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Karina Allen is devoted to helping women live out their unique calling and building authentic community through the practical application of Scripture in an approachable, winsome manner.

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  1. Thank you Karina for what you wrote. Yes we become to be what we behold. That is why it is so important as you say to have our thoughts set on the word of Jesus. The Promises of Jesus. Especially when things happen in our lives. That can cause us hurt. Because things family
    members or friends do. I know I am the only one saved in my family. I glad I have Jesus in my life. Sometimes when I look at my family the thing they do. They are of the world. I glad I got Jesus. I have him to reply on when they do things and say things they shouldn’t do. That hurt. I have to remember to say to myself when they hurt with the things they do at times. To say to myself in that situation what would Jesus do. I have sometimes remember to pray to Jesus. Say Jesus what would you do. Show me through your Holy Spirit. So as I don’t get to annoyed or let what they done eat at me. Or hurt me too much. But pray for them and forgive them. Even if I can’t tell them in person. As we do became what we behold. If I let what my family have done get to me. The old Devil can use it for me to not like them. Me to want to hate them for it. I know Jesus would not want that. Jesus would want me to pray for them. Forgive them. Still love them. Remember they are not saved. Pray for their Salvation also. As when not saved they will not think they are doing any wrong or see it as wrong or they have hurt you. You leave them in Jesus hands. Just continue to love them the way Jesus would want you too. Live you life for him in front of them. I got to keep doing that. No matter how hard it is. Love what you said and Love you all incourage. Love big prayer Dawn Ferguson-Little xxx

    • Thank you for sharing Dawn!

      Jesus, You are the One we want to behold. You are the One whose likeness we want to be transformed into. I pray that Dawn lays each one of her family members into Your hands and will. Fill her heart with compassion, patience, grace, love and forgiveness. May she follow Your Holy Spirit in kindness that will they each of them into repentance. You are good and faithful. She can trust them with You. I pray a mighty move of Your Spirit in her life and their lives.

      In Jesus’ Name.

      • Thank you for that pray it really helped me. Karina. Thank so much from the bottom of my heart. Love Dawn blessing to you so much in Christ. Even know we are the other side of the world. We are still sister in Christ. That is so good to know. I do keep you all in Prayer incourage. God Bless xx

    • Dawn,

      Abba Father, I put Dawn’s family into your hands. May you change their hearts & have them repent & be baptized for the remission of their sins. Give Dawn the strength & courage to forgive them & still love them as you love us. Help Dawn behold you always & keep your word hidden in her heart & mind. Let Dawn love on her family & choose joy in a way that they ask why? In Jesus Name AMEN!

      Blessings 🙂

  2. Karina,
    Our eyes dart around — looking for hope and peace in all the wrong places. Possessions, politicians, other people, and going places will not bring us the hope and peace we long for. Only setting our eyes on Jesus will give us what our souls crave. Joining with you in beholding the One who is the answer for all our questions and the peace amidst all our fears. Beautiful post!
    Bev xx

  3. Walking through an unknown season as many are. Questions of our future and the direction to go. Work, job opportunities,
    kids growing up, the list is long. I want to behold Him more, so I can have a steady gaze as I move forward, rather than one that is constantly looking at all the unknowns. More than that, I want my heart to reflect His love and peace to those around me.

    • So good Dawn!

      Father, You are Dawn’s anchor and hope. You are her sure foundation. May she lock eyes with You and not be swayed by the winds of uncertainty. May she follow the leading of Holy Spirit. You won’t fail her. You are always trust worthy. May she rest in Your purpose and will even when she doesn’t understand. You are good and faithful. I bless her with Your favor and perfect timing.

      In Jesus’ Name.

    • Dawn,

      Abba Father,

      Hear the cry of Dawn as she walks the path of unknowns & has questions about the future. Guide her steps & give her the wisdom she needs to travels the journey you have for her. Help her to behold you & not look around at this fading world. Help her reflect your love & peace to all she runs into daily. Mostly Father take away any fears & give her a peace that only comes from you. In Jesus Name AMEN!

  4. I have gotten so distracted by the petty issues of this life and it has left me empty and defeated. The enemy has gained a foothold and I feel it. Please pray for me to see God in a new way. I want to experience His presence in ways I never have before so that the things of the world will not draw me away. Thank you!

    • Thank you for sharing Karen!

      Father, I pray that you hold Karen close to Your heart. May she camp in Your presence and gaze at Your face. Fill her with Your love and power. Let Your joy be her strength. The enemy is defeated and has no power over her. May she yield to Your Holy Spirit. Give her eyes to see what You want to do in her and through her. I pray for fresh encounters with You.

      In Jesus’ Name.

    • Karen,

      Father help Karen experience you like never before. Help her to have fresh eyes that see what a great & glorious God you are. Take away all the worldly distractions & give her a right heart. Send a sense of peace & contentment with her life. In Jesus Name AMEN!

  5. After this year, I am finding it so hard to rest in His freedom and faithfulness. I feel so tightly wound and if I let loose, everything will unravel. I long to say I trust Him and then fully “feel” and see that in my life. I don’t want everything to shake me! Thank you for praying!

    • Thank you for sharing J!

      Lord, You are J’s firm foundation. When she is fixed on You, she can never be shaken. Freedom is hers in You. It is for freedom that You have set her free. I pray she would follow Your Holy Spirit, even when she can’t understand. May she trust Your heart and purposes. You are good and faithful and trustworthy. You will never disappoint or leave her forsaken

      In Jesus’ Name.

  6. “I can think of many times throughout my life when I thought people, positions, or the “right” circumstances would sustain me. I thought they would motivate me or fill me or tell me who I am. But they didn’t, and they can’t; they were never designed to. Only God holds that power. He created us in His image, and our identity lies solely in Him. When we behold Him, we’re reminded that He is our firm foundation. His truth about us and His promises for us are sure. When we look to Him and put our hope in Him, we cannot be shaken.”

    Karina, thank you for this. I’m in a dry season where I’m seeking God’s purpose in my life, lost in my own strength with no idea where to head next. Just waiting. This past year I’ve felt like a fish out of water, flapping around frantically trying to accomplish something…anything. I’m trying to resist filling my days with busy-ness (even God honoring things). I feel the prompt to leave open space. Space for him to fill, in ways only He can.

    • Thank you for sharing Liz!

      Father, You are SO good, in every season. Dry seasons are where we are invited to go deeper into intimacy with You. It’s where You long to be the living water for our weary souls. I pray that Liz would cast off all that does not draw her to You. She is never lost when she is with You. She is never without purpose when she is in the center of Your will. Give her eyes to see and ears to hear what the Spirit is doing. Waiting always serves a purpose when we do it with eyes set on you. Stir up hope and expectation inside of her.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  7. Please pray for my husband who is still suffering from the effects of Covid from last year.

    • Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy, Lord have mercy.
      Peace and comfort to you and your husband, Nancy.

    • Asking God to heal and comfort and provide for you both. You are safe in His kind and capable hands.

    • Thank you Nancy for sharing this hard season!

      Father, You are our ultimate Healer. And it is Your desire to do so because we are Your beloved children. I break off any effects from Covid in Nancy’s husband. I speak healing, wholeness to his entire body. I speak strength to His lungs and clarity to his brain. I speak restoration to every part of his body that the enemy has messed with. I speak life and life abundantly to him.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  8. Thank you for reminding me to beholden to Jesus and Jesus alone. He is my rock, my salvation, my healer, and my redeemer. Thank you Jesus for giving your life so I may live.

  9. Thank you Karina. Thank you for sharing your words, your heart. I have Ruth Chou Simon’s book on my coffee table! It’s so true that we become what we behold and it’s so true that we are constantly distracted by the “shiny shiny” of this world. I LONG for a perfectly clean and comfortable home, I LONG for my kids to know Christ, I LONG for security, peace, joy. I am learning to surrender these longings to Christ….knowing they will be satisfied in His way and His timing.
    Thank you so much for your ministry and your prayers.

    • Amen Paula!

      Jesus, all of our longings are satisfied in You alone. Continue to remind Paula of your goodness and faithfulness in every area of her life. May she continue to look to You and trust You with her loved ones and in every situation in her life. I pray for an abundance of joy, security and peace in her life. Your ways are perfect and Your timing is perfect.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  10. There has been so much “noise” this year. Conflicting information about the pandemic. Chaos in the political arena. Racial hurt and division. I found myself wanting to curl up in a corner. How do I know what is true? How do I know who to listen to? Then I remembered that He said that He is the truth, and the way, and the life. So in January I began reading through the gospels very slowly, watching Jesus, listening to his words, imagining myself there with Him. This has been my way of beholding Him and it has been wonderful! I have seen things in the gospels I have never seen before and it has made me love and long for Him more. ❤️

    • That is beautiful Amy!

      Father, Son and Holy Spirit continue to meet Amy within the pages of Your Word. It is alive and active. May she continually be transformed by the washing of the water of the Word.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  11. Thank you Karina for your wise words and offer to pray. I am going to retire from my day job in a few weeks. I am a literacy teacher, and my husband and I have a street-front ministry to homeless people and drug addicts. I have been the worship leader for 20 years in our church. I would appreciate prayer for this next season as I “cross the river Jordan” and that God would make it clear to me the path in Him that he wants me to follow now. Thank you so much.

    • That is awesome Lynn!

      Father, Your leadership is perfect. You will never lead Lynn astray. Give her eyes to see and ears to hear what You are doing. May she follow Your leading. Give her a hope and expectancy about this new season. Expand her tent pegs and give her new ground for the furthering of the Gospel and the building up of Your Kingdom. I pray Your glory would shine ever so brightly in her and through her. Increase her skills and giftings to meet the lost, hurting and broken with the love of the Savior.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  12. Karina,
    Thank you for your words! Indeed it is hard- I’m a single(divorced)mom of a 13yr old boy with autism. The hurt, pain, and loneliness can get the best of me sometimes, but knowing people are praying for him and trusting He has it all under control, keeps me looking up! Let’s continue to encourage one another- much love.


    • Thank you for sharing Allison!

      Father, remind Allison that she is never alone. You are so close as the whisper of Your name. Lock eyes with her and speak hope to her heart. Meet every need. Satisfy every craving. I speak an abundance of provision and help. You are a good and faithful Father.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  13. WOW what a message today. I needed to hear this message because I am fearful of the vaccine the side effects etc.
    Thanks for your Prayers.

    • Thank you for sharing Cheryl!

      Father, Your leadership is perfect. I pray for Cheryl to be so intensely fixed on Your face in this season. Open her eyes and ears to what You are doing. May she hear Your Holy Spirit so clearly. May she obey immediately. Give her immense peace with the decisions You are calling her to. Your Word will not return void. There is only healing and life and peace and joy in Your words and direction.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  14. Dear Karena,

    So wonderfully good!!! I thank you!

    My husband is close to receiving Lord Jesus as Savior. I pray!!!

    And we have to put own dog down tomorrow. I am just trusting God.

    I will pray for all the comments I see hear and I’m glad to to it. We truly ALL need one another!


    • Thank you for sharing Sally!

      Jesus, it is Your heart that all may come to know You. Continue to draw Sally’s husband close to You. I speak peace and comfort in this time of grieving. You are close to the brokenhearted. Be their joy and strength.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  15. I am struggling with how to detach from what I expected life to be and the reality of what life is. This has caused me such anxiety and depression I am scheduled with a Christian counselor. Your words give me hope. The past year with all the world turmoil along with Covid has been difficult for so so many. Please pray that I find Gods peace, strength and perseverance. Thank you.
    God is good!

    • Thank you for sharing Mary!

      Father, You are good and loving and kind. I pray that You would remind Mary of that. Remind her her that You are her firm foundation and You never fail. You are sovereign and just. You have a future and a hope for her. May she look to you to meet every need. Your peace, strength and steadfastness are her in abundance.

      In Jesus’ Name.

  16. Please pray for me to keep my eyes fixed on Him! Our daughter is a prodigal and living outside of God’s Will. We are heart broken and praying for God’s Will to be done in her life!! Lord please rescue her from the pit deliver her from the lies of the enemy! Oh God, HELP her, save her.

  17. Karina,

    Such a timely post. I believe the enemy is working overtime to distract us even those in church. Most church goes don’t truly behold God in all His splendor. They praise & worship Him on Sunday, but then the world & its troubles get to them. Its time to lay our burdens down at the foot of the cross & lean into Jesus. Beholding Him in all His glory & splendor. Now more than ever we need to shine God’s light in this world. Chose joy & contentment in such a way that many will ask questions. This world is but a fleeting fancy. God is everlasting.

    Blessings 🙂