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Kristen Strong, author of Back Roads to Belonging and Girl Meets Change, writes as a friend offering meaningful encouragement for each season of life so you can see it with hope instead of worry. She and her US Air Force veteran husband, David, have three children and live in Colorado...

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  1. This was really, really beautiful! Thank you for sharing this message – “Hope Always, Always Gets the Last Word.”

  2. I appreciated you words today, well said! We also have something in common – I am that risk adjustor in life too You could not have put better words together describing my life and journey. Yes the pandemic was a life detour, but the big wallop was the loss of my job (primary wage earner for a family of 5), loss of the funding to complete my last 4 MBA classes that may have helped me me get a better job, left with student loans and no degree, and now I am wondering what I did wrong and what is the next path. I know that God’s timing is perfect and He will guide me only in love. But today I cry out to our Father and ask for forgiveness for my lack of trust. Today I cling to the promise that in God, hope has the last word.

    • Michelle, I’m so sorry to hear about your job loss with the corresponding degree funding problems. It’s so hard when the hits come in numbers, although I’m sure it’s not because you did anything wrong. Life promises troubles, but I’m clinging alongside you that God’s hope will outstretch those troubles. Sending love.

    • Michelle,

      Abba Father Please guide Michelle’s steps. Give her a discerning heart to know your will for her life. Help her complete the MBA & get a better job. One that I know you already have for her. Send glimpses of your love to her & the family as they trust you for answers to their trials. Show her how to trust & hope in you always. In Jesus name AMEN!

  3. Your wonderful message is exactly what I needed today. Praise the Lord for His amazing grace and hope.

  4. Beautiful piece! Kirsten, I like the description of those critters!

    God is Sovereign as we have to place everything in His Hands.

    Thank you! Think I will read this one again.

  5. Kristen, I loved, loved, loved this! Spring is slow arriving here on the north Oregon coast this year. There are some sunny days, but the cold north wind blows that warmth right out of our air! Hope is for all of us. Spring and summer will arrive. And our God will meet us here, there and in between. Thank you for a beautiful reminder.

  6. Thank you so much for this eloquent writing that reminds us that Jesus is the door. Our hope is in Him and we can be assured of His Sovereignty and Grand Love. I needed to read this today! I also want to share that I too live in an Alpine area in Southern New Mexico, and we actually move from Winter to a Late Spring sometimes on or around Mother’s Day, fingers crossed! Spring is only in our imaginations and in photographs! Just have to laugh!

  7. Beautiful message on hope, Kristen, thank-you for sharing with us this morning..
    Blessings to all,

  8. Thank you for this writing today; it arrived in my inbox with such divinely appointed timing!

    There are so many Christians on social media posting about our loss of freedoms with this pandemic. When I look at the events that occurred during the Spanish Flu, I feel like many are choosing fear over faith. Our nation has gone on to enjoy in excess of 100 years of freedoms since then, and I am choosing to believe we will again.

    Regardless of whether I am right or wrong, our hope is in something much greater than earthly life after this pandemic. Our hope rests in our eternal life! Thank you for reminding all of us today – Hope has a name, and it is Jesus!

  9. Kristen,
    I, too, could imagine everything that could possibly go wrong — every worst case scenario and then plan around it so it wouldn’t happen. God gave us a brain to use, but He didn’t hand us control…big difference. It’s taken years of the most unexpected monkey wrenches being thrown into the cogs of life for me to realize God is in control and to remember He is always good — no matter what. This has shifted me from leaning not unto my own devices and understanding, but leaning, instead into Him and trusting He sees the bigger picture. I can now look back on my past and His faithfulness (not my outstanding planning) and it gives me hope for the future. When we look to Jesus, hope always gets the last word. Amen!
    Bev xx

  10. At 66, I am finally learning this deeply. I can look back at my life and say sincerely, the Lord has NEVER failed me, not once. Even when I didn’t understand what was happening, a divorce I did not want, a prodigal, still “out there,” God’s hand can be seen. And this gives me hope for the present difficulties that I don’t see a way out of. He sees, He will care for us, we simply need to remain faithful. Thank you for what you shared.♥

  11. Thank you for your truly encouraging words….and pointing me to the One who knows best. I love your verse at the end.

  12. Thankyou for this. Reminding me of the Hope I have in Christ to move forward , after losing my Husband to Cancer a few months ago.

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  14. Kristen,

    It took one large unexpected trial to change my attitude. Putting my dad in geriatric psych hospital then having God work His miracle & healing him better than before. My faith & trust muscles were grown immensely. Now I readily trust God with everything. The pandemic, election bruhaha & civil unrest -none of that worries or fazes me. I know God is in control & He has allowed this to happen. I simply pray each day for everyone to stay healthy, for government to get God’s wisdom, for this country to have a revival & turn back to God. Asking God to end the civil unrest. Mostly just putting my trust in a living, loving God. He has all the answers.

    Blessings 🙂

  15. Oh my! Kristen, as always God has used your post to encourage! This is exactly what I needed this very moment. We are trying to weigh the pros and cons of selling our home right now. It’s a crazy sellers market here in Texas so we may travel/live in our motor home a bit and wait the market out before buying another smaller home mortgage-free. This is super scary for me. I love the security of having a real brick and mortar home. Our current home has literally everything we’ve ever dreamed of having but unfortunately it’s not paid for and taxes super expensive. Anyway your article has helped to give me some perspective on it all. And by the way…prayers always appreciated 🙂