ever in Hospital. Don’t care what religion or color sink the Doctor or Nurse has as long as they make them well. Then when they that are rasict get out of Hospital it sad. They are taking about people who come from other countries into their countries and saying things they shouldn’t say all. Most people like that are probably not saved. It sad as they don’t know what goes on in those countries to want them people to want to leave to get a better life for themselves. We even if saved or not saved or not to judge them. Especially if saved pray for them. We no matter if saved or not saved. Should be thankful we were not brought. In that country going through what they are going through. We have if we had parents that loved us. Gave us a good life. Some people don’t even have that. No matter what part of the world they live in. So we should be thankful. If we had good up bringing. Especially if saved do as this song I was taught at Sunday School. “Jesus Loves All The Children Of The World Red And Yellow Black And White”. How true that is. We as Adults are to do the same. Love all people of walks of life. Not judge anyone. As we don’t know what anyone is going through. Especially people of different religions. People coming into out countries. Pray for everyone. Love them like Jesus did when he walked earth. Jesus was talked with people no one else wanted to be with. He still loved them no matter what we are to do the same. Love what you shared Grace. Keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxxxx ❤️

  13. Thank you, Grace. I hope and pray that, in the coming days, we will reap a harvest of love, empathy, understanding, respect. Harmony somehow.

  14. Thanks for sharing this, Grace. I wish I couldn’t relate exactly to your experiences as an Asian Canadian, but here we are, unfortunately. I love your prayer: “I pray for eyes of compassion that lead to justice, that will cause stubborn hearts to mourn with those who mourn, and for our lives to look more like Jesus’ when He lived on earth as human — absorbing the pain of others, overturning the tables of the greedy, making seen the outcast, welcoming the foreigner, comforting the lonely, exposing the systems that are broken and in need of redemption” and will join you in this, asking God to also reveal where my eyes need to be opened to injustices that I may not see myself.

  15. What a beautiful, heartfelt message! Thank you Grace for your courage and bravery to stand up and speak out. You point us to what we as Christians need to do to put all this hate away. May we follow your bravery and courage and make our actions show real love to all our neighbors.

  16. Grace, thank you for sharing your story and pointing us to Jesus. I’m so sorry you’ve been hurt by others’ hate, and I’m sorry for the ways I’ve been ignorant and hurtful to others in the past. I pray God will open all of our eyes to the ways we can do better and love each other more.

    • Mary, what you’re saying here is exactly it! Being able to see the ways we’ve been, then repenting and turning toward a better way. So grateful I’ve been able to witness that in you and how you champion me to keep sharing!

      • What do you mean “How we have been?” I am quite sure that the person who carried out the horrific killings did not profess to be a Christian. That is what problem I have with your commentary. You refuse to have perspective or even listen to the facts of the matter. That is a clear indication that you want a particular biased narrative and THAT is not being a mature Christian. I am in a bi-racial marriage and have bi-racial children and I am not blind by any means to the fact that there is racism in the world. What I don’t do however, is go around trying to make people feel guilty and act like they owe me something. The matters of their heart are between them and God. Focusing on a matter in light of a person’s race is what brings division. Everything that happens is a spiritual matter, even with the person who causes harm to another. It is ALL because of the sinful nature of man and is a spiritual matter. A person who commits murder will be brought to justice through the legal system. As a true Christian, we pray for their soul and for them to come to knowledge of saving grace through Christ. THAT is what we are to do as Christians who love as Christ loved. You must find forgiveness in your heart because God can and will forgive them if they turn to him and repent. And if we DO NOT forgive, God will NOT forgive us. I encourage you today to find forgiveness for those who hurt you and you will find it brings far more contentment than trying to garnish sympathies from anywhere you can.

  17. Grace, Sadly your post is more relevant today than it was a year ago and my heart hurts for the increasing intolerance I have watched grow over the last few years of those who are different races and ethnicities. I’m stunned that what appears to me to be the new normal in this country is to simply deny the obvious and pretend that ALL people of EVERY ethnicity are treated exactly the same in the US. But mostly, I’m ashamed of the intolerant, angry rhetoric spewed at anyone who points out the reality that in fact racism is not only alive and well in the US, but has become worse in the last few years. We are living in a time where truth and reality are irrelevant and a person will be attacked for speaking the truth. It sickens me to see such unchristian actions be fiercely defended by people who I am sure believe they are walking hand in hand with God. I weep wondering if God is watching and wondering why humans insist on keeping hatred and intolerance in their hearts.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for being here and for speaking up and speaking out on this sad truth >> “the new normal in this country is to simply deny the obvious and pretend that ALL people of EVERY ethnicity are treated exactly the same in the US.”

      This is possibly the biggest threat to the church and our nation. A lie that that is feeding the “intolerant, angry rhetoric spewed at anyone who points out the reality that in fact racism is not only alive and well in the US, but has become worse in the last few years. We are living in a time where truth and reality are irrelevant and a person will be attacked for speaking the truth. It sickens me to see such unchristian actions be fiercely defended by people who I am sure believe they are walking hand in hand with God.”

      Like Jesus told the Samaritan woman, “What you have said is quite true.” Lord, open our eyes to the TRUTH. Your TRUTH.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for showing up, speaking out, and for sharing this. Every time I read intolerant and angry rhetoric, I can only pray, “Lord have mercy…” and then keep going. Let’s keep persevering, pursuing justice in every sphere of our lives.

      • I am sorry, Grace, but your words are not Christ-like and actually are filled with attitude. I will not question your Christianity, as mine has been just for speaking my viewpoint. However, I do question your Christian maturity.

        • Cathy,

          I know Grace. I hear her voice and see her face almost every day. She is a woman of wisdom and integrity. I have learned so much from her relationship with the Lord and the way she cares for people. Please choose to fill in the gaps of your assumptions with grace and love for a fellow sister in Christ. What you “hear” as “attitude” as you read Grace’s words, I hear as care and concern and a weary surrender to Jesus. It does not benefit the body of Christ to presume the worst in others. Instead, let’s be women who ask clarifying questions, who seek to understand another. Let’s be women who hold our tongue (or typing fingers) when we’re tempted to tear someone else down. Let’s be women who instead build each other up.

          • Becky, why don’t you just stop. As you are trying to preach to me you are being critical and filled with attitude. Do not lecture to me about how to be a Christian woman. You want to hail Grace as the epitome of Christianity because it makes you feel good and superior to be on what you deem as the proper bandwagon at the moment. God is no respecter of person. The entire context of this post by Grace and many of the comments following are completely wrong and have no place in a true Christian setting. We, as Christians, are all children of God regardless of race or ethnicity.

  18. Thank you, Grace, for pointing us all to Jesus through this. I am so sorry for all the heart-wrenching loss and pain. I stand with you.

    Also, as a resource for anyone here in the comments, I highly recommend this podcast with Michelle Reyes, Grace Cho, Tasha Jun, and Dorina Lazo Gilmore-Young. “Speaking Out Against Asian-American Hate & Violence.” Here is the link: https://open.spotify.com/episode/0t5k0ZUoHLYkbrczUqzR9X?si=pd0bdeOhRjmz8A3yq_f3qg&fbclid=IwAR1v6qYuYg43FZSTZqeeZCfKvkP5z1ZnsUHo_23jvjGeQPO46h9ub-ww5u8&nd=1

  19. Grace,
    Thank you for so courageously sharing with us today, and reminding us of how we are to love one another.
    Blessings to all,

  20. Grace,

    So sorry for the pain & fear that Asian Americans have to deal with. Praying with you that we can spread more of God’s love in this world. People need to get to know others before judging them. I worked at a university with lots of Asian students. We even had some Muslims. I treated everyone the same. May God send a Christian revival to our country to help end this racial divide.

    Blessings 🙂

  21. Brother Lawrence was not shocked at the misery and sin he heard about every day but on the contrary, considering the malice of which the sinner is capable, he was surprised there was not more of it. He prayed for the sinner but knowing God could right the matter whenever he wished, he did not allow himself to be too upset.”
    From Practicing The Presence 1977.
    The world speaks of love. However the world does not believe in God or believe God.
    The book of Proverbs speaks to the abuses of mankind. It has always been.
    Until we believe ALL people are created by God. Until we seek to do to others as we would do to ourselves. Be kind one to another.
    These basic teachings are gone from our culture. It is an every person for themselves world.
    God’s word speaks of our depravity. From the beginning, man/woman/child has determined to be their own god.
    It hasn’t ever worked.
    This culture/man dominated world–it will never work.
    It never will.
    We can look for the good. Look for beauty in the world. Pray hard.
    Do not be bitter. He knew bitterness would shatter us.
    Love Anyway. Even in the hard.
    I have to determine what dominates my thoughts life; EVERY day/hour. ❤
    We have ALL been discriminated against.
    It may not be the color of my skin. But I assure you, I’ve experienced it. It cuts to your very soul.

    • Wow, Kate…PERIOD and AMEN! That about sums up this entire conversation.

      Until we can take the log out of our own eye, only then will we be able to take the speck out of someone else’s eye. Pretty much impossible for me. Pretty much impossible for humanity.

      We need the Grace of God EVERY single moment. We have all fallen and it is He alone Who took the Stripes upon His Back and the scars in His Hands and Feet so we can lean upon Him and receive His Forgiveness and redeem us from this world into His World Everlasting.

      We are all struggling but thanks be to Jesus for His Mercy and Grace.

  22. Grace, my heart breaks with you. I’m sorry and aching for what you, and all of us who are Asian, have gone through. Thank you for courageously sharing and lovingly pointing us to a more tender way.

    • Thank you Prasanta, for being here. We are grieving with you and praying for you, and all of our Asian sisters and brothers to feel the power of Christ rising up to protect You through His people across our nation.

      You are worthy and a woman of great worth. We value your presence here with us, sister.

  23. Grace, thank you for your courageous willingness to write this and share the deepest heartaches of your soul this past year. Thank you for caring about others more than about protecting your heart because as you said, “the more we become aware, the more we listen and try to understand each other’s experiences and stories, the more we recognize the humanity in one another.” And that is what we so desperately need right now. You are a wise teacher with such a shepherd’s heart, and I appreciate you!!!

  24. I am so very grateful for your voice, Grace.

    Thank you for continuing to share here with compassion, with honesty, with love and grace… even though the comments section has, so very sadly, proven time and again that you may not be met with the same.

    I see you. I believe you. I am standing with you.

  25. Words can heal or hurt and it makes me so sad how many are being hurt instead of being loved. Our world is so out of control and everyone thinks they can say and do whatever they want and there are no consequences. I join you in praying for healing and safety, and protection ,and for Him to provide.
    Even in this world of chaos our God is still in control❣️ I have to believe it ❣️❣️❣️ None of this is a surprise to Him. I’m sorry for all that you are going through and I’ll be praying
    I hope that you receive this from a heart that’s being nothing but true ‼️

  26. When I read this post yesterday, I feared that I would read comments like a few of those above. I hope, dear Grace, that you will not allow the voices of the few silence the important perspective that you have to share. As Christians, I think we sometimes just want to see/believe in everything wrapped up in a tidy little bow, but that isn’t the reality for most of us and certainly not for those suffering violence/hatred because of their skin tone or cultural background. It is not lost on me the societal protections that I have as a white woman, but as a Christian white women I believe it is critical to be understanding and empathetic and not judgmental. This is a place that calls us all to do that. Thank you, Grace and (in)courage for challenging our perspectives.

  27. I love you!
    I will be sharing this in ALL the spaces where I am have influence.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    I am extremely grateful for you voice!!!


  28. Your words speak pain & hope all in one I hear what you are saying & in the hearing, I say, yes that’s how I feel too! Stop this anger, hatred, fear and blaming, please. I see you Thank you opening up your heart & writing it on paper.

  29. I understand what you wrote. I enjoy being with people no matter what color their skin is. We are all humans that were created by God who loves and cares for us daily. Covid is just another flu virus that many people do not understand.
    I’m so thankful for people encouraging and loving on people daily as they spread God’s love through 2020 and beyond. Love God. Love your neighbor as yourself. His mercies are new every morning my friend!! Great is His faithfulness Lord unto me and you and other people too. I pray that you stay safe. My daughter in law’s grandma is Japanese and she (grandma) lost her husband last year due the virus. I’m sure it is hard for her to go thru this time without him. God bless you!

  30. Thank you for sharing this message Grace. I too am an Asian American. Although I wasn’t born in this country, I arrived here with my family when I was only 4 years old. I love being an American and let me tell you I am American as Apple pie!! Growing up in the 80s, I loved Madonna, Guns and Roses, big hair, etc.. I lived in a town where there wasn’t much diversity and has faced many discriminations to myself and my family. We’ve kept to ourselves for fear of further incidences. It pains me incredibly that today, in this day and age, we as a country haven’t progressed much further in accepting each other. We are all worthy and praying for healing for this country, this great country I loved so much to come together and end all this madness…

  31. I’m so sorry for the pain you and your family and so many others are experiencing. My heart breaks that this has not only taken place but that it is increasing. May God give us His eyes to see and His love and compassion to share. ♥️

  32. Thank you for sharing from your heart Grace! I remember your post from a year ago & my heart breaks for the Asian Americans throughout the US who are being persecuted because they are Asian. I have gone thru persecution growing up because I am Jewish. I was called so many cruel names from K- adulthood. I became a Christian at 16 & love the Lord. I’m so sorry for what you & all Asian’s are going through now. Lord bless you & your family with His peace, comfort & protection.