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  1. Grace,

    Your words mirror my sentiments exactly. The thing I dislike most about myself is the way I sound when talking/singing-especially on video. Was born with two punctured ear drums. Now I sound like a child when you hear me. My mantra though is “hey, God made me this way.” I’m not one who cares what the world thinks about my looks only what God says. He says I’m perfect just the way I am. Sure I can exercise & eat healthier to get in shape, but overall He sees me as a beautiful child of His.

    Blessings 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your heart in this devotional. I can relate, as can many ladies I know. It is sad that society has made a bigger deal out of the outward than the inward. May we each stand in the truth (even though hard some days) that God’s opinion of us is ALL that matters and teach our kids and young people that! God bless your day!

  3. My mother used to say “Grow old naturally”. So now that I am a senior, I still hear her words. When I turned 65 and went on Medicare, I decided the hair color chemicals had to stop, so I went natural. This year being home and not going into public places, I even started cutting my own hair. So now I am a one length, natural hair do and am hearing my Mother’s words and smile. It is easier and simple and the time and money you save can be better spent.

  4. The beauty of growing older is that your focus shifts, and you realize all along nobody was really focused on your looks except yourself. It is so freeing to change your perspective and truly realize it is all about faith, family, and friends. Embrace growing your soul.

    • Love this, Maura. You are so right. Focus on faith, family, and friends (including those strangers who might be friends waiting to happen) will bring contentment and satisfaction; focus on “looks” never delivers those important commodities!

  5. Amen! I look in the mirror and see my grandmother and my mother. Now that I am in my late 60s, it isn’t so bad but seeing that in my 40s and 50s was a little unnerving. Quite honestly, I kind of like the masks we are wearing- hides the wrinkles and the chin hairs. I actually stopped coloring my hair when I turned 50. And after using makeup for so many years, I rarely use it anymore. There is a freeing in all of this. And part of it comes with age and wisdom.

  6. Grace,
    At any given age, there was always something I didn’t like about my looks. Now I wonder if that hurt God’s feelings because I was so critical of his handiwork? I am thankful He is mindful of my human way of thinking. Now, as I approach 60, I look back at my 30-something pictures and I’m like — Wow! I looked pretty darned good! Wonder what I’ll think of my 60’s when I look in the rearview mirror from my 80’s?? It’s all in the perspective and God’s lens is the best one through which to view ourselves 🙂
    Bev xx

    • Amen, Bev–it’s all about perspective. Might as well make the most of NOW, thank God for what IS, and praise him for life-purpose that will never end!

  7. Thank you, Mary, for your wisdom concerning our physical selves. We sacrifice so much joy, don’t we, because our focus is in the wrong place!