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Robin is the author of For All Who Wander, her relatable memoir about wrestling with doubt that reads much like a conversation with a friend. She's as Southern as sugar-shocked tea, married to her college sweetheart, and has three children. An empty nester with a full life, she's determined to...

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  1. I loved your book, so much so that I read it cover to cover and decided that I had to share it immediately with my MIL, who is in the process of reading it. This post is very moving.

  2. I have often wrestled with the same feelings. I chose to get baptized when I found out one of my friends was doing it. I was raised in a Christian home, so I can’t say that it was decision I wrestled with. It was only a matter of timing and seemed easier to do when someone else was doing it, too. I have often wished that I had a big conversion moment, but I think in wishing for that I miss the beauty of the foundation I received.

  3. Robin,
    Thank you for sharing this. This is confirmation that what is in my heart is true. I have sensed a pull to share my story with others more and more lately. My testimony proves that God is no respecter of person and that we are never too far gone. More of a road to Damascus story that I have had the honor to share a few times in women’s retreats, but I am sensing an urgency and praying the Lord leads me.


    • Yes, Dawn…you’re wanting to follow the Lord’s leading, not jump in front of Him!! Your sense of urgency is reflective of our world’s great need to hear His story through our own. 🙂

  4. This past year it has been difficult to share with one another since we have been isolated and disconnected from friends and family. I live alone and once shared my faith on the telephone with a friend who was questioning her beliefs in this lost year. Another believer said to me “What is God trying to tell us”? I had no answers to her question. Our world has changed all the way to our neighborhoods. The promise is God never changes; hang on tight to Hope in the Lord. That promise is worth sharing.

  5. Thank you for your post. Your timing is interesting. I just got home late yesterday from the emergency room. A long story. What they thought was a heart attack was a panic attack. God is so good.
    I’ve had close friends encourage me to write a book sharing my story. Having been born behind the Iron Curtain and Escaping at a very young age. Abandoned at 3. Foster care. Coming to America. Wondering how can there be a God if innocent children are harmed? I didn’t realize that God was always there. There’s so much to share! I’m so blessed! I need to find a ghost writer.
    Your post has inspired me.
    Best wishes!❤️

    • Oh, Rita….what an incredible story!! Yes! DO tell your story, because in doing so, you honor the Lord and point others to Him!! Keep us posted!

  6. Ms Robin! You’re so very loved. I’m cutting sections today and really needed to hear this. Partnering with Holy Spirit in writing always leaves me mystified… it is hard work on our end, but He really does do the heavy lifting. Thank you for this.

    • So PROUD of you, Danita!! I love how you phrased this–acknowledging our part AND what it is that God is doing/has done. It’s good to give credence to both :). xo

  7. Great post, Robin! I have always loved hearing people share their testimony and I love to share mine whenever God presents me with the opportunity to do so. We all have something worthwhile to share about the way in which we came to know the Lord and also we have things to share about what He continues to show us and teach us that would be relevant to others.

    • Karen,

      YAY! We need bold women (and men) who delight in sharing their stories — HIS STORY — with others! That you’re looking for these opportunities *on purpose* is inspiring :).

  8. I also don’t have a grand story to share, just my story. Growing up I knew we were Christians but we never went to church. I learned as I got older than Mom didn’t like “organized relationship” because of her experiences growing up. My parents left it up to us (my brother and I) about whether or not to attend. When I got engaged my future ex-husband (lol) was friends with an associate pastor. He invited us to attend. I got baptized there (the sprinkle on forehead type). After my divorce I didn’t attend church for several years, just due to life events, illnesses, etc. Found another church which I was a member of for about 10 years. Right before pandemic started attending another church. So I don’t have a particular day or time, it’s been a journey. I want to continue to grow and have a personal relationship with God.

    • Yes, Jennifer…pursuing a relationship with God DOES lead to spiritual growth. it sounds like you DO have quite the story, and I bet there are people in your life who would benefit from (and just plain *enjoy*) hearing about it. The life of faith is a journey toward our forever home :).

  9. Robin I don’t remember or how I came to Lord. But I remember one thing’s loving Scripture Union in School at lunch time. The songs they used to sing at it. Like “This is day that the Lord has made” “Jesus Love Me this I know for the Bible tells me so.” Loads over songs like theses. Then I remembered asking a teacher at the school I went to them that had the Scripture Union in it. How do you get saved. I think that teacher lead me with another girl to the Lord. Don’t ask me what age I was I was in Secondary School then. I don’t know if I really meant it then. But I can remember listing to the teacher then. I don’t know if really said the sinner prayer then or if I meant it if I said it at all. I can’t remember what age I was then. I then probably didn’t live probably as Follower for Jesus as my family was not saved and still until today not saved any of them. I pray for all them to come to know Jesus. Then years later I went on Alpha course to learn more about Jesus. I did and I didn’t learn alot about Jesus in it. As I didn’t understand it much yes bits and pieces I understood. It wasn’t really until I got married 27 years ago and I started going to the Salvation Army yes I went to Elim Church for a good few years when married. But did enjoy it for years the Elim Church when there. But something in Salvation Army and it teaching has brought me closer to Jesus. Along with another good Friend who knows the Bible inside out and teaching she has sent me. I am along with my Husband now walking with the Lord and doing as the word the Bible says. Were as before I can say I wouldn’t have been. Yes I like everyone else. Make mistakes and mess up. Find being a follower of Jesus hard at times. When I do I go to Jesus in prayer and ask him to forgive me and start again. But for the whole world I not change my life and live the life my family live my Dad and sisters or anyone else. Plus I pray for them all to get saved as they are missing out. You can’t tell them they need to get saved. As they tell you keep all that Jesus stuff or something like that to yourself. So I just live my life for Jesus in front of them. Hope they see Jesus in me want what I have and keep praying for them all. Plus you guys incourage have taught me so much through your brilliant reading. From all the different readers that write in them from their heart. I am so blessed. Along with prayer. I thank full on to God. I am saved. Thank you for all you guys do. God bless keeping you all in prayer. Love you all in the Lord so much. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • “I just live my life for Jesus in front of them.”

      ^^ If only every believer did this…. the world would be so different, in the best of ways.

    • Dawn, living Jesus in front of our family can be hard. They know everything about us. God bless you for living Him in front of them. God says that some sow the seed, some water the seed and some reap the harvest. You are sowing seed my sister. In that, your faithfulness will be rewarded.

  10. We do tend to compare our story of coming to Christ with other people’s stories. I have a friend who in elementary made up a conversion story about Jesus speaking to him in his closet, to compete with his Sunday school mates and their stories. I like you, felt for years that my story was boring, as I was raised knowing about God. And yet, it is my story. And it too can point others to my hero, God.

  11. Robin,

    Loved the book. I, too, have a dull conversion story. Always in church-but not really a Christian. It has taken me years, denominational changes & trials to open my eyes to the truth of the gospel. I was “sprinkle” baptized as baby, Later in life listening to my preacher talk about repent & be baptized for remission of sins I took the plunge. After dealing with aging parents my faith & trust muscles have grown. I readily trust God & am ready to talk about His saving grace to anyone who will listen.

    Blessings 🙂

  12. Robin, thank you for sharing this! Sharing my story and my faith is something I have struggled with. I feel inept at doing so. God is leading me to step out of my comfort zone and start sharing whenever the opportunity presents itself. I will follow His leading and know that each time will be easier.