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Grace P. Cho is a Korean American writer, poet, and speaker. She believes telling our stories can change the world, and desires to elevate women of color’s voices in the publishing industry. Learn more at @gracepcho and gracepcho.com.

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  1. Hang in there Grace! It is beginning to happen. That first embrace can be scary but oh how wonderful it feels. Living alone I had no physical touch except with the very occasional hug to my daughter’s dogs. But as soon as we were both fully vaccinated, we hugged like crazy. I even flew to Virginia on the 14th for a week to see my son and daughter-in-law whom I hadn’t seen in 17 months. We got to spend his 40th birthday together. While I still wear my mask indoors when I shop, it is a joy to see full faces when I am outside. And, it is reassuring to see people still being a little cautious and choosing to wear masks in the stores. One of the things I notice people speak about is re-learning how to interact with others, how to act in public, how to feel 100% safe. I guess it will take a little time. I need to remember I am on God’s time.

    • I love that you got to do that, Madeline! I could cry thinking about your trip to see your son and daughter-in-law! Thank you for that reminder at the end — we are on God’s time.

  2. Grace so well said. I believe in that verse in Psalm 118 verse 24. Were it says. “This is the day the Lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it”. Even during last year when things all over the world were really bad with Covid and all the lockdowns because of it. I still had to remind myself of that verse do as it says. As every day is the Lord’s and it is him that made it. We are to remember that. Especially more so if saved. But it hard during Covid if you lost someone you loved to do that. No matter what the reason was. Should it be to Covid. Or to ill health or old age. It still hard to loose them. Covid made it worse as you could not have a proper good bye for them because of the rules. So to loose a love on during Covid would have been harder. My heart goes out to you Grace with both Grandparents. But the way I look at things is like this. I say to myself. We have to be thankful we had our love ones and we have good memories of them. If they were saved we will see them again. When our time up on earth. That we are still here. No matter what we been through. God helped up get through all we had to go through. Even the sadness in our lives. We can say yes God you have been here for me. We can see his hand in it all. We just have to thank him for being the for us. Then say You God got me through all this. Things hopefully are getting better in most of the world. No more lockdowns. We can go coffee shop and meet our friends. Plus hug them. That is a big thing Hug them. Then keep praying for the day No Masks. We can go into places and not having to wear them. Especially Church. We pray for that day to come in God’s perfect timing. But I just until then thank God for every day he wakes me up to enjoy another beautiful day in his beautiful world. Then say Here Together Alive. Be thankful to God for that. Keeping you all incourage in my prayers. Love Dawn Ferguson-Little xx

  3. Thanks for your post this morning. I needed this. You said all the things I’ve been feeling but wouldn’t express to not be negative. Not to mention I have bilateral vocal cord paralysis and can barely breathe with a mask on. Sometimes it’s just helpful to feel validated by another person and not alone. Blessings.

    • It’s such a hard time — especially when you can barely breathe with a mask on! I’m hoping we can get to the end of this soon. Sending hugs.

  4. Beautiful, thoughtful and so relevant to us as we emerge from this cocoon of fear. Thank you!

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these encouraging reminders, Grace.

    Really sorry to hear about your grandparents. Big Hugs to you!

    I echo your prayer – Lord, be near!

    We will keep trusting God. It all ends well by God’s grace.

    Much Love, Bomi.

  6. Your words resonate with me…I have been drifting between joy and grief as I’ve lost 4 family members from different states to Covid and one loss due to cancer during this pandemic. I could not have made it through without the Lord. I risk sounding like a “Debbie downer” but please hear my praises. I am so ready to “be together”.

    • Not a Debbie downer at all, Jan! My heart hurts as you continue to grieve your 4 family members. The grief comes in waves. We are about to “celebrate” the one year anniversary of grandpa’s death, and I feel the grief and tears close to the surface constantly. Holding you close.

    • Jan,

      Sweet sister-prayers for you as you mourn the many losses. Asking God to come near & give you the comfort & peace you desperately need. You are definitely not a Debbie downer, just full of grief & not being able to be there for those funerals. May God send more joy & happiness into your wear soul.


      Blessings 🙂

  7. Grace, I love your heart. Mine is also grieving but also hoping along with yours. Longing for the day our shoes are in the same room together, too.

    • Grief and hope — insert the weepy emojis. One day, I’m hoping our shoes will be off and we’ll be eating yumminess at the table. That and you rapping. 🙂

  8. Grace…It was a great blessings to see you here and read your writing…I woke up this morning and received daily (in)courage email and led to read your writing..and went to watch your video message…The Tenacity of Hope in the Face of Despair [Biola University Chapel]…all amazed my feeling…Thank Lord my God…
    I live in San Jose, Ca and semi retired and read Bible Word every morning before anything..and have Quiet Time with Him and think his message everyday and share with son and daughter in law living in Korea and with my daughter and son in law. They both have two kids growing with lots of their care daily..
    I love your micro detail lives connected with message of God..
    Your description are phographic…like shoes, Uggs, flip flops..as gatherings..we all longed for.
    Thank you again…I will follow your writing and speaking God’s message from Bible to daily routine sometimes waste of time and repeats but very important..Bible to Behavior Quiet-time message(BBQ..) as a Christian..as Produce to Plate meal for my healthy cooking…not processed…as much as I can..
    God Bless You and your family…

  9. Your post resonated with me today, Grace. It’s been hard. I have missed being with family and friends who live at a distance. I have missed the smiles and the hugging especially, but through it all, the Lord has been faithful. Trusting Him to bring this nightmare to pass….

  10. Grace thank-you for sharing your beautiful message with us this morning. I am so sorry for your losses.
    Blessings to all,

  11. It was such a gift to hug you a couple of weeks ago! Touch and eye contact and nearness make us come alive in a way designed by our Creator. I feel the hope of days more fully alive ahead.

    • I think about our time together often since, and I’m so grateful we had such a good time! Next time I’m experiencing P.F. Chang’s with you!

  12. Yeap well said.. we are grateful of being alive and still walk steadily with Him in this unseen of the end long long journey and invisible battle..

  13. Grace, thank you for your beautiful words that I and your readers can so relate to. I’m so sorry for the loss of your grandparents. Sending a hug and prayers to you and your family.

  14. Grace,

    So sorry for the loss of your grandparents. Sending hugs & God’s peace & comfort to you. Thank you for a vivid picture of doing life with family. My last big family gathering was when my dad died in 2017. They all came from out of state spent a day or so here & then went home. Like you I miss having family around, but am fortunate to have a good church family. A few in the church family want hugs so I give them freely. Being with friends & family is just like having God near. We long for the love, comradery & hugs. Praying Covid will lessen soon so more people can get together.

    Blessings 🙂